Dropbox for BlackBerry officially updated to v1.0.55

By Michelle Haag on 6 Oct 2011 07:49 am EDT
I haven't had Dropbox on my BlackBerry all that long. Actually, I had it installed on my Bold 9700 and my Torch 9800, but I never really used it. I gave it a go again once a compatible beta build was available, and I use it all the time now on my Bold 9900. If you haven't heard of Dropbox, it's a great app for syncing files across multiple platforms. Yesterday Dropbox released an update bringing the app officially to v1.0.55. While this is the same version we saw show up a month ago, we know some of you prefer official versions of apps.

As you can see from the screenshot above, this version includes:

  • Security passcode
  • Save email attachments to Dropbox
  • various bug fixes

This version is BlackBerry OS 7 compatible. If you already have it installed on your device, you should be seeing an upgrade in App World. Try refreshing your apps if you don't see it. If you don't have it installed or you don't have access to BlackBerry App World, you can check it out and sign up for a free account at the link below.

Learn more about Dropbox and sign up for a free account

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Reader comments

Dropbox for BlackBerry officially updated to v1.0.55


zenson <- FIRST!

OK... so I'm not seeing how to save an attachment to dropbox with this new update. I've checked menus, etc.

So, how do you do this?

@Kelton, You have to have the App open. Once it is you will see the option show up in your messages menu.

Apparently if you have a file on dropbox (added from PC) you can mark it as a favorite on your BB dropbox app. That copies the file to your phone for offline viewing/playing.

At this point it appears you can only upload pics from your BB to dropbox...but I'm new to this so hopefully someone else has a solution.

Still sounds pretty useless. I see no "can upload any file type" so I assume it's for pics only still. I'd download and check for myself, but App World doesn't have a download button for me right now (SaskTel/9900)

For web/PC usage Dropbox interface is great, but their BB app sucks a bit.

Instead, SugarSync seems more patchy in its web/PC version, while their BB app rocks!

My 2 cents

It's for pics AND music, from PC to BB or vice versa. I've used and loved Dropbox for a year or so(?) on my 9700 and now my 9800. Very handy to upload pics or music to retrieve on PC later, or to send links for friends to download them if you don't want to email all that data or make them an account on your server or if you just don't have one. More personalized than using one site for everyone cause you can just send the links you want to go to each individual. IMO, less fuss, advertising and bs than photobucket etc.

It's not the only means of transfer but if you're say at a concert, short on memory and want to keep taking pics, it's a place to quickly send them off to so you're clear to take more.

I never had a problem with syncing nearly instantly on either end. And, to a point, it's free :) Referrals earn you more space. And no I don't work for them but wouldn't mind earning more space so PM me lol.