Dragon dictation for email updated - Now supports BlackBerry Tour smartphones

By Bla1ze on 8 Jun 2010 05:11 pm EDT
Dragon dictation for email updated - Now supports BlackBerry Tour smartphones

The Dragon for email application is simply put, awesome! I have it on numerous devices (BlackBerry and iPad) and it has never failed with dictating my emails so far. Sure, at first it had some issues with my "aboots" and "eh's" but once you learn to get past that it's pretty sweet.

The intial realese of Dragon was not that great for some BlackBerry Tour owners though. Many experienced issues with the application not loading correctly or just simply not working at all. Nuance, the makers of Dragon for email have corrected the issue with their latest release which is currently available via BlackBerry App World. Honestly, I'm not sure as to when it was updated exactly but I am told this will resolve the issue for Sprint Tour owners. Sadly, the app is only available in the US so if you live elsewhere you may have issues finding a direct download for the latest version which is currently sitting at 1.6.2.

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Dragon dictation for email updated - Now supports BlackBerry Tour smartphones


it says it not available for the 8530 or the carrier. tomorrow i going to get the bold 9650 so maybe it will work on that.

Loaded it as soon as it came out. Maybe a month ago, if that long. Always worked for me. It's a great app. Sure some spelling issues, but my thumbs a thankful for this app.

While at first glance this may seem like a great program, just as its big brother, Dragon Naturally Speaking is, you should carefully read the EULA before using this program. I read it, and had my attorney read and confirm my assessment. When you accept this EULA, the program not only sends the entire list of names in your address book to Dragon (no e-mails or other data according to the EULA), but this program also sends all e-mails created with it to the Dragon server for processing. Now, if nothing you do is relevant or important or confidential, this is probably fine. But if you are a serious business user, you may want to stick to typing.

Caveat Emptor

The App world version is 1.6.2, but the version I installed a few months ago is Is the new version a step back?

Current version works flawlessly. Not sure I will upgrade.

Is there anything else new to this version? I have the 3.X version installed on my Tour 9630, and its been working fine for a month. Any reason to upgrade?

I had Dragon installed on my Verizon 9630 Tour. I recently purchased a new 9650 Bold from Verizon and discovered that when I went into App World to re-download Dragon onto my Bold, I got a message that said Dragon is not available for my device or my carrier. This is very strange because it has been my experience that all the apps that worked on my Tour have also been working on my Bold, so why not Dragon? Also, why does App World say that Dragon is not available for Verizon? Can someone explain this?

really like this app. i ended up taking it off my phone, though. i dont use email enough to need dictation for email. BBM and text messaging is another story, however. Dragon needs to incorporate these applications in their next release...

Exactly what I was about to post. Don't really email alot but I installed it anyway. Please add SMS and BBM support!

Thanks for the post and the update, I really need to get this app. Nuance does a great job with voice rec and I can't wait until we reach the point where we can control everything via voice.

The only way to launch the Dragon app is with the left side button. It does not work, my button stays at its present setting and will not launch the new Dragon app.. I uninstalled Dragon.

I tried this a while back and Sprint phones aren't supported. I even was able to locate a download but when i went to open it I got the message that its not supported. I emailed them and they had no solid answer about whether sprint users would have the service or not in the future.:(

I have tried to download this via the apps world, and i am not given an option for download, I contacted their support which had me verify that I was running and that my browser was set to BlackBerry browser and finally to do a battery pull. All done and still cannot download it, does anyone have a direct link or a link to another way of downloading this?

Since you apparently missed my earlier post, about ten above yours...

BBtweeps has OTA links to free apps "liberated" from AppWorld for those of us who don't want to install the Crapworld client. http://ota.bbtweeps.com/

Installed it but it requires a convenience key. Problem is, I already have QuickLaunch and vLingo setup on them. Oh well... Not removing either of those for this.

Just so you know... scroll up and source out the downloadable version if you're not in the US. I'm in the UK on Orange pay as u go and downloaded it from the underground source not app world.

Works brilliantly.