Download YouTube videos for offline viewing with TubeMate for the BlackBerry PlayBook

TubeMate for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 11 Sep 2012 04:22 am EDT

What do you do when there are videos on YouTube that you want to save to watch later on your BlackBerry PlayBook? There are several options for bookmarking them, but what if "later" is a time when you don't have Wifi available? The answer (short of buying a 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, of course) is to download the video so that you can watch it whenever and wherever you please. Enter TubeMate, a simple and fast way to download all the YouTube videos you want right to your PlayBook with just a few taps.

While not a native PlayBook app, TubeMate runs very well on the PlayBook. Simply open the app, search for the video you want to download, and tap the green arrow. You are then asked if you want to download or watch the video. Choose download and you are presented with several options for size. Of course, the bigger the size, the higher quality your video will be. In just a moment the video will be saved to the videos folder on your PlayBook for your viewing pleasure. You can also access a list of the videos you've downloaded from within the app, which I imagine is handy if you have a lot of videos already on your PlayBook and want to only see the ones you've downloaded with TubeMate.

I know many of you will be disappointed that the app isn't native, however it does work quite well. The only glitch I had was the videos I downloaded while testing didn't play initially. A simple reboot of my PlayBook solved the problem, and I haven't seen it happen again since. You can download the .bar file for your PlayBook from the link below, and if you need a refresher on the sideloading process be sure to check out our guide.

Download the TubeMate .bar file
How to sideload apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook

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Download YouTube videos for offline viewing with TubeMate for the BlackBerry PlayBook


You must be doing something wrong, I have the Dev Beta OS on my PB and I have no problem sideloading apps on my PB. Are you following the sideloading process to the "T" and you have the proper applications installed on your computer/laptop?

Make sure you're using something like BBHTOOL or DDDB or whatever it is lol.

And then you MUST put your playbook into Dev mode. Go into the security menu, turn on the dev mode, make an IP address, and password, and then connect your PB to the computer, I use BBHTOOL and I always hit the playbook tab, and then input the IP address you assigned and click connect. I then hit system info to make sure it is connected.

Then I drag and drop the bar files I want to install, hit install and voila, they are loaded.

Hope that helps.

I thought it was in app world when I saw the link pop up. I had this sideloaded before I thought it had gone official.

It's just another one of those deceptive blog titles found on Crackberry, I don't know why they do it, it just makes Crackberry look, well, deceptive!
IMO, it just confirms the inferiority complex around Blackberry.

I don't know, what does it matter? We have the added ability of side loading, it's easy, and for working apps it's great. No loss, all gain.

"Download YouTube videos for offline viewing with TubeMate for the BlackBerry PlayBook"

In what way is the title deceptive? It says the name of the app, the device it's for, and what it does. Which part of that is a lie or meant to mislead?

The device it's for? It can be downloaded by a number of devices, you make it sound like it's native.( see comment above mine).

Reading comprehension 101 - "I know many of you will be disappointed that the app isn't native, however it does work quite well."

Now, if you could just teach Michelle how to make a blog title less ambiguous, Jayemmbee and others wouldn't have wasted their time reading it!

This is the best app for downloading YouTube videos in Android.
Been using this app for so long, from my first Galaxy Tab, to my Nexus now.
Glad that I did sideloaded this app a long time a go.
Highly recommended to anyone who own a PlayBook.

Sweet deal for real! I just side-loaded a few android apps a few days ago, this will be a welcomed addition.

Does it download only in FLV or does it give you all the options when available? (1080p/720p mp4, mp3, etc.)

all those options are there. First sideload i have done and it was rather easy. My kids will love this for all the vids they love to watch.

Speaking of sideloading apps, any advice or recommendations on a VoIP app for the PlayBook? I could definitely use a VoIP app that works via WiFi for making calls to the PSTN. Any suggestions? There is so many available for the iP*d and Android, but the only one I'm aware of for the PlayBook is from Comwave :(

On second thoughts, screw Skype! If no one has a better suggestion, I'm signing up for Comwave to reward their decision to write a PlayBook app!

Try Taki, or Kuzaranda.
You'll need a SIP account with somebody. I just used our office PBX. Kuzaranda worked immediately.

Tried to download this twice but something called "Smartscrreen filter" by Microsoft (didn't even know I had it) blocks it as a dangerous file. Won't even give me the option to continue downloading it.

Tried to sideload twice from Mac. Used a fresh .bar download too. "Unable to access jarfile BarDeploy.jar"

Agreed. This doesn't work anymore since 2015. I think YouTube changed their stuff such as the download link format, etc.

However I know an app that is updated every single time YouTube decides to change their stuff. It does it transparently too.

Furthermore this app has built in download acceleration which downloads at speeds 3-5 times faster than your browser. Also, HD1080p MP4s are supported.

Google 'XetoWare YouTube Downloader' to grab it.