Like Dr. Who? Then you'll love The TARDIS Team app for BlackBerry!

The Tardis Team
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 May 2014 06:32 pm EDT

If you have a BlackBerry 10 phone and love Doctor Who, you'll want to fire up BlackBerry World and download The TARDIS Team app. It's the official app of, the greatest website on the internet dedicated to THE DOCTOR and his companions. The app delivers all of The TARDIS Team's excellent content to the palm of your hand in silky smooth native BB10 app form.

Even if you have never watched a single episode of Doctor Who before, honestly, you'll still want to download the app because The TARDIS Team is the hobby project of CrackBerry's one and only Bla1ze, who has to be one of the biggest Doctor Who fans on the planet earth (the guy has a TARDIS in his living room!). And really, who doesn't want more Bla1ze?? Bla1ze sends his thanks to Jeremy Duke (@BerryInformed) who put together the app for him.

I'm even a Whovian these days. Bla1ze introduced me to Doctor Who last year when we moved our CrackBerry headquarters to Toronto for a month - he got me hooked and it's what I've been watching recently when I'm flying. For the record, my favorite Doctor (actor) and companion to date is David Tennant and Martha Jones. While you're waiting a few seconds for the app download, let me know your favorites in the comments!

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Like Dr. Who? Then you'll love The TARDIS Team app for BlackBerry!


How could I not after seeing you and bla1ze discuss it. I binged watched the first five series of new who after my cable company finally got BBC America.

I can't decide which Doctor / Companion. They've all been fantastic. Though my choice of catchphrase leads me to think Eccleston and Rose.

Posted via CB10

NuWho: Eccleston because David gets enough love already. Companion: Donna Noble because she's feisty.

ClassicWho: Tom Baker because he's just plain awesome. Companion: The incomparable Sarah Jane Smith better known as Elisabeth Sladen, so amazing, rest her soul.

With all Bla1ze's tweets and references to Doctor Who, after I finally got Nelflix, I started watching it last week...halfway through season 3. My wife doesn't get what I like about it...but that's why we have more than 1 tv I guess!

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Sarah Jane was awesome for many reasons!

Romana, being another Time Lord also had her moments. She also had her own audio book series with Leela if I recall correctly.

Dr Who rocks! I've been watching since Dr#3, though Tom Baker is "my doctor", and Sarah Jane Smith is my companion of choice. I have enjoyed every Doctor, though one less than the rest and most of the companions. I'm always ready to see the Doctor in action.

I'm hoping to see BBM stickers soon, my son and I both will be getting those.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I've made the suggestion directly to BlackBerry to work with the BBC and possibly even Titan to use their vinyl images as BBM stickers. The Titan vinyl images that they use for press material are ideal for it.

Biggest Doctor Who fan? I think not! I've met Tom Baker; during winter I often wear a 20' multicolored scarf; my favorite childhood toy was a full-sized K-9; I own every existing episode every made (albeit just the audio tracks for the ones the BBC burned); I was the creator/owner of The DW Archive (unofficial home of alt.binaries.drwho); I was a founder of #dwarchive on DALnet; I ran a popular online tv channel called WhoTV; I live-streamed UK channels with Yesterberry so BlackBerry users everywhere could watch live episodes...

Seriously, props to Bla1ze though. Always great to see a fellow BlackBerry Whovian :)

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So awesome! Great job. The type style grow and shrink is amazing! And scrolling immediately hides action bar. So smooth!

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!

Did you know that Tom Baker's scarves he used to wear in Dr Who could circle the Earth twice if actually stretched out fully!
; )

Careful! Z10 in action!

Gotta love the Doctor! I have to start watching the Classic episodes. I have watched the odd episode and really love Tom Baker.

Fav NuWho is currently still David Tennant. And just like Bla1ze, Donna Noble is my favourite companion so far. Looking forward to August and seeing Peter Capaldi in action.

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Damn!!! CrackBerry and Doctor Who? Am I dreaming? I actually believe that the "Doctor" has saved our world countless times, I wonder what kind of BlackBerry device the "Doctor" uses. I am a fan

All things Berry

CURSES! I'm too stupid to be able to post the image of the shirt getting its inaugural wear today! *sigh* In any case, bravissimo for the D-R on the 1-0 by way of the C-B!

Congrats, Bla1ze!
Nice app.
I can't share it, however. :(


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Been watching Doctor Who since Jon Pertwee and before that was very aware of it from behind the couch or door, scared beyond fear by the spookiest theme music ever recorded! Baker's probably the man hut Ecclestone's a close second. Favourite episode(s): The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Posted Using a Z30 Via CB10

My doctor was the fourth, Tom Baker, but for the modern series, it's a toss up between David Tennant and Matt Smith. My favourite companion however, is Freema Agyeman. She was clever and strong.

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I'm with Bla1ze, Christopher Eccleston was my fav so far, wish he stayed longer than 1 season. Best companion though Billie Piper :-P


By far, this is my favorite ONE minute of Dr. Who out of all I've watched so far.... SOOO GOOD!

This is not war... This is PEST CONTROL!

By far this is my favorite ONE MINUTE SEGMENT out of all the Dr. Who I have watched to date.

Pure Old sckool, Jon Pertwee was my introduction into Doctor Who, tied w. Tom Baker. Loved Louise Leela (stop using those Janis Thorns.....)

Crackberry Whovian meet up? Please? PLEASE! I might have a bunch of sonic screwdrivers! Love Doctor Who. If I could be The Doctor I so would

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Love the show. I think Amy Pond is the best companion. Love the redhead, hehe. So sad they ended her and Rory.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

I love Doctor Who noobs.

Started watching at William Hartnell. My faves? Hartnell and Jon Baker. Companions? Donna Noble, Sarah-Jane Smith, River Song (nicely done) and Romana II.


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OK the fan boy in me is screaming!!!

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

Nah, means General Audiences. eg: Ranking for BB World, no age restriction because there's no 'bad' content.

Tom Baker. The best Dr. Who ever. There is a reason he was in 172 episodes over 7 seasons and the longest Dr. ever on the show.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

You never forget your first Doctor. I was introduced when it was rebooted, so for me, Chris Eccleston is my favorite, not that Tennant and Smith weren't awesome as h*ll. Looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi, he's a bit of a bad*ss in his own way.

Tom and Sarah will always be top of the bill. Older episodes had the best imagination....Pyramids of Mars and know what I mean!

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Not sure what's going on with this post on the crackberry app but I can't scroll past dj reyes comment "gotta love the doctor" without the app locking up.

...anyway, I regularly use iplayer on my playbook at night to rewatch the Dr.
Great stuff. Have a swing arm & holder that comes across the bed so I can watch it easily before bed. Lol.

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The fourth doctor, Tom Baker, was the doctor I knew from childhood. As for the modern series, it's a toss up between 10, David Tennant, and 11, Matt Smith. When it comes to the companions though, I love Freema Agyeman's Martha Jones - she was clever and strong.

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Great app and love the whole series. Haven't seen the old Doctor Who series since I was a young kid so only vaguely remember it. For the new series David Tennant and Rose. I do agree that Christopher Eccleston should have been given a longer run than one season. My wife's most despised episode is "The Empty Child" as for a week I would spontaneously say "Mummy, Mummy, Are You My Mummy?" LOL!!