Droid Store - another app that allows you to download APK files to your BlackBerry smartphone

Droid Store - another app that allows you to download APK files to your BlackBerry smartphone
By DJ Reyes on 22 Nov 2013 11:43 am EST

BlackBerry developers have been busy creating native apps that allow us to easily download APK files from Google Play. As you know, the recently leaked OS allows you to install APK files directly onto your BlackBerry device. So, people are looking for ways to easily obtain APK files.

We've already seen Snap drop in the forums and a second app has been developed now too. This one is called Droid Store. It's smooth and fast and works pretty much the same way as Snap does. But it's nice to have options.

There are a few limitations to Droid Store, at least in the current version, like you can't yet sign in to your Google Play account and it doesn't allow you to download paid apps (though this is the case in general). The developer has said the next version should have the ability to sign in with your account. Though, this may not be a limitation for some, perhaps more a bonus, as not everyone has a Google Play account or and Android Device ID.

Droid Store does need to be sideloaded first as it's a BAR file, then you can go about downloading and installing your APK files. 

With this addition of Droid Store, there are now a number of ways for you to download APK files. Snap and Droid Store being a couple of native options. You also have 1mobile Market and the Amazon Appstore, where Amazon have said to enjoy the use of even if it's not officially supported.

Remember, all this only works if you have jumped the gun and installed the unofficial OS, as it supports directly installation of APK files.

Up until now I haven't tried any apps to install APK files but I quite like the Droid Store app, so I'll be giving this a go for a bit. You can join in on the discussion the forums.

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Droid Store - another app that allows you to download APK files to your BlackBerry smartphone


This doesn't require a Google Account Signin. Has 2 Download Sources. More reliable APK download.

Yeah I didn't like that Snap required too much of a workaround. The was instructions even for the instructions lol. Will try this out.

Posted by my weapon of choice, Z10. Powered by 10.2.1

Also it shows more app details and also has a link to view the app profile on Google play. Shows paid apps (but can't download...yet).

STL100-3 CB10

I think this may not be the right thing to do to attract developers to blackberry 10. We are directing users to other app stores making less profitable the business for those that support BB10. I may be wrong thinking of this, please let me know what you guys think... I think I should take this to the forums though...


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I never paid for an app on BlackBerry World anyway. Don't plan on paying for apps. Most the things I use the apps for are just to simplify what I could use the browser for. Weather, red box, funny sites like break. I don't think it hurts black berry or they developers to let us use apps that have already been created. Chances are the big apps that we want will be created by the main developer for black berry and be downloaded as native apps anyway so.....ramble ramble ramble.

Thou art posted from z10

Don't you see ! This is the wave of the Future ! BlackBerry is showing that you can have your own OS, and make it compatible with a Blanket Format App ! Such as the Android APK. This way Developers make one App, and every capable OS can Download the same. No more OS specific apps. There will be stores like these to Download Apps of all kinds. Maybe with some Stores having Exclusive Apps. Of course, I'm sure Apple will still have Apple. But that would certainly be more of a Developers Market, with much more versatility ! . . You heard it here First ! . .

But is not 100% compatible with BB10 when u steal Andriod App! The screen resolution is all off and the function is not 100% compatible.

Posted via CB10

That's true. First of all I had using other App on BB10 because the function and screen resolution is all no 100% compatible with the BB10. And this will discourage those App developer to build App for BB10. Just build and pay for your BlackBerry App. Btw I want Line chat program. No one is using BBM in Thailand

Posted via CB10

The problem is that blackberry hasn't allowed us to install bar files like apk files, lots of beta software that is native still has to be sideloaded.... booo... booourns

Posted via my  Z10.2.1.1055

Agreed. I tried Google Android applications on my BlackBerry PlayBook and decided never to run anything except BlackBerry applications.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

They've gotten much better since the PlayBook. But can't beat native apps of course.

Posted via CB10

Basically I hate the look of android apps after I seen the beauty of BlackBerry native ones

Posted via CB10

I agree, but when there is not a native one in blackberry world, apk is my last resort

Posted via my  Z10.2.1.1055

Believe it or not there are 100's if not 1000's of people that don't know what sideloading is. If I wasn't on crackberry I probably wouldn't have known when I did...after all, it's not like blackberry advertises the use of sideloading and the majority of phone users simply use their phone as it comes and don't know or feel they should dig deeper to put it to good use...

whenever I tell someone about sideloading and the steps needed to do so they see it as a burden....granted, with the new update it appears to be getting easier given the new ways but as it is installing leaks and such is fairly new to people and is seen as a nuisance...not for me, but for the average user.

Posted via CB10

I wanted to say I had been a Blackberry user for many years until two years ago when my wife got me to switch to iPhone. Regardless of the reason for switching, I knew very soon afterwards that I made a mistake when I found how restricted everything was and really understood what the term "locked in" meant because the options were incredibly limited despite the million applications out there. One thing I REALLY missed that you guys are complaining about now is the ability to sideload apps. Yes, I remember it was a bit of a "burden" but it was an option available. in the next month, I will be dumpinging the iPhone for a Q10 (considered holding out for a Q30 but...) and hopefully my old crush will welcome me back.

I'd pay extra to dump the iPhone now. Worst. Phone. Ever.

I remember my first phone. It was some standard Nokia. Remember the ones everyone used to install the flashing different colored lights onto the side? Just a rubber button standard "non smart" phone. I'd take that over an iPhone. At least I could walk and text without even looking at my phone.

Thou art posted from z10

Please please please don't tell me you have a Crackberry account and don't what sideloading is... especially when it's literally part of every 3rd or 4th post...Also
.... don't tell me you asked here before you consulted the knowledge of Google...

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Please please please don't tell me you have a CrackBerry account and don't know how to consult someone's CrackBerry profile to see how long they've been a member?!

Just make better freaking blackberry apps and quit with all this sideloading android crap. You're blackberry, be a leader already!

lol ... ok YOU go make 800,000 apps.... ready... GO!!!

settle down, if u dont like it, dont use it. choice is good.

It's not the 800,000 apps that are a concern. It's the 10 - 15 apps that are necessary to compete. Pandora, Instagram. We are all entitled to our opinions. This is mine. I can't even get my mobile banking app, while android and Iphone are making deposits on their phones by taking pictures. You're right, I do have a choice. My choice is to stick with Blackberry. I wish there would simply be more quality of a selection than quantity.

In your mind, its 10-15 apps... However, everyone has a different "must-have" list, so that 10-15 maybe be a different list for a lot of users, hence quite a bit more than 10-15 apps... If BB App World was only short 15 apps, do you think anyone would complain so much about the 'app gap' ? Trust me there are more than 15 apps missing from BB's list....

Its odd that you add the fact that you 'cant even get your mobile bank app' ... you seem to be arguing against your own point there?

@Karan Mohal- Exactly. If CB started a list of apps considered "must haves" by us CB users that are currently missing from BlackBerry World the collective list would be miiiighty long.

Posted via CB10

FYI, having followed CB instructions to successfully update to 10.2.1, I then installed 1Mobile Market, also recommended by CB. From there, installation of both Instagram and Pandora involved single clicks. Unfortunately, Pandora does not work here in Canada so I uninstalled it again but it seemed as though it would have worked otherwise. Also installed Netflix which works just fine.

Not to mention that 1mobile seems to be slow at rolling out app updates, and when the app itself offers an update, it wants to send you to google play, guess I better check out this Snap thing!

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I thought I needed the mobile banking app from my bank. Then I tried their mobile website on my BlackBerry 10 browser and quickly discovered I wasn't missing anything. The Mobile site offers MORE features than their Android app and works BB10 flawlessly! I suspect if your bank is savvy enough to offer an app they also have a great mobile site. Check it out.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

To each their own I guess... For the record, I would also prefer native built for bb apps, BUT in the meantime I am certainly enjoying these.

I'll tell you what, each time a native BB app comes out to replace on of the 20+ droid ones I have sideloaded right now, i'll gladly delete the side load and pay for the BB app.

You are both right... and we would all want native apps but indeed having an option is better than nothing.

For myself, I am happy with the selection available so no apk shit or sideloading stuff for me.

Posted via CB10

Apps are apps... as long as the android apps run as well as they do on my brothers Galaxy S4 (which I hope for in the near future) then I don't care if it's a blackberry app, if I have to sideload it, or if I have to physically shove it through the screen of my phone.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Why do we have to side load this as a BAR file? That makes no sense. Give us the APK file and let us install it like any other app.

That's how I got 1mobile working and it's fine.

Posted via CB10

Because this is a native app and either BB won't approve the app on AppWorld or it is still pending.

Ok, then why bother making this a native app? Make it an Android app that is packaged in an APK file and go around BB altogether since we are using the app to go around BB anyway.

I'm pretty sure it's cuz even though android apk apps have more permissions than before, I think it still might have limited access to some things. Therefore it would allow the app to do more as a native bar file than an apk.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

I can't imagine what else it would need since I installed the 1Mobile APK and have been installing Android apps ever since just fine.

I highly doubt anyone will write an Android app that is specifically targeted for BlackBerry users to install Android apps. The Android app stores will have to work just fine for now.

Who said they needed to write a. Android app targeted at BlackBerry? My point was why write this app after Snap, when the Android stores install w/o the hassle of side loading and run absolutely fine.

I don't see the point of this app.

It's a bar because it's a native app and doesn't use the android runtime. This means it runs much much better on a BlackBerry 10 device.

STL100-3 CB10

Android apps are sandboxed and not given access to the RTOS kernel. Android apps are more secure on BB10 than Android. Only the runtime would get corrupted. Please do your research before you speak.

Good to know, I heard you can't run Android apps on the work partition of the Balance feature, is that true?


I believe it depends on your workplace IT department choices but would have to ask my friend who uses BES10/Z10 at his engineering firm

CB10 - Z10 -

You can't upload ported android app to BES10. It is not permitted by system. Unless, your BlackBerry admin publishes android ported apps through blackberry world - work.
It's not necessary anyway. You can install it on personal space...

Posted via CB10

Thanks for this, I wasn't aware. However, there's been a flood of complaints lately about malware and viruses from these "app stores" on BB10, so accusing me of "not doing my research" is a bit harsh @R Field...

Sadly, this won't stop android apps from snatching your contacts, calendar, pictures, files, etc...

STL100-3 CB10

It's the Android phones that don't want to come to BB. They are basically stubborn. "All hail Apple and Samsung". Totally not fair. I want to sideload some apps like Instagram. Waiting for the official 10.2.

Is BlackBerry blocking these apps from BB World, or have the developers just not submitted them yet?

I have not tried submitting it yet. But I have 40% confidence only it gets approved. I will try soon.

Good luck! I hope it gets accepted. If it does, this will make loading APKs easy enough for even the most non-techy user.

I agree with your 40% estimation. But let's explore what it would mean if BlackBerry rejected your app, and did so for no reason other than it being a gateway to a non-BlackBerry app store:

If that happened, then it would be quite a confusing mixed message from BlackBerry. On one hand, they are putting in tremendous effort to make APKs easy to install. But if they reject your app, then they are also saying they don't want the average user to take advantage of this feature.

Will be very interesting to see how this progresses!

Or it could mean that BlackBerry has their own solution pending; a tie in with an Android app store with official support from BlackBerry.

I doubt this. I think BlackBerry will reject it because they don't want to "officially" support users downloading installing APK's. That being said, they don't want to stop users either. Basically, they're walking a fine line to cover their asses.

Exactly.... am sure google is just waiting for any mistake by bbry to take them to court. Bbry shouldn't accept these apps on BlackBerry World, avoid legal issues.

Posted via CB10

Of course not.

BB has integrated the runtime into the OS for the purposes of running current and future iterations of android apps, which will be available via bb app world... the end-user community has found a way to take advantage of this, thats what is happening. (whoo-hoo!!)

Will these straight apk downloads make it so that we can get a game from Google play and then actually be able to get the data for the game? Instead of having to find a .obb file and hope it works?

Posted via CB10

It just works like how Google Play Store does. It downloads the APK file available. So if in Google Play, if Minion Rush only includes the APK and no .OBB inside. It should be the same in Droid Store.

I've been really Curious if Cytus is available on droid store, it needs an obb file but would it still work?

Posted via CB10

bc BlackBerry presents devs with tools that compile bars, not apks, and I've not heard of a bar-to-apk converter.

Well I have to say the latest leak is working a treat so far. I have both Amazon App store through which I also purchased an app directly and download accordingly and 1 Mobile. There are still some apps only available through Google Play for which I use Download APK. This has enabled me to download my banks app, Sky Go and a number of other apps not available in BlackBerry World or alternative Android app stores. If this is the way BlackBerry is going then I have great hope as I love my phone.

Posted via CB10

Man, I really might just have to load up that leak. I keep telling myself that I have to, but I don't really need to. I don't feel like I'm missing that much here.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 Baby!

Awesome leak. I've been on it for a week now. No problems whatsoever. Have also downloaded a few droid apps via my 1mobile app. This is my 2nd leak now - had 1725 before.

Posted via CB10

I'll have to try these. 1 Mobile has been working just fine for me. Netflix, Snapchat, FLIXSTER! Yes I can download my ultraviolet now to my BlackBerry. My mobile banking app. Instagram, Tumblr, Kindle, Amazon MP3. I'm Loving every second of it!

Posted via CB10

Downloaded latest version of PayPal Here chip and PIN payment app APK using Snap on my Z10. I can sign in and run the app OK. I am reluctant to purchase the card reader in case there is a Bluetooth issue. Anybody with a card reader tried the app with BB10.2.1 yet?

Posted via CB10

Useless. 1mobile, Amazon App Store, Droid Store - all useless. No more sideloading, please! No more downloading from third party websites or app stores. Let's have "Built for BlackBerry" (gold standard) and Android (second rate but they'll do the job) apps both available from BlackBerry World. Anything else is a step in the right direction, but not enough.

Z10 STL100-1 /

I see many more of these apps popping up. Google api for searching apk files is quite good. We might see next 1000 native BB10 apps searching apk files on Google app store. Yup, the app gap is pretty much closed, we will in fact have 1000 more apps than android at any point in time.

Highly recommend that if you're running 10.2.1 to install the 1 Mobile Market app store. It's probably the most integrated android store I've found. It even seems to be working well when my android apps require updates.... I can hit update within the app which requires it and it gives the option of going through BlackBerry World or 1 Mobile Market. Moreover, 1MM will list all the other Android apps you're running and what has updates available.

Officially done with sideloading! :)

Posted via CB10

Hi I am just new to blackberry, today I bought my z10 I just tried to update it but the update failed due to failure in Internet connection, I can't update now it is saying that the update failed try again but it is not cancelling the update, I also tried to find out the blackberry link but it is not available for my country

Posted via CB10

Try to contact CrackBerry Support. They can help U. Also go to the BlackBerry website for assistance.
I would also go back to the place you bought the Z10 and either get it replaced and/or get help from them.

If this is a native app, why the need to side load it? This may be a dumb question, but i'm curious to know, nonetheless...

Same issue here, force download gives page Server Error. Does the Dev have any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

Looks like changing the download directory worked for me, no more hang while fetching!

Posted via CB10

If i were BlackBerry I'd seriously start thinking of a viable OPTIONAL solution to get rid of the entire android runtime altogether.
I understand all the buzz about app gap... but for people who could not care less about droids it'll be fair (i'd naively imagine loyers, doctors, serious professionals being among these, although i know for sure many are happily and proudly using analdroid devices... could you believe that?).
With this optional strategy BlackBerry not only enforces the perception of privacy protection but recovers quite a few megs of storage while, at the same time making device processors happy and save battery power.
Thanks to the qnx superior kernel architecture, bb10 devices can survive for years without the need of extra cores (but don't say it aloud otherwise nobody will buy them)... please let the droids sink alone (octacore).
In order to attract developers to develop native apps BlackBerry could simply remove their commission on native apps.
After all developers will love to develop native apps for bb10 if they're more than just script kiddies... or webservices parasites.
Sorry to be that rude sometimes...

Posted via CB10

if its not asking too much ,can someone please put up a link for a simple bar file .not one that says bar but then turns out to be in zip format when download is selected

Hi. Just download it. And rename it the extension to .bar sorry.for my server automatically changes the extensiom

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if Words with friends works. I have it side loaded on the previous version but after playing 3 times it would freeze up then I would simply close then re open.

Posted via CB10

Why ain't these 3rd party app stores not available in the BlackBerry App World? I mean not now but when 10.2.1 launches in the near future. This will make it easier for the less techie ppls to get the apps that will help close this huge app gap

Posted via CB10

I haven't noticed anyone using aptoide, is there any reason why? I have been using it since the leak was available and found it to be of good use...

Posted via CB10

Just use "ApkLeech" app or use "ApkDownloader" extension for Google Chrome to download the apk directly on your computer and then transfer to your mobile! Advice from an Android User :D

I keep getting an error everytime I go to download an app the error is
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: input

can anyone help with this

The only downside is that while all the Launchers I downloaded work flawlessly, they don't recognize the stock BB10 apps

Posted via CB10

Yo guys I am having a small problem while I am downloading the app from Droid Store and after it finish, the button changed to install button so when I press it. It shows nothing at all like I am not pressing anything

Posted via CB10

They said : "Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants" :)
But now giants standing on the shoulders of giants. May be crash all, may be great things will be made :]y. Who knows? Let's wait and hope the great things will come.

Posted via CB10

Most of the apps are not downloadable...sorry. Not that great app...snap is awesome! Z10STL100-1/ India...

Posted via CB10

I haven't found a single app that isn't download able, and they all work better than the apps from the other stores. No lag with these apps.

Posted via CB10

Not working!!....
Downloads seem fine but, won't install.
Upon notice of stall, Tried both options canceling and allowing to continue.
Even deleted download.
Tried several different apps,... several times.

Posted via CB10

Anybody having problems with getting the PlayBook App Manager to sideload the Droid Store? I keep getting this "This item has been disabled in Chrome"

Just did a restart after problems installing after download and it's working now!!.....

Read in forums how new OS's can take awhile to "settle in"? After trying all the other hints, this is low techy remembered,....when all else fails,.... restart!

Happy happy Birthday to Me!!!... =)

Working so far:
Chase banking
Candy Crush

Posted via CB10

I have tried to use snap but it didn't work.when o open it just says loading and takes forever. I don't know if there is something o should have done before. Right now I am using 1mobile market.

Posted via CB10