Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.49.1

By Michelle Haag on 5 Jul 2011 09:55 am EDT

Dropbox for BlackBerry

Dropbox for BlackBerry has been updated again, this time to v1.0.49.1. Along with typical bug fixes, this update also brings with it a new layout and the addition of a Favorites tab. No more searching through folders everytime you need that logo or the 'good' pictures of the kids; just add them to your Favorites and they're available at the click of a button. As always, the Dropbox app is free, and available through BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.49.1


Still only photo uploads for us. I have to use the browser as a workaround to upload, and download as a matter of fact, documents that I want to give a quick edit on my device. Great app none the less.

It *looks* very changed and improved. I haven't quite mastered the problems of opening a file and sending it to others. Word-To-Go gives it a .dat extension.... I think that's the problem. Regardless, glad to see dropbox is improving their blackberry version.

That's the problem I was talking about. You can't open a file and then send it. You can only send a download link for other to get the file as it was last synched.

In do or die situations you can always download your file through dropbox.com (using the regular site, not mobile. Hope you have OS 6), edit it and then you may send it as a regular e-mail attachment. You can upload it using the site's basic uploader. It will upload with % characters in blank spaces, just make a mental note to change the file name back to the original one.

It sounds much more cumbersome than it actually is, but it does work.

Make a simple word document and test this out, you'll never know when you might need to use this workaround.

I thought this program would allow you to upload files from your phone to your Dropbox account or upload files from your desktop computer. Seems silly that you cant upload anything other than photos from your blackberry...

Glad to see this update. I hope Dropbox is working on updating app to work with OS7 too.


So annoying that you can upload photos Only.
They should add the ability of uploading other files like videos and documents