Pro the first app released free by RIM as part of the Thank You From BlackBerry Offer

Thank You from BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 19 Oct 2011 04:17 am EDT
As promised, Research In Motion has started releasing the premium apps in BlackBerry App World that are part of what they are calling the Thank You from BlackBerry Offer. Of course, this is the offer we told you about a couple of days ago that RIM is making as an apology for the service outage that occurred last week. The first app to hit App World is Pro, which allows you to listen and respond to SMS and emails out loud, instead of by typing.

Interesting to note, RIM has segregated the apps that are part of this offer, giving them each a separate item number than their normal listings. It looks like you will be able to find them all listed in one place, which is convenient, but we're not sure yet how this will play out if/when the apps get updates. Also, please remember that not all the apps are going to be released at one time. RIM will be releasing them gradually between October 19 and November 30. Users with a BIS Lite or BBM-only plan will be able to download the free apps over wifi from App World starting in November.

You can find more details on the BlackBerry Facebook account including some of the fine print regarding this deal.To find the free apps, simply open up App World, and you should see "A Thank You Gift" in the carousel, as seen in the picture above. (If you don't see it yet, or don't see any apps listed when you open it, try refreshing App World by typing Alt + R,S,T,R,S,T in the main page, or just Alt + R,S,T in the My World section.)
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Reader comments Pro the first app released free by RIM as part of the Thank You From BlackBerry Offer


Mmm, looking at the site seems like it is a subscription based app... so are they giving us a free year? or free forever?

Also, what is the difference between Pro and Enterprise? both are in the list of thank you apps that will be available so should we install this one? or wait for the enterprise one?

I tried this, downloaded it on my 9930 OK but didn't work. Followed all of the instructions on this site and went to the Drive Carefully website and tried everything, pulling battery, changing permissions, putting it on vibrate only but no luck. Saw that others with 9930 couldn't get it to work so deleted it.

Came back to this thread a few minutes ago and saw that someone with a 9930 has it working so i loaded it up again.

It now works fine with my personal mail but not the BES (corporate) mail. I thought I read somewhere that there is a corporate version of this App so maybe this is what I need as most of the mail I need to read/hear is the corporate stuff.

App World seems a big sluggish (not surprising, under the circumstances) but after a few tries I got it, and an update right after..


Downloaded, installed and opened.

The intro does a loud thank you. Couldn't lower the volume. Not extremely loud but enough that everyone at work was hearing the "Thank you for downloading blah blah"...

It did get an instruction going however on what the application is and about the free application...

I didn't know supported multiple languages. Installing it right now !
Thanks RIM. Keep em coming :-)

I choosed my language, I checked reading of e-mails etc., but it doesn't read them. I tap in menu on Read with and nothing happens.

Thanks for help. I set my profile on vibrate only and nothing happened. I also checked my internet connection. Strange :-(

I had mine set to "Launch on Bluetooth connection", under advanced settings. I unchecked that and it worked. I guess what that does is it launches it when it connects to your in car bluetooth where it has always worked in the past with the free version. When I got out of the car it would say " Off" and I never had it read when I didn't want it to. I had to disable that today to get it to work while not in the car. Doesn't seem to care about Bluetooth to Playbook.

Is there any limit of number of the downloaded apps per user within this promo? Or I can simply get them all???

This is my question as well, I mean, I'm not going to be greedy & get them all. 1. I don't have that kind of space & 2. I simply don't want them all but there are a couple that I wouldn't mind having but if I have to choose which one I really want then I'm thinking of just waiting to see which ones are available & going from there. I think this would be really useful but would hate to get it & then realize that you can only get 1 app & then see something I could have used more often come up. It seems that all will be available until this window closes so I guess I'll just wait & see what comes out.

I say get them all. You can always delete them and reinstall later if you want, right?


Unless I'm mistaken, RIM have offered every BB user $100 worth of apps. is normally $19.95, so you have $81.05 left. I think I'm gonna wait till they've all been announced and then decide.

So after re-reading it says: "premium apps worth a total value of more than US $100 will be offered free of charge".

Are all these free apps compatable with os7? And does any one how to check this. I've downloaded drivesafe and for the first time I'm seeing the clock even after doing a battery pull!

I had the free version of it before i liked it a lot. Now i am downloading it. People who are complaining that its not working do remember that this app needs data to work.

I must be missing something...I did download from the gift announcement on the carousel but it thinks I only have the free version and wants my credit card to go premium...I'm very grateful for the gift but isn't it supposed to be premium? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Uninstall it and make sure you dont have the free version installed too. Restart your phone and then download again from the thankyou gift screen. Fixed it for me.

There's an exit option in the menu. Its not at the bottom of the menu, its more at the top. I didn't see it at first either.

Anyways great app. Just gotta remember to turn it on. And does anyone know what turning on voice commands does?

Yeah its doing that now to mine as well. I tested this morning and it did shut the app down. Weird. I hate having apps running and really hate apps you cant shutdown.

That happened to me too until I rebooted, now it is working pro. Actually based on s post above I'd also deleted/reinstalled but after reading their site I gather the reboot is what did it. In any case, try those.

It does allow responding. Just say 'respond' after it has read a message.
You can also wait for Vlingo Plus to become available.....

One app available at the launch of this? Sad. Customers aren't going to check AppWorld daily to see if it's been updated. They should have had more apps available to download today.

C'mon Laura, give RIM a break. It's free for goodness sakes, and they need to make sure millions of responses don't crash AppWorld. Besides most people won't need to check everyday. The reparations are going to be up for free for more than one day and more will be added, maybe even today.

isnt it typical rim !!
they announce what theyre gonna do but not when !
they then announce when but no other details !
cb does there bit by keeping us up to date
then on release date they release 1 app so far !
and then tell you to read the small print on theyre
facebook page !
yes of course it would be really stoopid to
release all together but that is how it was
worded and reported wasn,t it.
still no official word on which os7 are not compatible
apps are and if they will eventually be,
if os7 is their flagship models surely they can tell
us in more detail .
ps from uk so will shazam encore work over here
when finally released ?
much appreciated rim but why am the one doing the
searching for info !!

I don't consider it whining and consider it justified. I was surprised to click on the thank you gift and only see 1 app when I was expecting 3-4 apps.

Give BB a break? It should just be a few more clicks of their mouse to add more apps.

They clearly don't want people to see poor performance when getting their free apps so staggering their release is a very sensible move for that reason, not to mention that getting people to think about using appworld more often is actually a useful thing for them too.

Laura & huckleberry, you both sounds like the "Occupy Wall Street" hooligans - never satisfied and wants everything for free.

@rcm "you sound like the occupy wall st hooligans, never satisfied and always want something for free".

Wow. I think I actually feel stupider after reading that.

So lemme get this straight.. What your saying, is that we should continue with a bought congress incapable of making legislation, and that this somehow relates back to the many unhappy crapberry users who are once again dissapointed by RIM?

Ignorance is bliss.

I agree with rcm! (and i think it was more a suggestion that the attitude of entitlement is similar not the issue at hand) Since you are posting your complaints here, you follow CB and they will let you know when to look for new updates. You have until Dec 31 to get the ones you want so give it a rest.

You sound like an Apple fanboy with a built in QWERTY. FYI The BB terms of service don't require unconditional love.

Why are some people so adament about defending another blatently obvious failure by RIM?

The staggard release was obviously not made clear to users.

Most users would only want one of two of those free apps and were dissapointed today to find out that RIM would do this to them.

IMO it is quite logical to be dissapointed with RIM today. They were supposed to be making up for a gigantic failure and decided to leave out some key info which now just seems shady.

I guess they are acting in true BlackBerry form with a very SLOW apology, much like browsing the web over Wifi or 3G on my Bold 9780.

I can understand the concern about having AppWorld crash, but I do agree that only making one app available on the first day is weak. It's not at all an unreasonable expectation that more than one app would be available since we were given a (admittedly) short list of apps that were definitely coming. At the very least some more specific communication about the planned roll out should be offered, like the full list and some mention of the schedule. The way it stands now, it could easily be one app today, none tomorrow, three over the weekend etc. which is just silly.

OMG this is SO cool! Now that I finally got it going (I spazzed around a bit) I can't believe how well it works. Hubby is sending me VERY funny emails and the guy reads them so seriously...LOL

But this will have some very practical uses too, not just when driving but anytime one needs to be hands and eyes free. I need daytime naps and now I can and just open eyes and press screen if the message is important!

This is an amazing app and I am so grateful and think this is a fantastic way to start the gift roll-out.

THANK YOU RIM (spoken with impeccable accuracy)

Thanks :) With all the disease in the world and in my body, I somehow just can't complain about a really cool (admittedly once I read the manual) $20 app that I got for free, with more to come! ;)

I even like that we don't know exactly when the next one will be out. It's like presents appearing at your doorstep with time to open them, learn about them, decide if they fit in one's life before the next one arrives. But then I never tore open everything in a minute on Christmas either.

Enjoy your gifts, Birddog2!

SOmebody explain how to use the reply using voice to text. Doesnt voice command option have to be turned on? what do you do? the help video doesnt even show this what the hell

Under the *Thank You Gift* section in AppWorld on the Playbook, there are two apps:
1. Birthday Calendar for Facebook (listed as $1.99)
2. Spell Checker for Playbook (listed as $0.99)

Hi @MLE724,

Alex from RIM here. Just wanted to clarify that the two apps you saw resulted from an error caused by developers trying to submit apps into the premium free offer. It’s been fixed, and you should no longer see the “Thank You Gift” category from your PlayBook, as the offer pertains to BlackBerry smartphones only.

For more info, visit the “A Gift from BlackBerry” section of App World via your BlackBerry smartphone, or on your web browser, here:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Well the MAIN issue RIM did not fix is communication....The Facebook page is flooded with posts where people thought (as I did too) we were going to get a few apps free today. They failed to tell us 1 app per day. While I am happy to get some expensive apps for free, I am disappointed that again RIM left out some important details. BTW, Can you post the "fine print" on CB so everyone can read it. I can't find it on the Blackberry FB page on my phone (imagine that)

One app a day is actually a cool thing for number of reasons:

1. It will prevent the App World server from going down due to download traffic.
2. It makes us think of what app that will come out tomorrow

Is this OS7 compatible ? It seems to work, but not well and hangs up my 9850.

I had the free version on my 9850, and it worked fine. I upgraded to the pro version and it does kind of work but not the same. The GUI display is tiny (about 20%) of the free version and my phone keeps hanging up for 1 min (blank each time i get an email. Suks as I missed subsequent calls and emails - so had to uninstall it.

Anyone else with 9850 try this ? other OS7 devices ?

Same problem here : It does not work on my 9860 ... thanks RIM for your free apps.... Something else for OS7?????


...just disable compatibility mode:

Options -> Device -> Application Management

In there, find, highlight it (do not select it), hit the blackberry button and select "disable compatibility mode".

Restart device and the app will be full screen. ... had to do this on my Torch 9860 (OS7).

Note: The app does not work on my 9860 either. Seems to run fine, but does not do what it's supposed to do: read stuff out loud..

+1000. Thank you so much. That one setting fixed all the issues on my 9850. It is now full screen, does not go to a black screen and stay there on attempted exit, and lets me exit from the menu key back to a normal home screen! Yeah you!

I don't get it. Why do I want an app to read every e-mail I get? What if it contains confidential information and someone who shouldn't hear it is around? I get the dictation part, and I would use that if I wasn't afraid of what e-mails it would read at the wrong moment.

I installed it, and when I was done, a very loud voice thanked me for installing it. Too bad I was in the office and couldn't shut the damn thing off.

This app earned a quick delete. I don't really think RIM has anything to apologize for, but this isn't an apology.

The app is meant to be used while driving. Instead of taking your eyes and focus off the road to read emails/texts the app will dictate it to you. Hence the name,

I get the concept, but the way it is implemented is poor. I don't want to have to turn it off to avoid it reading an e-mail from my wife to the entire office or if I'm in the car with my family, I don't want it reading a confidential client e-mail to the family.

I guess I was skeptical about this to begin with, and then it read me a thank you message when I installed it, and I couldn't stop the (very loud) message, and that was the last straw. I realize I didn't really give this a fair shake, but I have a very low tolerance for my phone making unnecessary noises.

For some people, I'm sure this is great, but it's not for me.

You can set it to only read a certain ammount of words. Or why not just have it read who its from and the subject.

I have the same issue with the app trying to prioritize reading my emails. I disabled the app after entering the office, left a reminder to turn it on at the end of the day.

I guess its handy for it to read out text if your by yourself driving from point A to B.

I haven't downloaded it yet, but I was thinking the same thing - that I don't want it just to start reading aloud at the wrong time..."You have an e-mail from your company's leading competitor about that job interview".

I was thinking that it would be handy to have the app activate automatically once you get to your car. It could come on whenever your BlackBerry connects to the Bluetooth in the car and turn off when it disconnects. That would seem to solve most problems - unless you're into fooling around and receiving texts from partners other than your significant other.

ahaha! same thing happened to me this morning! that very loud voice cut in and scared the life out of me and everyone in the room. so much for trying to do it discreetly. after that, i discovered it doesn't even work on my 9860!

From looking at the advanced settings there is a turn on automatically when bluetooth connection is detected feature and just set it to not run on startup. That way it should only work when you are in the car if you have a bluetooth speaker phone.

Bluetooth connection is not the same as in the car. Can you specify which bluetooth connection to activate? I have my speakerphone in the car, but I also have a PlayBook, headset, stereo headphones, and computer I connect via bluetooth while not in the car.

does anyone know how to download this so that I can push it out to my BES users? Not everyone is on App World, but my road warriors would maybe like this.

I would love the app but it is not supported on my device. I have a 9330, I thought the apps would be compatible with all of the devices. I guess it's just thank you a llittle.

1) if i uninstall it after having installed it, will i be able to re-install after the end date of Dec.31?

2) make sure you are not in a sensitive environment, as i was, when it gets installed, immediately starts talking, LOUDLY!!!

Good Heavens. You just can't please anyone these days, can you? I thank you RIM for making a gesture when you didn't have to. Honestly I didn't expect all apps to be up in one day because that would cause some havoc somewhere. I saw Vlingo on the list and if that's all I get, I'm a happy camper. If you add up a few of these deals, it's worth the wait.

C'mon people, read the instructions for these apps and figure out how they run, go to a web page and read the info there. You are basically kicking a gifthorse in the mouth. In the computer world sh*t happens and it doesn't only happen to RIM. But not all companies offer up a thank you gift to placate their customers.

Wanna go to iPhone? Go already. Right now, I'm still liking my BB.

Is there any way to get this app without accessing app world. I am in Pakistan where we still don't have access to appworld

Its a shame that some people can't be satisfied. If RIM rolled out three apps for free today, then people would be complaining about download issues or even that number was insufficient. I think RIM was clear that they would release these apps "over time" and clearly communicated that time frame which means "not all at once."

RIM is not responsible for people's assumptions that more than one a day, because they did not say what number would be released daily. Who knows, some days it may mean more than one a day. They are free to release what they think the system will handle.

I guess what people want is for RIM to send an unsolicited email or BBM or SMS or MMS to 70 million people telling them that their free download is ready. I can see that triggering a response that really strains the system.

is great news all of this. I hope RIM considers in giving for free today a Compass aplication for our Blackberry and playbook

What the heck is the point of this app? I have a 9850 and the app is buggy and barely operational. This is what RIM throws out for free? I promptly deleted this after about ten minutes of tinkering with it. I try to be a good RIM fanboy, but it keeps getting harder and harder.

It was a nice gesture for RIM to offer this stuff up, but at least make sure it is good for all versions of your phones....especially the new ones.

Now I'm sure that I will hear from the Super Fanboys about how I should be appreciative, blah blah blah, but the flies are starting to circle aroun RIM and if they don't get their head out of their backsides real quick, I fear they will be passed by. They only have themselves to blame for this and they really should have made sure it worked a little better than a half baked app that really has no purpose!

I installed on my Torch 9810 - then my BBM icon disappeared... In the last two weeks my opinion of Blackberry is tarnished. As soon as my contract is up I'm switching from BB to something different. I've been a loyal BB user for 11 years now. I give up.

It is a good concept, but I don't like the execution. It reads the entire signature block of a sender, including the lengthy disclaimers at the bottom. Since everyone that e-mails me has these, it is basically useless. I suppose I could have it just for texts or have it just read sender name and message (which will just make me pick the phone up anyway).

First let me say I do appreciate RIMs efforts here but this app didn't work for me on my 9900 I even searched to make sure I'd set it up correctly

I downloaded this morning & I love it! It works perfectly on my Bold 9930! I turned it on while I was getting ready for work & it was nice to hear who texted me & then I could decide if I wanted to respond or not. I haven't tried the voice response yet though. I'm super grateful that RIM is giving away free apps!
RIMpire Strikes Back!

so..... no magical christmas box yet in app world. any suggestions other than refreshing app world? also tried restarting my machine.

Of course, I can't get into App World today. Been trying since this morning. Battery pull, reboot, nothing. Just sits there and says "Loading." I'm using a beta version 3.01.20...anyone else using that?

So I read the very first comment on this thread and it's a guy who is using the very same version of App World as me.

Wonder why mine is suddenly broken?

I installed this program on my Bold 9650 this morning. My phone was FULLY charged. Has been plugged into my charger all day (always while at work). The phone has been HOT all day and the battery is now dead.

Nothing good will come of this free app giveaway for RIM or for the products being given away. Another public relations disaster in the making for RIM.

i started downloading this app before my 10am class and moments after class started(phone on silent) the "thank you for downloading" message played very loudly. my prof was cool about it so its all good. but i love this app. I'm not a fan of texting&driving.

So, downloaded and reading my emails. But I am unable to respond, or reply by verbal commands. Is this app able to do this or only read email and text messsages.

Like others, I downloaded it on my 9900. I like the idea of this app, but I'm not liking how it is running in the background despite me "Exiting" the program using the BB menu button.

Install the app this morning. Used it periodically but really this drained the battery and phone was extremely sluggish. While it spoke some emails and all texts, the battery drain and sluggish behavior made me uninstall the application. Wasn't worth it, even for free.

Seems virtually all of the questions here are addressed in the announcements and in the dev's website.

And so many of the concerns (it does too much, it doesn't do enough) are easily resolved in the settings, if one reads how to use them. Other than the initial "thank you" out loud, the rest is all in your control.

We all learned to change our sound profile for different situations. This gives you more options, if you want them. Just as one wouldn't put a personal call on speakerphone at work, or set sound effects for a game to "on" while at work, one wouldn't set this to read all emails aloud there either. It has a certain purpose -- for safe driving, privately with bluetooth/earbuds or out loud through speaker. Better than no option at all. If it, like other power-intensive apps, drains your battery, you might need a way to charge in the car. But it's a choice, one of many that are coming our way.

I find it useful if I'm gardening and don't want to touch my phone, or napping but only want to deal with an important message I'm awaiting. I set it to read calendar events in the right circumstances too. Cater it to what is useful to you, and if it isn't, delete it and see how the next apps work for you. There's no way they could please everyone with the same apps because we all have different needs, and imo it's asking way too much to expect them to offer to "choose any 20 apps you want" or the like and I can't imagine the competition doing it either. There are many on the list I have no use for that others will love. But for many like me, this one is amazingly useful and smooth-functioning. Yes I had to reboot once and rtfm to get it to work right but now my device is so much more valuable than it was yesterday :D

I hope everyone finds something good in the bundle. It does seem though that some people just can't be pleased no matter what, oh well.

I am really sorry for those who can't use app world though. They deserve something and have every reason to feel left out. There should be some way to make up for the outage for them. A gift cert or something. :(

Not really as not everyone will download it, and they are probably only paying out the portion that would normally go to the developer. So they are only loosing a fraction of this.

glad to hear so many find this app useful.

i downloaded on 9780 without any problems, but it is NOT reading emails and text messages.
Sure, i can select messages and 'read with drivesafe,ly' and it is entertaining. Try to listen to your long emails in different languages i.e french, russian, italian etc - most of it is giberrish but fun.
Yet, that is not hands-free.

I did try to switch to the vibrate mode and run the app in the background (as their website suggests) but that did not help.

Any suggestions on how to set this app so it will read messages and emails aloud in real time? TIA

it clearly states it does not work with BBM and a few other applications. There's a monthly or annual fee for the service, and that's what it is a service. That's why you need internet connection. Info is uploaded to some server then converted and sent back to the phone. Pretty archaic. It only works about 25% of the time on my 9650. iPhone 4s SIRI has the right idea. The program is local on the hardware.

This app loaded fine but the menu is to small in size on my 9850. Also when I closed the app down my device went to a black screen. I had to pull battery. Very disappointed but oh well it was free.

Sense I first downloaded it to my 8530 it has some unexplained glitches. The first day it stayed active then for a while it went silent, and the app said it was still on. I can still hear my messages alert sound from the phone but no email / Txt announcements. I pulled the battery and did a hard boot and it detected my blue tooth earpiece ( Planotronic ) and the first email received I could hear it being read. This stay active for a whole day ( even though it was somewhat annoying at night when I plugged in the phone and blue tooth earpiece to their charger ( earpiece off ) I could hear the messages on the phone speaker all through the night ) but eventually it reverted back to not being able to hear any messages again. I opened the app, and I manually cut it off and you could hear it deactivating via my earpiece and I cut it back on and you heard the beeping sound, but strangely, the only time you hear the voice prompt for saying it is on, is when you double click the center phone button. I need to read the manaul, not the You Tube Video's. How can I access the instructional manual?