Drake still loves his BlackBerry, prime example of someone who could use a BlackBerry Q20?

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2014 08:06 pm EST

While many folks in the CrackBerry Forums are debating whether or not bringing back the BlackBerry belt of keys on the BlackBerry Q20 is a good idea or not, many folks like Drake for example are still out there rocking such devices as a BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Now, we're not really sure of Champagnepapi's reasoning for still using a BlackBerry Bold 9900 but we do know, without a doubt, he certainly has a BlackBerry 10 device kicking around somewhere and he chooses not to use it. 

We also know he uses his BlackBerry often as a writing tool so maybe, the BlackBerry belt is what keeps him attached there and he just can't get into the BlackBerry flow without it. Fact of the matter is, some folks just can't get on without those buttons, so hopefully the Q20 will get people off old devices and into a new BB10 one.

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Drake still loves his BlackBerry, prime example of someone who could use a BlackBerry Q20?


OK... anyhow it probably would be a reasonable idea to approach him about replacing Alicia Keys. I used to manage one of his numbers he had with Telus when he used a BlackBerry 8800. I know he is down to support the Canadian movement, apparent with his Toronto Raptors role...

"I started from the bottom and took it to the top" - BULLCRAP!!! If bottom is having a couple million to fund your start in music, get proper PR reps and FREE Advertisement from CItyTV (Toronto's major TV/news station) then SUCK it.

- complete poser that is now what it all seems to be. Those with money can emulate anything they want because it's cool to do so. Not hating just stating a fact.

Who cares what the past was about him and telus and you managing his account (I doubt you're the only rep who looked or made a one time change on his account back when the 8800 was around and supported under warranty. Either way BB should NOT be investing in a major stars representation of them - they make enough money and they don't NEED to loose more money for a whimsickle advertisement campaign. NOTHING has proven that celebrities in advertisement makes a company REAL cash.

IF their smart ... do what Apple did with the Think Different campaign ... use DEAD greats - no payments, no royalties, No $$ just to show their likeness in film or in pictures!

Just because you don't like his music. Doesn't mean you don't have to knock Drake as a supporter of Blackberry, he mentions blackberry in his songs, he is known to write his lyrics on a blackberry, and brings it with him to studio's (and got knocked for bringing them to performances)


In the video you can see why he loves the trackpad. If the volume keys could be binded to scrolling he would probably use his BB10 more.

Now aside from that... He is Canadian, and he seems to work well with PR campaigns having done successful work with the FIFA2013 launch (same day as his album) and doing great work with Toronto Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment. Not only being active in promoting the Raptors, but being utilized to convince Defoe come to Toronto.


So... If people feel that "Drake" would be a good celeb rep for BB it is not a misplaced by any means whatsoever.

I'm not the biggest fan of his music, but this is absolutely true. I've heard that we turned down Justin Beebs to be our poster boy. OH just imagine ALL of the tweenies we could've welcomed aboard the BB train!

also, Drake I hate you for taking away our ONLY clinical striker MID season. COYS!

Drake did have a middle class life and worked hard to get to where he is. It used in his talent to write music. Millions of people love his music. It doesn't happen to everyone. He never raps about guns. That's keeping it real and appreciate that he started from lower than he is now.

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BlackBerry Belt is a must for die hard BlackBerry power users...those who don't get that have no idea about BlackBerry legacy power users...Just look at BB07 sales figures.

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Not necessarily. Those who upgraded to BB10 just got used to not having a trackpad. They don't really care for the belt. I had every BlackBerry from the first Pearl. Now I have a Z10. So just because I don't want the belt I'm not a diehard? Hmmmmm.

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I've had every BlackBerry since the 7250 - then got the Z10 at launch - then the Q10 at launch - still miss the belt to this day.

So no - haven't "got used" to not having a trackpad.

Do you keep them? It would be a nice collection.

Did you get the Q5 and Porsche ones? Just kidding.

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I started off using a 7250 as well. But now I have a Z10, thought I'd miss the dedicated keys and trackpad but I don't at all.

To be honest, I think bring back the belt will degrade the ongoing fight on BlackBerry's being perceived as old and outdated.

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I am very comfortable with my Z10. The only reason I prefer it to my 9900, my 9700 or my 9000 is the Wifi without the need for a blackberry data plan, otherwise I would still use my 9900 every day. Don't lump all of us in the same category

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Seriously thought that I could never use a touch keyboard after years of using a Pearl various Bolds & a Torch.
I have now a Z10 & honestly would not be able to use a keyboard & track pad now.

I am a diehard Blackberry fan

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I am a die hard user. The only thing I miss is the trackpad. Nothing else. Not the back button, definitely not the answer and end call button. I was a fan of the slide up or down. I hope BlackBerry bring that back as a choice for users.

That is what it comes down to. Choices. The more people have the feel or illusion of choice the happier they are.

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John Chen said the BlackBerry Belt is important to many people and if he said it, I believe it.

I like everything he's said so far so as of now I believe the buttons are important (I didn't yesterday but that was before I heard him say it).

Cheers. :)

Please! BlackBerry 10 is so much better. I never thought I will be advocating keyless devices because before Z10 and Z30 all my keyless devices were disastrous to use, Great that they are bringing it back for those who want it but I can't go back . The Z keyboard is awesome and Gesture based OS phenomenal. I am a professional and use it regularly on the go. !

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How do we know that he has one laying around.

I'm personally done with the "belt" but if that helps sell phones so be it

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it'll switch me over. i do a lot of emails/typing on my 9900 and the thought of having to navigate cursors and even the pointer in web browsing on a smaller screen is what kept me away from a Q10. i considered the z30, because with the bigger screen it's not as much an issue, but if the q20 is executed the way i suspect it to be, i'll definitely be trading in my 9900 for it.

I am going to qq about a dedicated period key again....

QQ give me a dedicated period key on physical keyboard, it's there on the virtual! Let me stop using the z series, I want a Q

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I have a couple Q20s sold "site unseen"....there is a market for this phone for keyboard lovers of 9900, 9000, 8700 etc.

This will bring people back because of larger screen - Q10 was too small...also those folks mentioned above - love the pad....tpad not iPad.

Get it?

CB10 from the Z30

He's Canadian, uses blackberry, and well known... why haven't they used him for marketing yet? Better than Keys or Bieber. All it'll take is for him to use "blackberry" in one of his songs and in a video. That'll get the urban and younger population interested in it.

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Not sure we need them using BlackBerry.

All they would do is whine about "apps" missing. Let them have the iToys


Sério.......not sure you need some celebrity using a Blackberry ?????

Did you think before you wrote this......or you did but wrote it anyway???

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THEM. "Urban younger population."

No, I don't think they are what I consider ideal BlackBerry users. BlackBerry just ain't "cool" enough for them, and they would whine about lack of apps, and how uncool BlackBerry is. Not exactly what BlackBerry needs right now. Let them be cool with the cool devices, and continue to market to the regulated market. The young people who use BlackBerry today, didn't buy their phone to be "cool" -they needed a great communication device, and looked beyond all the BlackBerry bashing BS.

As for this particular celebrity, I think he is an as*. Recent behavior was vary un Canadian, whining about a lost cover. Under the conditions of that loss, he should have been more graceful, more polite. Not a brash, ungrateful punk.

I think BlackBerry could do better. Much, much better.


You're joking right? Why can't BlackBerry appeal to both groups? The platform is there and the app gap is closing. You do realize that the more people BlackBerry appeals to the better it is for the company in the long run right?

Alienating the everyday consumer is what got them in this mess in the first place. Being a business user, I'd think you'd be bright enough to see that.

Sincerely, member of the urban (professional) youthful population

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You didn't choose BlackBerry to be cool. Clearly you needed a communication device, and got what you needed.

By not using this jerk as a celebrity endorsement (hypothetical as I doubt he is even an option) BlackBerry will not alienate anyone.

Repeat : NOT using him will NOT alienate anyone. But using him might. Recent tweets (deleted out of shame) are a good example of why he is a poor ambassador for BlackBerry.

He is an arrogant selfish as*!

BlackBerry can do better, much MUCH better.

Have higher standards, you're talking about the best communication device on the planet.
No need to dig in the dumpster for "celebrity" favors from a jerk like this guy.


I was about to post the same thing... prime candidate for a marketing partner!

arguably the biggest star in hip hop right now... between him, kanye, jay and gotta include weezy ... kendrick coming up but not the superpower they are...

yeah he's associated with younger crowd but he also doesn't have the perception for negative/violent/controversial rhymes that all of the other 3 do... IOW he's relatively "safe" from a marketing perspective...

i really feel like blackberry really scraped a lot of the features on the 9900, i have the q10 now and i almost want to go back to the 9900 when i see one. Don't get me wrong i love my bb10 and didn't really like the trackpad, however there are some things I do want to see on bb10. The ability to change LED Colors for different people, the ability to hold keys down to launch different apps. The fact that the 9900 had the connectors on the bottom so i could dock my phone at night to charge it. The fact that blackberry protect lost the ability to remotely back up things off my legacy phone. Don't get me wrong bb10 is amazing i just miss somethings. I love the new camera, I love the new processors, bigger battery, nicer display, however i wish they put some things in the new 10, instead of scraping things and starting over. However there are some areas where when i see a 9900 i just want to play with it and go back to old memories.

Drake needs to do a wrap song about "don't need no punk ass Typo when you're rocking your tPad"....

Are you all feelin me?

Punk ass Crackberry Mother...

I may be on to something huge here...appeal to the utes...

CB10 from the Z30

I hope they only make one with the "belt" and i really hope it's not going to be the newest flagship device!
This whole thing kinda worries me!

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I use a 9900 series BlackBerry for work. Why? IT Dept. is still trying to decide between Android or iOS. Maybe if they wait long enough BlackBerry will be back in style!

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ummmm, and the ones that made the company anything in the first place? lol

they're not for me anymore, personally, but that argument just doesn't work.

Blackberry should have a commercial with some super starts like drake advertising the blackberry 10 devices, if they so this it might boost up sales and show how even celebrities still chose to stick blackberry

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I was thinking something similar. Get well known popular personalities from music, movies, sports, etc and have them perform in a tongue in cheek "We are the World" kind of singing video to save Blackberry. You could advertise features through the personalities like taking pics of other celebs while using the time shift, or a sports dude reacting melodramatically to getting a text that got traded while using hub peek/flow to find out etc. Even get an obama look alike hamming it up and taking selfies with other celebs.

lol train of thought is weird.

The series of Samsung Galaxy commercials done with LeBron James should be a template of an ad campaign for BlackBerry. If they could find someone like Drake (or whomever) using a BlackBerry in a variety of settings

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Is he crying in this picture? Maybe about his lost rolling stone cover to the dead drug addicted actor? Friggin world we live in can explode for all I care. Nothing but chumps everywhere.

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I am happy to say that no it is not and that there's still hope for all that are still alive and breathing.

A short story to look up and read when you have time.

Luke 16:1-31

Feel free to use the links below to learn more.

Take care, I'm off to bed.

www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org

He is a Canadian rapper, supposedly dating off and on Rhianna the singer from Barbados now living in the US.

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It'll result in a very insubstantial increase in legacy users switching over.

They don't get it - bringing back the belt won't do anything to help bb10 's cause, and for the small amount of "power users" that do switch, they'll find other things to complain about b/c they're just simply used to the way things have always been and can't adapt to change.

It'll be interesting to see how the 20 will be executed but I don't have high hopes for it.

When they should be focusing on innovating with a gesture-based keyboard for example (that would have the trackpad functionality built into it), they decide to bring back the "back, home, and call" buttons? I'll accept the track pad sure - but the back, home, and call? WHY?

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Real buttons are better than virtual, Google thought that no one would have buttons after v4 but even flagship galaxys have home buttons etc.

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I think Blackberry needs to combine all of the things people love and want in a smartphone and make two smartphones per year.

QWERTY and All Touch

Use premium materials ONLY
Camera 16mp rear & 5mp front
Large Removable Battery +2800mah
LCD display (356 ppi) or higher
Dual Stereo Speakers (same as Z30)
2GB of Ram or higher
Same Processor Speed of Z30 or faster
LTE ready
BlackBerry 10.2.1
Flat Design with sharp icons & vivid colors
Expandable Micro SD slot

These are just a list of things my dream 2014 Blackberry would include!

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MUST have quad/octacore.

Not because it needs it, but because Joe Doe has been brainwashed into thinking he needs it.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Blackberry needs to sign a role model like Drake to promote a Canadian company. It will create a whole lot of awareness

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Yes! PLUS he is already involved with the toronto raptors! he's some sort of ambassador/executive.

This would be such a great partnership. =]=]=]

He would totally use his BB at meetings and such and promote =]

When you make cuts to save money it really hurts the user experience. The Z10 for instance is a perfect Blackberry 10 all touch device except for the fact that Blackberry went with a 1800mah battery and just average camera. This is unfortunate because people using other competitor devices are getting more and spending the same amount as we are. I feel that regardless if a product is brand new or not the price should reflect what you are getting I shouldn't have to pay $600 or so from a phone company at the time of launch of the Z10 and someone pay the same thing to a different manufacturer and they should receive more then I have . I LOVE Blackberry and will continue to choose it as my prefered and regular OS but I just wish for once they went all in and spent what needed to be spent on producing the absolute best smartphone they could produce. Their OS in my opinion is better then the competitors now is time for their hardware to reach beyond expectations

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One too many times I try and convince someone that the Blackberry is a great phone option and every time I try and show them one of my favorite features without fail my BlackBerry begins to freeze or functions much slower than usually. I myself have faith in my Blackberry product and just want to share with the "world" what it can do but that only starts when Blackberry starts to step up their hardware specs.

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The Germans call that the "demonstration effect", or Vorführeffekt.

Whenever you wanna show something, it fails.

Or you want do demonstrate that it's broken and fails, right that very moment it works again. As soon as the person turns around and walks away.... you know what happens.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I don't give a shit about the Q20. There is a phone called z30 and Q5 and I can't get them . Does it matter when the when the Q20 comes out I won't be able to buy it anyways.

Not happy

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It's clear that BlackBerry made a mistake introducing BlackBerry 10 keyboard devices without the belt. Looking back, it would have made sense to include it while customers got used to BB10. Personally, it didn't bother me, but obviously the record number of Q10 returns speaks volumes. I find it crazy that people used to complain that BlackBerry didn't listen to its own customer base. Now that they have, many keep on complaining. You can't have it both ways.

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He uses it to write his Raps. 9900 IMO has a better keyboard than Q10. And nothing can touch the trackpad's ability to edit text on mobile!

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Blaze.. my dude.. lol.. good article.. I'm sharing it with home girls already. The steady brainwash from me added with articles like this make a player look right. Haha.. good ish..

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I've been saying BlackBerry should've brought Drake on board as a spokesperson forever. I'm not surprised he's still rocking a 9900. I'm sure he has an iPhone in the other.

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The best decision ever made by BlackBerry in the last few years! Bring the trackpad to the best mobile os ever made.

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The Q10 was an easy transition for me from the Bold. Always had BBs but I can understand why some might want the belt. Have no interest at all in a touch key pad so waited for the Q10. Great phone.

FYI: He uses both a BB 9900 & an iPhone 5. BlackBerry should've made him their Creative Director over Alicia Keys, because he's Canadian & a popular mainstream artist currently. It's still not too late to bring him on board to help promote BlackBerry. He is already Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors.

Since Alicia Keys is gone, maybe it's time for a new ambassador for BlackBerry. I'm pretty sure Drake can do more for domestic and international sales.

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Being Canadian and Popular Entertainers with a large following of fans why isn't Drake or Beiber the BlackBerry Brand Ambassador??

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There are still A LOT of people who still use the favourite Bold 9900. And it is still a very capable phone to use. Even after 3 years almost. Gets the job done.

Please bring a wider screen along with the belt (when did we start calling it the belt all of a sudden), I can't stand how the keyboard is wider than the screen!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I find it intriguing how everybody is a "professional" or "power user". My question is a professional or power user of "what".

If what you do does not involve typing large quantities and editing large quantities of text then your point is effectively useless.

If your a "professional" sports person who tweets a lot then no you may not need a trackpad and good for you.

IF on the other hand you where a writer, even an amateur would find the track pad useful. Think "why does that touch screen laptop still have a track pad?"

Even writing responses on CB most people write 2/3 lines. So yes, we can see why YOU don't require a track pad.

Just recently there was a post of some famous American woman who complained she missed the pad on her Q10. The first thing my partner asked when she heard the belt was coming back was "When?". As someone who deals with large volumes of emails it is much easier to scroll through an email with the trackpad as you can, again, see all of your screen. Essential on the smaller screen size.

So yes welcome back.

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We can hear you. I like my Q10, and my Torch. No idea how BB10 with trackpad is gonna work. Maybe it's even better. Real world use will tell. Any speculations are premature.

It will mean more travel time for your thumb between keyboard and bottom bezel for swiping and tapping word predictions.

How is that going to affect speed and the overall usage pattern?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I might get a bit annoying, but W A S D arrow keys / combos and a real PG-up / PG-down keyboard shortcut would do the trick for me (I am not talking about t = top b = bottom of page).

Add home / end to the mix, and the trackpad might be history.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

They should release another Q10 along side it for people who don't want the belt because guaranteed this device will have better specs than the Q10. Therefore people who don't want the Q10 are stuck with a lower end device

Posted via CB10 for Z10

I hope they round off the corners a little like the Bold series. Looks nicer IMO. Regardless, this will likely be my next BlackBerry. I left the Z10 to return to my old Bold and couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see some specs on this thing. :)

I have only used BlackBerry phones since '08. I bought the Z10 last March and used it soley until this past December when I charged my Bold 9900 for shines and giggles. I so quickly realized just how much I missed the physical keys, trackpad and ease of making calls. My business emails total 200-300 per day and the Bold blows the full touch away IMHO. I also prefer my ability to manage my emails with OS7. I will preface I am with my Z10 on AT&T and am curious as to the 10.2.1 changes when they are official. Irrespective I'll 100 percent buy the new Q20.

Don't think he's using a legacy BlackBerry because of the home and back button. People just aren't aware STILL A year after bb10 release what the device is capable of!

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Drake is from Canada, BlackBerry is a Canadian Company, Drake uses a Blackberry 9900. Why isn't the marketing team at BlackBerry not taking advantage of the opportunity???????

Smh....Billion dollar company and can't execute on the most fundamental of marketing strategies. Use your strengths to your advantage!!!

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Being a musician my self, having access to music apps on my BB10 and now having access to the Google Apps is a big help.
I use The Remember / Evernote to save musical ideas .

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The belt is a good thing for those that use it. I use it too, I still use my bold 9900 and if I had the Q20 i'd still use my bold 9900 too. :D

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Choice is a good thing if you don't want track pad etc don't buy it the choice is yours! PS Who the F#ck is Drake sound like a duck(quack quack)?

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

I have been a BlackBerry fan from many years and used several devices of BlackBerry, now I am using Q5 and loving it too. Looking forward to Q20 and Z3. Love BlackBerry.


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And how the Hell do you or anyone at CrackbERRY really KNOWS HE STILL uses a old BB device?

You haven't interviewed him directly so this blog entry really has no credibility.

Belts are for sheep! I'm starting the no belt campaign

Qyped on the most Qefficient device in the Quniverse..

Let's get him a new BB10 device and then he can really promote it. He can get the people that follow him to take notice that he's using a BB and they might switch. Anything is worth giving a try, since the user base is going away slowly.

I really dislike Drake, but he is a BlackBerry user, so he gets a pass!

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With the Z30 I don't really mind not having the trackpad, but it would be nice to have on the smaller screen of the Q10.

Not surprised at all. Different things for different folks. This "four choices " category that BlackBerry will be implementing is a very wise thing to do.

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BlackBerry would benefit from offering high profile users a free BB10 device.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry brother for life. I have the Arabic bold 9800, Zed10, and the Porsche P'9981. Personally, I like the OS7 but find myself using z10 more than I thought. Go full interface, but then again I'm not a extreme typer so I wouldn't take full advantage of the other two qwerty boards.

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Really awesome that Drake uses a BlackBerry legacy device. We'll he is Canadian after all. They really do love their BlackBerry out there.

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