A dreamy BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept!

BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2012 10:37 am EST

With all the excitement this past week with Research In Motion getting a new CEO, I almost forgot about our DreamBerry movement we have going on. Following up John Anastasiadis' sexy wrap-around BlackBerry concept phone, we have another cool looking mockup to drool over, this one for a tablet. This one was submitted by member ummie4... we'll let him tell you all about it:

Crackberry user ummie4 here. I wanted to show you my design for a DreamBerry! This is my idea for a next generation PlayBook 3.0. To take full advantage of the multitasking of the PlayBook, I wanted my PlayBook to have dual screens, so you can video chat on one screen while you view a Powerpoint presentation on the other. I love the Bold 9900's keyboard so I took the same style keys, made them larger and split them in half. I think a table device with a keyboard layout like this would be really sweet. You can hold the tablet with both hands and thumb type with ease without stretching too far. Above the keyboard are dual trackpads. I still think the trackpad is useful even on a touchscreen device. I think having two trackpads might make gaming controls more interesting than what other tablets have to offer these days. My PlayBook has a flashy brushed stainless steel bezel (like the 9900). It folds closed so you don't need a bulky case or screen protector, it protects itself.

Pretty creative thinking in this one and the logic behind it makes a lot of sense. Dual displays for TRUE multitasking would play to the strengths of BlackBerry 10 and be unique. I guess it's not technically a tablet - but it definitely plays to the book within the PlayBook name. Call it what you want though, I'm loving the out there thinking on this one. And hopefully Skype sees this post and gets their butts in gear to get Skype onto the PlayBook/BB10 (they'll want do it before February 1st or else the CEO is going to be getting a LOT of emails from CrackBerry's Skype petition/email campaign). Be sure to check out a couple more pictures of the PlayBook 3.0 concept after the break!

A dreamy BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept by CrackBerry member ummie4
A dreamy BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept by CrackBerry member ummie4

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A dreamy BlackBerry PlayBook 3.0 concept!


Not the ideal BBPB for me. But, I do give full credit for the imagination and rendering to the person who designed it. Great work!

Only problem is the keyboard, my thumbs go all over it and I can't just limit myself to one side.

Only if you are on Verizon - and uses calls to connect to Verizon's switch before transferring over to Sykpe - not true VOIP, not for every carrier, and not for Playbook.

Not my style....you need something simple and easy to use one of the things that makes a blackberry a blackberry and something that appeals to most people I think most people looking at that might get confused

I think it is a good concept.

Take away the speaker on the right and left side, put it on top of the keyboard, fit the screen to the frame. Imagine whenever you swipe up an app on the keyboard screen, it will go to the main screen. Nice...

do you just get out of bed and ask yourself how you can be an A$$hole today? That photoshop job is awesome.

@just_luc, Agree!

@forsakenwasteoflife5, we are all waiting on your rendering to be submitted. With your unnecessary comment I am assuming you feel that you can render something better!

Don't you know it's much harder to complain about others on the internet than to actually do something productive/imaginative with your time?

/Sarcasm with a capital "S".

I have never used photoshop. This is an actual 3D model done in a hotel room during a buisness trip. I was bored and wanted to share an idea with everyone

This is interesting and well presented, I like how you are using skype as a true concept art haha, but why does it have a keyboard?

I thought tablets were not suppose to have keyboards

I wanted to show a new idea. A mini-net book thing that you still hold with 2 hands and type with your thumbs on physical keys

Great work Ummie...like denty said! pls don't hesitate to post more stuff.
Love the display and keyboard lay out .

Kuddos on the imagination and design work, but this isn't what I would ever want the playbook to look like. Could possibly an entirely new line, like the Blackberry notepad or something.. but even then, I don't know how much market there would be for it. When you get that kind of size and form factor, its basically a netbook, and people are going to expect it to have windows..

Lol agreed. But you get the point. Detailed work like letters and numbers take a lot of time in the program I used to create this. Use your imagination and picture the bold keys

I think you misunderstood me.I think the concept of a physical keyboard on a tablet is backward's thinking.I think your work as a graphic artist is fantastic, but my vision of the future as far as keyboards go,is virtual.I own a playbook and a smartphone with virtual keys and even though they are not perfect yet, design wise, I would not want to go back. It's a matter of taste but also of habit, much like the physical book vs. the virtual book.

Its suposed to be a dreamberry. I wanted something smaller and more portable than a netbook but more capable then the current hardware of the PB

Great device in theory, but it looks like it's meant for gaming, with a keyboard added as an afterthought. How would you read e-books on this? Which screen would you do web browsing on? This seems like it would be great for multitasking but not so great for single-tasking. Either way, I don't think I could have come up with anything better, so well done!

awfully made... should not be made... the concept of future is a thin glass with possible way to socialize, not like 3ds which is quite impotent for many tasks..

I wouldn't buy this. Why split a physical keyboard? This looks like something you'd find at Toys R Us. It look too busy and complicated...no artistic sophistication.

It seems to be too much about making some kind of object first and then adding software to it - makes this device look retro.

Just seemed like a more natural place for the keys to keep all the thumbtypers out there happy who prefer landscape mode

I actually thought of that and almost said something to that effect, but then decided I would not kick the dog while it was down and give the new guy a chance, lol.

see we are going about this all wrong... apple to the iphone and just simply made it bigger... all we need here is a really big bold.... lol problem solved

With a double screen! I work & play better with two. How about tieing 2 PB together with bluetooth? That would be really cool & possible soon.

Although the overall design is really nice, I really don't want a Playbook to look like this. If I wanted a 3DS, I'd buy one... in fact it could also pass for an updated Nokia N9300.

Anyway the design is sweet, but no thanks


Ugh, yeah, it is Nintendo 3DS - so much like a toy..or Sony's whatever over priced tablet.

RIM has its own classic design concept which I believe the absolute.
For the playbook it should keep the same design concept - (I am selfish since I bought the case which I love and don't want to buy another one for newer model)
Indeed, we need updated chips, battery, and casing material. (like quad core CPU - 2GB RAM - no bulging backplate -Gorilla Glass 2) With this - we do not need PC of any kind or another tablet, only made for little bit more than the toy.

I actually want PB to be upgrade capable device. - like just change the motherboard and battery and we can go on - just to concern environment and able to keep all the accessories that we invested on....this way we can avoid all sorts of "Oh I just bought new PB and 2nd generation is coming out - I should sell the old one and need to buy new one when comes out."

naw, that don't look good......don't get carried away...........i like the full touchscreen playbook as we have now :)

What if this was a phone instead? It isn't my style but it would be a great concept if the outside had an all touchscreen and the inside is like it was made here. I like the idea but not for a tablet. I think it would get more use as a phone. Even if it didn't have an outer screen and you made your calls by voice command but to access the screen you had to open it. Hmmm. Maybe that would be more of my style. Good stuff

Not for me... Personally I love the looks of the playbook now. It's simple and sleek. This design isn't a tablet...

Where is 2.0?!? The wait is killing me!!!! haha

playbook with built in moveable[180 degrees] projector and laser virtual keyboard coming from blackberry playbook print below the screen of playbook,
2.2ghz quadcore cpu
4G memory

I always admire people that come up with these designs, great work. However, the only thing that flips that works for me is a lap top, and it just looks like a little laptop, but kudos to the creative work, well done!!

Quoting Kevin....

"Pretty creative thinking in this one and the logic behind it makes a lot of sense. Dual displays for TRUE multitasking would play to the strengths of BlackBerry 10 and be unique. I guess it's not technically a tablet - but it definitely plays to the book within the PlayBook name. Call it what you want though, I'm loving the out there thinking on this one."

Kevin, I guess you are all alone on liking this one. I thought the design and idea was good. Maybe even designed for teens to young adults. I wouldn't call it a fail. It is a device for a different market. I could see my son and daughter owning this device easily.

RIM continues to show us what is NOT cool. This thing looks like its built for a 3 year old. what a joke RIM has become.....so long RIM.....you were good 7 years ago, not yuo are the laughing stock of the smartphone world.....verizon alone sold 25 million droids and iPhones last year.....they sold about 10 blackberries. Heading to the store to dump my bold 9930....what a joke of a smartphone

this sounds like an apple user. everyone knows what they look like. Glass eyed, slack jawed, drool cup. Usually heard repeating. Must have an I phone. Not cool dude. Now go away. BTW I have both sides of the thch, apple, samsung as well as bb. They all have issues, and they all have strengths.

You really can't be this stupid. Should I even bother to tell you that this isn't a RIM design? It doesn't even bother me that you don't like blackberry anymore but please read the entire thing before you run your ignorant mouth.

wow how ugly...nokia came out with a phone with the screen between the keyboard guess what it was a FLOP it sucked...it was soooooo hard to type on....its ugly.....is that the new game boy????

Yup, too much like a notebook. If I wanted one of those, I would have bought one sooner than my Playbook, which I love.

OTOH, if RIM brought something really new to the table in terms of functionality or, oh I don't know...APPS, perhaps a market could be found. But that would be a bigger gamble than the Playbook has been.

Holy Man. Kudos for having an idea, hats off for putting it out there. Not for everybody, but thats what concept ideas are for. Has anyone ever been to a concept car show from the auto industry?? Dont be such a bunch of complaining haters. Greatness is born from failures and then moving forward. Most people are too narrow minded to see something come from nothing (u know who u are).

love the design ... and all the work you put into it ... very nice

wonder if the keyboard instead of being physical they could be a on screen so 2 large screens then if you want the keys you van pull them up
i do love the dual trackpads i hope they keep them on their phones ....

what did u use to render?? solidworks or something different??

Hey bud, don't let the haters put you down. Keep doing your thing and keep putting it out there for the world to see.

this joint sucks big time!!!! Please remove from crackberry home page. NSFHE (not safe for human eyes)

The poor designer has had to do nothing but defend his Dreamberry idea. It is an innovative idea and although its not my Dreamberry it is super exciting to see what can be done by the Crackberry community. Great work!!

all i want is the original bb pager-sized device with a full color screen. make it as small as a pager and as thin as possible.

Interesting concept, but what would the dimensions be? Would it be closer to a tablet or closer to a smart phone in size?

The keyboard layout reminds me of a prototype Nokia (?) phone I saw a while back. Otherwise its a cool concept, something very different and un-Rim like. Personally I would be happy to see a new Playbook with similar dimensions to current PB, upgraded guts, smaller bezel (im thinking 25% the size of current bezel) with more functionality built into it.

Nice work. Personally, I love the idea, and the presentation is great. Great idea to split the keyboard. Reminds me of when I took a typing class in high school, and we were taught to use the left and right hands for certain keys. Ummie4, please don't be dissuaded by the unhappy underachievers here who post negativity without any constructive criticism.

I'm ambivalent toward the design, however A+ for the time and effort, many car makers produce prototypes that are never made, but often parts that shine are utilised in future vehicles.
MY list of requirements for the playbook are.
1. A fully developed Basic/Pascal/C IDE that can be used on the playbook (write and run)
2. Multi-core, with throttling to conserve power - and the smarts to help it
3. Discrete 3D video - again able to be killed unless needed
4. A screen that can show full HD (i'd prefer 1920x1200 as the extra space allows volume and such) - maybe on the 10" ? - don't scrimp on the quality either, the current screen is very good.
5. Ability to read/write memory card, USB sticks and external hard drives - even if they lock so only audio/video files can be streamed through the device (for security)
I can't say i'm unhappy with the current format of the PB.
just waiting for OS 2.0....

The person who created this image is an artist for sure, but I don't think I'd be buying this. I like some of the design features, like the chrome ring around the device, but I prefer the regular ol' tablet overall approach.

12 inch tablet perhaps? I can always add a BT keyboard. I really want one! QNX has the power :)

Would even go 15 inches. Imagine all the stuff one could do with all that extra space! You can even sync with a BB phone and talk wirelessly with other devices. Wireless charging would be a given as well as wireless connectivity. With the 15 inch device, you don't need 4G. It stays at home. With a 7, 10 or 12 inch device, 4G would be an asset.

Huge A+ for effort!!
Personally, I'm not feeling it, but I love concepts, and as a concept, it's great!!
I do love the brushed steel and the dual trackpads though. Well done. :)

This is just a concept not ready for production. The guy took his time and effort to share this with us so we dont need to be so hard at him. On the dual screen I think Kyocera tried this with Sprint and they were not successful, but who knows maybe someone will try it in the future and be successful with it. Windows tried the tablet before anyone else and now they are the last in the pack, for now.
I think a better concept will be to have a Bold type phone that you can open like this one and on the inside have dual full touch screens. Not sure about the size of the phone that when open will be a descent size to be considered a tablet. Ok, got a better idea, if I could just fold my PB in half and convert it in a Bold when closed would be perfect. Some changes would be needed, first of all that the PB needs to be thinner. I was able to imagine this thanks to ummie4 design.

your idea would be insanely awesome, if they could do it. idk if they could make something like that with it being somewhat slim, but would be sweet

Get me this with Psion Revo keyboard and I will pay you a premium price for ultimate 21st century communicator.

Fugly. Too rigid a design with very limited scope of users. Present course of phone and separate PB has maximum flexibility for the future, which we do not know. Love the sizes of 9850 and PB, as well as their performance. Let the user decide on KYBD, shell, etc.

Doc Neutron

I will admit that it this concept "DreamBerry" is well done, but a bit overdone for my taste. I love the simplicity of the original PlayBook design. Minimalist and well thought out at the same time. Looking at this image briefly it looked like a Nintendo 3DS and a Sidekick had a baby.

Looks too much like a notebook...

On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone know when the PlayBook case with integrated BT keyboard is going to be available? Many people have been waiting forever for that addition to the PB... :rolleyes:

Thumbs up for the creativity but not for me either. Didn't care for Sony's version either.

"If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong"

Good try though...but undeniably ugly...also looks like a smash and grab from Nintendo...Blackberry is a professional grade tool...not a gamers dreamscape...try again...

I like the over all design. It has some redeeming features. I don't like the keyboard layout as sometimes i find myself trying to type with one hand. would rather have the whole bottom screen be part of the keyboard.

looking at the hinge layout, I can see some room for interference especially with the flat built in hinge design. but would be cool to make it work. Or make that edge a straight edge (see below for reason*)

Exterior shell looks really nice. the Brushed metal with BB inlay is a nice touch.

and as someone said before. get rid of the speakers.
* Then make both screens larger with the possibility to do a full open and have it go to 1 big screen. this would make it better for video playback.

If u want to attract the people to the tablets like Apple has, make an (almost) all glass design. Able to see right through it when it's not on like the desk in Iron Man or Minority Report.

I think this is awesome!!! make it a phone. would be amazing. I don't think it would be a problem at all typing on it. dual screen would be awesome, and it would definitely be a new look for blackberry!