Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.37

By Bla1ze on 13 Dec 2010 02:12 pm EST

Dropbox for BlackBerry

Over the weekend, Dropbox managed to squeeze out a new update for its BlackBerry users. v1.0.37 is now available for download via the Dropbox website and looking at the change log should address a lot of users issues with connections and permissions that were seen in previous builds. Oddly enough though, the change log actually looks unchanged from the last release so we're guessing they just fixed the underlying bugs within those changes.

  • saving non-ascii texts results in garbled text
  • handling of edge cases when running out of space on sd card and in device memory
  • open-edit-upload usecase wasn't working for devices with encryption enabled
  • share link freezes for some users
  • open-edit-upload usecase fails for files with non-ascii filenames
  • "would you like to allow logging" dialog shouldn't appear on first launch
  • on rotatable devices, in image gallery, the displayed/cached image is smaller than screen size (shouldn't happen)
  • app should ask for permissions in advance on first launch
  • app should support multiple third-party app associations for a given file type (e.g multiple pdf viewers)
  • music/video stops when screen fades out
  • user gets a "not enough room to write file" message when trying to open a file that's already open in docs2go 

If you're having issues with your current build of Dropbox, the latest forums build download is suggested so be sure to grab it as soon as possilbe.

Click Here To Download Dropbox For BlackBerry

Reader comments

Dropbox for BlackBerry updated to v1.0.37


Still not working on my 9700 unless I use wifi. It still won't work with BIS service. It actually kills my BIS service whenever I try to run the app. These guys are really having a hard time figuring this out. 1.0.32, 1.0.34, 1.0.37...none of them work properly.

Will have to wait for yet another release.

this is gonna sound dumb, but how do i update my current version to the newest? i dont see it in my account in bb app world =\

Hit the link the the article on your blackberry, you'll get it OTA. Dropbox doesn't have their app in the app world as of yet.

This is a great app. Very useful. I rarely use a thumb drive anymore. Love the way everything syncs from computer to computer. I have it installed on three computers, and have become a dropbox evangelist. Photo uploads are blazing fast on my Torch.

I hope you guys enjoy it, but its still a useless app to me! I need to be able to upload things other then photos to my PC! I'll stick to their site from the Torch browser. Where I can actually upload the torrent files, so uTorrent can instantly start my downloads! Good work on fixing the issues it was having though!

Thanks for the Heads up. I had not noticed any glitches in my old version but better safe than sorry.

Kangalex, I clicked in the link Crackberry provided. It took me to a drop box forums page witch had the new version download link. I e-mailed the link to myself then opened it and downloaded the new version OTA using my torch.

I'm sure there is an easier way. This was fast and had no issues.