Droplets 2.0 by XIMAD - An enchanting puzzle game for your BlackBerry

By Michelle Haag on 14 Sep 2011 11:19 am EDT

Puzzle games are great for keeping your mind sharp, and I always have a few on my BlackBerry to keep me occupied during idle times. XIMAD has released a new game called Droplets 2.0 that is both challenging and entertaining. Set in the rainforest, your task is to clear all of the water droplets from the playing board. Don't get the ladybugs wet, and watch the timer as it counts down! There are 100 levels to play through, each with increasing difficulty, so there's plenty to keep your brain busy.

Compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS5/6 (no support yet for BB7 devices, sorry folks!), you can grab a free or paid version ($1.99) of Droplets 2.0 in BlackBerry App World.

More information/screenshots and to download the free version of Droplets 2.0
More information/screenshots and to purchase the paid version of Droplets 2.0

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Droplets 2.0 by XIMAD - An enchanting puzzle game for your BlackBerry


Why no OS7 support? Seriously, so much has been said about 7 really just being 6.1, so why no compatability? Can't be THAT different, right?

I've been enjoying Brain Cube so I"m looking forward to trying this. I love puzzle games and that one is pretty addictive. Sometimes annoying but worth it when i finally get it right :)