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The dumbest things CrackBerry Kevin did this year


By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2013 01:41 pm EST

While we're rounding out 2013 with some year end posts, I wanted to sneak in one more before I forgot. I know that everyone loves Kevin and all that he's done for BlackBerry and CrackBerry -- myself included. But I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the dumb $hit that he's done over the last 12 months that certainly shouldn't be forgotten. Sure he's smart, dedicated and at times funny, but he can also be a flaming idiot. 

Just to quickly recap, it seems like the dumbness has only gotten worse over the years. In 2011 when left unattended, Kevin bought a $500 clock app for his BlackBerry. Dumb.

The dumbest moves from 2012:

And let's reflect on 2013:

  • Got his hair cut on stage in front of thousands of people live (and millions more on TV). CNBC aired it live. He even made the Economist
  • The drunken Q10 drop test. Even though it wasn't actually a real drop test, the fact that he made it into one was annoying and dumb.
  • Started a Sexy Guys in Yoga Shorts BBM Channel, posting only images of himself (little secret, he's really not flexible and sucks at yoga)
  • Yelled out PHON.ES! incessantly during conversations, at least three times a day
  • Kevin happened to be Miami during the iPhone 5s launch, so Rene from our sister site iMore tasked him with buying a phone. That said, he never told him to do what he ended up doing to get the gold one --- paying $1500!
  • Split his personalities into horcruxes.. starting first with his alter ego Cage Michaels (who is in alpha until he's officially unveiled later in 2014)




In all honestly, Kevin is a great isn't a bad boss. We really do love him and for the most part he does more good than dumb. Then again, CES is right around the corner. 



Looks like Adam is compiling a list to try and oust Kevin, and take over as CB's fearless leader! Lol

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/

Kevin Michaluk

This just means Adam has too much free time on his hands. Need to make him busier.

Hey Adam, how would you like to be Editor in Chief of Smartwatch Fans, too? I think you can manage that and your CB duties. Clearly you have the free time. :)

Pete The Penguin

This is just the list Adam knows about :p

Kevin Michaluk

ADAMMMM!!!!!!!!!! This is the dumbest year end list ever. LOL.  

Nothing TOO CRAZY this year... still a couple weeks left in December for me to do something really dumb though :)

Also, technically the FIRST horcrux I made was/is CrackBerry Kevin. The second one is Cage Michaels (learn more at about.me/cagemichaels). And yes, that's what was in THE BOX.


Nobody with a head on their shoulders is falling for it Kevin...what was in THE BOX is special and maybe exciting, but this certainly wasn't it ;)

In any case, this was a pretty harmless year all things considered lol Strive to do more next year I suppose HAHAHA!!

Have a great Christmas and New Years!!


I offered the Daytona Speedway and big wheels to you! That could have been escalated way beyond the original plan....Just sayin....lol
Thanks for all the informtainment!

IMHO. The workout video can go another year.....2012/2013 Its that ridiculous. haha

Pete The Penguin

These "dumb moments" of yours make me laugh, Kevin.

Here's to a great 2014.


If you ever went 100% dumer-er-er-er-er-eererereereereeeerrrr, streaking with a blackberry 10 device over those private areas at a CES event would be the most insane thing ever. NEVER EVER DO THAT!!! EVER. Wouldn't want to see anyone do that (but it would probably get THE MOST media ever!).

Posted via CB10


Congratulations to Kevin on his retirement....


I would have thought Adam's retirement, heh.

Posted via CB10

Michelle Haag

Hahahahahahahahaha BEST POST EVER.


Aseem Asrani

LOL... funny n interesting post.. good going guys... all the best Kevin, let this list grow in 2014... :))

Posted via CB10


Ilove you all

Posted via CB10


Did I miss something... I didn't realize Adam and Kevin were an old married couple...

Posted via CB10


Without reading this I'm just going to go ahead and say that yoga pants photo

Posted via CB10



Indeed, that one was just gross, lol


Hahaahahaahaha go Adam go Kevin ;P

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10


Why everybody Love Kevin Michaluk?

Posted via CB10


Kevin how do you do that? Any Tipps here?

Posted via CB10


He's going to fire Adam, again!??

Via my Zormtrooper...


Can we add to the list? I can maybe recollect a few.

While I have been known to criticize (I know, I know hard to believe) however, In the spirit of the season I'll extend a hardy thanks to Kevin and company for providing us this fun, interesting, useful, challenging and infuriating community. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy, profitable 2014.

Kevin Michaluk

Thanks for the kind words!

Definitely add to the list! I try and do at least one dumb thing every day (it keeps life fun), so I'm sure Adam missed a few here. Feel free to add.

Adam Zeis

Absolutely! I felt bad after the first few but by all means, if you have any more, drop them here :) 


Building Sonos man, lol.


Is he still alive? I've been wondering about him for quite some time now.


Lmao...hilarious. This post actually makes me like Kevin more.

Keep The Faith


Hilarious!! Great recap...

Posted via CB10


And I thought I was crazy

From Zuri my Z10.

Kevin Michaluk

You know... that onion eating video might be the worst of the bunch. I can still taste it. Felt sick for three days.

Simon Sage

You can top it next year by eating a handful of garlic cloves. 

Kevin Michaluk

Great question!

Here, read this post http://crackberry.com/crackberry-com-open-business

Then read the next 5,000 posts or so after that. Might take a few months, but if you go through all that, then you shall have the answer to the question. ;)


We all love you man. Keep rocking in Paris.

Posted via CB10


I guess Adam misses the constant "getting fired" threats he used to get last year. :D


That was a dumb post Adam. I love it. Keep it nutty for 2014 Kev.

Fired from my Z10


What the heck is a horcrux? Sounds like a really bad venereal disease.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!


Kevin should go to the other extreme and shave his head with the engraving of BB10 somewhere.


How about Kevin showing the black box and never telling us what was in that box!



Posted from my bangin Q10


This is what makes CrackBerry fun and not dull or boring. Thanks for a great year Kevin, Adam, Blaze and the rest of the gang. Keep up the great work, the crazy antics and the all around silly funness. Looking forward to more in 2014.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


Best blog EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why the hell is the "sexy" video not available on mobile? Kinda odd if you think about it.

Posted via CB10


Lol! Kevin is a badass!

Posted via CB10


Haha, this is funny! We love you Kevin! *hugs*

Posted via CB10


Hey Adam, what about Super Hero Kevin and fighting the bad guys in Europe when they tried to rob him? Guess its not really a dumb thing, but more of positive good thing huh?


Nice post..lol

Posted via CB10





I think that Adam went easy on Kevin this year...

Just saying...


Go Kevin go. Even more for 2014. Happy Holidays.

Observation Junkie

Hey Kevin, is that you doing the Gangnam Style?

Posted via CB10


Like a boss! :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Better ask his mother,I'm sure she would know.LOL


Kevin don't forget you promised to buy someone a car if Instagram did not make it to BB10. That should have made the list!

Poetry in Motion


Tons of typos.

Posted via my Z10 on the Rogers Network.

Kevin Michaluk

Completely agree. Think it's worth firing Adam for this one? Or let him slide another year?


You forgot the brain taco

Posted via CB10

Kevin Michaluk

Oh yeah, brain tacos at CES. Those were tasty. Errr. Not. :p


This is totally off topic but do you have any clue when iGrann comes to BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10


Drink a bottle of petron 40 minutes before your final podcast for the year. Should make for great viewing ;-p

Posted via CB10

Kevin Michaluk

Funny story. When I was 17, I drank a 26 of Tequila. It was that crappy Sauza stuff. Happened at a bush party... like 8pm. I was messsed up almost instantly. Friends carried me out of the bush and took me to my parents house (they were telling me it was 4am and it was time to go home). I was kind of shocked when my dad opened the door almost immediately (i thought it was 4am, right?). Turns out it was like 9pm. Puked my guts out all night. 

To this day the word Tequila still makes me cringe. Hmm.. now that I think about it, that might be where my streak of doing dumb things began. Following that, I did win a Jalepeno pepper eating contest the next year in school (in front of 450 students). 

It all makes sense now. :)

jojo beaconsfield

I call it Demon Alcohol,not that I,m religious,stay away from the hard stuff,beer is much better for you,dark beer is full of antioxidents

Pete The Penguin

I'd have loved to see the look on your face when you dad opened the door!!


Ken is one person who likes to live his life the way he wants.... and hence the people see those dumb moments... but they are really enjoyable...

At the age of say 70 years... if you look back and if your grandkids ask what was the craziest thing you did.. Kevin has the biggest list :D

Keep it up Kevin... enjoying CrackBerry and yes... Even I do the same...
Live.Life.Enjoy coz we only have one life :)

Posted via CB10


I really like Kevin. And thanks for the flipshell for my z10. Got delivered yesterday.

Posted via CB10


Adam should add one of the dumbest things that Kevin did is hiring someone who can track all his dumbest records...

Posted via CB10


This is why I love Crackberry!

Posted via CB10


Lol you guys are all awesome. Great community to be a part of.

Posted via CB10


Awwww...please no shirtless videos anymore, Kevin...

Posted via CB10


Don't forget the time you challenged a fan to push ups too!

Posted via CB10

Winston Loh

Kevin, fearless indeed....Adam even more so....lol....

Ron In Motion

I don't remember what year it was, but the Incredible Hulk Kevin certainly looks dumb.

But seriously, you rock, Kevin!



Keep us laughing guys! We sometimes can take smartphones so seriously... In another 20 years we'll look back and say "What? We used to carry little flat bricks around and hold them up to our ears?". ;-). Kevin... Looking forward to more of your crazy antics! It is what makes CB so fun!


C0038297E Quote of the Day! Thanks :)

Posted via CB10

Jimberry Storm

I would like to pounce on him to for that stuff, but since I grew a mullet to support him not cutting his hair, I will shut up now, except to say this, no matter what your IQ is it can not prevent you from making a fool of yourself, life is long $&it happens.


CrackBerry Kevin is a really, really good mobile analyst / commentator...

But, buying that iPhone 5s for $1500 and then going on a BlackBerry bloggers hangout to brag about it afterwards was by far the stupidest thing he's done in years.

Posted via CB10


I also think Kevin's failure to review the Z30 probably should have made the list. I think we could all tell he wasn't as enthusiastic about it and the review done by Simon Sage was excellent, but it just seems like, if you are going to be CBK and BlackBerry releases a new flagship device, you have to review it.

On the other hand, Kevin's later podcast commentary on the Z30 was pretty good, but still... he does realize that we don't *just* tune in to crackberry.com for the contests, right? His review of a flagship device matters around here...

Posted via CB10

Kevin Michaluk

Once 10.2.1 gets official I'll do a review / re-review of the Z30 and BB10. That's a great time for us to revisit everything as I **think** that's when we'll see BB start to do some remarketing (once regular folks can easily get their apps.. aka android apps).


Not to be too negative on a fun thread, but CBK did more than three really awesome things as well this year. I still can't get over how great the coverage of BlackBerry Live was. I'm still a little ticked at BlackBerry for not releasing a tablet or cool SaaS at the event, so that the cheer could have been illustrated via the livestreaming.

Posted via CB10


Dumb things... we ALL do them! lol

Posted via CB10


He is a leader!

Posted via CB10