Download Vlingo free compliments of BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 4 Nov 2011 09:09 am EDT

Vlingo BlackBerry

Vlingo is the next app available for a free download as part of RIMs Thank You Gift program. Vlingo retails for $19.99, but for a limited time you can grab it totally free. If you haven't heard of it before, Vlingo is a virtual assistant for your BlackBerry that lets you speak to perform tasks. Navigate your device faster, search with your voice, compose emails and more. Vlingo is available for most devices. Hit the link below to download from BlackBerry App World and get it while the gettin' is good!

More information/download of Vlingo


the brother


let's hope this app does bog down your os like the older free versions used to once upon a time.

oh and if ya got os5 or less, don't bother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



El Platanero

Congrats to all that use it. I had it free with my Sprint account. Allthough it does work I don't like giving my phone commands out loud for nosy people to know what I'm doing. Now when they come out with one that reads my mind I'm all for it ha.

But seriously, good job RIM. Now bring that sexy 2.0


This will be worth downloading since the price tag is 19.99.....


Hopefully this is really Vlingo PLus and not a mix up like the last time they posted it lol


Thank you! The only app I've been waiting for is finally free.


Anyone wanna help me get this working. I've tried holding the side key and speak into it like it told me but nothing is happening. I eager to see how good this app is but I do need to get it working first. Thanks.


Did you set the side convenience key to "do nothing" when setting it up?


Thank you!! Now it works and its great!! Sweet! :D


Obviously didn't read the BOLD part of the install / set up instructions.


Same thing here and I did set the convience key but it won't get past that point in setup. I have a 9670 what are you using?


something worth what RIM should be giving up. Thank you, I love Vlingo.



I was hearing that this will work much better than and am excited to find out. Everyone gets another chance...THANK YOU RIM!



Dude, does what the name tells you. It reads e-mail and messaging to you. It gets it done but Vlingo can do way, way more.

I think voice activation/commands have limited use but it is nice to have it and free is just an awesome price.


My DriveSafely, and that of many others, worked initially but then would not obey many of the settings -- most obviously language/gender, and annoyingly, the "App on/off" spoken aloud toggle. This after doing everything up to a OS reinstall to try to get it back to working. Check out the threads at (where one is ultimately directed to for support) and see how many people have the same problems, with lack of tech support, and only when it comes to the gift version. CB threads describe the same basic problems too. If it had kept working this dudette would still be enjoying it for exactly what it was for.


I've been occasionally using the free version of Vlingo. From the description, that does much of what does. At least on my Torch 9810, Vlingo has continued to work as advertised. On email messages, it gets to a point where it's done with the main message and says "message truncated" and skips nonessential footer stuff. Harmless but annoying, I guess, if you don't get used to it. Every once in awhile, the pronunciation of a word is a little odd, like the dictionary was created by someone who has English as a second language. It's not bad enough to not recognize the word, just unusual enough to stand out. I don't know how it does with other languages. Anyway, other than those two minor oddities, Vlingo free is awesome and keeps working. I'd expect Vlingo Plus to be even better.


And so far so good!!! I am so happy this was the next release.



This is one heck of a reason to pick-up a BlackBerry, any BlackBerry with OS7!

I already paid for this previously but everyone should get it. It is awesome. And if you use SCM you can still set your convenience key to four things (camera, video recorder, flashlight, Vlingo)

RIM rocks!

Thank you!


That's the only thing I don't like about this app although I love it! I would like to have my convenience key set to something else if possible and still use the key for Vlingo. What is SCM and does it allow you to utilize the convenience key for different functions without physically going into options?


Forget it and thanks anyway. I did a search and found out that SCM is a short cut app. I found your post in the forums which was very detailed thank you. All solved.


guerllamo- I downloaded SCM and attempted to set up my right convenience key for Vlingo, Flashlight and Voice recorder notes. It wouldn't allow it. The program made me default the rt convenience key to SCM which would then activate first, not allowing Vlingo to work when clicked to its location. What am I doing wrong? How should I set up the SCM so that Vlingo will work? If you have a clue please let me know...thanks


Or don't. If you know, I'd still be interested but if you don't know either, thanks anyway. I've learned how to setup a basic list and create my own shortcuts one at a time, so I am still learning. I still can't set the right convenience key (the only one on the 9930) to SCM and then add to it ending with Vlingo because then Vlingo won't work (it seems that Vlingo MUST be the first RC set in order to work). If anyone know a work around, fill me in. Thanks


Thanks for posting this Mr. Zeis.
Thank you RIM for the complimentary software - this is a welcomed accompaniment to my 9930!!


OMG I was skeptic about this app but after reading this comment on item description:

"Vlingo is dope." - MC Hammer


Thanks RIM!!!!!!!!!!


Downloaded on my Torch 9810 and trying it out. It only works about half the time. I hold down the side key and nothing happens. Maybe it will get better with time, it seems like a very useful App.


Did you set the convience key to "do nothing"?


Geez, I set the convience key to Vlingo and thought it wasn't working. Set it to "do nothing" and it works perfect. Thanks RIM!


I have set it to Do Nothing and have done multiple reboots and still only works half the time.


at least you GOT yours to download to your 9810. Mine keeps shooting me out of the download.


I think I got this for free with my Sprint 9930. The one that came with my phone reads e-mails and also allows pasting into e-mails so I think it is the plus. Is that a different version from the one being offered for free now?


Would be interested in comments about whether this is (as I suspect) a battery killer (sorry to be negative - I hope that it's not a battery killer, am just wondering in advance of deciding whether to download or not)

Adam Zeis

It's free so why not just try it and find out for yourself :)


That's a good question...! The reason is that I'm overly paranoid about the after effects of a deleted battery draining app, and only have a Mac so can't do an OS reload to start from scratch in case of any lingering after effects.


It doesn't drain your battery. It has always been one of the Best applications for Blackberries


Thanks - am downloading now!


Vlingo Plus USED TO BE a horrible battery drainer. They issued an update at the beginning of the year and all is well with the app now battery-wise. Now if only the IDIOTS AT FIXMO would fix their battery draining app . . . .


I just downloaded and tried it and this is just GREAT!!! (9700 with OS6)

I love this!!

I will use to hear the messages coming and and Vlingo to send them out.

Thanks RIM!!


I'm removing It works but why have 2 things running that do the same thing. Vlingo can read messages too.

Great app. So far its picking up everything I say perfectly.


Vlingo can only read upto 50 words where Drivesafe will read upto 500 words.

I get some wordy emails and it suits me the best.

Now I do hate Drivesafe's voice text reply.

So I need these two things together for a perfect experience.


You are guys referring to the "Safe Reader" feature of Vlingo?


Is Vlingo compatable with the 9810?

El Platanero

well I don't have a 9810 but I can let you know that it worked on the 9930 which is os7 as well.


It works great on the 9810 !!!!


what a cool application.i'd pay $20 for this in an instant for the playbook, just for the dictation function.



The "Open application name" is hit and miss. Many times it accurately hears my command and types my open command as a web search.


This happened to me. Instead of saying "Open Twitter" which lead me to mobile twitter on the browser, I said "Open Twitter App" and it opened the Twitter status composer on Vlingo.


Same issue here with some apps.


Noice, been looking forward to trying this out


So this requires OS 6 or OS 7? Well that's just not right!


Dude, its time you upgraded. Really.


Not bad... Not bad at all!


I've been using the standard Vlingo voice app for a year or so. The basic commands would get me through the day especially since it links with my Bluetooth headset to receive commands. The in app commands of the Virtual Assistant version should be welcoming. Thanks again RIM!


The bold has only ONE connivance key and this stupid app wants to have it in order to operate. Stupid app.

El Platanero

Hahaha, I feel the same way. The app is pretty cool but not worth that button. I check my calendar too much to give up that button.


You can command "Open Calendar" and it will show up. :P

Midnight Barbecue

I just downloaded and during setup says to set the convenience key to 'do nothing' during setup but can change it back afterwards. Are you saying it has to be set to 'do nothing' permanently?

From setup screen:
"After Vlingo setup, you can always change the Convenience Key to work with another application (refer to step 1 and 2 on where to find the Convenience Key option)."


I love VLINGO, but it seriously needs better BBM intergration. It could be really amazing.


I was wondering about BBM and Text msg. Does it work? What did you experience with it?


it doesn't read bbm messages but you can speak>text into bbm (speak>text>paste)


I'm not knocking it as I love this app BUT it doesn't seem to work with BBM group messages.

It hears my voice and says that it is posting it to the groups but doesn't.

It does work well with regular BBM though.


I assume they will be working on this app quite a bit to make it better now that Siri is out there. Which means only good things in the future for us : )


Unfortunately rules based apps will never approach the way Siri works.


And how does Siri work?

the brother

do u really think Vlingo is gonna let u upgrade this thing indefinitely for free FOREVER?

dream on BUD


Haha. I know. But it's nice to dream : )

It all depends on the developer. I'm assuming they will get us hooked with this free version and if they ever do have anything like Siri they would make us pay. But hopefully by then RIM would have something in place stock on the phone.


It's funny how Vlingo shows up in the A Thank You Gift list of AppWorld on my BB, but Bejeweled doesn't. I had to use my browser to go to AppWorld and download Bejeweled.


are you on os7? because Bejeweled is not OS7 capable as yet.


Nope. I'm on OS6.

I have the Thank you version of Bejeweled, it just doesn't show up on the Thank you list. Weird.


I didn't see this when clicking on the Thank You Gifts from the carousel, but I did find it when going to Apps > Thank You Gift.


Same here, I'm just making a habit of checking there (though thankfully announcements have been super timely.) Nice to know one is not alone though ;)


This thing is really fun. In a short test with some emails and texts and did a great job. I have a 9700 with OS 6.


It's cool. Tests are pretty impressive, although no BBM support would keep me from using it regularly. I might go back to wanting that key for camera.


If you say "Camera" or "Open Camera" you can keep side key to Vlingo as it will do just that.


How do you get it to automatically send the message? I did a test text message and it waited for me to press the "Send" button on the screen. That's not very handy if you're supposed to keep your eyes on the road while driving. :-(


Loving the app and grateful for the gift, but yeah I confess I was wondering the same thing. I don't know how long it will take to learn one's voice well, but even after using Dragon for a decade on a PC, one still has to edit by hand. This will save me typing and reading which are good for me now, but I'm not surprised that it's not hyped as a safe-driving tool the way (the infuriatingly buggy) is. DS keeps it very simple when it comes to replies, there are standard choices like "Message received", not (if I am correct -- the bugs didn't let me get that far) options as flexible as "Can we change our meeting to 4pm instead?" One would definitely need to at least look that over, if not edit, before sending.

It will still be extremely useful for me though, in life in general.


Downloaded, thank you RIM, by the way Vlingo is free over at Apple app store, why charge USD 19.99 for blackberry?
 9810 & PB 16g


Guess its largely redundant for 4s users, as Siri does the functions.


Anyone else finding the Open application feature hit and miss? For me it often types my open command (accurately so it's not a recognition problem) as a search instead of opening the app.


I just got it now. And I'm writing this comment using it. I really like it.


I am pretty sure Vlingo is now owned by RIM, so I can see them working on it and trying to integrate it better with the OS.

I just downloaded it and will test it after I am done my dreaded morning conference call. :)

the brother

ummmmmmmmm are u confusing vlingo with VIIGO?


i've d/l'ed and set it up and it works a treat, even on my virgin 8930 or whatever model it is, with bbos 5.x.

am puzzled, though, as to whether there's an easy way to turn it off and on, without menu diving. it is great for several situations i regularly find myself in, but also very much not great for several situations i regularly find myself in.

anybody have a good recipe, or merely know of something i missed?




Siri for IPhone? Whaaaat? lol Love this app. So glad they finally released the premium version. That just made my Bold 9930 that more important :)


is there a help video for this somewhere guys.


im amazed that this is being offered for free for a limited time. on android, these are actually free and on some phones, pre built it.


I've been trying for an hour to download. And in the fthank you apps area it's there one minute and the next it's gone. It will not download for me. I have the 9810. Anyone having this problem?


Downloaded it and it would read incoming text messages, but would never respond to spoken commands. Convenience key is set to "do nothing". I am rocking a 9810.

Edit: uninstalled Vlingo and reinstalled it and it still doesn't work tho the convenience key is properly set up. It is a puzzlement?

Edit 2: Since my convenience key was already set to "do nothing" I had to first set it to some other activity and then in Vlingo set up hold the key so that the app said my convenience key was not set up properly, then reset the key to "do nothing" and everything works like a charm.

Thanks RIM for a great app!


Having trouble with my 9800. Whenever I try to launch it I get "Uncaught exception: java.lang.Arithmetic Exception". Batt pull didn't help. ??


this does not show yet on the app world thank you list on my 9900. should i wait for some time before it shows?


you can find it by searching for it, it's what i had to do.


x2, just type vlingo and it will pop up with the Compliments of BlackBerry text next to it.


I had it free with sprint. But now back with AT&T and was lil pricy for my right now. So THANK YOU RIM i love this app. This is awesome. love my playbooks and my bold 9900 and 9930's


Downloaded it on 9800. Was not in the Thank you bos, had to do a search for it. Installed and it is not very integrated with the BBM like what others says, And the text message, I too get the send box. I guess have to play with it to get more familiar with it.


Well Done Rim! I'm proud of you.... downloading now. I've used the free version in the past, and it was great, so I'm looking forward to this free upgrade!


Hey this freebie isgood! straigthforward install on my BB9800
even understand my heavily accented Ingrish (sic) probs !!
1st BBM Music .now this freebie .wow RIM u sure trying hard to soften the blows of your recent hiccups.
Now what about some freebies for the PlayBook ... ha ha


Will this work on my 9360?


Works Well, However, I hate the fact that you must hold down the Convience key for it to work, Should also be the option to use a SOFTWARE TOUCH BUTTON within the program. Touch once to record, touch again to stop.... Thats how it works on other the other OS's

Blackberry version got the shaft , as usual....


Just downloaded and its awesome! THANKS RIM!!!


once it is installed and working, how do you disable it? reading messages that I don't want read out load, even in holster.


push the convenience button, click on where it says "on" making it off.



Finally rim relases a good app. I love this app. I got the 9900 and this will be a good addiction on my phone. Thank you. Keep releasing good apps like this and I hope ull stop charging 5 bucks for bbm music. I love bbm music and I don't wanna pay 5 bucks for n app that is just wicked.



Would be nice to see IM+ TALK from Shape Services as a gift app.

Thank you


I have utilized this application for over a year. I own a small communications company and know that sometimes “stuff” happens, I didn’t feel that you needed to provide us with any “gifts” but it is very considerate of you. In addition selecting an application like this shows that safety is a concern. For those of you on the fence about downloading this…what do you have to lose?
“Always and Forever Bleeding Black”


+1 all you folks complaining, not necessarily for Vlingo, rather other apps released, realize that RIM did not owe us anything for the down time! Do you think that when Google Calendar went down, they offered anything for free. No way! So, yes, thank you RIM for going above and beyond!


Is there any way to have the SafeReader function turn on/off automatically with bluetooth connection, like drive It's the one feature I miss after switching to Vlingo.


I use DriveSafely to talk to me and I use Vlingo to talk to the phone. Besides, Vlingo has no choice of voice and doesn't turn off when leaving a bluetooth connection.

Turns out you do have voices to choose from. I am less excited by this app the more I use it however as it gets my dictation wrong a lot and is not trainable.


Disregard, I just found the other voices :)


Thank you RIM, great app.


Strangest thing happened to me. I installed this app and my phone kept resetting... So I deleted the app, and upon reboot my blackberry 9900 was wiped clean... Retarded. Took me over an hour to get everything back to normal. The good part of this is, via bbprotect and bbm email backup, I was able to restore MOST of my crucial data, and once back in the office I can do a full restore via DM.


My address book disappeared when I deleted this app, and for some strange reason bb protect is showing the backupdate but there is no backup file.


Seriously?? Scary tales, the wipe especially so!!! I keep backups but it takes me forever to get everything back the way I like. I would be really upset about this kind of thing. Good luck, 123.

"Note to self. Do not delete app."


Love the app - it's just a damn shame it takes up the one and only convenience key on the Bold 9930. Especially when you're a QuickLaunch user!


Not true. QL also enables Spacebar as a multi-click, just make sure you set your homescreen hotkey to Space and turn off universal search.


Awesome program thank you RIM !!!
Now one of my fav apps :)


thank you rim: supported countries ALL EXCEPT ITALY.
thank you rim...thank you!


Its does not seem that this free app is the plus version so i don't get what people are thanking RIM for.


Actually, it IS the plus version.


I have it Allready and I love Reading Up On all of The Crackberry news. I Got To Get My Geek on. thanks Crackberry


Works great on my 9700. Very smooth. Will get the dictation better with time. I do wish it would launch more third party applications like Pandora, AT&T Navigator, etc. Have not found a way to do this. Anyone? 22A59EAA. Would be a great safety feature while driving to be able to launch all my apps! :)


I hadn't tried Pandora. Just did and got a google search for it :(


Yes, that was my experience too.


Vlingo will not start after the reboot on my 9700 w/ .668 I am getting tired of all these "free" apps like and now Vlingo not working! Deleted and move on...


Nice app, thanks RIM, works to perfection on my 9860


Okay, so I don't know if it was the os6.0.666 that I just upgraded to yesterday or not, but everything was fine after the upgrade.

This morning, I see this post, I download Vlingo, it doesn't work for me, I delete it.....and BAM! Address book gone.


This is the first of the free apps I've downloaded to my 9900, and so far it seems like a good choice. I've tested it on a number of different tasks and it's picked up what I said perfectly, even a few curse words I threw in (which don't turn into *** after turning off the profanity filtering). Thanks RIM!


Okay, honestly, is there anyone who didn't send yourself a funny naughty email to hear it say the words? In the serious funny... ;)


This is by far the best app BB has given us so far. For those people with only one convinence key I bought a app frm shaosoft called extra keys tht makes ur media keys into convinence keys. I now hve a total of 4 convinence keys. The shaosoft app is perfect and only cost like $2. Even if u don't use the vlingo its nice on my 9930 for the extra keys. The extra keys app is in app world or mobihand. Thanks rim for vlingo!


Ahh yes good thinking, they also have one called SixTools which does that and other groovy things (lock portrait or landscape is my fave) well worth the low cost.


i love how this app is usually 20$ retail on BB and free on iOS


Just a quick update...the one item I don't like is if you use the "Send message to..." which initiates a text message...output will have a little tag line: *Spoken w/ Vlingo. Advertising I could do without. That does not happen if you are already in the native text message screen and speak a text / past into the field. Anyway, not a big deal, just something I could do without.

Curious how this works with bluetooth? Still have to hold down the convenience key? Guessing so. Would be better to make this truly hands free if there was a bluetooth hands free mode where you could hit the talk button on bluetooth headset and it would activate Vlingo. Lots of different makes and models of headsets though. I know with my Jawbone I can click the headset top button and it will activate voice dialing on my phone. Which by the way, voice dialing with Vlingo is a lot faster and smoother than the native voice dial that comes with the phone. My next OS upgrade, I may shrink out the native voice dialer and go with Vlingo...then again the bluetooth aspect....hmmm. Any comments on bluetooth use?


I think u can go into the app itself and go to options and scroll down to turn the taglines off. Which removes the "spoken with vlingo" parts. I did it to both the text and emails.


Thanks Jordan. I just found that option and was going to update my post. You beat me to it. :)


This is SOOO COOL!! THANKS RIMM!! iPhone 4S.... looks like you've got some competition!! =D


I downloaded it earlier but it wasn't working and my mother was laughing at me because she said I was conned -_- But I deleted it and downloaded it again and it's wonderful! There are minor mistakes but I don't mind correcting them. This app is amazing.


I have it, and sometimes it does what it is supposed to, and then sometimes it doesn't comprehend my voice to text, even when I speak very slowly.
What sucks is that it uses your DATA plan and I don't have unlimited Data so this is a Disadvantage.

I know that Ispeech, the makers of "", is coming out with Ispeech Dictation soon and will integrate with BBM.


This is a great app however for some reason it will only recognize my att address book and not my default one. I called att and asked them how do I remove address book and they didn't know. I am furious about this. All I want and need is 1 address book. If anyone can help me copy my 70 att contacts over to my default address book which contains 340 entries and remove att address I would forever be grateful and will gladly pay you ten dollars for your services. Thank you


Here's a link to walk u thru the att problem. I'm with verizon and not sure if it works but the comments seem to be positive. Good luck.


Is there anyway to try this out without downloading it through Appworld? I deleted it and refuse to use it to get the apps I need till RIM actually has a good app store like Apple does.


Thanks RIM.

What about Pageonce pro?
That should be on the list.


This app is not included in the APP WORLD in india region? Y so...?


Wow, like the Playbook, this app is a sleeper. It is way more impressive than I have been let to believe.
Thanks Rim. Screw SIRI


Its the best app I have used in a long time and sufficient compensation for me post service issues last month. Way to go RIM


Excellent app! Thanks, RIM.


Thanks but, no thanks. I uninstalled it...


I downloaded Vlingo which went well, I've not used it before, hope to use it thru the coming week. Running 9700 on official Tmobile OS6. Learning the commands and trying out the many different functions, also made a note that as you first use it, Vlingo 'learns' to better understand the indiduals way of speaking.


Man this thing is perfect, thank you so much!!!


Pure trash!!!! Its waisting time....


I'm using a Storm 2 and for some reason, the messages that I speak (to text or email) do not show up in my message threads. Anyone know why?


It wont work for me. I have a torch 9810 and it wont type what i speak. it said my convience key is working but it just wont work ughhh