DuoCam for BlackBerry 10 - Shoot from the front and rear camera and combine into one

By James Richardson on 25 Sep 2013 05:32 am EDT

DuoCam for BlackBerry 10 is a simple, yet useful camera application that allows you to take a snap from both the front and rear cameras on your BlackBerry to capture those special moments - combining the two images into one. At the time of writing this post it is only the BlackBerry Z10 that is currently supported but the developer has assured me that the other handsets will follow shortly. 

The full version of DuoCam costs £0.75/$0.99 however there is a trial version too which will allow you to take 20 photos - a nice touch from the dev. The way the app works is straight forward. Upon launch, the screen will be split into two parts with a camera icon in the middle. Press the icon to take a photo from the rear camera (shown at the top of the display) and then press the icon again for a 'selfie'. While the app may not be for everyone it will be perfect for if you are out with your other half and want to take a photo of both them and yourself. 

There are various sharing options built into DuoCam. You'll see icons at the base of the display for FaceBook, Twitter, Email and one for your BlackBerry Hub. Give the free version a shot from the link below and see what you think? 

More information/Download DuoCam (free) for BlackBerry 10

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DuoCam for BlackBerry 10 - Shoot from the front and rear camera and combine into one


:-) let me help you my friend, it's not an app but a phone, the Samsung S4. I guess we can copy features as fast as everyone else now.

Posted via CB10

Funny how people where hyping over this feature on their s4 and all I said was it's just a simple feature baked in the os that BlackBerry or any other could add on in a simple update or an app and here we are now give us that eye scrolling feature and palm wave feature that simply uses the camera and gyroscope and let's hear the cheerping on how revolutionary the s4 is

Posted by z10 boss

haha that Infrared sensor thing for the hand bit is annoying...though maybe I'm just uselessly indecisive and let my hand dangle just above my screen to much. :-P

Yes, there is an iOS app called Frontback. I'm glad someone made an app like it for BlackBerry!

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Marketing manager here.....
Here is another example......download try and if don't like..delete
We need to have lots of actively in bb world .......
Whenever you go to Tim Hortons or coffee shop get in wifi and check out bb world
Lots of exciting stuff there...

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

Next up in the news "And here we have Duo Toilet Paper for BB, now you can use both sides at the same time!!" THAT is what the world has been waiting for!

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I don't, but the funny thing about the free market is that if somebody else does, they can decide whether to buy it.

There are apps who have a lot more options to combine photos. More than 2, 3 in one frame you can choose and add photos to. Nice try from this dev, but he needs to add more functionality to stand out with this app.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Paid app with trial version is a must for all paid apps! With that we can avoid wasting money if we don't like it and developers can also avoid low rates and bad comments on their apps.

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"At the time of writing this post it is only the BlackBerry Z10 that is currently supported but the developer has assured me that the other handsets will follow shortly"

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Unless... *takes off glasses*...you're David Caruso.


Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Well u are right, it's written here, but usually I don't read all that, I click on the link to open it on blackberry world and read the info from there.

The link address "blackberry 10"

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Does it snap a duo pic when it reaches the highest point of being thrown in the air? :-p

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I find this a cool app. What I can do immediately is shooting my son's photo and combine with mine to see how much he really resembles me :D

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Or you can just take a paternity test, if you want to be sure.

JK. I'm trying to imagine what I would ever use this for, but I guess that is a good use during the trial period.

Cool app, but I was hoping that it would have an option to do as the S4 does and take the pictures simultaneously.

This is what killed BBRY. A bunch of people walking around with toys in their hand. The toy market is the hardest market in the world. When phones became toys RIM no longer had a reason to exist.

Sorry, but I disagree. These toys don't detract from those that use BB for business. What killed BB was a lack of foresight and understanding of how apps, social connectivity, and internet connectivity could be be leveraged for business. Apple found a niche and exploited it to control the market.

As much as BB talks about "tools not toys" and "keep moving" (or any other catchy slogan, Apple realized that people want to pick it up out of the box and just use it. No side loading, no leaks, no nonsense. Because it was simple to use and because they reacted quickly to problems, people forgave them of the issues.

It's about making life simpler.

Love my Z10, but hate having to pay for software that is standard issue on my wife's S4.
Seems like BlackBerry software developers like get rich quick schemes.

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Then I should just buy a nexus one and install all the features that the S4 has easily for free and still have no lag on my phone for only $80 unlocked

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