Druglord Wars Now Available For BlackBerry Smartphones Running OS 4.5

By Bla1ze on 30 Nov 2009 07:54 am EST
Druglord Wars Revamped For OS 4.5 Devices

A little while back we covered the fact Epic applications had totally revamped and renamed their top selling game "Berry wars" to Druglord Wars. At that time they had made the promise that it would indeed, be released for older devices running 4.5 OS and finally Epic applications has made good on their word.

In addition to bringing Druglord Wars to 4.5 OS devices, they have also set up a whole new online scoreboard for users where you can post your highscores in a number of different ways. Be it daily, 30 days or 90 days and finally, the highest out of the unlimited play setting. You have a chance to get on the highscore board nop matter what level of play you start at.

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Druglord Wars Now Available For BlackBerry Smartphones Running OS 4.5


First yesssss I just got a copy and waiting on the email so I can download it and start selling drugs. from the reviews and immages this looks like a really good game

I'm sorry but I still don't understand why there's not free upgrade..... this is not a utility app with added features... this is a GAME. I paid this price for it a few months ago... I won't be buying it again.

We offer a discounted rate for our previous users. To say this game has no added features is simply untrue. It is fully redesigned with over 125 custom graphics, entirely changed gameplay, and a new online global leaderboard to compare your scores on. I, along with the thousands of users, all find those features to be well worth the small price.

I checked out the new features and I'm interested... especially in the unlimited game play. I've been playing this time-waster since I had to program it into my ti-83 back in high school spanish class... sooooo maybe I'll eat my words and go for it.

I have a curve from Verison the 83XX, think 8330. Anywho when I play I cant which type of drug Im clicking on. It highlights when I scroll across the airport, store, etc but not the drugs. Any help anyone?

This a very cool game. I just purchased it and the game definitely takes a while to be a successful drug dealer. You have to continually fly to different cities to compare prices. Ideally find a city where you can buy cheap and fly to a city where you sell for the biggest profit. Big tip: keep track where busts occur! When busts occur in a city you can sell those drugs at a huge profit. On the other side, when there's a flood of a drug in a city you can buy cheap and sell in another city for a decent profit. Also I tend to survive longer if I run when I get attacked!