e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2009 01:40 pm EDT


If you worry about your device being lost or stolen you're not alone. Your BlackBerry has precious info that you just can't afford to lose. e-GPS will help ease your anxiety with some very cool remote features. The app works much the same as Smrtguard, allowing you to easily wipe or track the device and email data to yourself. You simply send a command via SMS or email, and the device will perform any number of features. You can use it to locate you device if lost around town or just in the couch cushions. A very cool alternative to some other feature rich applications. e-GPS sells for a one-time fee of $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. *As a special, the first 200 users to purchase e-GPS will receive a $1 off coupon that can be used on any Elecite theme.*

Contest: We have 50 free copies of e-GPS to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device



this sure would have come in hndy before my wife lost her BB (in the laundry) she searched everywhere and guess where it turned up....WASHING MACHINE......I hope I win so next time we can find her BB before it happens again

P.S. BB DEAD no revival possible and only $650 for a new one.....


A great app now I don't have to worry about losing my BERRIES
Lost my first berry (a 8100) and to pay more than the value to get it returned

If you lose it or if it's stolen, and you deploy the application to wipe it out, you prob will never know if it really worked...

I'm leery of accidentally wiping my phone, but the 'find it when you've lost it' feature pretty much outweighs everything else! :-)

This could come in handy in the unlikely event that I'd put it down long enough for someone to steal it!

Sounds like a great app, and it's much cheaper than Smartguard with it's high price and monthly fee. Hope I'm one of the lucky 50 winners!

Might be a newbie to a blackberry but feel in love with the Tour. THis seems like it would be a good application to have.

Be the way pick me PICK me to win LOL

This is one of the best ideas I have seen. It is so easy to lose your phone, and it has so much important infomation on it. Great app.

Hit me up! this would be so sweet!

Although, I do take care of my berry...its like my child :P

Man i could've used this one i lost my Curve at the club couple weeks ago, i was so freaked that someone would grab it, go through all my pics and emails and passwords (which i had saved via MemoPad) that this would've worked nicely!!!

...turned out that while puking out the window of my buddy's care on the way out, my Curve fell out of my pocket and into the back seat crack of his car. I didn't check with him thinking i had lost it at the club, so i did get it back. But the whole time i was freaking out that i lost my Curve.

I'm disabled. I keep my state disability info, medical information, doctor info, state Medicaid info and Medicaid phone and account numbers on my Tour. This would help me so much!

Wow! this would be great! i havE Smrtguard , but would love a cheaper alternative. I hope I win! good luck to my fellow crackheads!

Amazing application I would love to be chosen as one of the winners. Please pick me.

Thank you in advance.


this is a wonderful idea for people who keep confidential information on their BB!!! I hope I win!

This is one app that I know would ease everyone's mind if they lost their phone. Thanks for giving us a chance to win a copy.

I use Berry Locator right now but this seems like it would have more options available. I'd switch if I won it but hate to spend more money on another program

My friend just lost her phone. If I don't win the contest I will definitely consider getting this app.

Looks like a great alternative to smartguard, or a nice compliment to it. I'm always misplacing my phone in my house.

With all the time I have to spend in the wonderful city of Detroit, I sure could use a program that can e-wipe my BB. You'd be shocked what kind of stuff they steal there!

this is definitely a winner for lost/misplaced devices. from a BES perspective, wiping can be done without this software.
however, being able to locate the device if misplace, lost or stolen is priceless

Had some close calls this year from leaving my BB in the car, unlocked gym locker and this would be a great app/tool

yes, my fault for being careless!!

I would lose my berry just to try to locate function of this software. I like remote activation software, its so awesome.

I really like this app.

This is a very reasonable price that is easily affordable by the average consumer and offers great protection for the device

i would love to have an app such as this, i once lost my phone in a cab and had to go through hell to recover the thing. this is awesome piece of mind for those times when you wish you could locate your phone easily.

This would be great to have as I have already misplaced (it must of walked away from my desk at work) one.

I'd love to win. I never win anything so I'll probably just end up buying it anyways. It'd be nice since I have to buy it for two phones though...

Wiping it,,tracking it,,SWEET !
I became a blackberry fanatic about a yr 1/2 ago and still learning,,gotta love "THE BLACKBERRY"

I like the idea of being able to wipe the phone if stolen or lost...I may actually buy this app anyway...

I've always thought of this being possible but never knew if it was real. I wish I coulda done this with phones in the past!

Man-- that sounds like a nice addition. Even just to track your device if it is left somewhere where you might not be able to hear the ring if you tried to call it to find it. These phone are expensive to replace whether lost or stolen. I think I want this.

I can't wait to get my hands on this. Seems like a great program for the right price. However, cheap is good, free is better!!!

Joe B

This app looks sooooo awesome! I would love to win a copy. Thanks CrackBerry for awesome contests and thanks (developer name here) for offering this contest!

I left an iPod in a rental car and it was gone in minutes. This will be a very useful app for my blackberry

so this is my second blackberry in one month. the first one i lost in a house, and I'm pretty sure it is still not stolen. I had it on vibrate. So it would be AWESOMEE if i had something like this to help me!