Drunken Drop Test with the BlackBerry Q10

Another Made in Manhattan CrackBerry Tale...

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 May 2013 12:46 pm EDT

Since posting our BlackBerry Q10 Review, I have been using both the Z10 and Q10 as I try to determine which phone I actually want to use as my main BlackBerry 10 phone for the months ahead. 

All week I've been working on a longer Which Should I Buy: BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10? editorial piece that will be hitting the CrackBerry blogs in the next few days, so I've been putting the Z10 and Q10 through a lot of comparative tests to see which phone I prefer in given situations.

Last night I went out on the town with the goal of determining which of the Z10 and Q10 is a better phone for texting while under the influence. For a lot of people, it's an important question to ask. Drunk texts happen.

I had a pretty strong hunch the Q10's physical keyboard would win out over the Z10 in this category -- and it does -- but I wouldn't feel right saying so unless I really tested it out for myself. So I went out for a night of NYC fun and to indulge in some fantastic beverages and put my BB10 phones to the drunk texting test.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Or maybe more like the inevitable happened. I was already three sheets to the wind and caught up in passionate and engaging discussion, when I accidentally slapped my Q10 off the table and onto the ground. This wasn't a soft drop - it was pretty much flung down with force. We were at a standing counter top too, so it wasn't a short fall. On impact, the battery door flew off and the battery popped out of the Q10. And I didn't have a case on it. :/

I expected to see damage upon picking up the Q10, but it survived the fall unscathed. Not a scratch or sign of anything out of whack. Consider myself relieved.

And there you have it. It was an unplanned drop test, but it was a test nonetheless. The Q10 can survive a night on the town. It wasn't the most scientific of drop tests, but it's probably the one that simulates real life the best.  

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Drunken Drop Test with the BlackBerry Q10


Not sure... I don't intentionally like dropping phones. Odds are good I'll discover the answer to that question sooner rather than later. My birthday is coming up! :)

You should have a contest for your birthday lol. It's always better to give than receive

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I have dropped my z10 drunkenly. And not survived. The faintest of hairline scratches to the glass. Honestly its only noticeable in direct sunlight.

Posted with CB10 on a Z10

It's fine honestly. It went glass first onto the floor and there is only the slightest of marks. No broken glass, no bad controls. Everything works fine.

Yes! I have dropped my Z10 on concrete 3 times. Once on the top right, once on the bottom left, and once face down. The face down caused my phone to split un 3 prices (phone, battery, and back cover) which left pin hole divot on the bottom right corner of my screen from a rock on the ground. Nevertheless it did not crack my screen.

On that note my BlackBerry Z10 also took a dive into 3 feet of water which I was soaking some paint clean paint brushes. And it survived because of the advise I have been giving my client forever and for the first time I needed my own expertise. Message me if you like to know what you should do in such cases. I will also type it up in the forum if there is not something in there already.

Sorry to make this so long!

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1) You sir, should not own anything that is not thoroughly wrapped in bubble tape!
2) Get an Otter box case!
3) What's your trick? Let me guess, not powering on the phone, taking out the battery and quickly putting the phone into a cup filled with rice?!

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ROFL. I just like to abuse BlackBerry stuff to show people how resilient they are. My 9000 used to fly across my office (or where I might have been) after a stressful call. Same on the 9700 but stopped at the 9900.

I hate cases they make the phone too bulky.

Yes, it's not trick. It is the solution. : take it out of the water immediately keeping in mind the orientation it was in, rip the battery out, place it in an open bag of rice in the orientation it was in the water. Wait 24 hour and Bob's your uncle. Do not turn on for at least 24 hours. Mine had the water damage indicators red on the battery, case and the inside ones. (I took mine apart to test my T1 screw driver and check the damage level)

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I dropped my Z10 on cement like 2 days ago from about 1.6 metres, it landed face down and not even a scratch. Battery fell out though. I was so scared.

The flying battery is actually good thing. It absorbs good amount of force on impact. It is much better to have phone i 3 pieces then broken front glass.

Flying pieces are good as they carry part of the energy which would be otherwise dissipated in frame and front glass.

Not even close bud!
This article made me actually Laugh
Real World drunken drop testing should be a part of every new phone release

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Unfortunately, I occasionally drop my BlackBerry even when sober. As much as I'd like to go without it, case is a must for me.

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Yeah, the whole BlackBerry community is proud of you, now people know that BlackBerry users mean business...

Man!! I'm wondering if this was part of the job description. Anyway, it's good to see that you are willing to go the extra mile and down more then a few drinks to get the job done Kevin. Cheers!

Aside from the screen or body damage are there other things that could break or loosen on these phones?

I dropped my Z10 on my kitchen (hard floor), probably about 1.5 meters high, no case, just the bare phone, and the back cover partially came off, the battery stood on its place, it bounced about 2 times, but miraculously it didn't get a single scratch, and it didn't turn off. So I was pleased with its clumsy-hand-user resistance.

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Ice had my z10 since release in Canada. I've dropped, kicked, stepped on Sat on you name it. No back flew off no battery out no screen cracks. This thing us tough. Oh ya I have no screen protector no case either. Lmao. Jus couple dings. Jus yo let ya's know I work construction n have my phone at all times

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Well I can so with great certainty that the Zed will handle not one, two or three drop tests in a bar but four from ear height to the floor and I'm 6'2". !!!

Responding from the oft abused but never broken Zed 10 of Rockivy

Damage report, a smattering of experience dents in the corners, but otherwise no issues, and I prefer Naked Zed's. It's just more comfortable that way

From the Zed of Rockivy

Careful my friend.

I've dropped my dev alpha B plenty of times. But one week after receiving my red Z10, I dropped it from waist high and the screen DID crack.

So don't try the same with the Z10. Please!

OH... the dev alpha C (my main phone since I got it) is indestructible I think the keys give it regidity.

Hope you never accidentally try this on your Z10

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I dropped my red Z10 on the concrete from waist high, nothing but a small dent that took me over a week to actually spot. Just all in how it drops. The wrong way could either shatter it or.. have no effect at all lol.

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Man did I get in the wrong line of work. Not only do you get all the great devices (before launch) but you also get to get drunk and likely write it off as an expense since it was in the name of research and journalism. So jealous!

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He can definitely get the company to pick up those drinks (and the company will take it as a business expense) since he did a blog post and even had a video of it. The video would not have been nearly as convincing if he hadn't had a few drinks in him as well.

Maybe the Q10 picked up on your inebriated state and so was more relaxed, thus not getting much more than a bruised ego when landing on the floor. Remember they're intuitive.

In part you demonstrated an underated benefit of the removable battery, the door being able to come off when the phone is dropped is just one more way of dissipating the energy of the impact and reducing the chance of the damage being terminal.

Here's hoping Kevin also has protect enabled as the bigger issue beyond drops is probably forgetting/losing your phone while drunk surely?

My Z10 will be getting put to the drunk test tonight as I head to a bonfire for my birthday. Yay for nice weather finally in Manitoba. I found all BlackBerry tend to be tough all of mine have undergone the drunk test and survived with only cosmetic damage

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By the way I gotta say..ive dropped my z10 out drunk quite a few times, and also not drunk... survives like terminator!

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That is one of the better stories I have read on CrackBerry in a while. Very good read Kevin!

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Kevin, I though, you wouldn't do a drop test by yourself ;-). But I'm glad, that the device survived it without any problems.

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You mention that it wasn't a scientific drop test, however , IMHO, it was more scientific / realistic than any drop test on youtube. Drops almost never happen the way they are done in the youtube videos.

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Flatiron Lounge, very nice cocktails and I recall the ledge that you speak of and it is thin and more than waist height. Easy place to make a drop. And I'm guessing it is a tile floor in that section that the phone is hitting. That's a good solid drop.
Does anyone ever case their qwerty blackberries? I've never felt the need to.

Oops, premature posting; as I was saying, I dropped my new Z10 from 14' to the concrete below, onto its lower left corner, without a case and it took a full 1' second bounce onto its face. After a moment of nausea, I discovered that I have a nasty little dent, but the phone never reset, the screen didn't crack, and I've had no issues. Now that is a "No-Crackberry"

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What is more awesome: The Q10 surviving a 4 foot drunk fall with a skid, bounce and tumble across the floor or The fact Kevin can still formulate a sentence obviously after 4-5 of those drinks???

(steevecr) the wonderful thing about new blackberry 10 is blackberry protect. You can locate phone, make phone make anyoing noise if lost in house or known area. Also you can factory wipe from a remote location. Wow. That is crazy!!!!!!! Yes blackberry your getting it.

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My Z leapt out of my bag last week (as I was leaving the bar) and landed in a deep puddle. Took her apart, dried her off, no damage at all.

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My girlfriend drops her Z10 consistently. Hard falls. Soft falls. Kick falls. All types. I just changed her screen cover today and everything on her phone is damage free. Not a scratch. Viva BlackBerry.

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I love how you used the excuse of drinking as scientific research. Next you'll have sex to determine which phone is better.

Those BlackBerry guys that got fired after being drunk and forcing a plane to make an emergency landing the other year have got nothing on Kevin!

I was filling up my van a week or two ago and kissed mu chest pocket. My Z10 fell from over 5 feet, as I'm about 6 even, and I got a pretty nasty chip out of the corner of the housing. The screen was 100% so that's what matters.

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I always buy a case and screen protector for every phone I own. At home, however, my phone, SO and I frolic naked.

Wow.... Kevin is wasted in this video.

And he also just got bump up in my book, because he drinks man drinks #oldfashioned.

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Well I thought that was cool to take a moment while enjoying the spoils when catastrophic events happen like launching your device into the air, to realize....."Hey I have to mention this one cuz it's real world scenario". Good one ya bro. I've done that way too many times myself because I yap with my hand allot. :) Cheers.

So what about the drunk texts? And incidentally, is it really better to have your texts be readable when drunk texting? Might be better to be able to say "I have no idea what I was trying to write... Damn autocorrect!"

PS: post that "which phone to buy" blog soon, need it!

Kewvin, I just got buck from the golf clab, and I think this is nut right. If you ever get on a pline in such a manner ,it would be devasting to BB,stuck wise.having said that I enjoy demon alcolhol also.By the way all the incorrect typo's were intentional.I'M really glad to see your eyes, were not bloodshot.everyboby loves you and so do I.

That was hilarious! We should start a thread with drunk BlackBerry videos only! Let's call it "Kevin's Cocktail Tales" - BB Nation Gone Wild!

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While on the terrase at the golf club I had the pleasure to meet an apple investor,We talked,and I had a thought about a Youtube video where they tried to smash the Z's screen with a hammer,it survived.I was going to bet him that mine would survive and his pwenny Iphone would'nt. . Maybe next time.

I had to chuckle when I saw the phrase "Consider myself relieved". Generally, in an article about being drunk, that would have a completely different meaning from the one Kevin meant in this particular context. ;-)

Drop the z10!

I need to know what happens... better yours than mine...

karma is calling, shoot...

As soon as I read the title of this post, I was confident the author was Kevin. That's not a shot, it's a statement of confidence.

However I will take a shot at those who wear a phone holster - you look like dorks. Even all the other engineers are laughing at you (until we drop our phones...). All in good fun...

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Z10 auto correct is great for drunk testing...until you get so far gone you can't see straight. That's when I know it's sleepy time...for the Z10 too.

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Great "Real-world" test!

I knocked my Z10 on the edge of a desk a few days after I got it - resulting in a dent in the battery cover.

I dropped my Z standing in line at a Subway - resulting in dents in the top and bottom left corner.

I smacked the edge of my Z and theres a good dent on the front edge.

But, in the crowd at a concert the other day I dropped it from picture talk height and not a scratch from that fall.

After a month I do see some scratches on the glass in the sunlight, but I still prefer to rock my devices raw. I wish phones were indestructible or had a replicable exoskeleton.

Thanks for the Q10 report!

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I've dropped mine probably 5 times now. Mostly off the night stand. A small chip on the corner but that's it.. still works great. I noticed it hasn't rebooted in about two weeks. Maybe that's what it takes.... haha oh this is my Z10 btw..

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Rubber back creates a lot of track when left on slick surfaces like glass etc. Practicality and utility first. Great job with Z10

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Kevin. What have those Americans done to you? You are a bad wild drunk.
Shop CrackBerry and get a proper case for the Q10 if you can't control your limbs during your wild drinking spree.

Why so drunk? What did you find out?



I was drunk and remove my BlackBerry z10 and put my old iPhone 5 in my line. Almost put the z10 on ebay. Good thing a went to sleep. Now to call vzw to put the z10 back in my line. No more drinking for us BlackBerry fans.

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Not a drunk test but I did drop my z10 when I took it out from my jean's pocket before I got it a case. It dived into the great concrete porch of my friend's house and only got a few scratches. After I got the flip shell case, I knocked it down from my desk onto tile floor once. The case came loose afterwaed but my phone survived both drops. I believe BlackBerry builds quality phones.

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I dropped my z10 the other day onto
A metal track in a van really hard and fear the worst. I have a flip shell case and a ZAGG screen protector but the case and the screen protector did their job and my beautiful white Z10 with a red flip case were unscathed :)

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Sadly, my Z suffered some road-rash. I'd been washing the interior of my car, with my Z plugged in to the car charger while I worked. As I got out of the car, I unplugged the phone and had it in my hand as I crossed the street. Unfortunately, I'd been putting Armor All on the dash and my fingers were still a little slippery, so my beloved Z dropped to the pavement.

Still works fine, but the asphalt definitely scraped up one of the bottom corners :-(

I dropped my z10 onto a cement driveway (about 4.5 ft up to my hand; I had lost my balance, fumbled it, but failed) about 2 weeks ago. It impacted on the top edge of the front face. It is barely scratched from the impact along the edge. Everything else intact.

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I don't necessarily prone to dropping my phone that much, except for carelessness. I think I've seen some kinda A10's dropping to the ground test on the Internet. For the first a couple of times, there was no scratches found, but later on, worse things just happened, the battery just bumped out. Don't be bothered to know that every other smart phone can't

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Night on the town, drops phone and instantly thinks BLOG IT!
You know you work for mobile nations when.... lol

Kevin, are you one of those guys that say you are "Right out of er" after having like 3 beer or a half pint? lol

Edit- I just watched the video and you were indeed drunk... my bad... forgive me.... lol

Edit 2- Please forgive me for saying "my bad" as well.. I can't believe I said that...... haha

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A couple of drops here. The first, in the bathroom sink (home), second, kitchen table. Nothing, but both minor.

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I'm glad that it survived nonetheless because every owner understands just how horrible it would feel. Just reading those paragraphs I held on to my Q10 with two hands. As I finished reading however, I'm wondering...Why isn't Kevin not shopping at Shop.Crackberry??? Or even make a mention to getting a case? Any recommendations Kevin because the Fashion Police are saying that holsters were in pre-2008.

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seems like a nice bar over there
hope you had fun ;)
still waiting for the Q to hit Belgium (in 3 weeks max hopefully)

Hi kevin, great job..btw.when do you edit: Which Should I Buy: BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10?
I cant wait and I am sure I am not theonly one..:) take care and have fun another 10 days..;)

That's nothing!
I dropped my Q10 in a sink full of water while shaving. It was completely submerged for at least 3 seconds while my brain registered the disaster that just happened and I grabbed it out of the sink of hot water!
My eyes were twitching with the increased adrenaline as my razor flew a across the bathroom. I ripped off the battery cover and yanked the battery and threw it on the floor grabbed a towel and soaked off the water then I shook it to get any out from inside but barely any came out. I replaced the battery and cover and it booted immediately!!! YES! Blackberry is king!
I have drove over a Pearl with a car, I drove over a Torch with a 10000 pound forklift and they worked after and now this! ( not intentional and they worked but screen was cracked inside)Your a fool to buy another device! I know people who dropped an Iphone 2 feet and shattered the glass! LOL!

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Actually guys, i dropped my Z10 too right smack the next day I brought it... it slipped my hand when I was about to pull it out of my pants pocket. Without a case or sleeve to somehow protect it. It fell hard on the concrete road, screen facing the concrete... Same thing happened, back cover flew off & battery detached... good thing was, no marks nor signs of a fall. Z10 was build quite sturdy i supposed...

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And guys, remember that i dropped my Z10 screen down facing the concrete... everyone beside me saw the BB logo of the batt cover, I guess they too were surprised when I got a new Z10 & though I did an impromptu drop test in front of them just to show off the new Z10 & how freakin sturdy it was... luckily it was build sturdy enough...

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Dont worry Kev. Ive seen dropped phones on the streets of Greenwich Village every minute or so on the weekends when i use to work down there. Glad to see yours held up! I still want a Z10 though! Damn Sprint......

I did real life drop of my Z10. The only thing I had on it was my screen protector. Fell on concrete very minor dent on side of phone and glass intact thanks in part to my screen protector.

This will teach me to get a case for my phone

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Three sheets? Kevin looks like he fell into a bathtub full of booze and when he got out there was no booze left in the tub.

Last night I was watching the Mayweather fight. I got drunk, took out my Z10 & started messaging some friends in bbm. I found that even typing extremely fast, even faster than when I'm sober, I was noticing that the Z10 keyboard corrected every 2-3 typos I made in each word. It is the perfect keyboard for drunk people. Of course that's after your keyboard knows you. Very satisfied and amazed with the accuracy.

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I would gladly test any of the phones. As if it survives my klutzie every day life. So far my Z10 has lived up to my life...but I do have the ugly Otter box. I just love my Z10 to much to risk in protecting it
Hardly ever leaves my hands

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My Z10 passed the "Drunk, angry fiance Test". She threw it against a wall. It hit at about 6ft height, then dropped onto hardwood. The phone was totally fine other than a little paint smudged in the top right side of the frame where it hit the wall. Battery door came off, but nothing stopped working!! It put a 1/4" dent/hole in the drywall....guess these composite frames aren't too bad after all.

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Many times have I been drunk, so much that I did drop my blackberry a few times. XD

Only good thing is, I had a cheap ass gel case on it that keeps the screen 1mm from the surface I place it on if face down. It kept it going. My 9700 got dropped too many times with and without a case. My pearl 8130 survived falling down the stairs (all 60 of them) at the subway and only one button got knocked off, which thankfully I was able to snap it back on.