Doctor Who Rocks A Debranded BlackBerry Storm

Dr. Who Rocks A Debranded BlackBerry Storm
By Bla1ze on 5 Apr 2010 08:58 am EDT

The brand new Doctor Who series began the other day and while the eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith may or may not be a fan favorite across the board he's alright with us here at CrackBerry. Sure it could be his witty charm and wacky approach to things that made us like him but we're going with the fact that he's a BlackBerry user that won us over.

That's right, Doctor Who was spotted using a BlackBerry Storm during the episode, a debranded one no less. Ok, so maybe it was branded as a "BBC" but that's a fine line, in either case we all know it was a earth saving, multimedia messaging BlackBerry Storm. I just have to know what OS he was running or was he making use of some Doctor Who built hybrid? I mean, he did save the world with it.

Source: Engadget

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Doctor Who Rocks A Debranded BlackBerry Storm


I hadnt even noticed that he was using my phone... well thats just another excuse to rewatch it on my generic hard disk recorder!

Well, honestly, if you'd seen the episode, you'd know that he just took the berry off some poor schlep. That poor schlep is that guy who really uses a storm. The Dr. threw it back when he was done.

But, it was cool seeing the berry on the show.

He had to use a BlackBerry, because the Daleks can't hack through the security offered by a BlackBerry. Daleks can easily access the unencrypted streams of the iPhones of the world. Furthermore, given his experience with the Metal Men and Daleks, the Doctor would never trust an Android.

When I was watching Dr Who , I spotted it straight off ! Thats how much of a Crack Addict I am :)

Glad to see that BlackBerry's are being exposed to the world though :)

If you watched it..... hang on.....

*****SPOILERS****** sorta.

So, before he actually starts using the phone to save the world, his end-all be-all skeleton key to awesome, the sonic screwdriver, burnt out. So we know that he was using whatever OS was already loaded to the phone. But he was still able to write a worldwide-affecting virus, AND make an extra-terrestrial phone call (some charges may apply) just with what the RIM gave him. Lets see an iPhone do THAT!

The Doctor likes to control devices not have a device control him or tell him what to do. 11 days to go till the US premiere.....can't wait.

michaelalanjones....I love your comment

saw show hope phone comes out soon looking to upgrade wanting a touch screen or slider from bb have bb tour happy with it but would like something new and up to date.