Dropbox for BlackBerry goes into limited beta

By Bla1ze on 31 Jul 2010 12:30 am EDT

Well, we've seen it arrive on practically every other platform before BlackBerry but, either way it is here now. Dropbox, the online storage solution which offers users 2GB of space for free has just gone live with their beta application for BlackBerry. You'll have to act fast though, the forums posting says 500 users and no one knows how many have already taken that count down. Check it out and report back in the comments. My report, it's fast and works great. As a Dropbox user, certainly glad to see it arrive. PS: You'll need to login to your dropbox account.

Reader comments

Dropbox for BlackBerry goes into limited beta


Just got it! Hopefully it allows you to store the Dropbox folder on the SD card, phone memory will just get messy.

Definitely a beta. Very limited. GREAT UI though. Very similar to using the desktop or iPhone versions. Really sleek. This is looking to be a very nice app once they get some more work into it.

Guess I have to sleep with one eye closed and the other on Crackberry all the time to get in on these things!

Well, it seems to work well. Not sure how fast it's going to be over 3G. Over WiFi it works pretty good. Simple interface, easy to use. Overall, good app.

"Please Note: This forums build currently only works with OS 5.0"

What about us poor souls who stick to official releases? I'm stuck on 4.6 for my Bold 9000 indefinitely :P

Working good on my BB.

This seems to work better than photobucket and much faster.

Over WiFi this thing zips :)

I was able to get in this morning around 7:30 am Eastern... Now to see if I'll actually use this.

It will allow you to download the application, but not allow you to log in. Basically rendering it useless. Wouldn't waste your time.

10:00 am EST

Downloaded just fine. I'd never heard of this program, so I downloaded it on my desktop and set up an account.

Tried to log in on the 8900, it says it "Couldn't find a user with this email/password combination."

Odd. But really neat cloud program, will give it a try once I get it working.

If I am missing something, someone let me know. Unless they are planning serious upgrade limits for the free version, I wouldn't waste my time.

2GB is nothing. My 9700 came with a 2GB SDcard that I immediately tossed away for an 8GB. Just to upgrade to a 16BG SDcard right after that. And that is just the SDcard. lol.

I don't think 2GB is enough for all of the information that could be on someone's device. Am I wrong?

Crap...I missed out on the beta. I hope this will do what I hope it will do. It will make running my business from my BlackBerry a full reality. FTW!!!!

so, you have a piece of software on your system that claims it only shares a specific folder. let's assume it does. but what if it is compromised? being on your system already what else it could share with an adversary??

Beta is still open - sez its for next 4000.

Downloaded and installed OK on OS5 Curve 8900. Having run-time errors - "exception". Pulling battery now to see if that helps.

Anyone have any problems running this ?