Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.39

By Michelle Haag on 20 Jan 2011 10:29 am EST

Dropbox for BlackBerry

We let you know yesterday that FileScout is now fully integrated with Dropbox, and now we have learned that Dropbox has also updated to build 1.0.39 for BlackBerry users. It doesn't look like there were a lot of changes this time around, but hopefully if you had trouble with the last versions then the update will help you out.
From the change log:
  • uploading file changes for file stored in folder with non-ASCII characters can result in creation of damaged folder name with contents of a new file
  • user interface rotation glitches on some screens
  • BES permissions problems
  • resolve some chronic upload retry issues and related UI glitches
  • file browser lagginess when dealing with non-ASCII characters in file names

You can download Dropbox on your BlackBerry from the link below! Let us know if this update fixes any issues you were having with previous builds.

Click Here To Download Dropbox For BlackBerry

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Reader comments

Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.39


Wow... Every time I see the storm like the one in the photo above... I think... It could have been such a good thing... "Looks" like a nice device... If only it would have been capacitive touch instead of surepress... Oh well... Research "in motion"...

it does have a capacitive screen.

Every time I read a Storm criticism I think "If only the people who reviewed and condemned the phone so early on would have taken the time to learn the device a little bit. If only the outcries against the Storm weren't heavily laced with ignorance based on initial impatience and faulty reviews, the Storm could have had a long legacy that I would have enjoyed using. Now I fear the superior user experience I've enjoyed with my Storm is in jeopardy because of unfounded comments like yours."

I have an original Storm. It kicks ass. with it I am fast and efficient with all that I use it for. The key is to know how to use your device. Pick any mobile device you want. I will blow you away typing speed/accuracy, with finding answers to questions, organizing appointments, transporting and managing files, having spreadsheets and other files/information at my fingertips, and much more.

I owned the storm for over a year, and then likewise for the storm2... So I know the device as well as anyone, I could also type fast with it. I did take the time to "learn" the device. Since then I upgraded to a real keyboard - and I WILL NEVER look back - sorry buddy, you may 'think' you're fast with your storm (I thought I was), but a touch screen device will never be as fast for typing or getting around as a regular BlackBerry like the Bold can... I think you're a little out numbered here - and this is coming from someone who has spent the last 2 years "giving the device" a chance. So maybe you got me on a technicality with the "capacitive" comment (I'm not sure)... My point was simple - to many people didn't like the surepress...

I will concede that the Storm has shortcomings, but that's not the scope of what you're talking about.

But you're comparing the Storm's SurePress to a Bolds physical keyboard. the way you describe it, it sounds like a touch screen just isn't for you, with or without surepress.

For me, I really like surepress. i know many other storm users who like it also. There are dozens of non-surepress options out there. Why can't Storm users just have this one?

Most people who got used to (and enjoyed) surepress but now are on something different didn't upgrade their storm to abandon surepress. they wanted to upgrade their device and there just isn't anything comparable available right now. I am sitting here with my solid storm 9530 and am very happy with it. But I'm one of the few who are holding out for a storm upgrade insteads of just upgrading to something new because I can and it's newer than what I have. I, for one, would have been thrilled with the storm refresh that verizon passed on. That would have been a nice upgrade for me. I think the storm lost a lot of followers when there was nothing for them after their two years were up. I can think of about 8 people of the top of my head who are now droid users for that exact reason. They loved (and reminisce about) their storms, but their upgrade was due and wanted something newer.

I think I'm a little off topic, but I'm just trying to blast through this while pretending to work.

oh, and one more thing. navigating on the storm is far superior to the bold (especially with OS 6.0), whether you like surepress or not.

I actually agree with you. I did love my Storm2 (it was a blackberry) and I am one of those people you talk of (although I did not go to droid). Had there been a storm refresh I would have upgraded again. My initial comment was not so much a knock to the storm, but more so a sad reminisce, wishing the storm would have had better fate. The biggest problem was that when it was first released, the software took a bashing (because it was lousy and incomplete) and also many many a people had issues with their screens not clicking properly (surepress). I had countless friends who exchanged it several times on warranty - the storm was a HUGE knock against RIM because of this, and the Storm2 although a good device could never really shake the reputation from the first.

Same here, Thetnaung. I'm running 6.0.424 on my 9700 (Bell Mobility in Canada). Download progress bar gets to end but then fails with the 907 Invalid COD error (maybe due to the leaked OS?).

I must be missing something here, but what benefit is there to having Dropbox on your BlackBerry? Serious question. Anyone?

I don't use it, but I'm looking into it.

But from what I understand, Dropbox is an active syncing tool for files. Install it on you computer, put files in the dropbox folder, which is capable of containing multiple levels of child folders.

Those files and folders are automatically synched with dropbox, so any computer you have have the drobox program installed will give you access to those files. You can use your BB as a client of the dropbox system to you have access to those files on the go.

You can also give sharing permissions for certian folders. So you can take a picture, put it in a shared file, and others will be able to view it. You can collaborate using the same idea, so it's not limited to picutres, but spreadsheets and Word documents as well.

There are many benefits to the dropbox method. Putting it on your mobile device makes those benefits mobile.

Hope that helps. Dropbox has a quick video explaining what it's all about. Go to their site and check it out.

I design wallpapers and graphics for mobile devices. When I need to test the images on my BB, DropBox is a plus. It's faster than having to email it or drag it to my device in explorer. I can also receive files while on the go and away from my PC and keep them all in one place. When I return, they're right there waiting. No hassle. It's not a must have app, but for me, it's a real time saver. With the new FileScout plugin, it's better than ever.

I've used it as an emergency printing tool. If I forgot an important document, I pull it down from the dropbox, plug my blackberry in at kinkos, print it and I'm good to go.
It's also extremely useful for viewing documents that you've saved, and working on them on-the-go without worrying about different versions of the same file. It all gets synced back to your computer(s).

I love Dropbox. But I find SugarSync to be more handy. I cannot get Dropbox to automatically sync my files. With Dropbox, I have to copy and paste files manually into my folders in order to update them.
With SugarSync, it does all the updating automatically.
Anyhow, I used both. And by referring friends, I've gotten a lot of free storage space.