e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2009 01:40 pm EDT


If you worry about your device being lost or stolen you're not alone. Your BlackBerry has precious info that you just can't afford to lose. e-GPS will help ease your anxiety with some very cool remote features. The app works much the same as Smrtguard, allowing you to easily wipe or track the device and email data to yourself. You simply send a command via SMS or email, and the device will perform any number of features. You can use it to locate you device if lost around town or just in the couch cushions. A very cool alternative to some other feature rich applications. e-GPS sells for a one-time fee of $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. *As a special, the first 200 users to purchase e-GPS will receive a $1 off coupon that can be used on any Elecite theme.*

Contest: We have 50 free copies of e-GPS to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device



This sounds like something that RIM should offer. I just wish the storm 2 would come out soon enough, my wife smashed here pearl in a car door.

I am always misplacing things and it's only a matter of time that I leave/lose my Tour. An application like this would sure make me feel more secure. Hats off to the development team.

I'm a farmer and this app would be great when I lose my Curve in a field somewhere (or one of the cows steals it).

I'm in for sure! If I had put this on my wife's Curve 8330 3 weeks ago, I wouldn't have had to use my early upgrade for her Storm, it could have been for my Tour! That won't happen again for sure....

Although I have not tried it, e-GPS sounds like a great program at a bargain price, for peace of mind, especially the location aspect. I want one...

great app. since i lost a previous BB and a laptop that had all my personal info on it i know the importance of being able to wipe it clean remotely. Everyine should use something like this to protect themselves. Identity theft really isn't a worry until it happens to you!

I find leaving a snappy little reply does not seem to have any weight in winning. So Snap Snap - there i left one anyway!!!

As someone who avidly inputs sensative information in my blackberry, this is the perfect tool for me. :D

Sweet. I work around a lot of people in the law enforcement field and this would come in handy if anything was to happen to my phone

I was just looking at buying this app. I was comparing it with Smart Lock & wipe to see which way I wanted to go.

One question...has anyone actually tested this app out to see that it does what it claims it does?

Having just switched from the iphone, this is definitely something I am interested in, rather than paying a £52 annual subscription, this is the way to go!

Anyone who has ever worried about the data lost from a lost or stolen phone will certainly love this app. I cannot wait to try it.

Wow I would have really found this very use full last friday when I lost my phone at work. Does it work the same as the app that sprint has at ther digital app store?

If it works as advertised, I can pull the trigger on a huge corporate order. I'll be interested to test.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that a forgetful paranoid like me needs!
I'd love it for free, but I'm willing to pay for it if I don't win!

Oops by accident put a comment on the Storm 2 article and I'm not on Verizon. LOL. Now, to make it right, sign me up for this wonderful product. :)

Being able to email the phone and make it ring would be kinda cool if you left it on Vibrate. And GPS location too. Though I would like to see what the GPS Email looks like.

I would really love to win this app to see if it would work outside North America on my network in Trinidad in the Caribbean. So pick me and I can provide valuable feedback and also tell everyone I got it free on Crackberry.com and they should all check out the best blackberry site on the net!

Great application! I would love to win this tool as I often mis-place my phone. Thank you in advance!

I think this is one of the best things out there, cause I know I have lost a phone before and wished there was a way to track it.

I could've really used this back in July. I lost my Phone on an AmTrack train heading to Florida for four days. I almost had a Heart Attack knowing my phone is on the train with me but can't find it a few days later after I got back to Jersey, my mother calls me & said she just got off the phone with AmTrack employee who found my phone in the crack of the seat & would mail it back to me! Now in my mind the phone is long gone so I didn't even bother to file report with AmTrack. It just so happens that the guy went thru my contacts & found MOM so he gave her a call. WHAT! I was sooo excited but a lil' heated at the same time because I'd been holding out on my full upgrade since January & had to use it to get the 8900 (great phone I might add) thinking my 8320 was gone for good. Well, that's my piece...

I'd love an app like that. Can you have it surreptitiously take photos or video? That would help find who has it.

FYI - I caught one of those dandelion things a minute ago and wished this to happen. You all should stop commenting now. It is fate.
This is all.

I have SmrtGuard but this pgm sounds like it offers some very nice features which SG does not have. This one-time price is much more economical than the on-going subscription service required by SG. Sound like a great deal that I would love to have!

esssentially smartguard without the data backup which is more in line with what I'd want. I look forward to seeing this program in action.

Having lost a phone before I was worried about the information that was on it, lucky it was returned to a nearby store. What if I did not get it back.. I think this is a great app and I'm definitely would try it out

What a great app - I always am concerned that if I lose my BB, then I'm at risk. Nice to know someone out there has developed an app so I don't have to worry!

i could have used this for my son's phone he lost a month ago , funny thing was we got a call for a guy in Tenn who had his phone wow

I lost my Tour this past weekend. Having this app will help the next time it inevitably happens. Getting it for free would be a bonus.

this can come i handy on some morning for me when i forget where i put my phone the night before

What an amazing invention - can't wait to try it! Err, wait a minute, wouldn't that mean I'd have to lose my 'berry first? lol