Dropbox for BlackBerry now available for download

By Adam Zeis on 22 Sep 2010 10:10 am EDT

Dropbox for BlackBerry

After what seemed like an endless limited beta Dropbox has finally been released for public consumption. The app can now be installed on your device totally free and allow you access to your files on the go. Dropbox is a very cool and probably one of the most easy ways to share files across platforms. Features of the app include:

  • Access your Dropbox on the go
  • Upload files and sync them to your Dropbox
  • Share links to files in your Dropbox

If you're a Dropbox user head over to dropbox.com/anywhere to download and install the app. If you haven't yet checked out Dropbox you really should. It's totally free and totally worth it. Hit the link below for more and check out the press release after the jump.

Dropbox Announces New Mobile Applications

Dropbox for BlackBerry now available; Millions of people now using Dropbox mobile apps for productivity on the go

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Dropbox, the leading provider of Internet file and document syncing and sharing services, today announced a new set of mobile apps, including updates for the company's popular iPhone, iPad and Android apps, and the first release of the new Dropbox for BlackBerry. In addition, Dropbox announced there are over 100 third party mobile applications now in market that use the company's mobile APIs to make mobile document editing, image capture, note taking and other features available to Dropbox users. Since the initial iPhone version in 2009, and iPad and Android release in May 2010, millions of people have started using Dropbox mobile apps to access their most important documents and files directly from their favorite devices, anytime and anywhere.

"In both their work and their leisure time, people increasingly use an array of Internet connected devices, and not just a single computer," says Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. "Dropbox offers a common thread that ties all of these systems together, making important files and data immediately available regardless of device. Not only does this make the individual devices more useful, but this helps enable the broader industry transition towards mobile phones and tablets."

In May, Dropbox opened its API to mobile developers, allowing them to bring user files and documents directly into their mobile applications. Since then, with the growing popularity and capabilities of new mobile devices, the company has seen a surge in interest from mobile app developers. In that time, over 100 mobile applications that integrate with Dropbox have been made available.

Today's announcements include:

New Dropbox for BlackBerry: The company has announced the general availability of Dropbox for BlackBerry, bringing file access and viewing directly to the popular line of smart phones. The application is available for immediate download at http://dropbox.com/anywhere. 

New release of Dropbox for iPhone and iPad: As the #1 productivity app for the iPad in the App Store, Dropbox has already become a popular way to make the most of the device at home, school or work. With new iOS release of Dropbox, users will have new features and performance enhancements, including automatic offline caching for recently accessed files, support for HD video and high-resolution photo capture, numerous user interface enhancements including a new home screen and progress display, full screen landscape document viewing on iPad and the support for multitasking to allow files to upload or download in the background. This update is available for free via Apple's App Store. 

New release of Dropbox for Android: Available for download via Google's App Market, Dropbox for Android has been enhanced with support for photo galleries and multi-photo upload, ability to automatically send files to Dropbox from other apps, progress bar and notifications for file transfers, and other new features and fixes. 

New Dropbox App Directory: To make it easier to find and evaluate the over 100 partner applications that are built with the Dropbox API, there is a new Dropbox partner app directory now available at http://dropbox.com/apps. This directory features app information, screenshots and reviews from some of the most popular productivity app providers.

Dropbox's mobile apps, the Dropbox enabled partner apps and information on the Dropbox mobile API are available at http://www.dropbox.com/anywhere. Developers can find technical information, sample code and other resources for building apps with the Mobile API at http://developer.dropbox.com.

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Reader comments

Dropbox for BlackBerry now available for download


Okay, this is a cool idea, but I'm not familiar with it. Is this like a cloud computing thing where I'm storing documents, photos, videos, etc. to it? What file size can you realistically download (and use) with a 9700 or 9800? Might have to give this a try.

Okay, with pictures, I got it to work for .jpg but not for .bmp photos, since BB doesn't appear to read .bmp's.

But I don't see any way to simply "save" or "set as background" if I share a picture from home. Can you not actually DOWNLOAD files onto the Blackberry with this program? Or is that not what DropBox does?

I just realized I can't save any images or audio files in the DropBox directly to my phone. I'm only given the option to view or share them with someone else. Would be nice if an update allowed for the option to save files too.


Just found a work around. Click the share option, then click the link it gives you, the file will open in the browser of your choice giving you the option to save the file.

once installed, it puts a pdf document in my dropbox - but I cannot open it as it says there is no program to open it.

Can someone tell me how to open it?

Is there some way to link it to use documents to go?

You can download a trial version of documents to go. Once this is done you will have to open the PDF program first and then Dropbox will direct your file to the program.

my 9700 already had it installed. I went to app world and installed the version there but that still didn't help.

does it work for you?

...I had opened the DOC and PPT applications but neither worked...

I'm unable to download it on 9700 OS V5.0.0.938 Drop box link on BB not working. Any one has a working link please post. Thanks.

Way to post up your own referral link without letting the ignorant know they're contributing to upping your storage limit. =/

It woulda at least been cool to encourage new users to post up their own referral links so everybody can help each other.

i noticed that right away when i hovered over the link. i didn't click it just because of that, ended up going to the other link and just clicking login then create account.

Make sure you download using the bb browser and make sure Options-Browser is set to Internet Browser and Browser identification is set to Blackberry.

Thanks changing it to blackberry browser worked.. it was set to internet Explorer. Thanks a bunch

Not trying to be a hater, but the comments of no more flash drive, no more running from computer to computer, etc. Can't we just email the pics and files that we need now to your computer and then view, cutting out the middle man? I love new apps and really want to roll with this, just having a hard time finding any need for it? If there is a picture I wish I had on my work computer, I just email it.

Well if you can always remember which pc/mac/phone/device has which files, and can always anticipate in advance when each platform will need whichever file, then by all means... manage it on your own.

DropBox is basically a storage location for all your devices, as well as for pc's and devices for others if you wish to share. Place a file once into DropBox once, and multiple devices/platforms can access it as soon as you need it.

There are many many times this can be useful for me, as I don't carry around every file on every device, and can't always anticipate when I need a specific file and may or may not be next to, and able to access, the pc/platform/device that has the file.

Correct me if I'm wrong but we can only upload Pictures from the "Gallery" on our phones. I wanted this so that I could upload Documents and other files as well. This wont replace a USB drive if it's limited to pictures only from my BB Torch.

Is there a way to email something from your dropbox besides making it a link? They should have a feature where you can email and make whatever your sending an attachment..

lol. thank you! yeah, sir adam tossed in my referral link for a bit.. what a nice guy!

so thank you thank you.  though even with max referrals, i dont think it's enough space.  definitely a service i think is worth paying for though.

I have a Dropbox account on my PC at home,but if I want to view a pdf using the Dropbox app, I have to have a PDF viewer on my BB!?!? But if I use the mobile Dropbox site on my BB browser, I can view PDFs and Jpegs all day long withOUT a PDF viewer?!?! For my needs, I can do without the 1.2 MB Dropbox app eating up space on my 9000.

I have been running this on my Torch for about two weeks now and no issues whatsoever. Much easier than loading files back and forth between my usb drive and various computers. Plus I can share photos with friends that don't do BBM or SMS pretty easily.

Are you able to upload files from your torch or just Pictures? I have only found the option to upload pictures.

I have a shared "family" folder set up so that all the spread out members of our family can uploads pictures. Very nice and simple solution.

Running this on a 9530 with OS5. Love the 'thumbnails' view for my sub-folders. This is really convenient for viewing image references when I'm away from my computer.

I'm not a black helicopter crowd type but does anyone know what rights to privacy this ensures? I ask because Evernote's fine print states that (paraphrasing here not a direct quote) what you put there is kind of their property. I wanted to use EN to hold notes & research for a book but decided not to in case there was an IP legal issue. From the comments I've read so far it looks like you can decide which users have access but what about the watchmen? Who watches them? (couldn't resist)

Just DL'd Dropbox for my new Torch and it works great!..I've used Dropbox for years and have had no issues with it at all. excellent way to store your data off site!

OK, am I missing something, or is this THE most DISAPPOINTING APPLICATION I've EVER seen???!!!

I can do more with the Web client on my 9000 running OS 5 than I can with the app! (Same thing with the Torch I had for a couple of weeks but sent back.) And I'm not talking about little things either.

With the Web client I can VIEW files - even ones I can't view on my normally on my BlackBerry like PDFs. Can't do that with the App.

With the Web client I can DOWNLOAD files to my BlackBerry so I can then email them. Again, can't do that with the App!

The only thing the BlackBerry app does that I can't do on the Web site is upload a file - and I have little use for that!

Come on people! I have a 16 Gig SD Card on my BlackBerry which I'm now using a manual sync tool to sync up with my Dropbox folder. Why doesn't the App let me do that? Why isn't the App just a BlackBerry version of the wonderful Windows app?

Don't make me come over there and.....


Like Dropbox, loaded simply, contents of excel spreadsheets don't show and battery drains like someone pulled the plug!!

Deleted. :-((