Hits 1 Million Users Helping Keep The Roads We Drive On Safer - 25 Free Copies

By Bla1ze on 19 Nov 2009 09:08 am EST
-, the application which reads you emails and SMS messages to you while you are driving has hit a big milestone. 1 Million users are now putting to work for them and making the roads a little bit safer for all. The application is great for those who need to have their information asap but not willing to put their and others safety at risk while driving. comes in two versions, free and premium with the premium version eliminating ad's that are played before hearing your messages. One thing to note though if you are planning on using the app, which I really wish would make more obvious is that it will email the sender of every message read to let them know you are using Rather annoying if you do not adjust the settings.

Contest: We have 25 free copies of to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contet ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Reader comments Hits 1 Million Users Helping Keep The Roads We Drive On Safer - 25 Free Copies



my wife takes my phone away while driving with the family so I don't check emails for sales leads, etc.
This would definitely solve that problem....

Almost crashed the other day trying to read an email from work!...this could save someone's life...gottta get me one.

I have the free version, but will definitely be purchasing the paid one. It has a smooth interface and works great. The service with my bluetooth is intermittent, but speaker phone is flawless. Outstanding job!!!!

Would love a free copy.
I change devices and I found that if you register a copy it to a specific device it is registered to that device or PIN #, you cant switch it, not even if you go from a S1 to a S2.
Could get very expensive, since I'm in a time of laid off.
I have a friend that just got a Droid and wanted to know if there is a version or him???
Told him to return Droid and get a S2....

wow i just looked at this yesterday! sounds like the app for me! im ALWAYS doing what im NOT suppose to be doing..which is TXTn or bbm'n while driving! ooo please that would be fabulous!

i want to see if it works with spanish , if not ill still use it cause i mainly use english unless i family from back in Puerto rico

This is a must have app. As a drive bus all day, I like how it reads my text and emails too me. I hope to win a free copy of the pro version. Please pick me.

Nothing wrong with driving safely, esp with cops pulling u over for cell phone use. Help keep my ticket costs down!!

This looks like a great app....I have concern for saftey on the road...but i can be accused of checking an sms or email while behind the wheel now and then...i could use this!

I just learned about this app yesterday and immediately downloaded the free version to my BB. I had extremely high hopes, but it failed to impress me. It repeatedly locked up and/or crashed my device, giving me an "App Error" and requiring a reset three times. I couldn't remove it on the device b/c it would lock up and not let me access the applications menu. I had to remove it with DesktopManager.

Sigh... such a great tool, too. Perhaps it was my system, my OS, or my signal quality. Either way, I wish it had worked.

Daddy needs help with his multi-tasking! 90% of my business is done on the phone, many times while driving. This would help a lot!

I'm not sure that this will make our roads safer as you'll still need to manifulate your crackberry to have it read you messages and you'll be tempted to respond.

I'd be very tempted to have the folk in the office test it though. A free copy would be great!

It always seems like people call or email me more while I'm driving than when I'm at home. This app would be wonderful for me!

would love a premium copy the free "lite" version sucks.

To the article above, on lite youre limited to 25 words!! Its definitely more than just ads or what not. Its only like a trial version as most emails are over 25 words.

Sounds interesting. Would love to try it, if I could get a free copy in this contest. Please enter me. Thanks.

I am on the road a lot and this would surely come in handy..well not really in my I am driving, cause I wouldn't need to! reads out texts and emails!! Sweet!!

just luv the apps :) for me who is new user to bb, no more interference when you get a message or email. would love to try the better full version.

I love this app. Use it every day. I have even suggested it to all of my co-workers using Blackberries. Of course the iPhone users are jealous at the moment...

This app is spyware. After installing, it made me a fan of their Facebook group without my approval, and it autoresponds to email senders if you have the trial installed. So much for privately reading your emails, since the sender now knows you received it and read it. MAJOR breach of privacy. I'd like to see them respond to these security concerns specifically. Anyone up for a class action?

I have the free and love it. I've tried doing the whole "add 25 friends" thing, but I'm not sure how many of my friends have actually fanned them, but it doesn't matter, because no matter how public I make my facebook, they can't find my profile.

Something that would read/speak the phone number /ID for an incoming call like almost every other cell phone available. If this did that as well it would be the last missing piece for my BB.

A new law just came into effect, restricting use of cell phones while driving. This is a perfect solution and I would love a full version of this to enable all features!

I definitely want to win a copy of . This would really help me stay in contact with my contacts and especially my wife who sends me emails all day long. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

This sounds like such a great app, it almost seems designed just for me. I'm a courier for a large express delivery company, & to have the multitude of texts that I get relayed to me in this format would be perfect. Please consider me for this app. Thanks.

i Would love to have this app, I have been a professional driver for 41 years hauling fuel up in in Canada, I think that this app would make things safer on the road..

Love this app, but not enough to buy it, free version is limited, but also enough to get you hooked, does it auto play messages for anyone, if so what setting??

I'm a traveling salesmen and get alot of emails and sms a day.This woould be a great product for me to use and be safe on the roads all day.

Been lovein the free version since downloading would love to win a free copy of the pro. My eyes stay on the road more then on my phone. Kwel app everyone needs to download.

I've been mostly reading texts and emails at red lights but green always comes too quickly. This will help avoid a lot of horns.

I just hate having to click "continue for free" whenever I want to get into it to make changes. I would absolutely love to have a full version of this. Please!

WOW I would love to have a copy of this app for my wife cause she ALWAYS on her Curve with our kids in the car and it's scary. You always here about people doing stuff while driving, this would be a GREAT app for her!!!!