e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2009 01:40 pm EDT


If you worry about your device being lost or stolen you're not alone. Your BlackBerry has precious info that you just can't afford to lose. e-GPS will help ease your anxiety with some very cool remote features. The app works much the same as Smrtguard, allowing you to easily wipe or track the device and email data to yourself. You simply send a command via SMS or email, and the device will perform any number of features. You can use it to locate you device if lost around town or just in the couch cushions. A very cool alternative to some other feature rich applications. e-GPS sells for a one-time fee of $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. *As a special, the first 200 users to purchase e-GPS will receive a $1 off coupon that can be used on any Elecite theme.*

Contest: We have 50 free copies of e-GPS to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device



this is something that would be so useful for me. I always think i lost my phone, and panic for 30-60minutes trying to find it.

I would like to know more about e-GPS. The question is can e-gps show nearest location if the stolen bb is inside the building, which is no gps satelite signal? Is e-GPS running in background which means always get online? And if the bb is turned off by the thief, do the SMS will start doing his job (wiping) when the bb is turned on again?

This would be a great app for me.I'm constantly on the go and to have it free would be even better..Thanks in advance!!!

I want to win one of these! i would haved loved to have smrtguard but they are way too proud($$$$$) of their product! this price point looks great!

Great Idea.

A remote wipe in case of theft. I could really use this. I've had my car broken into about 3 times the last 2 years. New blackberries are always fun to get, but it just sucks knowing some of your personal stuff is out there somewhere. I always back my stuff up though, so it's always right back into the swing of things.

I could have used this the other day. I thought I left my storm at Starbucks and was on my way to pick it up, when I noticed it wedged between my seats in my car. The GPS tracking would have helped me!

I'd be crazy not to try for a free copy, but even if I am not selected, this is an app worth paying for. Especially enticing is its lack of monthly fee!

I didn't know there was an alternative to SmrtGaurd(which was my last official form of protection). Couldn't afford it (yes yes, its price is 'low) but I have other financial commitments. But it's okay - really,.. I can live with paranoa, Lmao.

Seriously, this would be a wonderful addition to my 8900, if not that's okay too, I could try and cop out money for some ease of mind.

So far knock on wood my laptop hasn't had to use this type of software but with my luck and forgetting my phone it would be great to have just in case.

Have misplaced my phone several times while out "Having a Good Time". Was lucky enough to get it back both times, but this would have made the process much easier and less nerve racking if I could have GPS located it or Nuked it if I had to.

Here's my comment!

Couldn't the finder of your berry simply delete the e-GPS program and cripple your chances of locating it?

I guess I'll have to try it to find out...

I recently left my blackberry in a random taxi cab while vacationing in Las Vegas. I didn't have the cabi's name, couldn't recall what cab company name and no number to reach them! Total panic & devistation ensued there after! Luckily by the Grace of God, the hotel I had departed from gave me number of the last few cab companys that had just left, and I managed, after a couple hours, to get my beloved blackberry back..not to mention tipping cabi $50 upon return..wouldve been great to have this app!!!! Thanks!!!

I get lost alot and using this for places ive already been to track it would be cool haha then i can revisit places ive been without getting lost

I was seriously talking about an app with this function. That is so very cool. Thanks Berry Fairy, win or lose I am excited about this one!!!

As .gov employee I've got info on my phone that would definetly need to be wiped if my bb got lost or stolen. Definelty could use this. Sign me up.

This looks like a very useful app that will let you wipe the phone and keep your info away from prying eyes. Much needed!

Very nice application.
Good competition with FindMe in iPhone, will makes my Storm traceable.
One-time fees makes it even better.


I've had my BB stolen twice and left in a movie theatre for 5 min after the movie and it was mysteriously missing. Mine is always decked out with a cool cover, casing, skin and even jeweled at one time. Girls just love my berry. Rrr!

So again, I need this app. I'll just buy if I don't win. But always nice to try.

Thanks Gang!

I would love this, I'm always losing something.
Now if I can only find my keyboard to finish this message. :>

I've got to get my hands on this! It will be so nice to know my info and contacts are safe no matter what happens!

Apps like this are a great tool and I'd love to win a copy but if I don't I'll definately pay for this one. Too bad other devices that are prone to theft like iPods don't have programs like this but then again, they don't have GPS either. My Storm will never suffer the fate of my last iPod with a tool like this.

I am sure most all of us have misplaced something while traveling. This looks like a great security measure if we misplace our life(Blackberry)

I think that this is a great technology to have especially when blackberry's are so popular and get stolen a lot. Cant wait to DL it.

Sounds like a cool app. With me working at a truckstop it would be very handy for me in the event it is lost or some driver steals it I can locate my device.

This is quite a cool idea...I've lost a phone before where I lost a heap of things so something like seems like thought has gone in to it

but it stills grinds my gears that the carriers dont offer this service when the ability to do it obviously is out there.

This application can also be used in search and rescue missions and can even save lives imo. Especially in ski resorts these kinds of accidents happen more often than we think. Great application.

I would greatly appreciate having this.I lost my phone at funeral service on time and to say that evryone was grieving... I still didn't get my phone back. I mean who steals things @ funerals???!!!

I would like to try this. Did not have much luck with smart***... too much of a PIA to activate and never seemed to work well. Send me one and if it works, I will write you a glowing review :-)

I might finally be able to get the wife a BB now. She is so worried about putting all that info on one little piece of hardware she is more than likely going to lose!

Its amazing how many applications are out there for this now. This one is nice cause its not a huge costly app like most of them. With the kind of stuff I store on my Storm it could be a really bad thing if some got there hands on it and knew what they were doing, thats where this app would come in pretty handy!