10 Hot Dream BlackBerry Concept Designs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2012 01:27 pm EST

Next up in our series of DreamBerry articles, we have TEN more concept BlackBerry designs to check out, drool over, pick apart and brainstorm around. We've already seen some major creativity displayed and enthusiastic community response shown to the Anastasiadis BlackBerry and PlayBook 3.0 concepts we posted, and the ingenuity continues.

Take a gander below to discover some future Berry concepts that are both dreamy, cool and crazy. We've got spinning sliders, dual trackpad and dual display delights and more below, with the images accompanied by their creators descriptions. Gotta love CrackBerry.. talk about passionate and engaged members! Love it!!


1. BlackBerry Bold-X

BlackBerry Bold X

My name is Matt, and I present to you the BlackBerry Bold-X.

I've been throwing ideas around for the last few days trying to think of a functional form for a BB10 Bold. The main issue seems to be that, if we take the PlayBook as our reference, for BB10 the display should sit in landscape. Without using a slider its awfully difficult to fit the renowned Bold style keyboard onto a phone. Eventually I arrived at the idea of splitting the the keyboard to the sides of the screen.

My design maintains the Menu and Return keys, while deferring the Answer and End Call keys to the touch interface. There is a front facing camera and an LED indicator to either side of the BB Logo. I have included two optical track pads so that this next generation powerhouse will not only be a powerful work tool, but will also be exceptional for gaming. It would be possible to port PlayStation certified Android apps onto a bold with two optical track pads (dual convenience keys on top may function as shoulder buttons). As the center piece, a beautiful 3.8"-4.0" 720p screen (gorilla glass 2 makes for a durable display). There is also a large speaker located below the screen for an exceptional multimedia experience. Playbook swipe gestures will function as normal, with the exception of the lower sides where the keyboards reside.

Since I love my Bold 9900 so much I chose to heavily borrow its design cues. A 16 mp camera resides in the back of the phone, complete with dual LED flash. Similar to the 9900, there is a faux carbon fiber (glass composite?) weave backing. Buttons and trim are all stainless steal. The thinness of the Bold 9900 is maintained in this design, but the overall larger footprint will allow for a larger battery to keep you going strong all day.

Throw in a quadcore processor and we're looking at the best phone on the market by a mile.

2. BlackBerry Xifos 

BlackBery Xifos

My name is Henrik Bakke-Hareide, and this is what my DreamBerry would look like! It's called the BlackBerry Xifos, which is Greek for sword.

  • Runs BB10/QNX
  • Quad Core
  • Touch Bezel
  • 12mpx camera on the back
  • 3.2mpx front facing camera
  • 1080p video recording
  • Female virtual assistant called Tone
  • "Intelligent" LED light integrated in the touch sensitive bezel that transform depending on what you do.
  • "Intelligent" LED notification system integrated in the bezel.

And most important, a slick clock on the lockscreen, that looks like it's worth at least $500!

3. BlackBerry Spin Slider Concept

bcs925 DreamBerry
I am CrackBerry member bcs925 and this is my DreamBerry. It's kind of a spin on the slider phone (pun intended).  Using the same keyboard as the 9900, overall dimensions of the 9900, and aspect ratio the PB it will be ~4in. screen and obviously running BB10.  I think this could be the new iconic look because I've never seen a phone that looks like this, but of course if you want to blend in then don't have it "flipped open". It's like a slider, with the best of both worlds.  I also chose this because I like the width of the 9900 while typing, where as I think sideways sliders (Moto Droid 3) are awkward to type on the physical keyboard.  Hope you like it!

4. BlackBerry B-Bold 

Stephen Dodsworth DreamBerry

BlackBerry B-Bold by Stephen Dodsworth. Its design inspiration comes from the Bold 9900, the P'9981, London, and the PlayBook. I tried to show the K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Notification light in the pic, but It didn't work out as well as I had hoped.
Operating System

  • BBX
  • 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen display
  • WVGA (960 x 640) Super AMOLED Plus capacitive Multi-Touch
  • Gorilla Glass 2 with an oleophobic fingerprint-resistant coating.
  • Qualcomm’s S4 Snapdragon (APQ8064) Quad core @ 2,5 Ghz (I would accept TI’s OMAR 5)
  • 2 GB RAM
Cellular Connections
Camera, photos, & Video
  • 8-megapixel back facing camera
  • Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 60 frames per second with audio
  • 5-megapixel back facing camera
  • Video recording, HD (720p) up to 60 frames per second with audio
  • Autofocus
  • Tap to focus
  • Face detection in still images
  • LED flash
  • Video stabilization
  • Photo and video geotagging
  • Li-ion 1850mAh

5. BlackBerry Concept w/ Horizontal Slider

WILLSaDICKted DreamBerry
From CrackBerry User & Abuser WILLSaDICKted. This DreamBerry design features front and rear HD cameras and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with a trackpad.

6. FutureBerry 

xRuhRohx BBXPhone

xRuhRohx BBXPhone

CrackBerry member xRuhRohx's design ideas for a future BlackBerry. One is an all touch device that takes a lot of design queues from the PlayBook. The other is identical, but with a landscape slide out keyboard. The keyboard I used for the slide is just a stretched Bold keyboard. I was very unsure as to what I would like to see in a keyboard with that much space. Both would be sporting a 5.0 inch screen with 1920 x 1080p resolution and front and rear facing cameras. This is where I would like to see a future BlackBerry design head to. Simple, clean, and elegant.

7. My Dream BlackBerry 

Rob Virtu DreamBerry

Rob Virtu's Dream BlackBerry. Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard in a candy bar style design, pure touchscreen, approximately the size of the BlackBerry Bold 9000. The back would have an 8 megapixel camera with flash and a soft no-slide back panel. The front BlackBerry logo would also serve as the notification LED, and a front facing camera would take the place of the trackpad, though recessed to prevent fingerprints and scratches.

8. Dual Display DreamBerry 

From Elaine L. Above is what I think the DreamBerry should look like for BB10 as well as another dream description of mine.
  • Screen has been enlarged in order to fit a full HTML Browser.
  • Iconic Blackberry 9900 QWERTY Keyboard.
  • (Optional) Hidden dock for multi-tasking apps with release button. (No more having to press the BB menu)
  • Bigger LED notification light.
  • Fully custom resizable widgets.
  • Custom dock for the Icon Applications.
  • Folder stack (Example: I have pictures stacked.)
  • Scrolling Marquee Banner to where you can customize the font,default, or speed for the Date, Time, Missed Calls and Messages. (In the picture the Time and 2 M...is faded so that Date is emphasized for better viewing.)
  • (Not Pictured) Front Facing Camera (Optional for Non- Face Time users)
  • Users have the option to have nothing showing on their homescreen for wallpaper display, or they can expand Any application to it's full potential.(Example: BBM the whole BBM app would fill up the entire screen.)

My 2nd Dream: To one day have a Full Voice Command Device where every single thing is voice activated with a touch of a button. No more having to press the BB Menu, or having to swipe the screen to look for an App. You just simply activate Voice Command. This gives the user the advantage to have a total hands free device without messing with any of the buttons while driving.

9. Knight Rider BlackBerry

Pootermobile DreamBerry

CrackBerry member Pootermobile. Here is my submission for the "Dreamberry." This was a mockup I had made a while back and have been tweaking it once in a while. This is the FS-1 (FS stands for "flagship" and I thought it sounded cool) which is a device with a trackpad and normal four BlackBerry buttons. It also has a Knight Rider-ish notification LED too!

10. A Dreamy Berry 

DreamBerry by Suhail

DreamBerry design by Suhail. Attached is what I would love to see BB to make. Front camera, LED light used on 9000/9700, QNX, massive all touch screen, with a clean sleek look. Thanks! 

Have a DreamBerry concept you'd like to submit?
Email it to editorial@crackberry.com. Subject: DreamBerry

Reader comments

10 Hot Dream BlackBerry Concept Designs!


1. It's spelled "they're" not "their" (as in they are)
2. I must have missed your concept phone above, which one was it?
I don't feel such harsh and negative comments like, "Odd looking" and "dated" ought to come from someone which contributed nothing. I feel that all the designs offer something new and noteworthy in their own right. Maybe it isn't for you, but I feel that credit is due here for the thought and effort in designing the phones.

I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon. tas branded

How could anyone who has a Blackberry, use to have a Blackberry or likes the 9900/9000 "iconic" style, not like Concept #4!

#4 is PURE win. It's the ultimate BB. I've been screaming this form factor for a while now. Just make a Blackberry with a 3.5 inch screen and a portrait QWERTY that is NOT a slider! They QWERTY should be present at all times.

I'll tell you right now, even though I jumped ship to the iPhone 4S last year, I would sell that, give up all the apps and everything to get this phone!!!

Concept #4!!!!!!

Someone forward this blog post to the new CEO!!

Cause it's a longer P'9981, which was never good-looking in the first place... no offense to the creator, at least you came up with something...

I have to cosign with BerryGuy25! When I saw concept #4, my first thought was AMAZING! I would buy that if it hit the market tomorrow!

My ideal BB line-up :

#4 Agreed but drop the BB Button, call send / terminate and back in favor of more screen or smaller device depending on how well it matches the Playbooks scaled down resolution.

No buttons just like the Playbook but scaled down...as the third Blackberry

NEED a Torch like phone, not sure if I agree with any of the concepts, but key is to make it as thin as humanly possible.

The 9930 is better than all of these devices except for the out of this world specs that some of these concepts have. Sure, a quad-core 2.5 ghz phone would be nice, but it would also need a 2500mAh battery and it would overheat.

I'll agree about the rest of the phones RIM has released, but the 9930 is a thing of beauty. You can't knock RIM on that one.

This is actually a more updated version of the Bold-X concept, I posted it in the forum a couple days ago.


It's a little more polished, rounds out the silver edging on the back, centers features a little more accurately, and adds in the media keys along the bottom. It also removes the space between the edge of the phone and keyboards.

I agree with you 100% Pinkberry. Very nicely done. Make sure that #6 has front and rear facing cameras and I would seriously buy it.

I agree; 2,6,9 are very interesting. My favourite one is #6 inspired by the sleek Playbook design with a 5" screen and keyboard.

Ugly, sorry! May be creative, but I wouldn't want to be seen with a phone/tablet looking like any of those depicted above.

I am impressed of how many of you should be working for R.I.M. Great ideas and concepts. Now my only question for the BlackBerry Spin Slider Concept; how would you use the phone part of your device? Dialing from the keys or the screen. Also, the BlackBerry Bold-X
looks to much like my son's psp...

The Spin Slider was my design: I suppose all the phone capabilities should be used in the "closed" mode, using the soft keyboard (gestures to open the keyboard/keypad just like on the PB). Then you would only have it "open" for say texting, email, bbm, games, web browsing. But like any slider you could use it as a phone in the "open" position you would just look silly.

The Bold-X was my design, I originally played with the idea of a slide out keyboard that would end up in the same orientation as yours, I thought the T-shape may make it difficult for typing, but it would definitely keep the profile smaller overall, and if it would be comfortable to type on, I'd use something like that. Nice design.

I would love to see #s 2 ,6 and 9 put into production as well. I absolutely love how these concept devices look.

i'm not sure which one this is, but if there was a blackberry that was the size of the current 99xx but full touchscreen, and maybe another convenience key, i'd buy it. i think the body of the 99xx is aesthetically pleasing.

see: http://i.imgur.com/siFYe.png

#3 Up there from bcs925 : Spin Slider

That was my same idea in a post to pootermobile on the Knight Rider Mockup thread. I posted 11/30/11, #41 in that thread. (don't know how to post the link here)

If would use the concept, but of course change the look - i know it is a quick stack of photos but this is unique and fits all the needs : big portrait slab, the BEST physical QWERTY kb, and the choice between them!!

Yes #4 looks like a great start ! good job !, I would add in the following items, touch sensitive buttons (no mechanical), and replace current keys with chicklet keys like on the latest computers. I would buy 1 asap as well if there was a full screen touch model in addition to the keyboard model !

Note common themes: FRONT FACING CAMs, LARGE DISPLAYS, some with keyboards & some without, and I like the simplicity of the user interface (uncluttered).

Full Screen/Full Qwerty combos please. Not a big fan of sliders either, loved my 9000 hate my Torch.

@xRuhRohx's: This is the phone I would buy TODAY if RIM made it! BlackBerry engineers, PAY ATTENTION! Don't be afraid to be different, BE BOLD! Stop wasting so much of the viewable screen with advertising and give us the sliding landscape keyboard in the Bold design! I thought a 5 inch screen might be a bit too big, but it looks just about right if you don't wrap it in wasted screen border! FutureBerry= simple, clean and elegant! Nuff said!

BlackBerry Spin Slider Concept was the best idea by far for form factor. The best keyboard on the market is the 9900/9300 and blackberry should keep that plus the full touch screen on the front. I would buy this phone if it were to be mixed with the BlackBerry Xifos concept from above and have the most epic BB10 love child of phones ever.

I really like #6, 9, & 10. i think 9 is my number one pick. All are nice concepts. Good work i could never do it, so Hooray to all inputs.

I vote for #9 for all-touch device and
#4 for keyboard device although having 3.5 inch in this form factor, they definitely have to expand the overall size of the 9900. However, they certainly can stretch the screen to 3.2 inch by just moving the key board down without changing the overall size.
I don't have any problem if they have to expand the size of the 9900 vertically, horizontally, or both to get a bigger screen size, and a slightly bigger keyboard.

@ #4
Yea I was wondering the same when I designed it. However I think they could get a 3.5" screen (or close to it) with out expanding it too much. They would have to make the phone taller (which i think would work ok) but not a lot taller. Look at how much realistate they loose on the top & bottom of their phones. If they were to reduse that lost space & add just a bit to the hight of the phone they can do it.

look at all the space lost on the top & bottom of the iphones. Apple could upgrade to 4" if they did the same thing.

btw I don't think I would want the BB 9900 expanded much more horizontally...maybe 1 or 2 mm but that's it....I like to be able to easily hold my phones in 1 hand (something you can't do easily with the 5" androids)

I TOTALLY agree. I am using a Torch 9860 and I am SO regretting not having a keyboard. I would buy #4 in a heartbeat so long as it was competitively priced. There some serious solid design ideas, but #4 has a 99xx look on steroids that sells itself IMHO. 3.5" screen would be the icing on the cake (as well as a couple scoops of icecream!) If you are into the all touch design, #10 is very nice looking and BOTH could easily outshine the iPhone if running OS2 with some apps.

Very creative ideas!
Just an observation...I noticed some of the phones were really more of a spin-off of the playbook. In fact...seems some of them missed out on the soul of the gadget which is ...being a phone.
I noticed some didn't have provisions (unless they're invisible) for the handset speaker and mic.
Anyway, still very imaginative/out-of-the box designs!

If you happen to have a Bold 99XX you'll notice that the microphone is near invisible as it tightly hugs the bottom right bezel. My mockup is the Bold-X though, so I'm just going to go ahead and say those 'missing' features are also near invisible lol.

hehe yea & in the Porche the microphone is even smaller. I put it into my "B-Bold" (#4) but I can't blame anyone for not showing it off on these design mockups

I think it's important to remember that all of these designs are models that the creator wanted for themselves. Some are also tweaked to integrate things that many others would want. So although taking criticism is normal, let's try not to be so harsh either buddy.

hehe as the Creator of the BlackBerry B-Bold I take your complement, YAY I have the least worse design :P

It's kinda funny...I always work to make sure my name is not google-able, and NEver use my name on the net.....alas when I sent this in I forgot about my signature which has my name in it lol

Oh well, if it were to be associated with a great brand like "BlackBerry" I guess I don't mind

Of this lot the best one is #10, the last one.

The form is boring but the concept of all screen appeals to me the most. All screen looks 'purpose-built'... it tips its hat to RIM's current iconic purpose-built phone the Bold 9900

This is the one I'd start tweeking to give it some organic qualities.

I like the Be Bold # 4 as well as 6 and 9. All good fun and Kudos to the folks that spent so much time on making a design.

numbers 4 and 6 are the ones i like. good job to everyone that entered and to all you haters out there lets see you put your creative juices on the line eh!

Thx for your support for #4.

& also for your remarks to the haters. I don't mind creative criticism, in fact I embrace it....but it is annoying to have some people who never bothered to even try to come up with something themselves teardown what took me an entire Saturday to do.....& looking at some of the other great designs out there, some probably took even longer.

Good but I'd like to see a duel touch screen and quarty keyboard style. Voice command is a must and I luike the knight rider LED. Both front and rear camera is a must these days. I think the slide should only be accessed from the side making the phone in landscape view which then reveils the keyboard. And and OS that's near flawless.

How about we keep RIM focussed on several key software deliverables (both BB and PB platforms)? They're never going to retain their current user base if they can't these out. For example: Skype, Netflix, Kindle, a decent PDF reader (search etc), DLNA and mail app.

I'm not a fan of these designs. They look too busy.

Now, from the title pic I would definitely buy the top and lower right devices. Simplicity personified!

I have always said that they should take the 9900 design as is and stick a high def touch screen on the beast. Dual core, more RAM, high def front and rear facing cameras. What I would also do is have the media and camera keys on side slightly sunken as the mute button on the top to keep the sleek profile on the side.

I have to say that the Xifos, the Knight Rider BB, and the B-Bold caught my attention the most.

the Xifos strikes me as having the most potential out of this bunch. I really like the idea of embedded home button and notifications in the bezel, and with some small aesthetic upgrades to the casing could prove to be a BlackBerry we'd all like to try out.

Perhaps a mixture of that design and the Knight Rider would be a very good concept for a future BB10 device? I think so!

"I really like the idea of embedded home button and notifications in the bezel"

Yea I really like that idea too. I was going to put it into the B-Bold but then didn't. What I was thinking was to have it as part of the screen. And so your fingers can feel the difference, small groves cut into the glass. That way you can still easily feel where you are without having to look down.

#6 has been my DreamBerry for a long time.

Full screen and USEABLE qwerty. The tiny keyboard and under-utilized screen space are the only things that drove me away from the Torch.

Landscape Slider for Sure!!!! I so told the product manager for the 9850/60 Thats what I wanted to see in 2012/13 with BB10 when I was at #BB7FanNight

My dream blackberry would use Android as the OS and have exclusive blackberry features like BBM and push mail, this way people would buy a blackberry android phone only because this 2 features.

By using Android as the OS people would have thousands of apps and games, you will not sacrifice the use of apps for having a blackberry.

For the design I will choose 2 models, one exactly like the bold 9900 with touch screen and a great keyboard and the other design will be like the iPhone or Galaxy Nexus

The only way that RIM can survive is to use Android, there is no way that they can stop loosing sales with their custom OS, if you compare OS 7 with IOS 5 or Android it looks like an OS from 10 years ago.

Blackberry 10 will be the same as OS 7, the time is running out and if they don't do a big change they will have no other option the sell the company in a very low price.

You can have to teams developing new phones one for android and the other one for OS 10. That way users that need and like to have a lot of apps will choose the android version and the users that like to have a blackberry without new apps will choose OS 10 because it offers more security.

An Android blackberry phone built from Samsung could be ready in over 6 months, at time for the iPhone 5 launch date.

Could you imagine how can RIM can compete with the iPhone 5 with the phones they have?

And if I buy a samsung phone with android I will don't have BBM and push mail.

Actually I have an iphone 4S, a bold 9900 and in June or July I will buy the iphone 5.

I am trying to help blackberry but I see that users like you and the directors from RIM don't know what to do. Investors have seen this and they have punish hardly the rim stock price.

It is only a matter of months before RIM is out of the market or it is sell to another company.

Nothing here is tickling my thrill to get any of them yet...except for #6...The Futureberry...where the sliding keyboard ought to be another touch sliding glass plate...now THAT is he future right there...LOL! Thanks for the insights!

I only like #4 for myself. I think there's a place for horizontal sliders and all-touch's, and RIM absolutely should continue to offer multiple form factors, but they just don't belong in my pocket.

Thx for the support for #4

I agree with you. RIM should initally run 3 BBX lines. a slab, a slider, & a querty....Then in a couple years when they are completely done with BB7 devices, they should include a low end Querty a-la BBX curve

I would go with #1, but only if the keyboards slide out. For a true futuristic idea, the keyboard on the "bottom" of the phone would switch between 1/2 QWERTY to a phone pad, depending on how it the phone was held.

@ Henrik Bakke-Hareide - "BlackBerry Xifos"

I LOVE the idea of a touch Bezel. I was thinking of the same thing...but ended up not puting it into my design (the "B-Bold")

#6,4, &9 are pretty much the only good ones. #1 looks like the nokia n-gage which was a huge fail!. but all the phones are very nice! ppl took a lot of time to do these concepts and show them to us.

forgot to add, on #8 whats the point of having a screen on the back of phone seems pretty pointless to me but idk its purpose

Thx for your Support for #4.

Your right the Nokia N-Gage was a failure to the general public, but it did have a niche Gamer fan base...

Rob Virtu's and Elaine L both look good. The rest would drive me away from ever buying a Blackberry if that were all they offered. I guess some people may want phones that can be like spaceships...i just want the bold with 4G and BB10:)

These are all some great ideas! I just feel that Blackberry will only get better in the future because they are behind right now and it will only make them become more creative and come out with something that nobody else has, just as they did when they first started with their sweet keyboard. I don't think they need to change anything, they just need to improve on their specs and just increase in communication so people will want to buy their product. Aim higher!

I believe both mine; the "B-Bold" (#4) & the "Xifos" (#2) have touch bezels for ginger gestures.

& allthough they don't mention it, Im sure a number of the other ones do too....especially the Playbook esque ones ;)

I like the idea of the rear screen on #8, I love all of them, but I think the idea of having something on the back if the phone is flipped over.. The drawback is that 2 screens to get scratched. Great job to everyone, but I do love the Bold keyboard for sure. Haven't yet adapted to the all touch feeling yet.

I actually think Number 3 is a great idea.. You can have the liberty of using the whole screen if you feel like it.. then if you want the keypad which is what blackberry is known for then you just switch the screen sideways and instant you got a mini playbook that has a 9900 keypad.

Thats just amazing.

Wow. Number 10 is exactly what I imagined a full touch bb10 device should look like. Although I prefer a full qwerty BB.

honestly i think #7 is the best design and well thought out device, the blackberry logo led is a pretty sweet idea i'd love to have that on my phone

I'm a big fan of #1, 4, and 6. Also, does anyone else think that having Jarvis from Iron Man would be an acceptable, and awesome, alternative to the female voiced assistant that has been popularized by Siri?

Yea we need to get our own "Siri"...maybe call her/her "Berry"?......ok your right, we would need a WAY better name then Berry lol

btw Thanks for your Support of #4 :)

I like #1,4,6,9 great job guys :) everyone deserves a new BB 10 I think this should be a contest to stimulate more people and make the best Blackberry ever!!!!!!! 2012 is gonna be our year.

Well as the Creator of #4 I also think that the above participants should all get BBX phones lol......Alex from RIM if your reading this please contact me & I will be sure to give you my mailing address for that new phone :P


I like #4, the BlackBerry B-Bold. Larger screen, same gorgeous keyboard with a refined sharper look ala BB London. What I expect from it is the fastest smoothest BlackBerry ever with a superb battery life (e.g. full day in hotspot mode), and a larger ultra high definition screen for better touch.

Yea I think the "London" edge would look great at the front top of this phone....The back & bottom from the P'9981. And of course it would have the same GREAT keyboard as the 9900.

With the taller form factor I figure they will be able to fit in at least a Li-ion 1850mAh battery...if not slightly bigger.

I know...can you imagine how cool would that be to have that....& then they could have their own vs of "Siri" & maybe have a selectable "K.I.T.T." voice ;)

oh & thx for your support for #4 :)

Thank you for those complimenting on my Design for #8...now on to the explanation for the second screen.

"I like the idea of the rear screen on #8, I love all of them, but I think the idea of having something on the back if the phone is flipped over.. The drawback is that 2 screens to get scratched."

As the Designer for # 8, the second screen would use a screen protector/privacy screen just as well as the first screen. But to get more creative with my Design, I figured a release latch with a button could cover the second screen if the phone was being held in the hands, or flipped upwards. That way the second screen does not get scratched or read by potential strangers if the screen lit up on the back of the phone. Or this just came to mind a sliding motion detector door. The phone would automatically know if the user was or had flipped the phone over causing the door to slide over the screen.

The idea was to make sure that a BlackBerry user would always know if they have notifications or not no matter how the phone is positioned.

Now for those who wanted to use a case, the case would have a cut slit inside of it so that the second screen is shown through without missing a message if the phone is upside down.

I really don't see how any of these could be appealing. Give me a 9900 with an 8MP AF camera that does 1080p video, a front-facing camera, a bigger battery, BlackBerry 10 and a solid screen assembly (screen and buttons one piece. capacitive or something, idk) Also wireless hotspot in 802.11n, as opposed to g.

Man I really digging the Xifos concept, just name itself will strike fear in the competiton!! If RIM actually give actual codenames likie from greek gods or roman gods, that will really build some interest..no more model #..#7 concept will push the creativity and hardware..but touch power has to be as good as apple, #10 concept is just unique for the evolution of touch screen

I would like to share some of my own opinions

1. Keyboard: No matter how the design is, we should keep the keyboard as it is one of the BB traditional and attraction. But the keyboard should be as good as BB 9900. I just bought new BB9900 after 1 month of using BB 9360 (keyboard is suck).

2. Full touch: Blackberry can't beat iPhone in term of full touch. One of my friend, for example, just bought Torch 9860 2 weeks ago. After I showed him my BB 9900. He now wanted to sell a way his Torch 9860 with haft-price. I have been experiencing how good the touch of iPhone is from my wife's iPhone, who has been using been iPhone 4, and now iPhone 4S.

3. Now, BB 9900 is amazing phone so far, with combination of touch and keyboard. Touch screen is convenient to surf net without spending time to scroll up and down. Awesome keyboard is easy to type, text, mail....Basically, go for BB 9900 but need add some features, of course in the near future, such as: Sleek, elegant design, front camera, video chatting (skype, tango....). Missing video chatting is one of big mistake from RIM, I reckon.

Cheer RIM.

#4, definitely, that looks awesome, LOVE the K.I.T.T notification bar across the top, I actually made that suggestion when the 1st "dreamberry" was posted, glad others thought about it too! I think it looks great, seriously can you imagine seeing it swipe blue back & forth for BBM? At least that's my BBM & I think it would be sweet.

I don't know if I could pick a favorite, BB logo led notification i think is my favorite feature, although would be a battery killer.

Concept 6 FutureBerry for me tomorrow please, with integrated optical trackpad in to the Enter key.

oouch. xifos, futureberry and knight rider. it's beautiful.. the designers learned that simple is beautiful.
i love the futureberry's keyboard. the keyboard similar javelin's (blackberry 8900) keyboard which is the best keyboard for me

I loved every one of these ideas! I specially liked the BB B-Bold, BlackBerry Concept w/ Horizontal Slider, Future Berry and the Knight Rider BlackBerry. I agree with their specs that they need to be top notch top-of-the-line!

Thanks for all the positive feed back everyone.
For any confused about #6, it is two different phones.
One is all touch and one has the slide out keyboard.
To me this solves the issue of being able to choose
a phone you like, but not having to sacrifice keyboard if you want one.

But I really appreciate all the likes from you guys. :-)

what are the chances of any of these actually happening? I think i missed something on the concept of this post. is this to try to get bb to see what we would like? and possibly make it? or is it more of a dream phone as in we'll never have t?

I loveee 8! the screen on the back im a little iffy about, but absolutely everything else about it is awesome!