Dropbox App Arriving On The BlackBerry Platform Soon

By Bla1ze on 5 May 2010 07:50 pm EDT
Dropbox App Arriving On The BlackBerry Platform Soon

Dropbox for a while now has been opening up their API to developers. Since then iPhone and most recently, Android and iPad apps have arrived. Now, the Dropbox page is showing that a BlackBerry application is "Coming Soon".

BlackBerry users have had access to Dropbox in the past but that was simply through their web interface and honestly, wasn't the best. Being a Dropbox user I'm pretty excited to see this happen, I just hope its sooner then later. Dropbox offers paid and free solutions for storage, right now free users get 2GB of space with an additional 250MB added if you invite some folks to join Dropbox with you.

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Dropbox App Arriving On The BlackBerry Platform Soon


i never heard of Dropbox to be honest, but i visited the website when i saw this article and i gotta say this seems like a pretty amazing idea. i especially liked the part where i could share a folder with someone. because me and my friends take loads of photos on different cameras and need to share them somehow but not all photos can be posted on facebook, some stuff have to stay between us and eventually we exchange flash drives or CDs or just dont bother.
im gonna try and get my friends on this website. and hopefully the blackberry app will come out soon :)

Dropbox is AMAZING. I used it for two group projects for school this semester, using the web interface as well as the Mac app, and it was unbelievably helpful. Great to see it come to BlackBerry -- not sure how much I'll use it but it'll definitely eliminate the need to email files to myself from now on!

Seems like they offer the same service... but Sugar Sync already has a BlackBerry app.

Can anyone compare which would provide better service?

Really? I could tell by going to their site.

I was expecting something more in the lines of speed, stability...

I was introduced to dropbox a couple of weeks ago. I have used it a few times. It sure does save me work in having to lug my computer back and forth to work. I'm looking forward to the app!

I'm just curious, what is it that you like about Dropbox? I've been comparing it against SugarSync. One think that I dont' like about Dropbox is that you have to move all files into one folder in order to sync and that's how it is displayed on their server. Is this correct? If so, that's no good.


Thanks for the response. I checked out the link you provides, but that appears to be a lot a steps involved to sync with the cloud. I mean, too much software needs to be downloaded.

I realize that Dropbox is the more popular solution, but I just can't figure out where they edge SugarSync or vice versa. What is it they have over their competitor that would be a deal breaker

SugarSunc's BlackBerry app is a dead issue since Dropbox will be launching their own so obviously I don't consider this an advantage.

I may just test both and see what happens.


I'm a dropbox user and seriously I need this app on my BB Bold 9000. The dropbox web interface in blackberry is not too fine for me. An app for this would be great! Yeah! :D

I do love DropBox, I have setup all my friends and family using it.

The 2gb free can be increased to 10gb free by referring your friends. If you're referred you get an extra 250Mb as does the person who referred you.

If you complete the getting started tips, like adding files and registering two devices you get an extra 250mb.

So if you're looking to sign up you can always use my referral link I'm close to 5gb. http://www.parttimelegend.co.uk/getdropbox

I love DB. You guys make sure to grab it when it comes out. The extra space is great for whatever you need.

I am a DropSend user now and have been unhappy that the iPhone has an app but there is none for the BB. I will definitely switch when this comes to fruition. This will make doing business on my BlackBerry when I'm sitting in a Starbucks much easier.

I like Dropbox and find the mobile site works quite well in Opera Mini, but an app would be most welcome - as long as it works on my 8320!

DropBox is cool and is simple to work. But I must say, upload times for large files are pretty slow. There have been many reporting the slow upload times. Maybe there will be an upgrade soon. Not sure how uploading and downloading will be on cell phones.