DulyNoted Pro for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 22 Sep 2009 08:43 am EDT

How often do you make notes throughout the day? Quite a bit, I would imagine. There’s always something that catches our eyes, even for a second or two. Those that are note-worthy, must be written down before you forget. I know I would. Can you count how many times you said “Where did we find those…” or “What was the name of that place again?” My BlackBerry's note pad has dozens upon dozens of notes that I’ve quickly typed out. I would typically capture the name and basic details, sometimes leaving out location and such. This isn’t a big deal for places you’re familiar with, but what about that small exotic restaurant or boutique you happened to stumble across? Sometimes you drive by a sign that grabs your attention. Even though you try to remember to check it out, you forget where it was…or what it was.

By jogging your memory, DulyNoted will be a string on your finger. Well, a string as in an application…and finger as in your BlackBerry. With DulyNoted, you can create notes that are geotagged. Now you can see where you were when an important note/reminder was made. Travel back there with certainty! Let’s have a closer gander at DulyNoted.

About DulyNoted

I know I wasn’t the only CrackBerry user or abuser who received a PIN over the weekend regarding DulyNoted, which is currently in version 1.4. I must say that it was a creative way to generate interest. Too bad it was for my Pearl I had a couple of years ago! Good thing I still had it. Behind this application, (and probably the mass of PIN messages) is a company called ScreamingToaster. I’ve never heard a toaster scream, but if I did, I would make sure the event was duly noted. See what I just did there? DulyNoted is available for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.6 or higher, and will take up 548 KB. On DulyNoted style, I’m going to begin as the application begins:

“Starting Reactor Core…Initiating Launch Sequence…Activating Awesomeness”

DulyNoted is definitely a new twist on notes. It’s as I said before; you take care of the what, the application takes care of the where. The application uses both cell tower information and assisted GPS to get a fix on your location. Let’s have a look at the menu. The top portion of the main menu houses the command, sorting and search options. The bottom contains the list of notes that you have made. You can potentially create an unlimited number of notes. If you’re that forgetful, you may need more than an application to get the hope you need.

creating a new note

Note taking is quite simple. A click to the Create New Note button generates a pop up. In this pop up, you can record the name of the note, any keywords and choose colour coding for easy retrieval. Once you save, DulyNoted will add in location details. You can then reopen the note and enter any additional information, which you may require, in the blank field. When viewing the list of notes, each entry will display the name of the note, the day and time the note was created, the keyword, the colour chosen and the distance you are from each geotagged note. The application will only use imperial measurement, not metric. The most accurate value I’ve seen on a note is within 30 feet. All of your notes can be viewed in various ways:

Distance from me – you can choose to view geotagged note from the closest to your position to the farthest, or vice versa.

Timestamp – view the newest notes first, or the oldest first.

Name – notes are listed in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

Color – all the colours you have used are grouped together. Use the colours to indicate business or personal notes - it’s up to you.

Keywords – Notes are sorted by keywords. Like the Name view, they can be viewed in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

Type – this option isn’t fully explored yet. When creating a note, the only type of note available is a short note.

the main menu

To easily switch between the normal and reverse views, you have to click on the gear icon. You can change the sort ordering from Closest/Newest/Normal to Farthest/Oldest/Inverse. As you travel around this world, your geotagged notes are shuffled around to show real time proximity of the locations you recorded.

The notes you create are not actually stored on your BlackBerry. Your notes and settings are stored in “the cloud”; a container that is part of ScreamingToaster’s “the ONE platform.” This is both a good and a bad thing. The good part is this storage method frees up precious memory. If you had to reinstall your OS, you can easily retrieve all of your information. The bad thing is that if you were in an area of poor or no coverage, you wouldn’t have access to your notes. There is a workaround for this. DulyNoted included an option that allows you to share notes with others. You can simply send a PIN message or email to yourself prior to entering a “data dead zone.”

Managing your Profile

Feeling Twitterpated? DulyNoted lets you tweet your status and captured photo directly from the application. The status and photo will consist of separate tweets. Perhaps in future builds, you can send off co-ordinates as well. There’s one last thing that I should mention; mapping. You can request to see a map of the location via Google maps. They could do so much more with this function. There’s no zoom option, nor can you request directions; it’s just there for show. If you’re really bored, you can view other DulyNoted users near you. The application allows you to view their location and even PIN them.

Access the map...
...but now what?


DulyNoted Pro was definitely worth a look at. I could see the possibilities with this app. It’s like taking a virtual trip down memory lane. The map and Twitter features were a good idea, but can definitely be expanded upon. The capturing and retrieving of notes was fairly quick and painless. DulyNoted is $10 annually, but has a 2 day free trial, so you can try before you buy. You can check out DulyNoted Pro at screamingtoaster.com


  • create geotagged notes
  • send tweets from within the application
  • notes shuffled based on your location


  • Twitter functions could be expanded
  • mapping lacks functionality

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Reader comments

DulyNoted Pro for BlackBerry


Well actually I can, this looked kinda cool until I noticed at the bottom that it is 10 dollars annually then I just kinda gave up on it completely.

After reading again and double tapping the Screaming Toaster site, I believe the 10 dollars annually isn't just a remarkable mistake with this app. I mean come on this apps price is over the top. Tetherberry is offered for a 1 time fee, when most providers have a monthly fee for the same thing. Most of Screaming Toaster's apps are being offered for 10 dollars annually with a 2 day trial. Conclusion, Screaming Toaster albiet making some great apps are pulling in the opposite direction. People like to see apps that compete with the cost of what the carriers offer, not blow them out of the water.

Sounds pretty intriguing. The thing that seems to be missing from the native memo app is a time stamp. This app seems to fill that gap plus more. And for only 20 cents a week.

You can use L-D-space for date and L-T-space for time. I went in and created my own using L-D-T-space, so it puts the date and time down in one shot.

This seemed like a must have app ...until the $10.00 ANNUAL fee! I didn't even pay that much for apps I use everyday. And the app I used to get me that place I supposedly want to remember was FREE. Yep, 20 cents a week for the rest of your life...

Yep, that actually did occur to me. Especially seeing how the data is not stored on your device. After you put a lot of info into it they hook you.

I also don't like the "subscription" idea. Almost makes it sound like those small "hidden fees" that milk you.

I would gladly pay 10 dollars one time fee to use this program, but I don't do annual subscriptions,
they should offer 2 options, say 15 dollars lifetime, and 5 dollars recurring annually.

I hope someone duplicates this application with a more appealing payment option.

I agree, $10 every year is too much for something like this. I'll just use my memopad which is free.

yeah, when memo pad and task list are free this is too much to swallow...especially since there is no web interface or ability to sync into another application--say onenote or outlook. i use memopad and tasklist on a BES but there is still A LOT left to be desired.

Some developers truly build apps and themes that are beneficial to Blackberry users and others simply see us as a check. . . . . , . 10.00 a year. . . . We know what this one is

Just a quick comment in response to some of the comments here. The $10/yr subscription includes 24/7 phone and email support (we do not do support by forum) and free software updates for that yr.

If you ever have to reinstall the app, all your notes, settings, and licenses are restored from the cloud instantly. Also, all data is transferred securely via HTTPS because we care about things like the security of your data. The app includes Twitter/Twitpic integration too along with social features.

How many other apps do this? The answer is, NONE.

If $10 for ALL of that is too expensive for you, this app is not for you. How can you afford your BB data plan each month if 20 cents a week will break the bank....?

@ Qharisma, At ScreamingToaster we have dedicated our lives to building the highest quality bespoke digital lifestyle software for web, mobile and desktop, and this is our full time job. We do charge money for our apps because we need to pay for things like food...

Your comment is not only stupid but also insulting. Why don't you work at your job for free because your work is beneficial to your company. Who are you to ask your boss for money?!:). Let's see how that works out for you;). If you think everything in life that is "beneficial" should be free and people are bad for charging money for things, you should perhaps move to another planet...:). hehe.

Chief Customer Experience Officer
ScreamingToaster - "The power of ONE"

Let me first start of by saying that your opinions on commerce are 100% true; as much as I appreciate free apps, I do not work for free, and dont ever plan to. If the app has value, that value should be recognized.

As far as the $10 annual fee goes I do not feel it worthy of my consideration, because part of the fee is based upon how yoy choose to do business. You have every right to not have a user forum, but having one would in fact alleviate your support requirements. I am quite confident that sites such as Crackberry, Berry Review, etc.. have more forum/support traffic then RIM/Verizon/AT&T combined.

Another business chioce that you have made (as you have that right)is to store my items in your cloud for the purposes of my needing to reinstall. Perhaps consider allowing your app to save those setting to my resident memory card instead, saving you personnel staffing needs and server bandwidth. Just some food for thought...

I believe that there is in fact a place for your app on my phone, and so hopefully one day we can see a price point that fits both our needs. Good day!

@CrackberryMike - thanks for the thoughtful comment. We are listening and plan on supporting caching and offline-mode for *all our apps* in a future release. Which will be included in the cost of your subscription, if you choose to subscribe.

You would be wrong in assuming that CrackBerry/BerryReview/BGR/etc. send us more traffic than the App World. RIM's App World is where we get a big chunk of our downloads. That and our other marketing efforts, like being a finalist in the Developer Challenge 09, etc (which have nothing to do with tech blogs and forums). And we have our own content channel - http://developerlife.com. We are planning on expanding content there as well - informative stuff about BlackBerry that lots of people want to know. Eg: http://developerlife.com/theblog/?p=1049

I'm sorry you feel that the price point is too high for our software right now. Please keep in mind that we are working on lots of enhancements already - a web app, multiple types of notes (will support file and photo attachment) and many more... like being able to collaborate on a note together with another user.

The $10 we get in subscription fees sustains us so that we can keep working on these innovations. We are blazing a new trial, and build *everything* from scratch, and have a real commitment for performance, quality, and aesthetics. Much like a Formula 1 team, we try to eek the maximum performance out of every CPU cycle, every byte on the network, and every watt of battery power. And these efforts are largely unnoticed by most people, but we do it anyway, since we are passionate about what we do.


deleted it after a few minutes as it doesnt do much more than the standard memo pad!

and £10 per year is a joke!

they also rather rudly pin messaged me about the app asking me to try it out! dont really like SPAM pin messages but hey i gave it a go!

why are blackberry apps so expensive for something we can get for free anyways!!

if it was on the iphone it would be 99p to BUY !!


Of course the ceo is unprofessional further proof of the ignorance of yearly subscriptions. . . . See: the magazine industry for further info on how poorly a Business model this is. . . . . The goal is to sell products right? Why come and berate potential customers. . . I'm glad my comment shows your true colors. In fact that is my daily job. Plenty of developers create apps that pay their bills without attempting to rape there consumers yearly. . . I.e. Tetherberry, quicklaunch, etc. The list goes on and on. . . . Hope ur hungry!

Of course the ceo is unprofessional further proof of the ignorance of yearly subscriptions. . . . See: the magazine industry for further info on how poorly a Business model this is. . . . . The goal is to sell products right? Why come and berate potential customers. . . I'm glad my comment shows your true colors. In fact that is my daily job. Plenty of developers create apps that pay their bills without attempting to rape there consumers yearly. . . I.e. Tetherberry, quicklaunch, etc. The list goes on and on. . . . Hope ur hungry!

just reading the feedback from izabel was enough to turn me off not only from this product but from the company as a whole. if you are going to put yourself out there be ready for people to not only love your product but hate it as well. i don't see too many people on here praising your choice of a price point. coming on here and bragging about your product and calling potential customers "stupid" is bad for any business. the fact your app is so overpriced just makes it easier to look away.

This is what just one real customer has to say about us:

@All the haters:

We have many really happy customers, whom we cherish and respect. Customers who love what we do, who feel a strong connection with our apps. Don't forget, we build software first for ourselves, and not to please the harsh words of a few haters. We build stuff we ourselves would use, and are proud of. Our stuff is not for everyone. Much like a BMW, Ferrari or Porsche is not for the masses. And we are not apologizing for it ;). Just like there are people willing to fork over big bucks for premium cars, gadgets, convenience, there are people willing to part with a mere $10 per year for a bit of happiness every time they use our apps. But you wouldn't understand that.

You either love us or hate us. That's exactly our goal :). We are not all things to all people. If you don't understand what it means to have standards and expect excellence, then FLAME ON! :)

@Qharisma & @sefiroh:

To be quite honest, you are not our customers. Nor were you ever going to be. People who do not want to pay for software are not our customers.

And don't expect to be treated with respect & professionalism, when you treat others disrespectfully. But you probably didn't understand that ;).

We are not going to reduce the quality/integrity of what we provide & our sustainable business model because of the harsh words of a few haters :).

You think there are so many of you haters, right? It might sound that way because of these few negative comments on this blog post. Well, at ScreamingToaster, we run a business. Not a hobby. We treat our customers with respect, and we believe in customer service & support. There's a difference between being a 'developer' and a 'business' :). And there's a difference between a 'customer' and a 'loud-mouthed, rude, know-nothing'. If you can't tell the difference between a theme and a high quality app, perhaps it is best suited if you keep your comments to yourself, no? But you probably don't think so ;).

CEO @ ScreamingToaster ;)

Seems like a useful app that would be beneficial to me, even though the cost is a bit much. However, after reading Izabel's comment, I changed my mind.

as you can see it is not only izabel who shares the twisted perspective. you guys keep up the good work and keep coming on here posting how "special" you and your apps are. your little winkies do very little in masking the fact that you are extremely rude and obnoxious. in my post all i did was agree with quarisma about your attitude towards potentially NEW customers. i did not flame you or "hate" on you. i did state the app was overly priced just like everyone else has stated that was it. if you read the first line of my post i stated that izabels response is what turned me away in the end not the price. now you can read bkybean's response and call them a hater too. ;)

Apparently, this app wants to be "tiered above" other apps. Well, Gouldens mustard works fine for me...keep your Grey Poupon.

I'm not exactly sure how the screaming toaster determined I don't pay for apps. But more needless judgmental talk from a company I'll never patronize. News Flash: I'm not alone in disagreeing with the yearly price point. . . But that being said. If screaming toaster wants it with me they can have it. . . . I'm glad you have customers. Though I'm not sure where exactly I went unprofessional, I'm the customer, where is it required I be so? Being the "Chief Customer Service Executive" I'd think you would know that. . . . . . And when did professionalism involve name calling at know point did I bad mouth the app or the company only the actions of said company's employees. . . . But of course that's irrelevant to clowns such as yourselves. . . . Oops. . .

How can u say an app is a " mere .20 a week" and out the other side of your mouth cal it "premium" or align it with BMW or any luxury item for that matter. . . . Which one is it? If you're so used to the love hate relationship why is it a problem now. Deal with it!

How can u say an app is a " mere .20 a week" and out the other side of your mouth cal it "premium" or align it with BMW or any luxury item for that matter. . . . Which one is it? If you're so used to the love hate relationship why is it a problem now. Deal with it!

it doesn't sound as if this app is all that useful for most people, thus I suspect few will actually pay $10 for this. And probably of those, most will not realize it's $10 per year. @stoaster, you seem really full of yourself. Good luck trying to rent your software.

Hey guys lets try to keep it a little less tense in here.

If you are providing feedback, both positive and negative are welcome. There obviously seems to be an issue with the pricing, but how about the app as a whole.

Has anyone actually tried it? I know i didn't myself, because I was put out by the pricing also. For those of you who have a few minutes on your hands, could you please try the program out, and give feedback, so maybe we can all get a program that is worth the asking price in the months to come.

Remember positive and negative feedback is needed to allow for a young budding program to blossom into something worth paying your hard earned money for.


Well put Corvettekid . . . . My decision is already made but to each his own. . . . . For future reference: I pay for Good Customer Service. . .

My complaint is not the price, it is the fact it must be a subscription, I'd gladly pay a 1 time price. be it 10, 15, 20, well maybe not 20, the impulse buy limit seems to be 19.99 for me.

though now after reading the posts by the developer, even with a 19.99 price option I believe I would pass on this app, the attitude is defensive and retaliatory not something I would want to deal with from a customer service department, I pay more for Internet, because of similar practices by a provider in my area, I'll pay more for quality and customer service.

I wish anyone who does buy this software good luck,
and I still hope someone will duplicate the functions of this application in a single 1 time fee option,

I think the only reason this all got heated is because Qharisma said that I see customers "as a check" and then called me a "rapist" for charging $10 for an app. No one else thinks that is a bit insane to draw that parallel?

Since when did rape = charging $10 per year for an app. Anyone who would say that has SERIOUS issues and needs professional help. If I didn't stand up to someone who called me a rapist because they thought my app was too expensive, then I would be insane myself...

Can anyone disagree with me here?

Izabel Idris
Chief Customer Experience Officer
ScreamingToaster - "The power of ONE"

Trust. . . . I don't know u to call u a rapist in it's truest sense. . . . Let's be real here. . . . But like many others here I believe both u and your company want more for this app than it's worth. . . . That constitutes " rape" in it's slangest sense. . . .

These guys FAIL at math. And who needs 24/7 phone and email support for a NOTEPAD app LMAO! And who needs thier notes stored on a "cloud", why not just backup to the device or sd card? I'd rather blow $10 on a cup of starbucks coffee lol

I was looking for an app which time stamped but after the head of customer service said what he had to not sure I'd get good service when I need it I think ill wait till some one duplicates this one I sure hope u don't talk to your paying customers like that

Whatever stage of development this app happens to be it seems to be moving into a fantastic functionality. Too bad so many place true valuation on how free something is. At $10.00/year for a SERVICE I would suggest those who dont appreciate its value to consider what you spend on junk food and beer. FREE... gimme a break and stuff your pie hole.

Well, this has been interesting to follow. Maybe some of the verbage on all sides has gone a little too far.

First off, I am a customer of Screaming Toaster, having bought their Wicked Word Press App. And, I'm also the one who wrote a review of it as Nazmul mentioned above - justflipthedog.com
It was $30 annually. I thought it was worth it, and one of the best wordpress tools out there. They later reduced the price and refunded me $20.

Despite how this conversation is going, their customer service is outstanding. I spent more than an hour with Izabel, and later Nazmul joined in, going over a few problems I had. And that was on the phone. And they offered to call or try and address my issues by e-mail. Prior to the call, they sent several e-mails trying to give some more information about the problems. One thing I appreciated was during that phone call, they very specifically quizzed me about additional things I would like to see in the product.

For me, and this is only me, the debate over price boils down to do I think the product is worth it and how's the customer service. I think the product is great, and I think their customer service is tremendous. So yes, the wordpress app was, and is, worth that price. To me.

Factor in the documentation they provide, and it's a great deal - to me. And you really should check out their documentation, it's top-notch with step by step and videos.

As to Dulynoted: the original review was pretty spot on. I played with it, and it does exactly what it says it does, and it's very simple to use. On this one, I'm still not sure. there are just certain things - note taking for example - that I'm still old school about. Just love a fountain pen and great paper. But again, that's me. For real mobile users, I think you should take a look at it.

Screaming Toaster made a business decision to charge, that's their right. The customers, or lack thereof, will determine whether that was the right choice.

For me, they have great products, superb documentation and excellent customer service. And it's worth the price

Screaming toaster has gone out and recruited 2 positive comments and the remaining are all honest heartfelt opinions. . . . . To all readers the decision is yours. . . . .

that the beginning posts had to do with the money they were charging for the app. the later posts have more to do with the way they REACTED to critiscm over pricing. usually, i dont respond to such things but after seing such a blatant disregard for user input and potential customers i had to speak. i have seen many developers come on here and get ripped for overpricing their product and not ONCE has one responded in such a way. at first i thought it was a joke. i am not saying you dont make good or even great software, i AM saying the way you handle feedback is a real eye opener.

Winjaw great comment but what the ceo said on this forum leaves me to second guess if a price point of 10 dollars a year is worth the 24/7 sup. They offer and if I would really get it

I have to chime in as well about the way the criticism is being handled.

It's the biggest turnoff.........more than the annual fee.

It was the first reply from the developers in this thread to the negative response regarding the pricing.

Right out of the gate your calling people stupid?

You have to expect some critics, right?

How do we afford our monthly BB plans if "20 cents a week" breaks the bank for us???

If I have negative feedback about a product being reviewed here on CB, I am certainly not going to expect insults and sweeping generalizations aimed at all of us who take issue with some aspect of your product. It's called feedback and it's supposed to be useful.

I've paid for TONS of apps. I just agree with others that I'm not a big fan of a yearly fee. However, I'm even less of a fan of getting 24/7 customer support if this is a hint of what that actually means. Ouch

Due to reasons beyond my understanding you're more upset about how I said subscriptions are hogwash than me (and others) actually saying it. . . . . . Point taken. . . . Secondly. . . . As CEO you only have one of two options 1. Apologize to myself and others who felt and feel disrespected for simply disagreeing with the price point and hope to make some money or 2. Beat this dead horse. . . . .

If it makes you feel any better I apologize for the manner in which I said 10.00 subscription is crazy (note I'm not the first to say that) . . . . But that being said the message is the same. . . . .

It's been worth a chuckle reading all this, and I enjoy a good debate as much as the next guy, even though I don't have a dog in this fight.

I can take or leave the language Qharisma used to describe the price, calling it "rape." It's his right for sure, but if I was the one being called a rapist, I'd get defensive and snippy too. It's transparently irresponsible to think you can bait someone into a fight and then act like you're taking the high road when the fight breaks out.

But where Qharisma completely loses all credibility is after one of the company's supporters weighs in positively on his experience with that company regarding an entirely different program. To accuse a company of "soliciting" positive support to counter criticism is simply immature. It demonstrates that you have lost all sight of the issue at hand -- a $10 annual fee for a product that may or may not be worth it -- and are now only interested in having the last and loudest word. It's now about your ego and your inner need to "win" this argument, as if winning or losing this argument has any tangible value, anyway.

So yeah, it's probably safe to assume I won't be following you on Twitter.

After purchasing all three apps from ScreamingToaster I have taken an interest in what other people feel about the application/s.

The limited comments I have read regarding use/functionality/appearance/performance etc appear to be on the positive side.

The amazing amount of comments regarding price/pricing (whether annual/one time) appear to be on the negative side.

I participated in Wicked's development as part of the invited beta testing group (I have no affiliation with ScreamingToaster), and I witnessed first hand how responsive they were with improvements etc.... and I for one am very excited about upcoming improvements to Wicked.

So when MyListy and DulyNoted were released, I downloaded and then waited the 2 days to pay for each subscription (note to ScreamningToaster: I would have preferred to pay upon downloading, and get it out of the way, as I am sure anyone who uses Wicked would be also).

I think the UI of each of ScreamingToaster's apps just yells class and I much prefer the look and feel of Wicked, MyListy, DulyNoted, to the standard native app, or in fact a few of the more established third party developers out there (and they know who they are).

I really like how these ScreamingToaster apps use full functionality of the BlackBerry devices's ability to bring together a more complete solution (location, web, cloud, PIN, etc).

With the web based desktop syncing coming and possible future syncing with other clients (not to mention off line ability (airport, flights, etc) .... I for one was happy to subscribe $30pa for all three apps.

But each to their own... if you aren't happy to pay what the developer charges, then I guess these apps aren't for you. It is after all, the buyer's choice to decide on whether to purchase or not to purchase.

A couple of the previously quoted apps (in the previous posts, and one in particular) from other third party developers were, by memory, quite expensive when they launched into the marketplace, but due to demand (or rather lack of) the price has come down significantly.... obviously, the buyers were speaking loudly with a closed wallet.

If ScreamingToaster can charge $10 pa for each application and people purchase it, then I would say *tips hat* good on them. If they can't, then I would guess ScreamingToaster will have to reassess their pricing strategies. Again, the buyer, or lack of buyers, will help drive this decision.

I have found both Izabel and Nazmul easy people to deal with during Wicked's testing, no less than any other developer / development company I have ever had to deal with (and when you live in a different timezone to most of the world, this becomes important). I do also know that they are extremely passionate and protective of their apps, which I sure any developer worth their own salt would be.

So for me, the decision was simple. I am a fan of ScreamingToaster's apps and how they do business.

I am "over" looking at clunky looking BlackBerry apps that should have been left behind in the early 2000's and want the apps I use to have rich UI's worthy of my Bold.

My 2 cents.


There are a lot of things to consider when making any purchase. First, is the product going to do what I need it to do?

Frankly, I've been scouring available apps for something that helps me journal on the go, is easy to use and has an appealing interface. I've looked at everything from free programs to those charging $59.99. DulyNoted may not sync with my journal program but it does offer me some very convenient ways to get my mobile entries copied into my preferred journal program. The interface is very appealing and also easy to use. Okay, so I really like this app.

Next question, what is their stated standard of customer service and do they follow through?

I definitely check out a company's approach to customer service. If I have a problem and can't get help, then I just threw whatever time and money I spent on this application to the wind. My time is worth a lot more to me than money although money does matter. When I tried out the Wicked Blogging app and now DulyNoted, I received amazingly attentive customer service. When I made some mistakes along the way, Izabel was very helpful, friendly and incredibly prompt in her responses. Even though my problems were all my own doing, she was patient, understanding and got me through it.

Lastly, is the program/service and the customer service worth what is being asked for in terms of price?

In this consumer's opinion, hell yes! The program does what I want better than anything else I've found. The service offered in terms of maintaining my data 'on the cloud' has already come in handy more than once. The customer service goes above and beyond anything I could expect for a mere $10 a year.

I'm sorry some find that $10 a year objectionable. I grew up with a father who was a purchaser for Westinghouse. He taught me how to look for value in more than just superior code. Frankly, I feel fortunate that Screamingtoaster can offer all this for such a small annual fee.



Is "Chief Customer Experience Officer" a real title.

Ok, done being snarky.

Here's a bit of advice for the owners of the Screaming Toaster people:

Hire a publicist and a sales representative.

Ditto the publicist comment. . . . . . Great idea. . . . . . But I digress Another day another post with my name in it. . . To the "clown" who say "Qharisma" loses all credibility, 1. I'm not the one running a business here and 2. Who cares. . . . My only issue is both u and who ever else seem to believe I'm running some crusade to baptize all you hethans. . . Totally not the case. . . . And what argument is there to win? The ceo posted some out of line comments and some people I don't know agreed (well except for 1) . . . Prior to that there were numerous comments about the price. . . . Why weren't any of those comments targeted. . . . . . Be careful who you pick your fights with. . . . . .

Ditto the publicist comment. . . . . . Great idea. . . . . . But I digress Another day another post with my name in it. . . To the "clown" who say "Qharisma" loses all credibility, 1. I'm not the one running a business here and 2. Who cares. . . . My only issue is both u and who ever else seem to believe I'm running some crusade to baptize all you hethans. . . Totally not the case. . . . And what argument is there to win? The ceo posted some out of line comments and some people I don't know agreed (well except for 1) . . . Prior to that there were numerous comments about the price. . . . Why weren't any of those comments targeted. . . . . . Be careful who you pick your fights with. . . . . .

To all others who want to vilify the term "rape" be sure to do the same to "stupid" and "loud-mouth". . . . Those words aren't mine. . . . . As seen above. . . . . But I'm not crying about it. . . . And if you haven't figured it out by now. . . . If you're going to drop my name in a post. . . .be prepared for a response. . . . . It really could have been squashed if "ceo" would have simply admitted to throwing a tantrum. . .and apologize most readers would be fine with that and move on. . . . This is the land of Second Chances. . .

So why should he? He was absolutely correct in saying folks like you aren't potential customers for his product, anyway. So offending you after you call him a rapist is no big deal. Not like it's going to have business repercussions for him.

My guess is you'd get much the same response by walking into a Mercedes dealership and asking what kind of car they can get you into for the $199 a month you're now paying for your KIA, then loudly throwing around inflammatory terms in the showroom when you're told they have nothing for you.

Bottom line is this company touts not only product quality, but service after the sale. And reading comments from folks who actually ARE customers of this and other programs they put out, that customer support is impeccable. I've loaded half a dozen cheap programs on my Blackberry that didn't work as advertised, then waited days or weeks for a response from tech support to arrive by e-mail. It's one of those "you get what you pay for" lessons.

So the best thing this toaster guy can do for you isn't to apologize. That's not necessary. He just needs to ignore you. You aren't worth his time. And this is coming from someone who has a degree in public relations and has spoken for companies in the past.

Coming from someone who has trained various customer service reps in various industries (I.e. Wireless, cable, pc helpdesk etc.) Me suggesting that he apologize is in no way to benefit me. I could care less if he were to apologize for the "stupid" or "loud-mouth" comment. . . . (But as u and I both know) this post will forever be immortalized on crackberry for all to see. . . . As a representative of his company I only see it as being in his best interest. . . . As I stated before. . . . My decision is made. . . . But the same isn't the case for the future readers of this review. . . . Unfortunately you and others like you are caught up in the messenger and have lost sight of the message. . .

You better hope not, cause it sure doesn't flatter you.

You've been straying from the message for some time now. You even cite the number of negative comments about the price in comparison to the number of positive comments as some kind of evidence or science or proof that your opinion lies with the "majority."

All that really does is reflect how little you know about social science or human behavior. Overwhelmingly, people are more apt to complain -- verbally or in written form -- if they're upset about something than they are apt to praise when they're happy. You don't call your mayor and your city councilman and write letters to the newspaper talking about how great your city government is when you drive on a smooth paved road to work every day. But put a big pothole in the middle of the road that isn't immediately fixed, and you'll bitch and moan incessantly, insinuating government corruption or incompetence or whatever, threatening to vote everyone out of office in the process. You might even call them, say, rapists, for taking tax money and not using it to fix potholes.

Do a scientific study of this company and it's product and price point as compared to another company that offers essentially the same product at a fraction of the price. But include the entire picture of the buying experience and the companies involved. Show that the pricier product includes prompt, 24/7 tech support and numerous planned improvements to the product. Then compare that to the company who will give you the app for 99 cents, but then walks away from it, begrudingly if ever responding to requests for support and having no plans to improve the product later. Survey 1,000 people and see what you come up with. I bet the ratio of support you see for the pricier company is higher in multiples than is reflected on your typical bitch board.

If the product isn't for you at its price point, fine. Say that and shut up.

Lesson #1 is the CUSTOMER is always right. Lesson #1-A is that every loudmouth with something to prove and a free forum to spew his insults isn't a CUSTOMER, and as such isn't entitled to the "always right" benefit of the doubt. If you train customer service reps, you should know this.

Again I say ( for at least the fourth time now) I'm not the only one disappointed in the price point. . . . . . . Is me or do I have to copy and paste the other comments. . . . . . I'm passed that it only became a problem when (just like now) people choose to single out one person over another. . . . . But ignorance is bliss especially when u choose to live in it. . . . . Growth involves change and we can't have that now can we. . . . . I'm satisfied with agreeing to disagree. . . . Fans and supporters are irrelevant to me. . . . . Why are u so defensive about another man's comments anyway?. . . . . . . . Just as I stand here speaking for myself he can to. . . . Or will you just answer for him again?. . . . . I implore you re-read from the beginning and you'll notice the very 1st comment is about the price. . . . So why aren't u arguing prices with them. . . . . In your words. . . . Is it to simply "win" the argument with me? . . . . Sure seems that way. . . . But if it makes u feel better here................(Trophy)

@ quarisma, love the way you said if you want it with me you got it, lol. you werent playing !! anyway, im thinking the biggest problem they had with you is that you used the word "rape". sure we hear that term used 100 times a day when dealing with people trying to make money but i guess these developers are super sensitive about it. good job standing here and defending yourself when all you did was give an opinion that like you said many others agreed with.

those positive posters who popped up right (conveniently) after you said what you had to say and made some real good points? ;)

I was really hoping to read about other people's experiences with the free trial (so I could decide whether or not to subscribe)and I bumped into a heated argument.

I love on-line spats like this, too funny. Everybody has feelings like preschoolers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha
And sorry, I have a hard time with the cost too. Put me on the list of bad guys that won't be getting presents from Santa this year.

I was one of the first post to this entry and stated that the annually pricing was and is ridiculous. And, I was a beta tester for the Wicked app but decided not to go forward with it when Wordpress released their beta. Again, personal choice.

Furthermore, the review provided significant information to make an informed choice as to whether I personally would pay for this app. I believe even the developer praised the review.

Price is not an issue for me. I have paid for both Ascendo DataVault and Money which are $50.00 and you can throw in $10 for PodTrapper and a host of other applications.

The key to all of this is the "annual" fee. It is raping to hit someone YoY with a fee. Just like credit cards, mutual funds, etc... all out to nickel and dime a person. Even my BB which I pay a monthly data fee for does more than just takes notes and time stamp it. DUH! And comparing an app to a car... Give me a break!

A truly great app will bring people time and time again to use that companies product. Customers sell products; products don't sell products. What we have here seems to be a bunch a babies who can't handle having their ego tarnished from a little criticism. The sad thing here is that they let their interference get in the way of more people actual trying the app. To bad for you...

I have all their software. The installs have been flawless with one exception. I contacted customer support and not only did I have a response within 5 minutes, they kept following up with me to make sure that everything worked and I was satisfied. I've yet to buy from a company with that kind of support and dedication. That's what made me come back.

Well worth the money, and the apps function great. Give 'em a spin.