EA Games continues support for the BlackBerry PlayBook - releases The Game of Life, SimCity Deluxe and Bejeweled 2

By Bla1ze on 10 Oct 2011 04:16 am EDT
EA Games

After having been one of the official launch partners for the BlackBerry PlayBook and launching their subsequent release of Dead Space, EA Games has once again showed their commitment to the BlackBerry Tablet OS platform by now having released The Game of Life, Sim City Deluxe and Bejeweled 2 in BlackBerry App World. All three games available now for purchase with The Game of Life, Sim City Deluxe costing $6.99 and Bejeweled 2 costing $2.99. You can find more infor for each at BlackBerry App World or jump into the CrackBerry Forums to discuss the new releases.

More info at BlackBerry App World

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EA Games continues support for the BlackBerry PlayBook - releases The Game of Life, SimCity Deluxe and Bejeweled 2


EU/UK buyers BEWARE, the price of these games is inflated in Europe and the UK as RIM don’t do any sort of currency conversion so you will pay upto 30% more (taxes accounted for). The developer acknowledges this but advise they can’t do anything as the price conversion is supposed to be done by RIM.

Ive spoken to RIM, they don’t care and are happy to screw us.

I totally Agree, we need more entertainment content but this is just straight up greed and this needs to be addressed promptly why should we pay substantially more just because we live in UK that really sux ..I hope the time will come when i can just purchase my games or apps directly from crackberry like i normally do for the Playbook.

it's difficult to do a wifi router proxy without paying for a dedicated proxy. I'm thinking about developing an app for the playbook that will proxy you to the US and just selling it for a quid. If it's at all possible (I'm not familiar with the SDK/NDK limitations) I'll get on it right away. Considering the amount of money it'd save, I'd personally spend up to 10 pounds for an app like that!

EDIT: nevermind, it's insanely easy to set up a proxy on your playbook. Just got simcity for $7. Dang, why did I not know about this earlier before spending £17 on golf and dead space?

Hey sk8er_tor i wasnt complaining if this was directed at me but thanks for getting me to follow the tip of annomous ip which works like a dream anyway cheers

I live in Norway but from Canada originally. I have been trying to do a proxy to be able to get some apps on the PB that are only available in North America.

How did you achieve this?

What's the name of the golf game and how is it. I'm interested of getting one if it's really good. thanks.

Our family love Bejeweled 2 like mad. Both of my grandparents were delighted to play this game together. They couldn't thank me enough. They were swiping it left and right. The best moment was when they got the Hyper gem and got all excited discussing which gem they should zap.
My goal is for them to levitate away from they clunky old laptops. It will happen once native email client on the playbook is available.

@ Bla1ze: do you SOMETIME sleep (two posts at 3 and 4 a.m.)...??? Lol
Thanks for the cool news (EA and NFC enabled BB tag)!!!!!!!

I just bought Sim City while AT work....that was probably a mistake! It's actually really good, I thought it might have been a pain in the ass to use on the PB, but they got the touch interface to work perfectly with it.
Crap, my newly built college is on fire...time to go!

LOL! Yeah, SimCity is evil, man. Very addictive. I get really depressed when disasters happen :) Good to know the touch interface works well. I was also concerned about playing it without a mouse. Can't wait to download it when I get home. Haven't been playing much with my PB lately.

I could weep I'm so happy for this. Bejeweled 2 is one of my favorite games ever on any platform. I almost went back to the ipad simply for this game, yes I love it that much. Wow! Keep the great games coming! The rimpire strikes back!!!!

I tripped over the games this morning in App World. I was so happy to see these for the PB!! EA keep them coming!! I would love to see Monopoly and Bookworm too (please?). Whootwoot!!!

This is awesome news. My wife is hooked on games like this, and Bejeweled will certainly be bought and downloaded tonight after work.