e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2009 01:40 pm EDT


If you worry about your device being lost or stolen you're not alone. Your BlackBerry has precious info that you just can't afford to lose. e-GPS will help ease your anxiety with some very cool remote features. The app works much the same as Smrtguard, allowing you to easily wipe or track the device and email data to yourself. You simply send a command via SMS or email, and the device will perform any number of features. You can use it to locate you device if lost around town or just in the couch cushions. A very cool alternative to some other feature rich applications. e-GPS sells for a one-time fee of $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. *As a special, the first 200 users to purchase e-GPS will receive a $1 off coupon that can be used on any Elecite theme.*

Contest: We have 50 free copies of e-GPS to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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e-GPS Lets You Remotely Track & Wipe Your Device



I would REALLY love to win this!!!!!


I would love to get this app....Please :) i have lost my phone before and reaped the consequences. Would love to have some piece of mind. thanks

This is not going to be the samething as the free unlock code for Blackberry's (Tweet For A Treat) where we are missing information on winning a copy of this program. "R"

With the amount of information I have on my bold from business to personal, life would be over if it got lost or stolen, I would love this app.

Ive already go smrtguard for my Bold. However I need somthing for my backup Curve. This would do a treat.

OMG!!!!! after having a phone stolen, this is a MUST HAVE! i act and got too many important numbers to worry about being stolen. i GOTTA have this app

I hadn't heard of this app. Sounds like a GREAT alternative to SmrtGuard! And a whole lot cheaper! Thanks for the chance to actually WIN a copy!

It's nice to see the GPS function being put to another good use. I mean, finding the best local pizza is nice, but finding my BlackBerry is even better!

Never thought that the ability to wipe my Blackberry was necessary until recently when I thought I left my Blackberry in a hotel lobby. I almost when into a panic, worried for about two hours until I made it back to my room, and it was waiting for me. Many thoughts of all my personal stuff roaming around some foreign land had me worried sick.

this app looks awesome. I would love a copy for work. We're an IT company that has hundreds of BB users including ourselves who lose their phones all the time... For the Win!!!! =)

I have wanted to purchase SmrtGuard for a while but the price is relatively high. What features does SmrtGuard have that this doesn't?

As a construction professional, my BlackBerry sees constant daily use as both a communication device and as a repository for sensitive documentation (quotes, bids, contracts). Because I choose not to password protect the device (too much of a hassle) and because I choose to carry my device in hand, I am often left in situations where theft and loss are real possibilities. Of all the GPS-based wipe tools on the market, e-GPS appeals to me the most. A small, unobtrusive app with minimal installation and memory footprints as an additional layer of device security is exactly what I need. Set an email, a PIN, enable and go. No extra code dedicated to unnecessary features, a straightforward app with a minimalist look and feel speaks volumes in and of itself. I am a licensed Roblock user and a SmrtGuard subscriber, yet none of those two have satisfied my need for a lightweight app that stays out of my way and consumes close to nothing while doing so. I am hoping that the e-GPS application itself supports password protected to prevent unauthorized tampering and a device lock mimicking that of what Roblock does is incorporated into the near future. That would surely make what appears to be a winning application stand out further from the pack.

Lost on the last three contests you had for themes and such. Wondering when my "Lucky day" will come along?


This application looks awesome. I hope I will win a copy, but if not I will be buying it. I use my bb for business and personal and have sensative information on it, loosing it would kill me! Please consider me.

oh yea.. with my job, chances of loosing my blackberry or getting stolen is extremely high!! love to have this feature!

I warned a guy the other day that these things exist when he tried to buy a stolen iPhone. Hopefully that phone had a tracker and he gets busted.

Would be handy to demo our Blackberry customers. Probably good to have since I have too much info on mine. Let's win this!

This app would be very cool to have to locate my phone when I don't remember where I left it as I don't have a landline to call it to find it. Definitely a time saver. I've never lost the phone, but it would be nice to have the other features this app has in case that ever did happen. Would love to win this app!!

i was thinking about buying smrtguard but just wasn't sure if i wanted to spend that much on something that i might not use.

nothings beats free. :)

I question how well this would work for locating a device. I have tried several applications each of which has found some way to disappoint me...

I could really use this...I had something similar to this when I had a Treo many years ago. SmrtGuard is a great service, but the cost is just nutty. I hope I am chosen as a winner on this!

I spend atleast an hour trying to find things i lose everyday especially my phone....so this will only help make my life more efficient

This could be the best thing since slice bread!!! Or should I say since Blackberry was invented!

Great contest CB, would really love to win this, would come in really handy. I've lost about 2 blackberries to date