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Sep 23, 2016 BlackBerry's Android Camera app updated with usability enhancements and bug fixes
For those of you out there using a Priv or a DTEK50, you'll want to load up the Google Play store and get the latest BlackBerry Camera update downloaded. For this update, BlackBerry has added some usability enhancements and fixed up a few bugs some might hit folks. Also on the list of improvements is the ability to turn on the flashlight when taking photos. Continue Reading →
Sep 20, 2016 How to set up the BlackBerry Hub widget on Android
The BlackBerry Hub app for Android has been updated on a regular basis the past few months and with each update, new features are added. In the latest update, the Hub Widget has been added. It allows you to add one of three views to your homescreen. Continue Reading →
Sep 16, 2016 Have you switched to a Priv or DTEK50 from a BlackBerry 10 phone?
BlackBerry now has two Android-powered phones on the market and that raises the question of how many BlackBerry 10 users have made to jump to either a Priv or a DTEK50. So, let's put some numbers behind that question. If you switched to a Priv or a DTEK50 from a BlackBerry 10 phone, let us know in our poll. Continue Reading →
Sep 11, 2016 How to check your keyboard stats on the BlackBerry Priv or DTEK50
As part of the September update for the BlackBerry Keyboard app on Android, BlackBerry introduced a new feature called Keyboard Stats. As the name implies, keyboard stats offers up detailed statistics about your BlackBerry keyboard usage such as characters typed, words predicted, emoji used, how many words were auto corrected and more. If you're interested in those details, here's how you can access them. Continue Reading →
Sep 08, 2016 BlackBerry Hub, Keyboard, Calendar and more for Android updated!
For about the past week now the BlackBerry Beta Zone has been busy rolling out a ton of updates and now, the time has come to move some of those beta releases into official status. Continue Reading →
Sep 06, 2016 BlackBerry now rolling out September Android security patch for Priv and DTEK50
As expected, thanks to the heads up from the beta releases, BlackBerry has now started rolling out the September Android security patch update for Priv and DTEK50 owners. Continue Reading →
Sep 01, 2016 BlackBerry technology enables 3 Hong Kong to offer 10 mobile numbers on one SIM
3 Hong Kong has now launched a new service called Numbers Master for iOS and Android smartphones based on technology from BlackBerry. Plus, they'll be the first carrier in Hong Kong to release the DTEK50. Continue Reading →
Aug 30, 2016 BlackBerry Hub+ App Suite beta updates now arriving for Priv and DTEK50
If you've updated your Priv or DTEK50 to the latest beta OS releases available, you might as well grab the newly updated beta apps too. Although they started to roll out through Google Play in smaller batches earlier, they have now reached a larger audience. Continue Reading →
Aug 25, 2016 BlackBerry adds DTEK50 and Hub+ Suite beta programs through Beta Zone
As announced on the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BlackBerry has now added the DTEK50 Android beta program as well as one for the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite. Continue Reading →
Aug 22, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK50 listed as 'coming soon' to Wind Mobile
If Wind Mobile is your carrier of choice and you've been waiting for them to pick up the DTEK50, your wait could soon be over. The DTEK50 has been listed on the Wind Mobile site as 'coming soon', though, that's where the release information stops. Continue Reading →
Aug 16, 2016 Order a BlackBerry DTEK50 from B&H Photo and get a free mobile power pack!
If you missed out on the ShopBlackBerry pre-orders for the DTEK50 with a free mobile power pack, you can still get in on the action. B&H Photo has the all-new, unlocked BlackBerry DTEK50 in stock with the bonus BlackBerry MP-12600 Mobile Power Charger for $299.99 with free, expedited shipping. Continue Reading →
Aug 15, 2016 BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50 first to be fully patched against all QuadRooter vulnerabilities
BlackBerry is rolling out a patch against the QuadRooter exploit to the Priv and DTEK50 starting today. Continue Reading →
Aug 09, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK50 review
The release of the Priv was BlackBerry's first trip into the Android world, and it was not without some bumps in the road. The BlackBerry Android software, at the time, still had room to grow and pricing was a little on the high side for a lot of folks. Now, the DTEK50 is here, BlackBerry's Android software has had time to grow and improve, and we're once again taking a look at what BlackBerry brings to the Android world. Continue Reading →
Aug 08, 2016 Don't miss out on the DTEK50 special pre-order offer!
Have you pre-ordered your BlackBerry DTEK50 yet? If not, today is the last day to do so in order to take advantage of the special pre-order offer. Continue Reading →
Jul 28, 2016 Watch the BlackBerry DTEK50 Facebook Live Q&A replay
BlackBerry's first Facebook Live Q&A event covering DTEK50 has now wrapped up but if you missed out on watching it live you can catch the replay. Continue Reading →
Jul 27, 2016 DTEK50 now available for pre-order from Unlocked Mobiles and Clove in the UK
For those of you who live in the UK and might not want to pre-order your DTEK50 from ShopBlackBerry for whatever reason, two other UK retailers are now also taking pre-orders for BlackBerry's latest Android-powered smartphone. Continue Reading →
Jul 26, 2016 Watch the BlackBerry DTEK50 launch webcast
As you may have noticed, for the launch of the DTEK50, BlackBerry did have a webcast set up to introduce the device to world but it was not made public. Instead, BlackBerry opted to record the event and as such have now made it available for everyone to check out. Continue Reading →
Jul 21, 2016 BlackBerry Hamburg / Neon built by TCL turns up at the FCC, marketing name DTEK 50
When BlackBerry's Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard noted to us that BlackBerry's next handset release is "very, very imminent," he wasn't joking as a recent filing at the FCC appears to show. Documents dated July 14, have now appeared in the FCC database that match up with the previous findings from the Wi-Fi Alliance that show BlackBerry and TCL / Alcatel are working together to release a smartphone. Continue Reading →
Jun 25, 2016 TCL-built BlackBerry Hamburg turns up in Wi-Fi certification filings
Back in May, I posted in the CrackBerry forums about a pretty shady rumor I had been hearing for a while now. The rumor, at the time, was that BlackBerry had formed some sort of working partnership with TCL Corporation, who produces smartphones under the Alcatel brand, and now additional documentation has popped which further points to something going on with BlackBerry and TCL Corporation. Continue Reading →
May 18, 2016 BlackBerry 'Hamburg' purported specs turn up on benchmark tests
With two Android-based phones already confirmed to be coming and rumors surrounding those devices having already been swirling for a while now, it was only a matter of time before more information started popping up. The latest tidbit of news comes by way of GFXBench, which is currently showing some purported baseline specs for the 'Hamburg'. Continue Reading →