EA brings the heat - NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10 now available!

By Bla1ze on 27 Jun 2013 06:23 pm EDT

BOOMSHAKALAKA! This is a game many folks have been waiting for and EA has finally delivered the goods. NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10 features all 30 NBA teams and the stars from each and even includes the classic lines from the original NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow. NBA Jam offers up two modes of gameplay so you can jump right into the on court action or play through a classic campaign:

  • Play Now – Select a team and jump right into the ballgame
  • Classic Campaign – Defeat all other teams to win the championship, and unlock legends, hidden players, and outrageous cheats

If you're a fan of the original NBA Jam series then you'll no doubt want to grab this one. It's available for the BlackBerry Z10 and EA has set the pricing at a reasonable $2.99. Keep in mind though, it's a big download coming in at over 300MB so make sure you hop on some Wi-Fi if you're in a hurry to get this one downloaded. We'll get a hands-on with the game soon so those of you on the fence can see what it's all about.

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EA brings the heat - NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10 now available!


This game is one of those things that I vividly remember about my childhood.

Ahhh... Nostalgia...

Not available for my Q.
If it's on the Z then it has to come to the PB, look at Madden 2012.

This would've been great for the Q using the W and S keys for forward and back.
The A and D keys for side to side, and the space bar for shooting. As well as an array of other in game shortcut key moves.
Come On!

Posted via CB10

Turns out it is available to all but not if you click that link in this article.

Search NBA in BlackBerry World

2.99 is too much? I paid about 50 bucks for this about 25 years ago. Seems like a deal to me!

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Nice I know a lot of people have been waiting for this one. Might have to pick this up.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Me too, this is a major title for BlackBerry to get! Can't wait to grab this! This will be my third EA title I'll be grabbing in 3 weeks! They're doing a fantastic job bringing quality to the platform!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10

You obviously underestimate the value of a dollar. If you knew how much money I have dumped into the app store already you would say the same. I paid 2.99 for batman and don't play it. Now it's 99cents.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Do you have to spam every blog post's comments with this?

How about participate and earn some street cred?

This is how you CB10, son!

Omg train ride just got amazing :) child hood spent playing tons of this with friends :) downloading as I type :)

Posted from My Z10 via CB10

Takes me back to arcades with nba jam, street fighter 2, WWF wrestlefest, mortal kombat, x-men, etc.
Those were the days!

Used to cost $4/ full game. This is a steal at $2.99.

Is there a controller that works with this? Games like this are not meant for touchscreen.

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This game will be my ride along game, wife is driving from now on

Only draw back no Jordan to be unlocked, but still will be a fun game.....ok gotta go back, just paused to comment

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Link in article is for USA & Canada.

If you're elsewhere, just search it to find yours.

This is how you CB10, son!

"he's on fire!" I use to rock this out. With that said on Z10 is cool but this really needs to land on PlayBook !!!

Simply Amazing! A must have, I played it and it plays real smooth on the Z10

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

EA's touch games are incredible in my opinion! I've been playing Mass Effect all week on my Z10, can't put it down, unique smart controls. Playing a ton of JAM tonight I find the controls snappy and tight, my Clippers campaign is off to a great start....boomshockalaka!

BlackBerry got it so right with these titles! So happy!

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Thanks. :) I went ahead and made the purchase. I am impressed with the graphics. I showed it to my brother and he said it looks better and plays much smoother than the Android version on his Galaxy S3.

Great purchase such quality graphic and game the price is nothing to complain about this is a must have

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I literally just fist pumped and shouted "IS IT THE SHOES?!" in the middle of the office to celebrate!

One of my favourite games from the Megadrive will soon be on my Z10!!

For all the folks who are having the 'not available for your device' problem, just look it up on BlackBerry World yourself instead of following the provided link on this article;)

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Not available in the UK, cos we've obviously never heard of basketball.


The Human Torch was denied a bank loan

It has been posted on here like 10 times already... Search for it manually. The link is to the US and Canada version.

I'm on Rogers network in Vancouver and the game isn't available in blackberry world....

What's the deal?!??!?

Dyin' to download this one!!

Anyone got any tips?!?

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