Dropbox makes a return to China after being banned in 2010

By James Richardson on 18 Feb 2014 05:20 am EST

The word on the street is that BlackBerry 10 users can now once again take advantage of the popular cloud storage service Dropbox - after being banned by the Chinese government in 2010. 

A firm favorite around the world - Dropbox comes pre-installed on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but for the last few years the service has been unavailable in China for reasons that were never clarified. It remains unknown why Dropbox was banned, but if it is back up and running and here to stay it's certainly good news for the BlackBerry user base in China. 

We're unable to perform any tests ourselves so it's over to you Team CrackBerry. Are you in China and rocking a BlackBerry 10 handset? If so, is everything working as it should with Dropbox in terms of cloud syncing? Please let us know in the comments? 

If you are in China and deleted Dropbox from your device due to it being unusable you can download it from the link below (hopefully): 

Download Connect to Dropbox for BlackBerry 10

Source: techasia.com

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Dropbox makes a return to China after being banned in 2010


What exactly does this mean? China now has the ability to see what's being stored? Do they have a back door? I don't like this. Not one bit.

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It isn't in the slightest bit what it means. What it means is that The Great Firewall of China prevented all access to the IP addresses that Dropbox used.

What the announcement means is that they've stopped doing that (for now at least).

That said, I think the article is wrong, access to Dropbox is still blocked for me, both on WiFi and 3G. Not that it really matters, Tencent's offering gives me several Terabytes of cloud storage for free.

Just checked out my connect drop app. Nope. Still cannot connected showing "the network is unavailabe". Switched to BOX years ago.

Our devices may be built there but i can sure as hell tell you they have no support towards our mobile sharing "habits". This story was hilarious. Did google buy the dropbox servers in china? If so the back door's wide open I'm sure.

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Let's hope they don't ban BlackBerry altogether. We all know what phones were used during the Arab Springs, it could happen in China, or anywhere else around the world.

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I pay ten bucks per month for 100 GB. The rest I've managed to get for free through having various phones - Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. I didn't actually realize I had so much until you pointed it out! 

I got the free 50 that they gave the first while after bb10 release.. that was one good promo!

If I were you I would cancel the 100 GBs and save the 10 bucks.. since I see you barely made a dent in them.. the 76 should be enough..

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Music to my ears. Dropbox can be used on iphone freely,but it requires VPN connection when using Dropbox for Blackberry. What a pity.

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I wonder what concessions they made to make this happen... security doesn't mean anything anymore.

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It doesn't work with BlackBerry. I wonder why? My laptop and iPad seems to be working with Dropbox. With BlackBerry I cannot even update Dropbox if there is any upgrade available here in China.

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After disconect my VPN, dropbox show blank in my Z10 file manager, didn't see any content. So I guess not fully access yet. I am in Zhejiang Prov. and using China Unicom service.

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I can login to Dropbox with iOS and android client, website with https in China . Only BB10 client cannot work.

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Good point! In the next PlayCloud maintenance release there is a lot of fix for dropbox service. Nicolas

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