Droid Hands-On Video, Smartphone Round Robin

Smartphone Round Robin - CrackBerry Does Android
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Dec 2009 01:40 pm EST

It's Smartphone Round Robin time and we're kicking off Round #1 with CrackBerry taking Android for a spin! I know a lot of you out there are wanting to hear my thoughts on the Verizon/Motorola Droid, since it's a device that many BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners have either been tempted by or even jumped ship to rather than making the organic upgrade to the BlackBerry Storm2. So instead of making you all wait, we figured it was best to tackle this alien baby right away. 

Below you'll find a hands-on video of me taking my initial walk through of both the Droid and Sprint Hero with our resident Android expert, Casey Chan of AndroidCentral.com. As part of the discussion, I've created a CrackBerry on Android thread over at the Android Central forums as well. Speaking of forum threads, you'll want to jump into our CrackBerry forums to help out Matt Miller (palmsolo) who is off his Nokia devices to give the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2 a go this week.

My full analysis and review will come on Friday, so stay tuned for that (teaser: there's things I like, things I really like and things I just can't stand). In the meantime, be sure to check out the video below and drop your thoughts in the comments. And don't forget - for your chance to win a device, you need to participate in the forum discussion (full details here).

Hands on Video: CrackBerry Goes Hands-On with Android

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Droid Hands-On Video, Smartphone Round Robin


i must admit i am a little interested in the droid. There are a few things that worry me though, its made by motorola (crap), and the keyboard looks cheap. I think im gonna have to go and check it out at verizon and see what i think.

I have to admit at times I'm tempted to ditch my 9530 for the Droid. But the fact that it's a Motorola has me concerned. That and the el cheapo keyboard. I saw a display model at Best Buy a few weeks ago (wasn't powered so I couldn't turn it on) and it was already worn and beat to hell and looked like something from 1989.

But besides it's cheap look, the phone does interest me still. But I think I'll hold onto my 9530 for a bit longer.

Honestly... there isn't anything wrong with Motorola. They build solid devices. The razr was one of the toughest phones in it's class. I've known construction workers who have put those phones through hell and can say it's the toughest they've ever used.

Hahaha, Yeah right, the Razr was such a cheap phone. I'm no construction worker, and I was able to break a few through moderate use. They were flimsy.

I on the other hand AM a construction worker and a labourer of mine dropped his phone (the Razr2) and it got run over by two of our F-550 work trucks consecutively. The screens were both fucked however everything else on the phone still worked. He still used it for calls and that for the following week. The most sturdy phone I've ever had was the StarTAC and it stood up to water damage and all kinds of drops and throws. (I used to throw my phones when angry until I started into the smart phone scene.) But yeah, I've always found motorolas to be fantastic for toughness.

Most of the cell phones on display at BestBuy are crap shells of the phone so I wouldn't judge the actual build quality of the phone based on a dummy shell. If you disagree, take a look at the Storm2 or any other RIM device on display there. None of them would entice me to drop a dime on them.

I gave it a whirl in my local verizon store. the keyboard was absolutely HORRIBLE! I made more mistakes than correct words. If the device came without the keyboard, I might actually consider getting it! The virtual typing was quite good, though.

I took the Drois and Storm2 for a spin when I was preparing to upgrade my original Storm and the Droid won handily.

so i was thinking about getting the droid once upon a time..im glad i didnt. its (motorola)(garbage) nothing compared to the Storm 2!

The storm 2, that essentially runs the same OS blackberries have run since 1990, is a superior product?

I really liked my storm, and loved my tour, but until I picked up my droid, I didn't realize just how much I was missing, and settling for something that I thought was awesome.

The storm2 is a nice phone, but let's face it, RIM hasn't launched a product on VZW in what, 18 months that wasn't a disaster full of recalled devices. Let's not throw stones if we live in a big ol house of glass...mkay?

I wanted to play around with the Droid, and certainly didn't want to end up as de facto BB Tech Support, so I bought one for my wife. She absolutely loves it as her first smart phone.

One note: We were traveling this weekend, and she forgot her charger. After moderate use each day, I compare battery status. BB was always in the 25%-30% range, while Droid (with WiFi) was over 70%.

I was at Verizon and almost switched from my Tour to a Droid, but then heard that the camera was terrible on the Droid. also, is the Droid a world phone?

i switched from the tour to the droid and im definitely not looking back. they barely scratched the surface as far as the capabilities of this phone.

Have you noticed any difference in how long it takes for you to get your email on a Droid vs. the Tour (or any other RIM device for that matter)? I've heard that there's no competition between RIM and the Droid in terms of speed for receiving emails and other messaging.

That's correct, although I hear that if you have Gmail, then the e-mail on the Droid is similar to push, albiet not nearly as fast as RIM push e-mail. Figure it like this, as good as the Droid is for Multimedia (web browsing) is how good RIM is at messaging. You can't compete with a BB for messaging capability.

I have a Tour and a Droid: on the Droid,the gmail comes through at almost exactly the same time as on the Tour. My yahoo email is approx 3-6 minutes behind and since I don't have a secretary sending me something urgent, that difference means nothing to me in comparison to all the other Droid features.

ActiveSync protocol is superior to a bloated BES any day of the week. Albeit I still am sticking with my Bold2. Just don't get the fan boy bs.

I have my droid synced with the same exchange server my curve/storm1/tour were synced to, and there's no noticeable difference in delivery time. If I'm sitting at my desk, the email hits the droid (or any of the berries) at about the same time my outlook beeps at me.

nah I played with both and I was more impressed with the Droid and the physical keyboard cane be nice once you get used to it. I went from the 9530 to the Droid and I really like it

Nobody likes the same thing, so I'm going to say that I disagree with you. I like the Eris FAR better than the Droid. It's a smoother, more compact design, it's solid, and it works well. But, I'm not going to buy either one because there are more Android phones coming that will blow everything away...

Droid seems like a it can give serious competition to blackberry. Although I'm sticking with BB for at least one more year. I would like a serious upgrade on the OS and a more customer base approach instead of enterprise.

I've seen SO MANY Motorola handsets always going in for repair, especially notorious for their crappy batteries. I just hope they put more time and quality into this Motorola. As This may be their last chance on really get back into the mobile phone game.

I went to the Verizon store and tried the droid (and eventually decided on the Storm 2 which I am very happy with)...I like some of the features but have heard the the e-mail capabilities are no where near the BB unless you have google mail, but I wasn't prepared to change my e-mail addresses for my phone. Also, I would never buy the first version of any phone because generally they have problems that are fixed once the general public plays with it.

I love my Tour, and currently the only swap I would consider would be the new Bold. I love BBM and the well integrated chat clients. And the keyboard is awesome. Don't think I could use a software keyboard at this point. There are some things I don't like, but no device is perfect.

I'm a bit curious about the new Google phone called the NexusOne. It has the first OS totally designed by Google and runs on the fast Snapdragon processor. (I think I have all those details right). But I'd also be interested in a phone that can be heavily customized and tweaked like crazy. Something that is very hard to do with the BBs...

The Droid OS is fully made by google. Verizon didn't touch it and motrola simply made the hardware...

Was interested in getting a Storm 2 as I want a bigger screen (was willing to pay retail). Spent an hour and a half playing with the Droid, Storm 2 and O2. Didn't really like any of them. Security of my device is a big concern and ultimately I decided to wait it out and see what new BBerys come down the pike.

The "google phone", which may or not be real, and may or may not be a lot of other things, runs android 2.1, which would be the next step from the droid's 2.0. Which Google also wrote from the ground up. Like android 1.5.

Recently switched to the Droid and couldn't be happier...the slide out keyboard sux but the on-screen is pretty awesome so it don't bother me..screen is amazing too. Who cares if its a Motorola? I really liked my storm but this feels much sturdier than it ever did. My advice is check em both out for yourself. Don't go by reviews alone.

im still deciding, I went and gave both phones a whirl, but still like the storm 2 better but i feel its just cause im used to the 9530 and dont want to look into what the droid could offer. any help?

I chose the Storm 2 because I heard that the e-mail capabilities on the Droid weren't up to par and I need access to my email for business. The Droid may address that in software updates but since they haven't yet it made the choice easy for me. Also, the physical keyboard didn't really impress me (keys were too flat and since they are close together the flatness makes it tricky to feel them)on the Droid although I have a feeling that will change in the next model.

....well i have been a bad bad crackberrian i have gone to the dark side. I am now an android boy. After getting upset with spint not wanting/allowing me to activate a storm on there services i went and got a htc hero. I just had great desire for a touch screen phone and sprint/ blackberry could not provide. When i decided to leave i told myself i be back some day well now a week in i dont think so. This thing never freezes up, has a lot of great free apps, can run lots of apps at once and not slow down, have a smart but simple way of getting things done. I love it. Btw i had been a bb only guy for over 4 years and have "converted" many to bb. Now i am working up an appology letter to all of my "converts" I still have a warm spot in my heart for bb and maybe some day i'll be back but right now i dont see it.

That's another reason why I'm considering jumping ship. I'm pretty tired of my 9530's random episodes of frost bite. But I'm going to give it a year or less. That should be plenty of time for the Droid to have lots more support and/or any possible bugs worked out.

i thought i would never see the day i would switch. i got the storm 2 , and loved it. the vibrate on it was a joke. i was missing all my phone calls calendar events text...

i have a few friend that made the switch to the droid. they kept telling to come to the darkside. i went to the store , and wasnt impressed . i had about 5 days left before being stuck with the storm 2. i said f-ck it. went and got the droid anyways.

the demo in the store , and kevin messing around in the video , does the droid no justice.

this phone is sick with the shit that it does, and how smooth it is . the emailing is nothing to write home about , nore copy and paste . everything else blows my storm out of the water. not to say i would never go back to bb. for now , their gonna have to do alot of work to compare to this phone

I was in the same boat and was close to chucking my Tour. Over the last few days I have been playing around with the hybrids and my Tour has started to look a little better to me. I am real close to signing up for VIP status on BBHybrids and sticking with Blackberry. But honestly if the "Official" Rim software OS was my only option I'd be holding an HTC with sprint right now.

Kevin, nice video. I particularly liked how you felt the need, almost like a security blanket, of keeping the slide-out QWERTY keyboard exposed the whole time. No matter how hard touchscreen devices try, they can never take away peoples' love of a (non-flat) keyboard.

As an avid BB user for 5 years, I can honestly say that the purchase of my Droid was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I own a domain that I purchased through Google, making my experience amazing! The integration of email between Google and my Droid is just like have a BES server set up.

Hands down, Android is superior!

The Droid is okay, not as exciting as I thought it would be. I havne't played with the Droid in the store, but I don't think I would want it...too clunky and the keys on the keyboard look very flat.

I did jump ship and got the Samsung Moment, loved the phone but they really need to get their act together and update the Hero and Moment. Because the Moment was running on the 1.5 OS it was kinda crippled. It had a lot of bugs and no fix in sight. Too bad, it was a really nice phone. I'm back with my Curve 8330 again and I'm happy.

I was definitely more impressed by the HTC phone (minus the trackball) than I was with the Droid. My brother just moved from a Motorola Q to a Droid, and that directional pad just bugs me to no end. It just looks like it belongs on a phone that came out in 2005 or something. The keyboard is pretty lackluster too.

If RIM could just improve the web browsing experience, I would have zero complaints. But until then, I will continue to use Opera.

isnt it the droid's 2.0 Android OS that is already outdated by the upcoming Google Phone (Nexus)'s 2.1 Android OS?

The Droid will probably be updated relatively quickly. 2.1 isn't even an official release yet, it's just being tested. The reason most HTC phones don't get updated right away is because they have to update their Sense UI to work with it. The droid just uses plain Android so there is no reason it can't be updated right away.

You must be one of them people who like to jump from ship to ship for the "newest hottest thing" just to say "I got this and you don't. It's the best thing out there!!" instead of sticking with a product that proven over years. But don't worry, next year when the new Blackberry OS comes out or Andriod comes out with a new 3.0 phone, you'll be saying the Droid was a piece of junk and it was a gimmick.

gimmick is a bad choice of word, ive owned 5 bb's . and loved them. but switching to the droid was a whole new world. i think the both of them are here to stay. there are somethings that the droid do , just cant do it better then the droid. on the other hand , theres alot of things that the droid do, that bb does . but they do it a whole lot better.

the apps, web browser , widgets , themes, games , the list just goes on.

at the end of the day its what you need it for . if you handle alot of emails . then get the bb. everything else . droid is the phone to get.

On a side note, that was one of the worse reviews ive ever seen. honestly, one of the worse... The guy reviewing it has never even TOUCHED it before, and is asking all the questions.


I don't know if you have noticed this or not but Kevin, the guy reviewing the Droid and Hero, is a CRACKBERRY man!! He deals with Blackberry...not Droid or anything that is Android OS based. It's not his area of experience...it's a totally different platform. Maybe this is just me but maybe your mind is just too incompatant to realize this. So...figured I'd let ya in the secert.

"too incompatant to realize this. So...figured I'd let ya in the secert."

Hahahaha imcompatant? secert?
You might want to just go ahead and let yourself out

Yeah seriously dude are you not familiar with what the Smartphone Round Robin is? The point is to use phones from other platforms that you do not use everyday. He wasn't suppose to be an expert at it. After he has it for a few days, he will write a super in depth review about it.

I can honestly say that I would jump ship to the droid. I have played with one myself and am impressed with the speed that it has over the storm. The only thing the storm had better was its speed of receiving emails.

I messed around with the Droid in my VZW store and I didn't care for it one bit. I love my Blackberrys...love my Tour (just wish it would get alil more love from Big Red and RIM). Now...that HTC Hero that Kevin was messin with in the vid was pretty cool...gotta admit that I like the different theme settings that it had like work,home or HTC...that was pretty neat. Kinda make a single phone and splits it into a personal and business...cool!

I got the HTC HERO from sprint and it is a good phone with the android software but as far as the battery life it was horrible. I ended up with a tour and I have 10 times the battery now. But the HERO was a better phone than any blackberry I have had. I think blackberry is behind on there programs and software and need to catch up.

I can't function without BBM. :)

That mixed with the fact that I like my phone to actually get me through the day without being tethered to the wall. I know the battery on the S2 is nothing to write home about, but the Droid is wretched. Buddy of mine has it, barely touches the thing, and he's attached to the wall by 6pm. I make it to about 10-10:30 on most days.

Once Flash Player hits in Q1/Q2 '10, all you Droid owners will regret it..

ehh...respect your opinion but i doubt that we are going to regret getting a droid. from all the different sites I have read, the people that love the droid the most are those who were avid avid avid berry users like myself. and honestly i would not be surprised if android gets the flash player before BB does. The BB browser is way behind (no webkit). I saw a youtube video comparing storm2 and droid's browser side by side. Wasn't even close. Droid was so far ahead the reviewer started showing other features of the phone while the S2 was still loading.

You are making a decision based on a video by Kevin who even said that he has never used the Droid before. Do a youtube search, look at some of the other reviews. I'm not saying you have to like it, I'm just saying having your opinion based on this video, you are not fully informed as to what the phone can do. Light years ahead of the berry

Android is looking hot so far. Can't say I ever played with both devices with an expert though, makes me change my opnion on the Hero.

If it wasn't for the CHEAP FLAT keyboard on the droid, I would've switched to Verizon and bought the droid. I'm quite happy with my 9700 though. Android needs more phone with different and more appealing form factors. Blackberry and RIM however needs to step into the future in terms of software and operating system.

I read somewhere that the calendar appointment by email is not supported by the Android OS yet. Is this true?

With the droid or any android based phone, since it is powered by Google, you are forced to have a Gmail account. The phone is no good without it. So you are forced to have yet another email address just to have a functional phone.

I've owned Storm, Storm2, Tour, Bold, Curve and there is nothing and I mean nothing the BlackBerry does better than the Droid. Nothing! To compare a BlackBerry to the Droid is like comparing Windows 95 to Leopard. Just stop trying to convince yourselves that BB is better because it's just stupid. RIM needs to get with the freaking program already.

Looking on youtube you will find better videos comparing the Droid with the Storm2. I like both devices but my main use was for internet use, app capabilities, and physical keyboard on a reliable network(Verizon). I had the Storm1 which was great but the Droid offered more for my money and email was not a big concern for me and I dont mind waiting a couple minutes to receive emails than having them coming instantly to the storm. Calendar functions and email are nice functions to have on both and they can sync with gmail and transporting info from my storm to droid was very easy to do. I never used DM except to put leaked OS on storm and that bout it.

I have had all three and I have to give the edge to the Droid. The thing that sets it above for me is the intergration of everything it does. It intergrates everything better than any other phone out there including the iphone. The screen is top notch and it just flat works well with everything your doing multitasking wise. I miss the surepress screen of the storm but intergration wise I am glad I have the droid.

My buddy at work has the droid and he dropped it while he was sitting on the floor and the screen went blank. Did a battery pull and nothing. By the way he had a case on.

I dropped my 9530 dozen of times from higher places with no case and it still runs like a champ.

Too many people that I know complain about the build quality. IMO its not for me. Not going to leave Blackberry anytime soon anyways. Just my thoughts.

Let me also add that when you have one of these home alternative apps like dxTop, you can also download icon packs and font packs and you can customly skin your phone to your liking. Don't have to wait for someone to come out with themes for you, you can essentially dynamically create them yourself

Should have compared the Eris for a more Apples to Apples. Both straight touch, no keyboard. Also from what I have played with Droid and Eris in our Store, the less expensive Eris kicks the droid all over the place.

I'm sorry kids, playing with a phone in a store for even an hour or more is nothing compared to owning. The Eris has a slower processor than the droid and still isn't running Android 2.0 yet. What you see is the senseUI from HTC which does look nice, but in crackberry terms, the eris is the Curve2 and the Droid is the Bold2

I switched to Verizon because the iPhone was great but ATT sucked. Bought a Tour, I really like the Tour, but I need internet access and wifi capability. I know, could have gotten a BB, but I really wanted to see the Droid in action. The Droid is hands down better than the Tour. It is fast, has a beautiful screen, and does things you cannot do on a BB. Integrated gmail and calendars, multiple mail accounts, fast browsing, just try reading a web page on a Tour;the Droid is a much better option for me. I do not regret the decision to swith, people who bitch about the keyboard just don't want to take the time to get used to it, although it doesn't take much time at all. Haven't had a battery issue, I let it drain a couple of times and now go all day on a charge. Hands down a better phone...

I really liked my Storm (especially after the 5.0 leaks hit the scene) but switched to the and love it.
Wish they had me talking about the Droid. It does have tons of themes, app market is good and you can get the cool widgets like the HTC Hero in packages from the market. Really the biggest things that get in the way of a BB user is not world phone ready and keyboard is a downgrade (but I've gotten used to it, forced myself lol).
It is a great phone and I chose it over the Storm2 because I wanted to try something different.

I was a very strong BB user, over 5 years. Had the Storm day one, had the Storm 2 day 1. Loved the Storm after tweaks and loved the Storm 2 after day 1. It really is a way better and more accurate phone when typing. If on a Storm 1, you need to switch. But the Droid is a 100% better experience. Loved the BB for e-mail both BES/BIS, loved FB app, etc.. The Droid has so much eye candy it is ridiculous. Browser on the BB is a joke compared to the Droid. Voice searches is coolest thing on the Droid. Market is way better than App World. The only thing that is the best about the BB Storm 2 is the bullet proof BES. Corporate on the Droid is not the best but works. I will say Android is what is the best thing, I love the Droid, would rather have a Droid without a physical keyboard.

Coming from years upon years as an avid, super tech saavy BlackBerry user, the Droid in no way sucks. Not saying it has to be to your liking, but it absolutely does not suck. You can't really get a handle on how good it is unless you actually own one and use it day to day. I most recently owned the 9530 and didn't hesitate to get the Droid when it came out. Main thing is this. How many times have you had to pull your battery in your berry last week. And how many times have I had to pull my battery (and as a side, you don't even have to pull the battery, the power button can completely cycle the phone off) since I had it on Nov. 6, today being Dec. 14. Not once. And it's still as fast as the day I got it. Don't get my wrong, I will always have love for BlackBerry, still carry one on one of my lines. But sometimes you have to put aside the fanboy-ness and see that while RIM may have a hold on the email push....that's about it. RIM has some major catch up to do when it comes to the UI of their OS. Not hating on BB at all like I said, I'm just being completely real.

Nice comments....I played with the Droid in the store and didn't like it but I'm sure to fully grasp the powerful and fuction of it, I'd have to own one. I love my Tour and it does everything that I need it to do but I will DEFINETLY agree with you that RIM needs a major overhaul of their OS and browser.

all the comments about battery pull are getting kinda old. I've got the Tour running 5.0 beta and the Storm2 and have never seen the need to do a battery pull to free up memory. OS 4.7 I did it every couple days but have yet to do so on the 5.0 devices other than after installing/upgrading apps.

I realize this little, quick you-tube review doesn't answer all questions that I (and certainly others) would have to investigate on my own. I read elsewhere I would have to use my gmail account. (another email address. Boo). I assume this will sync up with Outlook (calendar, contacts, notes and email)? Have a camera? Flash? Video? Micro-SD card in there somewhere? Again, I would need to do my homework before I jump ship, but appreciate the review. Thanks!

I test drove the Droid and the Storm2 at a VZW store recently.
I like the Droid's screen (it's beautiful) but I did not care for the keyboard at all, especially how the keys felt when pressing them. The keys felt cheap and in my opinion I felt that if I typed too much I would soon render the keyboard unusable.
I liked the Storm2 but again I didn't like how I had to push the I glass/plastic in so it indented to accept the key I selected.
I guess I'll just wait for the Tour 2 / 9650.

i have a friend with the droid, its pretty cool. good apps and great navigation. i dont feel like its enough to give up my blackberry though. (storm)

Well i have the storm 1 and the HTC Eris and i keep going back to the Storm....The eris SUCKKKKKKKKS bad with the battery...I hate it....The BB can last for days and the Eris might last a day.....Hmmmm.....

I personally prefer the storm to the droid. As far as innovation and new things to try the droid would be a fun and hip phone, but the blackberry is still the all time phone for professional functionality.

I owned the 9530 since to came out last november. I was really gun shy on the Storm 2. I tried the Droid out and I loved it. The physical keyboard is good, but I have big thumbs. So it is very slow for me to type with it. I have dropped my droid out in a best buy parking lot. It really took a hard hit. Never missed a beat.
For you Motorola haters, they really came to the game with this one.

Oh about the flash player, Android gets their flash "also" in first of 2010.

I am not knocking BB. I liked my Storm1 but it was not ready for market. I liked the Tour but didn't like the iffy trackball that was in the one I tried. Rim needs to update their browser too. I know they are working on it. BUT they need to get this done quickly.The BB's with the optical pad, I have not got to play with so.

I will stay on crackberry to see the latest product that RIM has to offer.

"Do you own judging of a product, what someone loves. You might dislike"

Kevin you didn't seem to like the thumb-pad. Me personally I think it is a must for any device with a physical keyboard. When navigating around my wifes Palm Pre I find it annoying when I have to stop typing and reach up to the touchscreen to navigate through the menu. If you are using a virtual keyboard not such a bug deal but when using the physical keyboard, annoying!

I'm really enjoying my Storm 2. I do like the BeDroid theme I have on my device and I do like the way the browser works on the Droid, but it's not enough to make me give up my Storm 2. I've heard that the Droid's mail program is really slow? Anyway for now I'm thoroughly enjoying my Storm 2! :-)

How did you get the weather on the upper right of the Droid? That's pretty slick! I had a Droid and then returned it for the storm but I kinda miss it already..

But how did you get the weather on there??

Ah, I love the droid. I have PUSH email, GPS, google talk IM, 7 home screens, 2 scenes with home++, and I am cutting through the web like a table saw, the droid is a handful, and if you are not use to allot of options, stick with the BB. Just tell yourself that you have push, and BB messenger, and you don't use the web, so you can settle. For those of us that know better......Know BETTER. PS...Adobe confirmed flash player is coming to the droid! If you pay for a data plan, get a phone that will let you use it! Thanks for spanking the droid Crack berries...it was nice to see how shallow one can keep it when reviewing a phone. But this is Crackberry, home of the Blackberry, so I wouldn't expect anything different..lol. I still Love You and Crackberry!

damn, thats scary. you said everything that i would have said about my bb a month ago. that made me a fanboy.

i jumped ship also, and it opened a whole new world for me . this phone is fun. i just feel so stupid about all my remarks about the droid before crossing over to where the grass is green

I wish the people weren't so competitive about which phone is actually 'the best' because there just is no best.

Depending on what you like and how easily you are impressed by shiny things, different phones will seem better or worse to you.

If you want to see a fair comparison of browsers, I think you should compare Bolt/Opera mini to the other browsers out there, because I know NO-ONE who uses the native blackberry browsers anyway, and since both the 3rd party browsers are free and one of the first thing that everyone downloads it just seems fair.

People who criticize the blackberry UI are frankly nit-picking. Every OS from desktop computers to consoles to smartphones operates basically on an 'icons you click on' basis and and making menus slide or flick or anything else doesn't get around the fact that they are still just icons on a screen.

All smartphones these days are pretty much equal. They all play music, play movies, can browse the web and are phones into the bargain. Its basically just a badge and what kind of keyboard you want that will determine which you get.

I type a lot, between a half dozen IMs, BBM, emails, texts, blogs and so forth, I type a LOT on my phone. I get a serious amount of mileage out of my keybaord, and I refuse to move to anything that lacks a Bold keyboard, let alone anything that has a crappy slider keyboard or (heaves no) a touch screen. But I know that the Bold isn't for everyone, and I'm not going to convince most people why my Bold is better than their phone.

Have had a blackberry for close to three years now, 8820 and 9000. Have been in RIM's corner the whole time. Never liked the iPhone(no keyboard and difficult integration with exchange) to name a couple of issues. Went with my wife to get her first smartphone, the Storm2. Spent atleast two hours playing with the Storm2 and Droid. It was longer than i wanted to spend at first, then not long enough after a while. Was totally blown away by the ease of use of the Droid and quick response to everything we threw at it. My wife walked out of VZW with the Droid and has thanked me every day since. i am totally jealous and spend more time at home with her Droid than my work assigned Bold 9000.

I have played with a Droid at the verizon store and I somewhat want to try it but something just cant get me away from my Tour and also my first blackberry.

I've found that it whichever phone the person spent hundreds of dollars on is the one that they'll defend to the death for fear of coming down with buyers remorse. That being said I'm about to prove my point -

I have the Storm 2 (9530) and was seriously going to jump ship to the Droid. Then a friend of mine got it and we decided to swap phones for a week, numbers and all. By the end of the week I couldn't wait to get my Storm 2 back.
Droid is good, don't get me wrong. Its fast, its pretty and its actually pretty sturdy. It just doesn't meet the current needs I have in a smart phone the way my Blackberry does.

I think its comical when posters rip Motorola for quality when the Storm One was at a 50% return rate as is the TOUR.

I visited three Verizon stores all had four Tours on display and only ONE at each store had a trackball that actually worked. By no means am I a Motorola Fanboy but acting like BB has great quality is far from the truth.

Great video. Several of my friends have the Droid. Aside from a few gimicks..most of which I attribute to just being a new device...I wasn't that impressed. I'm still using a 9530, but I saw nothing to move me to go to the new Droid. I'm still on the fence on the Storm2 as well.

I played with one at the store and liked a lot about it. But some of the same things that bug me about the storm seem to be true for the Droid as well. I am still considering...

I have been a proud owner of the BlackBerry products for the past two years and have been very happy. I've also been a proud customer of Verizon for the past 10 years...with their exceptional service and great plans, I would never switch carriers.

That being said, I am slightly jealous of the Iphone and the tremendous success its been having. I would give up a BlackBerry in a heartbeat for one, but I am loyal to Verizon. With the launch of the Storm2 and the Droid, I was very interested in purchasing either because of its touchscreen technology and wifi capabilities. I tested both phones and did my research, but ultimately could not decide which phone to buy. My gut told me to go with the Storm2 since it was an upgrade from the original...but I was convinced by my sales rep to give the Droid aa try...I decided to buy the Droid.

After only a day, I realized that this phone was nothing but a gimmick phone...it didn't do the things I wanted it to (e.g. No access to Yahoo, couldn't sync with work email, Facebook app was extremely limited).

Long story short, I returned the phone the next day and bought the Storm2. I couldn't be any happier with it! BlackBerry has done it again.

The bottom line is that if you plan to use your phone for business purposes, you should really stick with a BlackBerry. Its also got some great upgrades which make it an even better phone!

Concerning your "No access to Yahoo, couldn't sync with work email" concerns, a simple trip to Android Central would have shown you the way on those two items. The Facebook app is agreeably in its infancy, though I personally don't consider that to be a business feature. As the owner of a Tour and a Droid, the only true compelling feature I see for business purposes is push non-google email. IMHO

going from a Curve 8830, to a Storm 9530, to my Tour 9630, i have a high level of experience and love for Blackberry products. That being said, the Droid is a beast; if not for BBM I would have sold my Tour already. Which phone you ultimately choose is of no concern to me, but if you think you can understand the many advantages of a Droid during a little quality in the Verizon store, you have mislead yourself. If you desire a touchscreen phone (the keyboard is a feature) and don't need your email right that second for business, I couldn't imagine picking a Storm2 over a Droid. beyond the email, the BB truly can't compete with it's UI. The good new is that, with this phone on the superior phone network, it will push RIM to step up their game, which will make us all winners. Enuf said!

I had the original p.o.s Storm wich I was so glad to get rid of! Verizon sent me a early upgrade knotice when the Storm 2 and Droid came out so I went to a store and checked out both. I gave them a run for its money and at the end I had choosen the Droid. Just felt the O.S in the Droid was nicer and faster and it had a few "nice" features the Storm 2 didn't have. So after lil over a month my droid hasn't frozed up or come across errors, so much better trully. For haha's I turned on my old Storm and said how did I ever use this thing and shut it back off. What a relief! not afraid to use my phone and not having to constantly go threw all that hassle of testing out leaked O.S's ect to have somewhat of a stable phone lol. The Crackberry.com website has been very helpful threw my nightmare's of a year trying to make my phone work just ok. Ty guys for providing a great website it has been an experience good luck

I think I am the only person in this community who has no interest in the droid whatsoever. Lmao. I'm not bashing it - but I never even gave it a thought.

I am a subscriber to some of the more popular reviewers on YouTube(Jon4Lakers, PhoneDog, MobileBum,PocketNowVideo, etc) and when they had the droid up for viewing,.. I didn't even bother. Now - what phones I Was interested in was the Storm1-2(Crackberry and Salo-also subscribed to).

I am just a recent BlackBerry user, but have had (like many I am sure) Motorola Devices in the past, and I admit their call quality was spectacular - and email(never had data) I cant comment on. But the build was good, they were dropped so many times I couldn't count. I think near the end though they had a decline; lack of innovation and build quality falterd.

I lost my last krazr and went for the Razr2 and loved it - but as time wore down,.. T9 and predictive, email( "email") was a joke.

I got my first BlackBerry 8900 and loved it more than sliced bread! I now have a used Storm 9530 and love it to death. I wasn't there for the initial release and waves upon waves of problems but admist them I still love it. The typing may drive me cooky at sometimes(I would def jump ship for S2 for that alone) but it just - works. E-mail is flawless and it just... works.

These new phones are great for innovation and competition, and maybe RIM will step it up and seperate themselves from the competition.

I love BB no matter how many more phones flaunt their sparkly new attire,.. Im just a crackberry.

I've been a BB owner for the last 2 1/2 years and I haven't always loved it, but really love it now since I got my 9700. My sister is the owner of a new HTC and it seems too heavy and clunky. Not my taste.

Oh BTW surfing the net on the droid is a dream compared to the storm 2 honestly it really is. The email on the droid is not as fast but I can seem to live with that. Wathching videos on the net is an experience I couldn't do on my original storm aswell. Sorry after reading a few comments people should get there info right before blabing!

I think people should just be content with what they have and everyone can hold their breath. LOL

You just can't keep up with technology.

I've had my BB (8900) for almost a year now and it gets the job done. BB browser sucks but 3rd party browsers (BOLT,OM) makes up for its shortcomings. Battery life is great and so is the keyboard. I see no reason to switch to another phone - I'm just not one to switch phones every few months and I'm a tech savy person.

Just my opinion

Oh BTW surfing the net on the droid is a dream compared to the storm 2 honestly it really is. The email on the droid is not as fast but I can seem to live with that. Wathching videos on the net is an experience I couldn't do on my original storm aswell. Sorry after reading a few comments people should get there info right before blabing!

This shows how far behind the blackberry browser is compared to the Droid and Hero. But I still think that the Storm2 is the best touchscreen device out there. Let's see how is compares to the "Google Phone"

Droid looks interesting but as Kevin was saying, the sense UI seems to be better just because it's more useful. Also, multi-touch is key.

all you do is download a weather widget(pure weather), weather channel, Weather bug, hold your finger in an empty space in the home screen and then go to widget and then select any of the weather widget.

Also for people asking for sense UI. There are home replacement app on the droid. Shoot i rather have GDE or Home++ than sense UI because it makes your home screen more sleek. Also dolphin browser is better than the stock browser and also has multi-touch for Droid user.

GDE in action


I have been a avid blackberry user since the 58XX series blackberry's and have been extremely happy until the storm came out and then the joke of a storm 2. The storm 1 had so many faults i went through 7 of them in less then a year. Verizon replaced them every time due to product defects. I then upgraded to the storm 2 and went through 3 of those within about 15 days every time due to phone defects. So i took it back and traded it in for a DROID. I use my droid for both work and personal email. It has no issues connecting to my works exchange server and i use my personal GMail with no issues.

If you could combine every blackberry every made and it still would not be half of the device that the DROID is.

Kevin usually makes good videos but this video is so far from the truth its not even funny. Yes you can change themes and the entire looks of the phone, the browser and navigation blow anything away that RIM could ever dream of doing.

I played with both at Verizon Thanksgiving weekend. I've never had a smartphone before and the S2 won hands down. I still love the S2 although I probably won't know how to REALLY use it until it's trade up time.

I have been tempted myself at trying the droid not sure tho.
I like the look of the storm over the droid , but droid has a lot of cool features.

I was very impressed with the review. I would certainly consider the Droid, especially the HTC version, for personal use. However, my company is currently aligned with BB and push email and I certainly have no complaints.

On a side note, why is it necessary to use such vulgar language in some of the comments? Do the people who use such language really believe they are convincing anyone? I'm very perplexed by this as it is my opinion that they actually do more harm than good, even though they may actually have valid points to make. I wish there was a way to redact the bad language so that my children could read them and learn, but as it is, I find myself having to preview everything first, which limits how much information they can attain.

For all the bashers, have you tried the device beyond a few moments in the store? I have the storm2, eris, and droid. All 3 devices are great at what they do. I am on the brink of dropping my BB altogether for the android platform. While the bb is a great device, it is definitely behind a bit in the times for consumers. And as for themes on android, totally possible and it was just downplayed in the video

I wish they would have put the droid Eris in there for a few minutes. It's not much different than the Hero they showed, but it's verizon's HTC android. Fast browser, great touchscreen keyboard, all the apps you could want, Sense UI (which basically makes the phone what it is), great call quality... It just works. It does everything (except messaging) better than any of the BB's I've owned (pearl, curve, storm, tour). I only say it doesn't do the messaging as well because the Eris just doesn't flow with the grouping like BB does, nor does it have the Tour's keyboard.

It's one of those things that when you pick it up to use it, although unfamiliar at first, is extremely intuitive and simple. It does just what you hoped it would do, with every aspect of the phone.

I thought about buying a droid but I really just don't like the look of it so I got a storm2. However they are both awesome devices everyone is going to have their own preference and look for different qualities in a phone.

To those wondering how the Droid is, especially when it comes to the keyboard...the keyboard takes some getting used to. I got my Tour back in July, had 5 replacements, VZW gave me a brand new replacement in November, and before November was up, I went back, talked to the same manager, and he got me hooked up with the Droid. I did love my Tour, but that thing had so many problems. The Droid works and feels like a dream to me. So to those thinking about it, do yourself a favor and at least go to VZW or a friend who has one and check it out! I'm so glad I switched, even though there will always be a spot in my heart for BlackBerry.

A lot about the OS is slick however; the Moto form factor just creeps me out.

Maybe the HTC Nexus with A2.1+ will be one that will convince me to upgrade however; then I have to jump ship from VZW to a GSM carrier (and deal with all the early term issues)...

If they bring the iPhone to VZW or Nexus, I could stay put.

I did not read all of the comments but there are themes available and stock it ships with 3 panels but you can do themes and have 11 screens with Panda Home.

Remember the days before the BlackBerry surpassed the Palm Treo? Palm had nice lead in the emerging smartphone market and they failed to innovate, had some hardware reliability issues, and the OS would required frequent battery pulls (or resets with the stylus). Sound familiar? New BlackBerry models are being exchanged for hardware defects at an alarming rate. The OS is largely unchanged since inception. 5.0 should be named 4.8 at best and it lacks any innovative features. I've spent an incredible amount of my life (probably a couple hundred hours) rebooting, reloading, downloading and installing all sorts of leaked and hybrid OS's. Why? Because RIM just can't make a decent OS or reliable hardware anymore.

I did my own round robin and my conclusion is that the HTC Passion (or whatever it will be named) with Android 2.1 and Sense UI holds most promise of being "The Smartphone" for a while. The Droid is decent, but it's only because of Android. The phone itself looks and works like a beta engineering prototype, not a finished product. HTC makes some slick looking and functioning devices, they also make junk. I hope they don't disappoint with the Passion.

The Storm2 is also decent but the OS seems so old. Putting themes in it can help dress it up, but the browser is a joke by today's standards. There are countless band-aids for the lacking RIM OS that are making some developers money. I just wish RIM was able to incorporate many of them into the OS.

For now, I will make do with my Storm1 and wait a month or two to see if the Passion hype is "all that." FWIW - I'd gladly accept a Storm2 for free to replace my Storm1, but I'm not going to put down nearly $200, accept an ETF of $350 and locking for another two years.

Whoa - I was browsing through this forum and thinking about how RIM could end up like Palm - left behind in the dust - and then came across your comments. Spooky, we had the same thoughts.

Look, I'm still somewhat of a newbie on BBs, just recently replacing my 8310 with a nice AT&T 8900. I'm learning, but being an IT veteran makes it easy to learn and assess the smartphone battlefield. And I agree with so many of the criticisms from participants in this forum. I think RIM is resting on it's.... laurels, and mostly cranking out the same old same old, with the equivilent multi-patched OS to Windows 98.

I had a problem with my WiFi last week where my BB could see wireless networks I have previously accessed, but couldn't access them no matter what I did. Out of frustration, I shut it down, pulled the battery, and then fired it back up. Its running fine now.

Lock ups? Yup, I've had a few, though if you wait patiently, it will eventually pop loose.

Browsers? That's a huge hot button with me. I just downloaded Bolt 1.6 TWICE and installed tonight. I wanted a faster, more readable browser, but I couldn't get the text to enlarge, save the settings, or set it as my default browser, even after downlaoding the additional bblauncher. Why bother?

Final whine with my cheese: maybe it's just my inexperience and newbeeism w/BBs, but why does it seem, with the exception of the Storm/Storm 2, that most of the new BBs are just a rehash and repackaging of previous Blackberries? Oh, this BB has everything except 3G network, but THIS one has 3G but no WiFi, and THIS one has, yadda yadda. You get the idea.

I'll probably hang on to my BB for the next six months, but I'm going to be looking for a faster, smoother running, and DEFINITELY larger screened smartphone that is more user friendly. I'm fond of my 8900's keyboard, battery life and durability, b

Whoa - I was browsing through this forum and thinking about how RIM could end up like Palm - left behind in the dust - and then came across your comments. Spooky, we had the same thoughts.

Look, I'm still somewhat of a newbie on BBs, just recently replacing my 8310 with a nice AT&T 8900. I'm learning, but being an IT veteran makes it easy to learn and assess the smartphone battlefield. And I agree with so many of the criticisms from participants in this forum. I think RIM is resting on it's.... laurels, and mostly cranking out the same old same old, with the equivilent multi-patched OS to Windows 98.

I had a problem with my WiFi last week where my BB could see wireless networks I have previously accessed, but couldn't access them no matter what I did. Out of frustration, I shut it down, pulled the battery, and then fired it back up. Its running fine now.

Lock ups? Yup, I've had a few, though if you wait patiently, it will eventually pop loose.

Browsers? That's a huge hot button with me. I just downloaded Bolt 1.6 TWICE and installed tonight. I wanted a faster, more readable browser, but I couldn't get the text to enlarge, save the settings, or set it as my default browser, even after downlaoding the additional bblauncher. Why bother?

Final whine with my cheese: maybe it's just my inexperience and newbeeism w/BBs, but why does it seem, with the exception of the Storm/Storm 2, that most of the new BBs are just a rehash and repackaging of previous Blackberries? Oh, this BB has everything except 3G network, but THIS one has 3G but no WiFi, and THIS one has, yadda yadda. You get the idea.

I'll probably hang on to my BB for the next six months, but I'm going to be looking for a faster, smoother running, and DEFINITELY larger screened smartphone that is more user friendly. I'm fond of my 8900's keyboard, battery life and durability, b

Whoa - I was browsing through this forum and thinking about how RIM could end up like Palm - left behind in the dust - and then came across your comments. Spooky, we had the same thoughts.

Look, I'm still somewhat of a newbie on BBs, just recently replacing my 8310 with a nice AT&T 8900. I'm learning, but being an IT veteran makes it easy to learn and assess the smartphone battlefield. And I agree with so many of the criticisms from participants in this forum. I think RIM is resting on it's.... laurels, and mostly cranking out the same old same old, with the equivilent multi-patched OS to Windows 98.

I had a problem with my WiFi last week where my BB could see wireless networks I have previously accessed, but couldn't access them no matter what I did. Out of frustration, I shut it down, pulled the battery, and then fired it back up. Its running fine now.

Lock ups? Yup, I've had a few, though if you wait patiently, it will eventually pop loose.

Browsers? That's a huge hot button with me. I just downloaded Bolt 1.6 TWICE and installed tonight. I wanted a faster, more readable browser, but I couldn't get the text to enlarge, save the settings, or set it as my default browser, even after downlaoding the additional bblauncher. Why bother?

Final whine with my cheese: maybe it's just my inexperience and newbeeism w/BBs, but why does it seem, with the exception of the Storm/Storm 2, that most of the new BBs are just a rehash and repackaging of previous Blackberries? Oh, this BB has everything except 3G network, but THIS one has 3G but no WiFi, and THIS one has, yadda yadda. You get the idea.

I'll probably hang on to my BB for the next six months, but I'm going to be looking for a faster, smoother running, and DEFINITELY larger screened smartphone that is more user friendly and with higher quality application software. I'm fond of my 8900's keyboard, battery life and durability, but I'm willing to make some compromises to obtain a smartphone that is closer to my needs than one that is a minaturized mobile Commodore 64.

What say you, RIM?

BB user for 4+ years, took the dive and got a Droid today. Keyboards stink so far, hard to imagine pounding out emails all day, finding some significant learning curve issues, but overall...wow...feels like a jump in sophistication from the BB OS.

Lots of interesting comments. I agree the motorola does make some good and some bad phones. I've had friends that had great success with Razor, same phone for years!

The dummy phones on display do NOT look, feel, or operate like the actual phone. first time I picked up a display DROID I thought it felt cheap as well and would not spend a dime close to it's current best price. have not gotten to play around with a live one yet...this video was pretty close though, thanks guys. I would still want to see how it performs, how it pushes my emails and large data files, etc. Maybe soon. Storm 2 does look awesome too! I think there could still be more competition for the iphone! That would be a great phone if it was on a different carrier ;)

Droid does everything the Storm does only better, and then it does even more.

You couldn't pay me to trade my Droid in for a POS Storm.

@GoHokies91 - The Droid doesn't do BBM, BES, both CDMA & GSM on the same phone (it's not a world phone). I do dare say the keyboard on the Droid (both hardware and software) is inferior to the Storm2. The only thing the Droid has over the Storm2 is Android and a bigger screen. That maybe more important to you but no way the "Droid does everything the Storm does only better, and then it does even more."

Just had an opportunity to play around with my co workers Motorola Droid. And proir to doing this I was very interested in the possibility of getting one. Well good thing didn't spend the money. The Motoraola droid was horrible. It kept freezing, the apps werent working correctly and worst of all the querty keyboard is useless. The buttons on it are 3 times as big as the tour bout i made three time the mistypes, totally useless. Im sticking with my tour

I played with Droid at the Verizon store and I was not impressed. The only thing I liked about it was the faster OS. I chose Storm 2 coming from Storm.

I started off with blackberry in July, The first phone I got was the 9530 Storm 1 (hated it)In august I bought a curve 8330 and liked it so I upgraded to a the tour 9630 and really liked it. And then on Nov 10th I sold the Tour and got the Droid. All I can say is WOW!!!! Its like a day and night difference.

Here is why I like the Droid.
*Boot time is a minute or less
*Dont need to have quickpull or manual battery pulls
*Way more apps and widgets available
*the screen is gorgeous
*surfing the web is faster and easier
*very customizible, themes , home screens, you name it.
*turn by turn navigation with google
*have not had it freez on me once

Here is what I liked about BB Tour
*the physical keyboard is awesome
*email is top notch! it works well on the Droid but Blackberry really has this one in the sack.

This is just my take on this, and yes I have used the the 5.0 software, and I have used my buddies storm 2 for about a day while on a road trip. After using Android OS I will probably stay with it for my next upgrade in July 2010. I think Rim really needs to step it up on the OS side of things. My feeling is that RIM has gotten complacent.

After all is said and done I would still like the Storm 2 if it came my way for my 3rd line. Storm 2 is very nice but not as nice as the Droid.

So there it is my 2 cents, for what its worth.

Yes, I am still frustrated with my original Storm. Yes, there are many days when I feel like throwing it through the window. LOL It has decided that it requires a battery pull before it will recognize any of it's chargers & sometimes just decides to reboot itself for the heck of it. Then, there are the days when I still love my Storm, which is the only reason I haven't rushed to Verizon to check out the Droid, the Tour, or the Storm 2. I don't use my BB for business, so that isn't an issue. I can't stand the fact that it insists I interface with Outlook (I hate that program!). I've decided that I will probably wait until after the first of the year to see what 2010 will bring, before deciding which way I want to go. The one thing that might cause me to hesitate on moving to the Droid, is the fact that it is not a global ready phone. So...we shall see what the new year brings.

Thank you, Crackberry, for another great year of hints, tips, tricks & reviews.

im the kind of person that gets a phone 80% on how it looks, and that phone in my eyes is very ugly. i wouldnt be proud to get that out my pocket like i am with my blackberry! im sure its an ok phone but even the UI is ugly to me besides i dont like motorola phones.

i wish i could have a droid (or preferably eris). Alas my contract is not up and im stuck with the storm. Personally i dont like the droids size or keyboard, these are obvious problems compared to storm. But really, everything else I need (and im not saying all BBerry users. I am a grad student and not planning on going into business). It would be more friendly to my gmail, googlevoice and i dont think anyone can say that appworld is anything close to marketplace or that the browser on the storm (or any bbery) is even close to that of the android (and yes opera is an awesome subsitute, but thats all it is. a substitute for something that is continuously sick). All in all the droids size and ugliness cant back me off of the absolute edge that android has in its current stability and for all of its future expandability.

All in all, i feel the storm was a failed attempt by RIM to enter the smart phone market on the public side and not business.

I switched from the Storm to the Iphone and back to verizon with the Droid. Aside from the slide out keyboard, this phone rocks. The camera issues mentioned earlier have been fixed with the latest update on 12/11/2009.. The UI shown in this video can be changed with themes from the market. My screen looks NOTHING like this video. The application is called Ahome in the market and it's free. This phone is as close as you will come to the Iphone in my opinion. The best thing about this phone is Verizon. So many dropped calls on AT&T and Verizons 3G is so much faster on downloads than AT&T.

ever since it came out i've been visiting the verizon store and kiosks to play with the droid, thinking that im missing something each time, after not having been very impressed the previous time. honestly, sure it's a fast machine, it has a large screen and it looks distinct if not stunning, but the keyboard is close to the worst i've used, the sms/email function isnt as intuitively laid out as the blackberry and i just wasn't very impressed. i have a feeling that i'm missing out on something that makes the droid great, and maybe its the apps that weren't downloaded on the units that i've used. can any droid users give me a heads up on the greatest points of the droid?

2 of my coworkers have the Droid and I like everything about it except the way it looks and the "in hand" feel of it...however the software is grand, just grand...if I wasn't a BlackBerry addict I would want the Droid...

BIS does not push out all emails other than gmail or exchange emails guaranteed instantly, it can take up 15 minutes for some email accounts to get their mail pushed out to your Blackberry (like a hotmail account). This is truly no different than the Droid, but instead of having true push on some obscure email account you have to pull it, but this is easily set up by the user and can be set to fetch emails at any time interval you want. If you live and die by that email address you can easily setup email forwarding.

The Droid blows both the 9530 and 9550 out the water in terms of features and capabilities. Unless your running on a BES, hooked on BBM, or are just blindly loyal to RIM (which makes you no worse than rabid Apple fans...think about it), the Droid is just a better device compared to the Storm when you look on the grand scale, from App quality to media playback, web surfing and GPS. Even better is the customization that can be had and with Android constantly evolving and adding new features every few months, this is the new golden child of the smartphone world.

If RIM wants to run with the big dogs in the touchscreen game, they need to elevate themselves otherwise they should stick to QWERTY phones.

BTW who is questioning Motorola quality? I had numerous Moto's before switching to BB and i will say for 1-2 years of heavy abuse on phones back when i was a teen they stand up quite well. You also cant even knock Motorola quality especially if you a RIM fanboy, ever heard of the 9530 and 9630? I hear those models had a 50% defect rate

I had spent about 28 days with the Moto Droid, i must say that the phone is amazing, yes amazing. The display resolution is gorgeous and cannot even compare to the iPhone 3GS which i also just returned.

What i have learned in my time having the Droid is the way it handles messaging implementation. The droid cannot hold a candle to the way Blackberry implements there messaging.

I felt that the on screen keyboard was just very hard to use accurately, many say well you have to get used to it, no.... i just came from my iPhone 3GS which i had for a much longer time and typed like lightening on the supplied on screen keyboard.

The hard keyboard was usefull but just did not work, the d pad was in the way, just like the G1 on TMO that "chin" killed it for me.

The OS on the Droid is very good, the widgets (which i love) are awesome but not very stable, (the update did nothing about stability of the widgets).

The browser is pretty much why everyone is going nuts over this smartphone. Its amazing plain and simple, it just makes BB's browser an absolute shame, back of the bus, red headed step child etc... But alas as we all know there is hope on the horizon with BB's upcoming webkit browser, we will have what we have all been waiting for.

Organization: the Storm 2 Takes the cake here in IMO. on the Droid it just felt that everything was scattered and very unorganized.

The best parts of the Moto Droid have to be the Free Navigation (which is the best recalculating turnaround i have ever seen) the seamless facebook integration, the Hi-Res display and the free apps.

Multimedia is OK at best, coming from an iPhone its horrendous. There is no way to buy music other that amazon and NO MOVIES! Its a hassle to get iTunes music on the phone with the drag and drop (remember this is if you have used an iPhone or ipod device prior to coming to this).Ther is no separate stock app built into the device that can hold Movies, the only way to get to videos you have made are from the Pictures app in which then everything is bunched up and unorganized. The Storm 2 has much more organization.

One other thing that i did not like is there is no desktop manager that backs up the phone etc... Everything is OTA to Google as to MobileMe is to apple.

IMO the Droid is an amazing device and has its strong points, the Storm 2 is an amazing device and has its strong points (with no flash and pizazz as the Droids). I love the Blackberry OS, is it because of a "comfort thing" or because Blackberrys are just a plain "Predictive" device? well thats for YOU to figure out!

Also just FYI, i can't wait and see the Google phone that google themselves are coming out with... Its going to be the Droid x 10. with no hard keyboard and sense ui etc.. built by HTC. They are taking the best of all the Android phones and implementing it all into one phone the called the Gphone or Nexus One or Passion or whatever the next blogger calls the thing.

This is a very exciting time for the Smartphone. Never have you had so many choices, there is a Smartphone for everyone, just like salespeople say there is a Butt for every seat!

Kevin kinda sold me on an HTC android phone. I'm waiting and hoping that the bravo, or something similar comes to vzw next year! (I also thought it was funny when Kevin went to load crackberry's website and was like "let's look at this while the site loads... wait... there it is." Just goes to show how slow the native bb browser is. I played around w/ a friend's Droid and the browser was much faster than bb, and he uses the phone w/o ever sliding the keyboard open. That seems like a waste of a keyboard but i would probably do the same since the keyboard feels kinda awkward. My brother and a couple of other friends have the HTC Hero, and it is a sleek phone and I really like the look of the OS. Sure they don't have themes that can make the phone look like something different, but right now i'm running an android os on my storm, so why not just go ahead and get the android phone?

I have T-Mobile so I can't weigh in on the Storm 1 or 2 vs. Android, nor am I a "fan-boy". Also this is my first foray into touch screen phones, so my compare/contrast comes from an 8900 vs. MT3G...

Call quality... MT3G. I went through *3* 8900's in less than a month due to poor call quality, mostly an echo making and receiving calls. If it was network related or not, I don't care. It was just damn annoying. And after 3 phones I finally threw in the towel. Still have an offer for a 9700 though...

Messaging/E-Mail...8900. The edge goes here because of a physical keyboard and the ability to set up notifications for separate e-mails and sms. Now that I set the soft keyboard to vibrate when I type, it is becoming easier to deal with. Besides, I don't think anyone is going to write the next great novel on their phone.

Browser...MT3G. Hands down. Sorry BB, but this is one thing you really need to step up. Even running OM, it doesn't come close. Have run multiple tabs with the MT3G's browser with zero lag.

Applications...MT3G. I say this because everyone has different needs. There are plenty of great apps @ BB, but the android market is sick. Don't get me wrong, the open source android market is not without it's fair share of issues, but like so many people earlier have pointed out, it is still a work in progress. How much of it your willing to deal with is up to you. One thing I do miss about BB is having a desktop application. Even though the android market is all phone based, it would be nice to have the ability to surf apps via desktop from one trusted location. And yes, I am aware of all the android sites.

Well that's my two cents, but it all comes down to the user. This whole "my phone can beat up your phone" is ridiculous. It's is all a matter of personnel preference and what exactly you use your phone for.

I manage/support over 5k (soon to be 15k) lines of service (users), for my company, with most of the major US carriers. Of those lines, ~70% are Blackberry's in one form factor/model/OS or another. It is my job to ensure that our users are up and running with their devices on a daily basis. In addition to supporting BB's, I'm also a fanatic of Blackberry hence why I'm a member of this forum.

In addition to supporting BB's, I'm also charged with evaluating new devices - and sometimes they aren't BB's...gasp! - which I add to our approved device list. My vendors often send me pre-release test devices as well as production units to test for about 30 days. Well, I received a Moto Droid last month and I'm smitten.

To be fair however, smitten on a personal device basis. BB is clearly superior in mail delivery and integration with Exchange. It rains supreme in the security realm of the business world. But what about the consumer which it appears RIM is attempting to gain market share over the "fruit" company. I have both a personal (S1) and a corporate (Tour)Blackberry. Everyday at work, I'm thankful for the simplicity of the BB OS, "robustness" of BES and its nearly infallible security features.

However, come on RIM, get with the program for the consumer side:

I want a high resolution screen.
I want to install more then 3-4 useful apps without bogging down my device.
I want to view decent quality youtube videos.
I want free turn by turn, enhanced, voice activated navigation features.
I want voice activated search and make it accurate too!
I want FB on my device to mimic my computer screen.

Do I care about email on my personal device, sure but I can wait a few minutes for delivery. Even it was my business device, a minute or two isn't going to kill me; and if it's that important, call me up. What I listed above is my BB wish list but it seems the Santa Droid has already dropped off the presents, had his milk and cookies and "peaced the f out".

Sadly, I'm returning my test Moto Droid next week. It's been a whirlwind romance but I'm sure we'll meet again. In a couple months when I'm qualified for an upgrade. That is unless, RIM can sweep me off my feet in Q1/Q2 2010.

you guys need to give Motorola, Google and the Android platform a little bit more credit. I love BlackBerry, don't get me wrong. I had an 8800 and the Storm 1 for a year, and yes, I used OS 5.0.

Truthfully, I bought the Droid thinking I would definitely return it. After all, how can I give up my BBM? Well, I'll tell you that this phone absolutely blew me away. Every piece of functionality works perfectly. The browser is fast and accurate, the keyboard is fine, the OS is snappy and responsive. Needless to say, I kept it. Oh, and yes, I use it for corporate email, calendar, business and personal. It impresses on all levels, I highly recommend it.


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I went into a Verizon store to order another Blackberry 8830 after mine had a software crash, and they pushed the Droid on me so hard, I played along at first like I do with car dealerships... they think they know more about a product then I do... anyways they said Rim and Motorola patterned to come out with the Droid. Thats when I had to school them. Although the Droid is a good phone and the Google platform is great it's not for me.

I originally have a Blackberry Pearl 8130, and switched over to a Storm 9530 in Nov 2008. Two of my coworkers also got one. One went from an iPhone to it(cause work would pay for the phone and his Verizon bill, but not AT&T) and he HAAAATTED the Storm 1. For a year I constantly was doing unreleased updates on all three of our phones with the hope that SOMEDAY the phone would become more useable. Finally, after a year OS 5 came out and Storm 1 became less painful to use. The big problem with Storm 1 with OS 5 is the miniscule device memory (128 Megs) and the never ending memory leak. The phone was constantly asking me if I wanted to reset it with Quickpull because I was down to like 1 meg of memory and I'm pretty conservative about what apps are on the phone because I knew of it's issues. It got to the point of it running out of memory at least a half a dozen times a day. At that point I couldn't take it anymore.

I considered the Storm 2 and spent weeks playing with Storm 2 and Droid in the store. The 256 Meg of device memory sounded like a wonderful thing with Storm 2, but other than the touch screen changes, wi-fi, and additional memory, the phone was more or less Storm 1 and would have the same memory leak. Blackberry totally needs to figure out how to install apps AND run them from SD cards and not the trivial device memory. They also need to figure out memory leaks. I opted to get the Droid knowing I had 30 days to return it for Storm2 if I didn't like it.

Droid is much faster than Storm2. Between running apps, loading apps, screen transitions, etc. I was a bit surprised the Android guy was saying there wasn't different Themes for Droid. There is! You can download Home++ Menu which will allow you to have up to 7 drawers if you wanted that many different screens to store each kind assortment of apps you want. It also supports folders like Blackberry that you can store the icons in if you want to make one for Apps, Games, Nav, etc like I did with my Storm. I use K-9 for my email and not the stock mail program that comes with the phone. You can set the minutes you would like it to poll for mail and there is also a Push option in it for Imap. My only main gripe with the the Droid is I'm not a big fan of the physical keyboard or the built in touch ones. But wait! I also haven't tried the different keyboard skins that you can download for the Droid to replace the stock ones, so my complaint may be a moot point if they work better. I'm going to keep my Droid. As much as I wanted to stick with BB for BB Messenger, the Droid has better looking working apps and there is Google Talk, SMS and MMS that looks like the iPhone chat with Handcent, and AIM for my chatting needs. The experience is much more pleasant then I had with my Storm1. So for now, Droid is doing it for me.

I don't like Motorola products and even though this may have a few interesting features, this is no way makes me want to get a DROID.

Normally I'd agree with you. I too can't stand Motorola products. The Droid though doesn't seem like a Motorola product to me. It's solid. Metal back, and doesn't feel like a toy or poorly/cheaply designed. I think Google and Verizon had a hand in the design or recommending of things to do to it. It's definitely a quality product.

For me, internet is crucial. RIM's browser sucks, everyone agrees on that. And the main selling point for me on the DROID was that it had a ridiculously beautiful and fast browser. Then I downloaded Opera Mini 5 Beta, and now I get iPhone and DROID-like download speeds and load full pages as fast as either of them on my Storm1.

No complaints here.

Hmm... I wonder if Android device makers will eventually move away from the trackball to a trackpad soon.

But what program does the Droid use to connect with your PC? And is it better than Blackberry's POS Desktop Manager?

Just wondering if anyone knew of the name of the weather app on the droid in the picture next to the storm 2. Thanks.

This is a very cool program to make your sms better. May have already been mentioned but I love the look of it. I use to be a die hard crackberry but the droid pulled me over to the reliable powerful cool DROID. I have zero regrets. Hope you enjoy the droid but remember it does get very addictive.

Why are so many people hating on the Droid? I'm a Crackberry fan but I know there are phones out there that are better than my 9530. I mean come on, for one whole year we put up with this crappy ass lovely phone. I've thought about upgrading to the Droid but I just don't want t pay that much money right now. I also thought about upgrading to the Storm 2 but why, i tried it and it felt just like the Storm i already have but with WiFi. same resolution screen but with a lil more memory. My point here is to give other phones a try because Blackberry doesn't always make the best product. Don't believe me, ask any other Storm 1 owner.

Wow, that was weak.
* You can change the look and feel easily (wallpaper, etc).
* You can change the theme with aHome, etc.
* The browser is awesome compared to BB.
* Voice activated Searches...
* HTC is all widgets which you can run on Droid.
* Droid has OpenGL!!!
* Droid records video in HD.
* Droid has a 5 MP camera.
* Google Maps Navigation
* Google Goggles

Another advantage of Droid over HTC is that you don't have to wait as long for updates.

The disadvantage are that only gmail gets pushed to an android device. All over emails are pulled at certain times. Yes, the keyboard is weird, but I thought the same when I got my first BB.

They update it all the time, one of my friends has the droid and we compare. they are doing a great job.

I had a Blackberry Curve last year for about 7 months, and went back to a moto clamshell with no regrets - I really found the trackball unreliable (my hands get dirty easily at work), and just didn't "get" the Blackberry experience. At the end of October, Sprint cut me loose for excessive roaming and I headed back to Verizon (where I was using my Curve). I considered the Storm2, figuring the touch screen wouldn't be affected by my dirty hands, but was still reluctant, having had a Blackberry before.

At the Verizon store the day after the Droid release, I went in to give the Storm2 more consideration, and to take a casual look at the Droid. I walked out with a Droid, in part because of my heavy reliance on Google for email and calendar, and in part to give it a chance to grow on me and give it a fair shake against the Storm2. And grow it did.

Had I been an Outlook user, things might have gone the other way.

I am a mobile developer (by profession) and have a Strom 2, Droid and iPhone. I develop on all three platforms.

Here are my observations about these two phones:


Good Points
- Best navigation i've ever seen
- Fast..Really Fast
- Great Browser
- Lots of apps
- Integration with Google
- Hi Res Screen
- Good IM and Facebook Integration
- Nice charging dock (turns into a clock)

Bad Points
- Camera is NOT fixed. It's 5 megapixels put takes crappy photos. CRAPPY!
- Video (same as above)
- Lack of Bluetooth hardware controls
- Problems with stereo Bluetooth re-connecting and staying connected with audio streams. (yes, I have the update...still has problems)
- memory management issues. Phone even crashes if many background processs are running. (yes, I have 3rd party memory manager...it helps some)
- Integration with Google. I don't like them knowing everything I do. On this phone they do.
- Does not support my business email becuase of an advanced setting not being there for IMAP.
- No iTunes and sync integration without 3rd party
- Useless keyboard

Storm 2

Good Points
- Great email
- Dependable (stable) phone
- Dependable (stable) email
- Nice integration with iTunes, iCal etc..
- Supports every email I've tried
- Good IM and Facebook Integration
- I actually like the pressable screen!
- Google integration is still there if wanted. Google Voice, Google Sync, Google Maps, etc....
- Good looking photos and video
- Good bluetooth control and connectivity
- Nice charging dock (turns into a clock)...yes...it has one too!

Bad Points
- SLOW browser. Worst on the smartphone market IMHO
- Not as many apps
- Apps are MUCH more expensive in app world.
- Clickable screen is very usable but could still use some improvement


Each phone is nice. They both do some things better than the other. It's really up to what features listed above are more important to you as an individual.

For me. I have been finding myself using the Storm 2 more. Here is why...

I really like the Droid. I think it is an extreamly cool phone and I really, really, really want to love this phone. But....I can't. I like it a lot. I also like the Storm 2 a lot and the Storm 2 is more dependable. The dependable audio bluetooth is a big deal to me because i have a bluetooth stereo in my car. A dependable cell phone is important to me. Dependable mail is important to me.

If EITHER of these phones were to do some tweaking with a major firmware upgrade they could have a much better phone. Until that happens I will continue to use both.

I just realized: I would love a Bold 9700 form-factor phone (w/capacitive touchscreen, though) running Android (or WebOS). That would be a killer device.

Haven't played with the storm 2 yet, but I have the curve 8330 (which i think is a POS). My brother has the Motorola Droid. Hasn't figured out all of the neat tricks and customizable aspects of it yet, but it seems alot better. And played with the original storm, which i thought was the SLOWEST thing i've ever used. And jumping ship to Android doesnt seem like a bad choice. The hardware and software of the Droid is just amazing. Swype for Droid and i think i'm sold.

i am die hard crackberry user. ive had damn near every blackberry on gsm or cdma. i purchased the droid, because i was interested in it capabilities, and there is alot! Screen size, screen resolution, apps store, wireless sync, google voice, google maps, outstanding web browsing, etc. everything i use on my pc is google. i started to miss my blackberry and returned the droid for storm 2 because the droid is huge, battery life sucks, keyboard sucks, facebook sucked, etc. i kept the storm for 2 days then returned it for the droid again because i realized that the droid just has waaaay too many options that the BB cannot compare to. I still love my bb, but they really need to step it up to hang with the big boys! P.S. i still have my tour on my other line... lol

Cant wait till my upgrade is up. Going straight for the Droid... Gotta have a browser that isnt like using a computer with old school dial up

I must be the only one who hated the virtual keyboard and the actual keyboard. Maybe it was the demo though. All in all the droid has some cool features but Ill stick with the storm 2.

I must be the only one who hated the virtual keyboard and the actual keyboard. Maybe it was the demo though. All in all the droid has some cool features but Ill stick with the storm 2.

I must be the only one who hated the virtual keyboard and the actual keyboard. Maybe it was the demo though. All in all the droid has some cool features but Ill stick with the storm 2.

I have been using a Blackberry Bold 9000 for more than a year and now i have switched to a HTC Hero (GSM version) and I can say that am totally missing the keyboard of the Blackberry Bold hands down.

The HTC Hero is a great phone and each time i use it i find something new that makes me keep it even longer.

Both phones are great it just depends on your life style... right now I will be sticking with the HTC Hero, but i do have plans to maybe get a Bold 9700.. lets see how it goes.

I was extremely frustrated by the Storm, high maintenance-always hoping the NEXT great leaked OS would make it functional and FUN--finally gave up and got a Tour--it was ok--it was functional but it wasn't fun--tiny screen, nasty ball (they replaced the Tour at VZ for me and my teenager due to that)--just nothing special--then I got a Droid--What a vast improvement over the Crapberrys. It works, it's fun, it has a beautiful screen, it's fast, it doesn't run out of memory or crash--I'm done with blackberry--the Droid set me free of forums and leaked OS--sure for a couple of weeks you'll go thru withdrawal associated with lack of high maintenance but it won't take long until, when you see a Blackberry, you just chuckle.

I have to say that as a former Blackberry owner I don't think I will look back after having the Droid for more than 30 days. This device is solid, fast and easy to use. I have been able to type much faster with the virtual keyboads than on any blackberry. I had the original storm and the storm 2. These are the same phones just one has wifi. They both have issues. I will say that the addition of sensors under the screen makes the storm 2 superior to the original, however, that is about the only major difference to me. Wifi is not critical to a phone in my book so it doesn't justify the upgrade.

As for the speed of receiving emails, I typically get the email on my droid before I see it in Outlook. I am running exchange 2007 using the native support for ota syncing with exchange. No complaints from me. If you can adjust to the touch screen environment the Droid is by far the best verizon offers.

I am on my 2nd Storm and just about sick of the darn unfinished thing. I am sick of being told my charger is not the right type and hasn't enough power (OEM), I am sick of the frostbite, of having to do a battery pull every other day, of a battery that runs dry at 3PM, of 5 app updates in one day, of random freezing. I am sick of having birthdays while waiting for the browser to load. This phone was nowhere ready for the consumer market, the only thing it does right is email. The first one just died one day and never came back to life, and this one is almost as bad, what a POC phone. I am almost afraid to get the storm2 so I may opt for the Droid next year when my plan is up, providing of course I can refrain from smashing this thing in the meantime.

really nice review reallt liking blackberry more since seeing these other smartphones. they all have really kid friendly platforms but blackberry is really stepping up with os 5.0. Im really getting a nice feel with my device

Still don't know which where 2 go I don't want give up my BB but I'm hearing good things about andriod phones does anybody have sum advise for me

I recently switched to the droid for a free 30 day trial. I have the Storm 1 and have had problems with it. I use a lot of apps and it was dogged slow. When the upgrade to 5.0 happened I was a little happier but most of my apps were running the old os and I was sol. I just had had enough of the BB experience and switched. I wanted the Iphone but have a Ipod touch. The Droid is as functional as my Ipod touch or the Iphone

The Droid has the same processor as the Iphone 3gs, much sharper screen. Faster speed Much better browser then the BB. The WIfi work fantastic and tested on my home DSL and petter performance. I like it. I think I will stick with it By By storm v1. You were very much underpowered. BB should step up its game before Goggle eats its lunch.

Con to the Droid: Keyboard is not real useable, when the phone is placed in landscape, app crashes, no copy and paste

Nothing for me!!! I've played with one myself and didn't really like the feel of it. My 9530 works fine, feels better, and looks great come upgrade time - STORM 2 !

Nothing for me!!! I've played with one myself and didn't really like the feel of it. My 9530 works fine, feels better, and looks great come upgrade time - STORM 2 !

I have been with Verizon for a long time now and some friends of mine are trying to get me to switch to AT&T for the Iphone. No way that's going to happen because of dropped calls all the time. Anyway, I have the first Storm and once the Storm 2 was announced it was going to come out I have been waiting to get back home from Iraq to get it. Now that this Droid hit's the market i'm not sure what to do now. A buddy of mine has the Droid and say's it's a great phone. He went from Storm to Droid also... I think I may give the droid a try when i get back. Good job on all the reviews.. this helps out a ton!!

The only reason I took the Droid back and went back to my Storm 2 was the fact the exchange only synced 30 days of emails. I need it to go back like my Storm or at least give me the option to keep emails forever

I can't go to the darkside and take the Droid ride. It is a real deal breaker when a device cannot be voice activated by using BlueTooth. I also do not like the bulky Motorola. I have had Moto phones before and they do not compare in quality to BB or LG. And I didn't like the Eris either. I am not ready to make a switch.
I hope RIM will come around and get with the program and offer a lot more cool apps and make them free as well.
But even with all the apps Google offers, I am and will remain with BB

Couldn't decide on upgrading my Storm 9530 to a Storm 2 or getting a Droid. Checked both out and the Droid won. There are way more apps that are useful for the Droid than the Storm. I couldn't justify paying $200 for a Storm 2 that did what my Storm 1 should have done. Yeah, MOTO hasn't made great phones in the recent past, but the Droid is great! Keyboard needs some work, but it's useful when needed. The onscreen keyboard doesn't have nearly as many flaws as the 9530's suretype onscreen keyboard. I can actually type a message and not make mistakes! I use mostly Gmail so I still get my email instantly on the Droid. I especially don't miss the BIS outages that kill my Internets. Doesn't happen on Droid!

I got my wife a Droid for Christmas. I bought a 8330 curve about a year and a half ago. I decided on the curve because of all the depressing reviews about the Storm. I just couldn't justify the price for a beta-phone. I've kept a close eye on the developments with RIM and I have to admit after seeing Storm2(1.01) released, I can see no reason to stay with Blackberry. I understand that my internet browsing goes through BIS and that's why it's so slow, but I feel like I'm on dial-up from the AOL days. I hope things would be better with 5.0 coming out soon, but I put and things are only a little more bearable. From what I've seen with the Droid, it truly amazing! I've never even seen a progress bar when loading a webpage. I used the Weather Channels forecast app, it switches from current conditions to hourly to 10 day forecast like I was switching tabs on a browser. On my blackberry, I get an hour glass. That's what I have right now, an hour glass until my new Droid shows up.