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Oct 25, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK60 hands-on: Higher-end specs, nice looking hardware and trusted security
When the DTEK50 was originally announced, I admit my personal interest level in the device was rather low. After getting my hands on one, though, that changed. As it turns out, for me, the DTEK50 is great but as the news of a the DTEK60 started to leak out, I began to think about how I would like something similar to the DTEK50 only with higher specs. As it turns out, that's exactly what the freshly announced DTEK60 brings to the table. Continue Reading →
Oct 26, 2016 DTEK60 owners, be sure to update your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile!
Did you pick up a brand new BlackBerry DTEK60? If so, you'll want to make sure you go ahead and update your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile as well to show the proper device. Changing your profile is all rather easy, but here are the steps to walk you through it. Continue Reading →
Oct 25, 2016 Marty Beard discusses DTEK60, BlackBerry's overall software strategy and the Enterprise of Things
As part of the DTEK60 launch, BlackBerry COO, Marty Beard sat down with Christine Chen to discuss the latest newest member of the DTEK series, BlackBerry's overall software strategy and the Enterprise of Things. Continue Reading →
Oct 24, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK60 once again available for pre-order from Staples Canada
Staples Canada just can't seem to keep the DTEK60 under wraps. After the initial listing for the device was removed, it has now once again returned to Staples Canada website and is available for pre-order despite having yet been made official by BlackBerry. Continue Reading →
Oct 20, 2016 This person wants a DTEK60 so bad they're willing to trade a car
Look, I know there are a lot of folks out there wondering where the DTEK60 is and can't wait to get their hands on one but this person on Craigslist pretty much takes the cake. Continue Reading →
Oct 19, 2016 Hub+ Services with Facebook Messenger integration update now available
If you're part of the Hub+ Services beta this won't be anything really new to you but, if you're not part of the beta program, the latest Hub+ Services update is now available and brings along with it Facebook Messenger integration for the BlackBerry Hub. Continue Reading →
Oct 14, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK60 pops up at Staples Canada
Another day, another BlackBerry DTEK60 spotting. This time around, the folks at Staples Canada have now listed the still unannounced officially BlackBerry DTEK60 to their website. Unlike previous listings, though, Staples is not taking any pre-orders for the device. Instead, they just place it out of stock online and left the $699.99 price tag there for all to see. Continue Reading →
Oct 11, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK60 goes up for pre-order from B&H Photo
Although the DTEK60 still remains unofficially announced by BlackBerry, that hasn't stopped retailers from putting the device up for pre-order. The latest comes from B&H Photo who now has the unlocked Android-powered DTEK60 available for $499.99. Continue Reading →
Oct 05, 2016 BlackBerry's Alex Thurber discusses upcoming handsets and company future
If you follow BlackBerry's Senior Vice President for Global Device Sales, Alex Thurber on Twitter you'll know he's a busy man who has been traveling a lot recently talking with BlackBerry partners. His most recent journey has taken him to London for some media interviews, one of which was with Chris Foxx, technology reporter at the BBC. Continue Reading →
Oct 03, 2016 BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - ERA
If you missed out on Upstream live, you can (and should) get yourself caught up. This week, we aimed at clearing up the questions and setting a dialog for what we have coming forward including a potential last QWERTY designed by BlackBerry, the high-end DTEK60 which may launch in the coming weeks and we dive deeper into the pivot strategy and what this means for BlackBerry. Continue Reading →
Oct 01, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK60 goes up for pre-order from NCIX
Although I can't say I suggest taking them up on their offer, considering the handset remains unofficially announced as of yet, the DTEK60 has now been listed on the NCIX website as available for pre-order. Continue Reading →
Sep 29, 2016 MPP Michael Harris name-drops the unreleased DTEK60 in Ontario Legislature speech
While much of the media was busy writing obituaries and retrospectives for BlackBerry handsets, Michael Harris, MPP (Kitchener—Conestoga) was busy letting the Ontario Legislature know the facts behind BlackBerry's announcement, and mentioning unreleased devices. Continue Reading →
Sep 27, 2016 Leaked BlackBerry DTEK60 images show the device from all angles
As expected once one image pops up, more have arrived now. This time around courtesy of the folks over at While not as clear as one would hope, the latest round of images offer up a nice look at the BlackBerry DTEK60 from all angles. Continue Reading →
Sep 26, 2016 BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - BlackBerry Argon 'DTEK60'
Did you miss the latest BerryFlow live? If so, now is as good a time as any to go ahead and get yourself caught up. This week, we had a larger than normal panel to discuss the week in BlackBerry. Continue Reading →
Sep 20, 2016 BlackBerry 'Argon' likely to be released as the DTEK60
Although we haven't heard a lot about the BlackBerry 'Argon' since the initial rumors popped up, there's now some further evidence the device exists directly off of BlackBerry's servers highlighting the device as the DTEK60. Continue Reading →