Dropbox becomes more competitive with revamped pricing and storage upgrades

By John Callaham on 27 Aug 2014 09:45 am EDT

Dropbox is cutting the price for 1 TB of their cloud storage the service all the way down to $9.99 a month. The change shows that the company is going after Microsoft's OneDrive and Google Drive's paid cloud storage services.

Before today, Dropbox Pro offered just 100 GB of space for $9.99, with an upper limit of 500 GB for $500. Now Dropbox Pro's prices are more in line with similar services offered by OneDrive and Google Drive and could generate even more competition in the personal cloud storage space.

Along with the price cut, Dropbox Pro will be getting some extra features, including new sharing controls that will offer better security when sending files to others, and a remote wipe feature that will allow users to delete any Dropbox files from a smartphone or tablet if it gets lost or stolen.

What do you think of Dropbox Pro's big decrease in price and will we see even more cloud storage price cuts in the future from Microsoft and Google?

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Dropbox becomes more competitive with revamped pricing and storage upgrades


I got 50GB free on Box.com. I think they offer 5GB free now tho.

And yes prices WILL come down across the board. It's the nature of the market. Unless they can think of some kick ass new features....

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Hahahaha! Nice!

On another note, all these cloud services are starting to become commodities. What differentiates one from the other?

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On BB10, I find the Mega app faster than Treasor. Mega (like Treasor) also encrypts your files on their servers (so even they can't access your files' contents).

Everywhere I go I have access to Wifi and therefor have remote access to all my files on my desktop at home. Whats it called again? Remote File Acces?
And guess what. It's totally FREE!

Same here, i never understood people that leave their pc on all day and night, like electricity grows on trees or something.

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The data centers use electricity, too.

He might be buying eco-power or run his home on solar, not a big deal down here in Australia. Even the Germans are doing it and are phasing out their nuclear...

(Southern Germany (Stuttgart) is around 49 degrees latitude, which is also the long border between the US and Canada, so it's doable just about anywhere)

I wish we could all do the solar (or geothermal, or other) thing and use our gadgets and consume electricity without any environmental guilt... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Not to mention Link is a tub of shit.

Blackberry may have the smartphone OS more or less nailed... but the desktop part has always left a lot to be desired.

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Also I find Wifi not as ubiquitous as it's made out to be. Large cities are mostly ok, but many still have poor data speeds in places. It's getting better but I can only count on WIFI in known areas. Traveling in Canada, the US, England and France has shown me there is still a long way to go.

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The price is definitely appealing as I normally wouldn't spend money on a service like this but may actually consider now.

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I think it was the promotion coming with the PlayBook. I got the same amount of space for free..

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But Box on BB10 is like molasses. Dropbox is so unimaginably faster it's not even funny.

Install the Dropbox app from Snap. Its (no joke!) even faster than accessing Dropbox through the native file browser. Plus, you can stream video and get full picture gallery support for pics. I never use the native file browser to access Dropbox files anymore (unless I absolutely have to).

Disclosure: I used to use Box exclusively on BB10 and just assumed that the speed was "normal" for a cloud service. Then, one day, for the heck of it, decided to try Dropbox and was literally blown away by how much faster it was. Then after installing the amazing Android app, there was no going back.

OneDrive is also very fast, and 15 GB is nice. I used to use Box and Dropbox, but they're both sitting idle now. It took me hours to transfer about 500 photos from Box to OneDrive - and that was on a desktop! Such slow speed is just not acceptable today.

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The 50 GB freebie was nice, but in the end not too useful with the bandwidth limitations. You can't even fill it in a month without going over. Unless they lifted that limitation.

Nice for long term storage though.

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This is good news.
The on-line storage prices will continue to drop as competition gives more storage for lower prices.
There was an article on this in the 24August NY Times.

This is especially good news for users of WD's backup drive; they only use Drop Box as their cloud storage provider.

Dope is right. When I was looking for cloud storage of my hard drives full of pictures - I ruled out Dropbox because of pricing. Next go around I will give them a shot.

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I was waiting for this price cut since OneDrive and Google Drive lowered their price. Version control, deleted files restoration and the web client is better for Dropbox.

Of course, Dropbox is storage only, no Google apps and stuff, but we don't always need those and their features are really limited. I prefer a full-fledge document editor like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

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I have box and mega each offers 50GB free and even I have Dropbox 52 GB free but some of that gigs are for promotion that would expire 2015. And for my need both mega and Box are more than enough

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So will I automatically get 1tb I'm already paying for the 100 gb one?

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At the bottom of the Blog article it states:

Already a Pro user? Dropbox will update automatically in the next couple days. You don’t have to do a thing.

If you have the 100GB package, it will automagically upgrade "soon"(tm).

On a slightly different topic the BB10 application in 10.3 will offer the capability to automatically upload pics and videos taken from your phone. I am definitely gonna need that 1Tb :)

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Holy-overpriced Batman!
Doesn't anyone use external hard drives anymore? I like being able to have some sense of ownership of my digital property. Maybe I'm a hoarder...

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My thought too. That is until my Omega "Prestige"drive decided he had done enough after working an average of 2 hours every 3 months for my backups.

I'm pretty sure some areas of the disc never even saw data in their life and still got caput for no reason. Years of photos gone.

Never. Again.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Sysadmin's golden backup rule:

"Data that doesn't exist in at least three different places, doesn't exist at all... "

Sad you had such an experience... :-(

I have double and triple backups.

If you're in a cyclone / hurricane / flood area, consider old-school optical disks like CD/DVD/DL-DVD or even BR for your photos, they are cheap and can get wet without damaging the data...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yep that's what I do. I don't share pics or data with anyone, so no need for the cloud..

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Did you boot with PartedMagic Linux and use the Disk Health tool? S.M.A.R.T. data view will tell you all about your disk, even bad sectors and reallocated sectors...

Very often external backup disk just contain a standard hard disk (2.5 or 3.5 “), and it's often also just the controller that fails on the USB/e-SATA enclosure.

Have you tried removing it from the enclosure and putting it into a new one / attaching straight to a PC's SATA port? Still no luck? Learn using gddrescue on Linux, I get most of the stuff back from even the most severely corrupted disks.... one good clone image read followed by an R-Studio run...

Good luck if you still have your disk... !


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I have (2) 2tb external drives. I use them for office files being transferred to my home network. Also for moving large files, movies, etc from 1 computer to another. Much faster. I also have a 6tb server at home.

My OneDrive (SkyDrive was such a better name IMO) of 1tb is barely used. I might be at 2%. I like that for files that I need on my phone and tablet when I am out

I also use it to automatically send my photos and videos from my phone.

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I use cloud storage AND local storage, since I want a backup for irreplaceable pictures and documents. I like the fact that on a cloud service, your data is replicated and regularly backed up, and server hardware is always being upgraded.

If my local storage died, then I'd permanently lose my data :(

I don't keep any trade secrets in the cloud though. However I might consider putting really private stuff on a service like Mega that keeps your data encrypted on their servers so not even they can see what's in your files.

Ghehe yeah thought the same, old days :P.

Still happy with my free 50 GB I once got with a Note 10.1 deal haha.

Free accounts should be more than 2 gig maybe 10 gig free or even 50. Make it hard to move over your 50 gig of data once it's full. 2 gig is too easy to move to another service.

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Box 50GB for free, many other like Mega the same, Dropbox needs to improve their free storage to me use it again.

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Onedrive is still better, I have 1 TB for me and four more people, that's a total of 5 TB for 8 a month, just moved from Box a couple of weeks ago.

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I use Free Dropbox for sending unimportant larger files via linking. Very user friendly for this.

For Cloud Storage I use OneDrive.

I'm not using any Google services requiring a login.

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I know this may make some cloud users happy, but I honestly could not touch dropbox after all the PRISM news came out about it. While a lot of cloud storage out there is insecure, dropbox almost guarantees the alphabet agencies have direct access to your data.

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The people have consistently demonstrated they're fine with it as long as the price is right, or comes with a free gun or bible.

It is truly a pity that apathy and a lax view towards security of data has put the general populous in a state of "meh" when it comes to the alphabet agencies mining your data. It both frustrates me and scares me to see the complete and utter willingness of people to give up security in the name of 2gb free storage.

I do believe either: a.) a cultural shift needs to occur in regards to this or b.) something monumental needs to happen to the average joes out there when it comes to data being used against them; "Well Mr. Johnson, according to our records here you uploaded a picture do Dropbox that shows you were indeed in the area that a recent crime was committed. Come with us..."

I honestly have no idea what will come first, but I am of the mindset that B must occur before A even starts to happen. What a sad state of affairs this has disintegrated into.

That was one hell of a well put together rant. Are you a lawyer? Anyway you should save it on Dropbox so everyone can read it.

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Not a lawyer, but thanks! And not to worry, while Dropbox would ensure an efficient and quick share of my post, I'm sure those machines at that billion dollar Utah data centre have already combed through it already ;)

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As long as the ability to publicly share it with everyone can happen, and it's secure, i'll probably consider it. I don't store anything sensitive in the cloud (since i'd rather keep it on a USB stick) so it'll be great as a way of sharing files with friends. If they don't have to login to even download what i'm sending them, that is a sooo big plus. :)

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But they still claim ownership and copyright over your files, personal or otherwise. Don't ever store that great business plan or movie script on their servers, they will own it.

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Is this for new customers only? I already pay $9.99 for the 100gb. Can I just upgrade and pay the same? I sure hope so cause I'm getting close to the 100gb limit now.

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Finally Dropbox caught on that they were losing/leaving money on the table...

I know it is hard to match the prices of Google, but on a whole Dropbox must do better to gain more of the market share.

If they keep this up, I might buy more space and go all cloud. If Google's app worked better on BlackBerry, I'd simply place everything on Google cloud and that would be the end of it.

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On BB10.3.xxx Box, Dropbox and One drive work the same way where you can auto backup your both pictures and videos to the cloud, Mega can do the same thing additional.

But the question is, is there any cloud where all the files on both flash memory and SD card can be backup to automatically?

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

There are some apps that can do this.

If you set your backup folder in your Dropbox folder (or box or Onedrive etc), when you backup at your computer they would sync to the cloud. Not quite what you were asking for, I know.

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I use Sugarsync. Much more flexible than the other options. Fantastic system. Couldn't be happier. Did my research.
Very easy to use and android app works perfectly in 10.2.1 and even better in 10.3
Sync multiple locations in one cloud and chose where they go. Share any subfolde or file at ease from your phone or computer app.

I have tried Box and Dropbox and Sugarsync is by far a better system.

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Had issues where sugarsync wasn't even syncing OR uploading any file what-so-ever. All it did was create an alias of the file and it never completed the sync at all, maybe 20% of the actual file. Dropbox likely wouldn't have that issue, at least I hope not (much like any service) and yes, I did contact support and nothing could be done either. Ii then let the account idle until it was automatically closed due to inactivity.

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There's no longer free options for Sugar Sync, lol, so I don't use them. I use every single free service there is! Why switch? It's not like they won't give you the service if you have a service with someone else. :D The more space the better. Maybe I'm too trusting...

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I could see the prices dropping even further below the $10 mark on other services. Soon I might even have dropbox. But you cannot beat an external hard disk, you can't install linux mint on it or use it as a live linux boot Disc either. XD

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Can you access your files remotely without keeping your computer on 24/7?

Cloud services also have the advantage of being able to afford more infrastructure and hardware, along with more redundant backups.

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I access my 240GB crucial SSD on my Intel NUC i5 through BlackBerry Link anytime, anywhere. Can leave the Intel NUC on all day. 11 watts.

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Dropbox and other "online storage" can Dropdead.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...