DreamTheme Now Offering PrimeThemes and More for BlackBerry Smartphones!

DreamTheme Introduces New Products...
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2009 05:39 pm EST

DreamTheme entered the BlackBerry personalization scene at the end of last year with their truly unique LiveScreen offerings. They have now extended their offerings further into the personalization space with what they are calling "PrimeThemes", built using the Plazmic Toolkit so you get the interface and navigation you expect, along with the customized icons and high caliber aesthetic DreamTheme is known for. With their new "DreamTones" apps they have also entered the ringtone pack space with some cool sounds. The DreamTones app is a small app you install that gives you access to over 20 professionally recorded track segments you can then save as a ringtone. The 6 DreamTone products they have started off with cover a broad range of genres to span most tastes and they claim that more will be coming regularly. To complete their full Personalization offering they have also launched "StillScreens" -- an offering of themed wallpapers of outstanding quality.

DreamTheme seems to be committed to a full service personalization model and have bundled all of these products, from all 4 of their product lines, into a personalization package called "Ultimate Dreaming" that will be available at a deep discount for a limited time at www.dreamtheme.com. We will be reviewing some of the individual products and collections in more detail in the next few weeks, but wanted to let everyone know that these guys are serious about being category captains in the personalization space.

DreamTheme Contest: The folks at DreamTheme love their BlackBerrys too, so they're going to be giving all of our finalists and "shout out" winners in the I Love My BlackBerry contest a free Ultimate Dreaming package. As for everybody else reading this -- check out the site and leave a comment to this post letting us know exactly which PrimeTheme or DreamTones or StillScreens you'd like to have on your BlackBerry. 5 lucky winners will get their pick!

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DreamTheme Now Offering PrimeThemes and More for BlackBerry Smartphones!


Now I need to go read up on it, but at a glance, these look great. As long as they work on a Storm2, I want one.

Specifically, I like:3

Themes - VII, Surface, Wave, and Redwall
Stills - Forest Spirit

Trust CrackBerry to get its army on the get go... the dream theme site is clogged!

Managed to choose : If its a Prime theme then VELVET 2. (VII)
If its live screens which is totally kick ass VELVET 2.(VII)

Good luck to all.

I don't know which one to pick, everything looked so good... If I had to choose just one I'd pick "Deep 2". Do their themes work on the Storm2? I hope so!

Very cool idea - though the site is rather useless. I need to see what they look like on the Storm! I may be upgrading to the Storm 2 soon and need to find out whether they will be able to change the service so I don't have to repurchase the service. If they can't port/transfer/convert it then it's a definite no go for me.

Prime theme - Wave
Still Screens - Happy Critters
Dreamtones - Ambient

They all are awesome. Would love to win this one!!!

we bogged down the site. It froze up on me when trying to view them. I liked what I saw but I am wondering if any of them are compatible with the storm. Not one of the themes I viewed had a picture of a storm.

They do support the Storm but every time I try to add a theme to the cart to purchase it directs me to a page that only gives you two options to purchase from. A year subscription for like 24.99 or a collection of water themes for like 14.99. All I want is one theme. I select the picture I want, the Mechanic one, it begins to display and then I click add to cart and it brings me to that next screen with only those two options. Bogus!

I really like the livescreen 2 deep and the primetheme waves.

I have to say I am a little confused about that site though. If I understand correctly, you purchase a group of themes as a package or all of the themes together as a larger package.

Those are some great themes. I am going to have to give some serious thought into possibly purchasing them.

My DreamTheme suggestion would be for some good college or professional sports themes. The offerings I have seen are either poorly done or are simply wallpapers. There is I believe a huge market for this, but I do understand that permissions would have to obtained from the teams or colleges.

Wow, how creative can you get the MECH theme is off the charts and the Live Screens are just unbelievable!!! I would love to have a chance at winning this but I'm sure I have a better chance of winning the lottery, regardless it is GREAT to see how creative these themes can get. I cant wait for my divorce to be final so I do not need to ask to spend a few dollars on things like this that can add a little enjoyment to my otherwise lousy day!!!

I see a lot of images from Vlad's website being used as StillScreens... wonder if they are a partner on this??

I noticed the same thing. I'd rather go to the site and resize some of his free wallpapers than pay for a pack of them (that may or may not be agreed upon).

I downloaded Bliss II. It was neat, but with Storm 9530 it was pretty labor intensive. I am anxious to try it with my new 9550. It should run a lot better. I am not sure if any of these work with the 9550 OR NOT.

I'm dreamin' of the dream themes, any, and all, would look just great on my Storm (yeah, the original Storm thank you very much)!

havent won anything over here so if this can be the first time i win please let me have the Prime Theme - Redwall ... thank you

I just want to know will the themes work on the new storm 2?
I sure hope so these are nice. Dose anyone when any themes will work on the new storms?


If I were to win a choice here, it would have to be the PrimeTheme Surface. Pretty slick and looks like it would be relaxing too.

I suckered it up and bought the $24.99 package. The Livescreens and sounds are great. Keep in mind I have a Storm (9530). The themes are rediculously average though. So if you can find away to buy just the livescreens do that. The themes are a waste of money.

I can't believe I've never ever tried one of these themes. Never heard of this company until I visited crackberry. Hope I can win!

Sorry, old Blondie tune... seemed to fit... Their site looks gorgeous wonder how the redwall would look on my storm2?

I am absolutely in love with all the themes DreamTheme is offering. Not only will my blackberry look unique, it will be elegant, sexy, and a complete treat to ponder at.

My most favorites are:
Surface, and
Velvet 11

The more I play with the Livescreens on my Storm the more I realize how terrible these are. It's obvious this was designed for a trackball device. I will be requesting a refund immediately.

The VelvetII DreamTheme looks fantastic! I like the Hero ringtones, too, but VII is exactly what I'm looking for. Hope it works well on the Storm2!

Well, as my luck would have it, I went to the site as they are doing work on it, so didnt get to see and hear alot, but man this is top notch stuff! Very cool site as well.
I would go with the Ambient tones, V2 theme and Impressions stills screen. Please pick me as a winner for my new Storm2!

It's very tough I must say. I'm very partial to the SKY2 Live Screen and the WAVE Prime Theme.

I'm quite partial to the SKY2

I like the following:
PrimeTheme - Wave
DreamTones - Acoustic High
StillScreens - Happy Critters

I really like the Bliss Live Screen. It looks like a little piece of peace in the midst of a busy day.
I also like the Prime Theme surface for pretty much the same reason. They have a soothing effect.

Theses themes are awesome.The lease a theme concept is a little strange but 1 year is a long way for blackberrys.

I would love to win this because I love all things mechanical. The MECH live PrimeTheme has my vote of choice!

VelvetII looks pretty BA hook it up let me finally win something... Not that I'm not appreciative of all the free stuff Crackberry offers, but I just would like one of these themes their nice!

I'm just dreaming of one of these themes for my Bold. Please help to make it a reality.....

thanks in advance!


Ok, I paid the 24.95 for a year's worth of themes and I have to say that so far, it has been a little frustrating trying to get them loaded...The do not have live screen support for the Tour just yet (which is my model) but that didnt stop me...I will let you all know in a little while how well this works as I am still trying to load via DM.


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I bought the $24.99 yearly subscription and downloaded several of the Prime themes, but I don't get a home screen, all I get is the App screen with a bunch of icons on it. I want the bottom dock home screen like is pictured in their ad. It says it is supported by any device with 4.5+ and I have a 4.5 device. I emailed them to see about what to do?? I also downloaded the Bliss II theme and I press the icon and I get a totally black screen, no theme??

these themes all use transparent menus and they DO NOT work in Opera Mini and I assume also in Bolt. Bummer, because I really like a bunch of these themes.

Surface and Velvet are both sweet looking
Love the Ambient Tones
And the Forest Spirit StillScreens are incredible

I would love:

the forest spirit still screen,
the 2 deep live screen and
the ambient dream tone.

They are all delicious. Your product is high quality and great for changing up my BB's screen and sound.

Would love if I won.

REDWALL PLEEZ :D if i'd pick StillScreen, it would be Impressions and Trippy and happy critters. damn so hard to choose!

Hey... 'bout time they got the animated themes (Live Screens) done for the Storm! I see the prices are higher than originally too, but that's OK.

I'll pay for it... MAY-be even the $25.00 "everything for a year" package... as long as it doesn't bog down my system.

...but how about a promo code for the CRACKBERRY members???

I like the M2 Live Screen, and the Liquid Prime Theme.

I'm all over the board with this one but I guess if I were forced to choose just one (sigh...) it would be Acoustic High.

If I could only have one, it would be the Mech II live screen. I might have to buy the yearly unlimited access, though, because there is so much that is good there.