How far can you roll with Durian Run 2 for BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 24 Jul 2013 04:40 pm EDT

If you liked playing Run in Crowd for Blackberry 10 you are going to love Durian Run 2 which has the same concept - but is better in my opinion. Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices it's one of those games where your character (a Durian, whatever that is!) rolls from left to right and you must collect fruits along the way to gain points while avoiding falling from the cliffs.

Preventing yourself from plummeting to your death is achieved by jumping. A single tap produces a small jump or you can double tap for a longer one. In addition to the pitfalls you must also avoid some nasty monsters that resemble venus fly traps as they will eat you.

The idea is just to get the best score possible and although you are not playing against real people like with Run in Crowd, the graphics are what make me love this one. They are truly stunning - super bright and colorful. With a funky music soundtrack, the whole game play experience is excellent.

As you progress you can upgrade your Durian, but as you will have seen in the video I'm not good enough yet. But this is one of those games that will be staying on my BlackBerry so I shall keep on practicing.

Durian Run 2 is free to download so whether you have a Z10, Q10 or Q5 I would urge you to give this one a go - even just for when you have a couple of minutes of time to kill. It's a beauty.

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How far can you roll with Durian Run 2 for BlackBerry 10?


Be very glad you don't. I used to live in a country very close to Malaysia, so I am VERY familiar with the fruit... The reason why I say be glad you don't know what it is, is because it LITERALLY smells like crap. I'm not saying it smells bad, by crap, I actually mean crap. You crack one open and it smells like someone took a poop inside of a big spikey fruit... I have no clue why people like those things...

There are plenty of things I can eat that tastes pretty good that does not require me to put up with that stench. So no thanks...

It smells like crap and has this odor that creeps into your nasal passages from your mouth. I have lots of friends who swear that the fruit is indeed tasty once you swallow it. The stinky smell will gradually grow on you- very similar to how alcohol tastes bitter at first.

Sadly, I never got beyond the awful smell. Going back on topic, the game runs fluidly and simply. Good enough to kill a few minutes.

Well, I don't see a desire to get used to it. There are plenty of other things in the world that I could eat that tastes AND smells good...

I love it! My white girlfriend describes the taste like a bowl of cheerios with brown sugar, she don't like the smell much.

Posted via CB10

Beer is fermented food, it smells and tastes rotten, give it to a kid and they spit it out and say its disgusting, drink too much of it and you puke. Yet hundreds of millions of people around the world love it.

Durians are heavenly. It tastes awesome, the smell enhances the taste.

If you say so. Like I've said, there are plenty of good tasting foods and fruits out there that does not require me to put up with a smell I do not like. There is nothing this fruit will do for me that will make me want to have to put up with that. I'm glad you love it, and I'm glad nobody in my family likes it so I never have to smell it...

Durian is an awesome fruit and there is a very good reason why it's called the king of fruits.
And no it does not smell like shit...... and it does not stink.
Beer and cheese stinks more than durians.
I just wish they had durians in every corner of Southeast Asia.

It doesn't stink to you because you like it... I have absolutely no need to put up with something I don't like as if it will provide me with something I can't get anywhere else. So enjoy it, it's just not for me.

LOL... Either a Malaysian or an Indonesian.

Durian is also known as the King of fruits.
Pungeant smell.. Some say, Smells like Hell but taste like Heaven.

The rise of the durian..

A durian is a thorny stinky fruit from s.e. Asia ( esp Malaysia and Thailand)but super delicious. will try this game, hopefully does not stink lke the fruit!

we chinese people eat it all the time its very delicious but smells funny after a while left out. they sell it for 1.30 ish in here in canada . they use to be 99cents for a frozen one. fresh is like 7dollars

Posted via CB10

It's a love it or hate it thing. To give you an idea of its pungency, it is/was banned in the Singaporean subway system.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Nice game, good controls... however, the background provides to much of a distraction... makes it a lot harder to concentrate on the yummie fruits...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z...

The jump seems delayed to me also. - also noticed if you don't hit jump and just roll till you die, which is really quick, your score is 420. Coincidence? Lol.

Posted from my Q10 on CB10.

Durian is truly stinky. Best to open it up outside.

The game lags at times. Not good considering how fluid other games run on my Z. I hope the developer works on that aspect of the game.

Durian smells horrible but the fruit is sweet tasting. Not sure it's worth the trouble though!

- Developer of NeverMaze

Posted via CB10

I'm Malaysian...well, I didn't like it's smells too..make me see stars and birds flying around my head..However, lots people love it due to it's sweet taste (lots people also says the smells is nice).

Durian is a fruit originating from indonesia, malaysian just bring the seed from indonesia then claim it as theirs

Yeah. We did that to batik, wayang kulit, satay and whole other things. All the good things must come from Indonesia I guess...and thanks for the haze. very grateful for that one too lol.

Posted via CB10

I actually like the smell... I mean it smells different, and some people don't like it, but im sure it doesn't smell as bad as cat piss.. tastes really nice too :D

Posted via CB10

Durian is awesome!!! Fresh, or as dried chips, in ice cream, lots of ways. Don't knock until you've tried it.

Posted via CB10

The smell is strong, but to say it literally smells like crap is straight up ignorance. It tastes quite good and you get used to the smell.

Posted via CB10

The game is not from Malaysia as Durian is not an original fruit from Malaysia. It also available in Thailand and Indonesia. The developer is from Surabaya, Indonesia.