Driving While Texting a BAD Idea - Especially in Boston

By James Falconer on 18 Jan 2008 01:00 am EST

Driving While Texting a BAD IdeaThe Joint Committee on Transportation in Boston has approved a bill that bans the use of using a handheld device while driving. The Massachusetts House of Representatives will vote on the bill soon.

Good for them I say. Driving while texting is one dangerous move. As good and adept as I know we all think we are... Fact remains it is a hazard and distracts us from what is most important: Maintaining awareness and control of our vehicles!

Drivers will be fined $100 if they are caught using a device while driving. Fines go up each time they are caught. $250 for the second offence, and $500 for the third!

This trend on banning the use of handheld devices while driving is not going to stop. Look for a ban in your area in the near future :)

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Driving While Texting a BAD Idea - Especially in Boston


it is about time that Taxachusetts did something right, vs taxing the hello out of everyone! I am surprised that they
have not found a way to tax use of the Cell phone!

Here in the UK it is against the law to hold a phone in your hand whilst driving, ie you must use a headset, handsfree etc.
Excellent move in my eye. Its an instant fine and several points on your license if you are caught.
If you think about it how can you keep proper control and concentration of a vehicle with one hand on the wheel, deep in conversation, often whilst navigating traffic lights etc?

I hate that the state (or any government for that matter) has to butt into things that it shouldn't. Just because some moron texts a page while driving at 85-90 mph on the masspike, WHILE eating a donut, drinking coffee, and glancing at the newspaper, does not mean that the rest of us should be punished. I personally have pre-binded text messages like "will be late" or "call me" that I can send with two-tree clicks, which are extremely useful. That, and until headsets become cheaper(like the aliph jawbone, and others on which people can hear you perfectly), and until voice control is at 100%, I don't think that the state should be able to force us not to hold our mobile devices.