Dropped beloved BlackBerry leads to UK girl getting stuck in a drain

Dropped BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2014 03:33 pm EDT

Just how far would you go to get your BlackBerry back? At times many of us have left them behind in a cab or at a restaurant, or maybe even dropped it in the toilet. But has it ever been dropped somewhere that made you think twice about trying to get it back?

Maybe 16-year-old Ella Birchenough should have thought about it a bit more after she dropped her BlackBerry in a storm drain. She wanted it back so badly that she went in after it, only to get stuck in the drain herself.

We're curious to know how many of you have been in a similar situation where you've lost your phone and gone to extreme lengths to get it back. Maybe you lost it in the lion cage at the zoo, or maybe it slipped out into a urinal in a public bathroom. Whatever the case may be — hit up the comments and let us know what extreme scenarios you've gone through to get your BlackBerry back.

Source: The Guardian

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Dropped beloved BlackBerry leads to UK girl getting stuck in a drain


You think that's how a prosumer would solve the problem... oh wait.

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Here goes my story:

Back in September my white BlackBerry Bold 9900 went down a storm drain while I was waiting for the bus on my way back home.
I was on a call and had it hanging between head and shoulder while trying to tie my shoe laces. You can picture the scene.
All of the sudden it got loose, I was shocked, stumped, speechless. I saw it all in slow motion and couldn't anything.
For a few seconds it thought it was gone for good and then, ring ring, incoming call. The person I was talking to called me back, and I could hear it right down there.
I can't describe the frustration for knowing it's right freaking there and you can't do crap.
I took the bus home, thinking of that moment over and over again. Knowing it was in a perfect condition (I guessed).
So I got home, told my girlfriend all about it and she made me come back for it. It was 3 to 4 hours past the incident and she could still BBM me and got the "d". So we went back for it! I grabbed a long pair of cooking tweezers my girlfriend gave me, an old pair of sheets and in no time I was McGivering my phone out of the storm drain.
Long story short, after doing my greatest cirque do soleil performance I got it out of there. Yes, it was a little wet and muddy, but still working :)

I had it repaired by a tech friend and it lasted for a good couple months, now it's in the memories drawer. My best phone ever...

I wish I had a picture of me down on the floor with my left arm fully in the storm drain, it was a funny thing to see.

So I guess we will all go far and beyond for our beloved BlackBerries...

Hope it was a nice story to read!

Go BlackBerry!

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I can't stand when people say "iPhone" to refer to any smartphone like how "Kleenex" is used instead of "tissues". It drives me nuts.

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Wow is right. It's like the super bowl blackberry ad, but in the ad the guy makes it out easily. Maybe it was because he was using the z10

Blackberry needs to twist this into some sort of great mini marketing campaign...gotta remind people just how much "crack" is in a berry... :)

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That sucks. On the plus side, events like this continue to justify the name of this website.

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She must have seen the red light indicator from the street and it drove her nuts!!!!!

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This is real CrackBerry stuff.

iPhone "love" won't carry that far, there's a new one just around the corner....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

BlackBerry bashing by media, haha ...

Or paid by Apple shills? You know, BlackBerry is dead, yeah?....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

many months my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet was stolen and cost me 8 months to get it back through the PIN, facing the person who had abused as it was something to recover the money: D

idiot! Doesn't matter if it's a blackberry and or an iphone, count it as a loss or contact the city and see if they can help...

Honestly It will leave a hole in my heart, I just dont want to leave for help, I want to stay until I can grab it back or get help from passerbys

I'd be pretty panicked if I got myself stuck like that - hope she is ok and got her phone back!

Well done! All the newspaper links go 404 for some reason. Was it all a hoax?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

At least she is now using a BlackBerry.....
Have to hope it is a new BB10 device and not her old phone that she was "forced" to reactivate.

My BlackBerry is like an extension of my arm. I'm not sure there are many lengths I wouldn't go to to get it back!?

Z10 today, Z30...soon?? :(

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I would for my beloved Z10...I would dive in a shark infested pool of hiv blood for mine....

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I think Crackberry should give this girl a new BlackBerry for being so devoted to her phone

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I think that BlackBerry should rather give her a free phone. It will also lead to some marketing of the brand and ensure that loyal customers stay.

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She must have been unstable if she was risking her self to get an iPhone. Lol but at least she has a BlackBerry now.


Hahaha my gf dropped her new Z10 at the club in someone's vomit!!!! She told me to pick it up, but hey it wasn't mine.. end of the story she ended up p picking it up and disinfecting it

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If BlackBerry replaced it for free, they'd make the national news for the cost of a handset.

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I dropped my 9780 while I was climbing a tower... if fell 80+ feet in a ponding basin... hopped a fence and retrieved it... work for 2 more years until I replaced with my handy Q10 :) loved that phone

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Use to work for an airline and dropped my phone in the cargo bin. Tracked the flight to Boston and had them hold it for me.

Flew down and got it two days later!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Ah, the youth of today. Smarter than ever, as long as they have their Smartphone in their hand.

Drop the Smartphone and they are as dumb as someone who would jump down a drain to get their Smartphone back. Oh wait that just happened! ;)

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If it was an iPhone it most probably broke before it hit the ground.

Crackberry have to interview this girl.

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Blackberry should comp her a new phone for the publicity. Some stories say it was an iPhone, one I've found says it was a Blackberry. Most don't identify the phone (maybe as a good news organizations they couldn't verify the facts yet and didn't want to get it wrong.) Unless we can verify it, we should refrain from saying it was a Blackberry too, otherwise it just trashes our credibility and makes us look silly.

The National Post. posted a correction. At least there's an upside..

An earlier version of this story reported that Ella-Anne had dropped a BlackBerry. UK reports have since issued a correction stating that Ella-Anne had in fact dropped an iPhone but is now using a BlackBerry.

Look at us. Just wow.

No, she dropped a blackberry, no she dropped an iphone, no she dropped an iphone and decided to upgrade to a blackberry..

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This is the kind of dedication that Android and Apple users will never know. BlackBerry4Life

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fortunately I have never been in such situation!
But I am always watching my phone and never forgot it anywhere!

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Funny. I just saw the article on Flipboard and didn't click on it but wonder what was her phone of choice. Lol. #gottaloveblackberry

T-Mobile USA Z10

I keep mine gripped tight to avoid any such instances. Its amazing how all myfriends iphones are all cracked. But I would definitly follow my q10 to the gates of hell to get it back.

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I dropped my Q10 walking down the subway stairs. Thankfully it landed on the platform, none the worse for the wear. Had it landed on the tracks, I would've called the police or a station agent. Not worth it to risk my life over a phone. We have a real issue here in NYC with that. People jumping on to the subway tracks to retrieve phones and Lord knows what else. Sometimes with deadly consequences.

Young lady was lucky that all she got was embarrassed!

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Lost my blackberry storm 9530 in a foundation crib while pouring the concrete. Had an otter box so I jumped in up to my waist in wet cement to get it back. Took the case off back when the defender was awesome wiped it down with a damp cloth and used it til I got the storm 2. There was no way I was leaving it in there knowing that it was still fully functional and pretty much brand new at the time

 Shane Anderson and my Z10 with 4th screen replacement

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My old bold I dropped in side a 12 foot high drywalled wall. I spent 3 days cutting it open and fixing it back up on my own time. What a nightmare. I'm always worried. Don't totally trust the ottterbox holster with the life of my BlackBerry Zed 10.


Rkelly on his Zed10

I saw a girl go slightly hysterical when she dropped her phone in a portable toilet at a festival.
In the end, after lots of tears, she decided not to fish it out of a foot of shit. ( might have been a BlackBerry..maybe..)

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Not exactly extreme but I fended off ducks and swans trying to get my z10 out of the river Avon in salisbury, england..

And let me tell you, swans may look elegant and peaceful but holy cow can they move quick and aggressively.

Rest assured no ducks or swans were harmed during the recovery... and yes in case your wondering the z10 survived the swim.. 4 days in a bag of rice did the trick!

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Swans have been known to kill and/or maim people with their powerful wings. You literally risked your life for your BlackBerry.

I wonder if BlackBerry will give her a free phone. They would have back in the days of TH

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That sucks. And it was not iCrap". Clearly 16-year-old Ella Birchenough felt that way as she hopped into a drain to try and fetch her Blackberry after it fell out of her pocket. Unfortunately, she got stuck and had to be rescued by firefighters"

Apple, The New Evil Empire

I was going to drop my playbook into the drain but was afraid of misconstrued by the media that I dropped an iPad. That would be embarrassing. :p

I cut open the alligator which ate my Bold once

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

It was an iPhone she dropped, they corrected the story. She said she dropped her iPhone but is now using a BlackBerry. Probably one she had in her sock drawer.


This would be a HUGE GREAT OPPORTUNITY for BlackBerry to win some good will.
Send this girl a custom Pink BlackBerry Q10!! Or a White Q10 with custom protection case.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Lost mine many times at home, once at work (left in the locker thank goodness), once in the washroom (dashed back in to grab it), never again, it remains HOLSTERED when not in use. Even if it's my trusty bold 9900, or my Q10, doesn't matter. * Sent via my blackberry's efficient physical keyboard. *

I was standing my the door of a train and as a man existed, he bumped my BlackBerry out of my hands , bounced off the floor and fell between the train car and the platform a full meter and a half down. I immediately jumped off the train and waited for it to depart. As it did, I listened for the "crunch" sounds but heard none and to my surprise, there was my 9900 unscathed. I jumped off the platform onto the rails, grabbed my beloved BlackBerry and hooped back up just in time to hear the train security come over the loud speaker to scold me :)

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Actually I dropped my Playbook in the toilet seat when I was taking # 2. Didn't hesitate and grabbed it asap.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

I work at a grain elevator. A very large one with dozens of 60-120ft silos along with dozens of conveyor belts and shoots. Welp, I was leaning into one of these shoots with my blackberry in my breast pocket and leaned to far. My blackberry slid out of my pocket down a dusty 20 foot shoot. I immediately knew it was gone. Immediately knew there was no hope. I was so mad at myself for not realizing it would slide out of my pocket. My co-worker goes down to the base of the shoot to investigate anyway and what do ya know? This shoot unlike any other in the plant had an access panel at the bottom. He opened it up and started digging mound of dust out until he finally found the my phone. It was caked with dust. I cleaned it off and all was well.

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I once dropped my berry into a "drain" of sorts. It was a public bathroom inside of a urinal in a 3rd world bathroom by the beach. Phone was in back pocket, then *plunk* it fell in as my pants went down. I dove in after it...ugh.

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LOL! I love this. so much. Not that she got stuck in the drain, but that she was willing to jump down into a storm drain to retrieve her beloved BlackBerry :)

A local BlackBerry representative should find out if she's a touchscreener or a keyboardist, then send her the appropriate phone (Z30 or Q10) free and compliments of BlackBerry for being such a devoted user. It would make positive publicity and at the same time show great customer service.

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I dropped my torch when getting up to go at a Leafs game in November. Did not realize this until in my colleague's car at the Esplanade (thankful that we drove down rather than subway from Yorkdale).

As I had my work Bold with me, I quickly went to BlackBerry Protect, logged in with my BBID, zoomed in on the gps, and there it was, North East corner of the ACC! This was fantastic! I knew I did not have to try and retrace any steps. I was then able to lockdt and set a custom message to call my work bold if found. My colleague dropped me off at one of the doors, where I knocked and showed the security guard the protect screen showing the satellite view and my phone glowing inside the building. They were more than willing to walk me back to the seat, and sure enough, there it was on the floor under my chair with the lock screen message on. Safe, secure and back in my hands!

Always set up your BlackBerry Protect folks. It is the best feature to protect your phone from theft and loss.


Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

She dropped her iphone and is now using a nokia as an interim according to her mother. The story has been corrected.

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My favourite (and most disgusting) experience with a lost phone occurred during the tailgating portion in advance of a Bills' game in Buffalo. Some wasted girl dropped her phone in the portable toilet and went to great lengths to retrieve that device. It was hilarious to watch from a distance as she made her boyfriend use the tongs from the barbecue in the rescue effort.

I'd like to hope that this ended the day's cooking for them, but I couldn't stand to check. My only hope is that her friends called her repeatedly to see how many times she held that blue/brown/yellow handset to her face.

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I did cut into an Audi S6 Firewall to get my trusty 9780 back, Audis are useless anyway so i didn't think twice about how to get my Bold back.

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I lost my blackberry bold in 2012. Honestly, I was confident that I was going to see it because I had blackberry protect on it. However I was wrong. The black berry protect doesn't work when you switch sim cards. I did a remote lock immediately I lost the phone,but the phone was unlocked and is now in use by another user. It's so painful that blackberry protect is a crap....

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I nearly had my hand crushed by a bus when I dropped my beloved BlackBerry Torch.
Some how it underneath the rear tire of the bus & I tried to retrieve it just as I was about to pick it up the bus started moving. I had no choice but to watch this bus run over my BlackBerry.
(Rather loose a BlackBerry than my hand) Funny thing is, it still worked even after being run over. (I have pics of it after being run over)

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My phone was actually stolen from my socks while is was in surgery for removal of my cancerous thyroid. So anyway dig this, the hospital says don't bring any valuables, ( we're not responsible if it's stolen) (which most of us know is horse poppy) but as I went into the surgery room I had taken my socks off and placed my phone in my socks, then wrapped my socks in my boxer shorts, which were then rolled into my sweats and t-shirt. Pretty well hidden.(if all my clothes came up missing I probably not be writing about this) Anyway after surgery I was only to be in the hospital about 23 hours and after the thyroid surgery I was not able to speak very well so I needed my phone to text family members. I asked for my personal belongings and like a kid opening a present at Christmas, I unwrapped my rolled up clothes package like a Fein and vla-la the phone was missing. Imagine that. After numerous contact with the hospital and security staff the phone became M.I.A. Can't imagine they can't pull video of it since pre-op is so closely monitored, anyway fast-forward to present day. I contacted several people at certain companies and you know the stories we won' t replace your missing device because it was stolen.how dare you ask such a thing, what a cooperate response...... ( I am under a confidentiality agreement so I have to be vague) but I did contact a company (to be nameless) and left a half-hearted plea and letter and just a letter to vent and let everyone know about the theft and to protect themselves. I got a company's heart and someone who felt my anguish. As I felt in the beginning that someone, somewhere has a heart and just because I was attacked and violated at the worst time in my life, (just the battle of fighting cancer has taken its toll on my mind, soul and financial situation) there was no way I could afford replacing my z30, I had actually traded my LG g2 for an unlocked version to use on my att account. Any way a company stepped forward and replaced my phone with a phone they had in stock an unlocked z10. What has this to do with this story, yeah my phone was lost and gone to phone heaven or Iran or Iraq or where ever it went and these are the extremes I had to go to to get my phone. It may not have been lost, or stuck in the particle sense but it was gone. Thank goodness for people out there that still see the human side of the world and the effect it actually had on me... Sometimes we think of how bad the world and its people can be, I mean literally stealing from a man that could have been on his death bed, we forget that there are still people in cooperate seats and head positions that actually care about their people... Thank BS. You guys are the best. And should anyone want to trade 2 beautiful z10's for a z30 just let me know.....

That 16 yr old was no BES user...kind of significant that pic...its exactly where BIS users are...stuck in a drain waiting to be rescued.... #justsaying

Years ago when I still had my blackberry pearl our whole city caught on fire (Ludowici GA). We had already evacuated when I realized my phone wasn't in my pocket and that I must have dropped it on the way out. Without even thinking I drove back past the firetruck and flames jumping the highway. I got my phone back but my hair and car interior smelled like smoke for weeks. My BlackBerry was laying in the driveway :/

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Shame on the broader media here in the UK...the lost handset was reported as an iPhone and not a BlackBerry....shame on those media channels.

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If I ran across her stuck there in the drain...I would have definitely saved the Q10...as for the girl...hmmm...not so sure!

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