Some cool motorbike action comes to BlackBerry 10 with DynaStunts

By James Richardson on 14 Feb 2013 03:36 pm EST

I do like a bit of motorbike action when it comes to gaming on a smartphone. Luckily, DynaStunts is available to download for BlackBerry 10 and it seems to be fulilling my needs. Like many similar games on other platforms the idea of DynaStunts is to get through each level collecting stars and beating the clock while performing stunts. The game has 25 levels currently and there are a selection of different cups that you can take part in.

In addition you can use the points you collect to customise your rider and bike - the better you do, the better the customisation. If you fancy seeing how well other people are doing at the game then jump into the scores section from the main menu. Here you can view a leaderboard as well as your scores within the different cups.

Controls are simple. On the left of the screen you have the accelerate and brake and over on the right is the tilt forward and back. It takes some practice to get good at the game. Just one little crash and its back to the start of the level.

Graphics wise the game is pretty sweet. The developers haven't gone for the realistic look but more of a cartoon one. Even so, things look great and the game is very addictive. And boy, does it look good on the Z10 display!

For $1.99/£1.50 the game offers great value for money. Get it while its hot!

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Reader comments

Some cool motorbike action comes to BlackBerry 10 with DynaStunts


Looks really fun. Will DL for a bit of weekend fun. PS really good to see more and more quality apps making their way onto BB10.

Yay another great game that I can't buy on my PLAYBOOK. I hope all these nice games come to the PLAYBOOK eventually because I will never own a Z10 and I'm not buying the Q10 for games so my PLAYBOOK is my only hope at checking out all these awesome looking games.

With that said I'm eager to get me a Q10. I hope hope hope I won't have to wait until Summer :( but if I do its not a big deal because I love my legacy OS and its wonderful instant push email and fantastic bridge capabilities :)

Bought it as soon as I saw the video. The graphics are absolutely amazing (very vibrant) and the game is really fun and addicting.

Anyone know how to pass the train level 3 just after the check point? Been on it forever and can figure it out?!?!? Any help....