Download Viigo Beta 3 - CrackBerry Edition Today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Sep 2008 09:44 am EDT
Download Viigo 3 - CrackBerry Edition

It's here! Viigo has just released the 3rd public beta of Viigo Project Tango, and we have it ready for you to download, complete with branding. When we first announced Viigo - Editon, we became the fastest distribution point of all time in Viigo's partner network, driving more downloads of this awesome FREE app than anybody else (we even knocked off the massive BIG media companies). Let's do it again!! If you have any any other version of Viigo installed, remove it and get going with the latest version below. 

Download Viigo 3 (beta 3) Edition

Continue reading after the jump for the details on this latest beta build and some of the sweet new services provided (unfortunately we're still waiting on Audio support in this version... it will come!). More information and a great overview is located on the download landing page, or you can read our review/tutorial of the the original version. You can also discuss Viigo Beta 3 and get any assistance you may need in the CrackBerry forums!

Viigo 3 Beta 3 Core Updates

We have implemented the second stage of our memory and performance optimizations in this release. We have reduced the amount of memory used by Viigo, both at run-time and in the data store when the app is closed. We have also made the communications and updating mechanism more robust, equipping it with the ability to self correct when communications timeouts or disruptions occur. Stay tuned for more, as we will be rolling out additional memory and performance improvements in the next release.

We have also added the ability for you to customize your home screen, adding or removing the services you wish. But we have lots more coming here too, as we will shortly allow you to order your home screen to suit your needs.

Viigo Beta 3 New Services

Flights and Travel - Search for flights by route or by flight number, do quick flight status lookups, or build itineraries that will allow Viigo to track the status of these flights automatically.

Kijiji Classifieds - Access to the full Kijiji classifieds service. Select your city, select from the list of categories, and enter your search term and we'll keep a list of matching results up to date for you. You can find this under Local Interest.

Enhanced Sports Service - We have made a number of improvements to the sports service, including a new multi-select sports channel library, and the ability for the application to group multiple feeds for each sport together (i.e. scores, standings, etc.). We have also added new sports, including NCAA football, and have more to come (including English Premiership) in the next few days. We are working on more enhancements here for future releases, including the ability to sort sport scores according to your date preference.

Enhanced Elections Service - We have added a number of polls to the US Elections service , including Senate and Governor races, and have added coverage too for eh upcoming Canadian election.

Stocks and Finance - We have added a number of sector portfolios for those of you who want to keep track of the leading industries in each sector. We have also added a currency exchange rate service, so you can keep track of current rates for the location you're heading to next.

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Reader comments

Download Viigo Beta 3 - CrackBerry Edition Today!


Anybody get this to work yet?? I keep getting server unavailable messages on my BB..

i tried to download it several times with no luck until i realized that I was typing in the address wrong when i hit "go to" on my bb browser it automatically includes "http://www." you need to erase the www then type in the following address, it downloaded with no problems and i think the app is great. hope it works for you.

im not even seeing an option where to download... i went to the page and i dont see a link .. just tells me to go back to the same page again

We had an early issue today with the device detection on the provisioning site specifically related to the BlackBerry Bold device. We've since fixed that issue (around 10:15 am EST today). If you experienced your download issue prior to this time, please try again.

If any of you are still having difficulties with the download, please could you let us know what device you're using and what URL you've been attempting to download from and we'll investigate further.

Thanks again for your support of Viigo!

Mark Lesiw
Director, Services
Viigo Inc.

I have tried every link out there and I get the same thing. I get the down load page where it tells me I can send it to email, text or download to my computer. Every link goes to the same page. I can send it to the storm via text, or email, click on the link and it takes me to the same page. I even placed the address in the phones browser and got the same result. Now place to download.....

Thanks jd

Not as slow as the last time but
WTH...."and have more to come (including English Premiership) in the next few days."

Go EPL and Arsenal!!!!!!

I thought that the current version (pre Tango) was supposed to auto-update. Wasn't this mentioned when the Crackberry-themed version was released?

Can't wait for EPL. Would also like to see Spanish La Liga and the Mexican League. I know Soccer is not popular in the USA, but I am sure there are many Viigo users around the world that are also interested.

can i just install this over my existing version, or do i have to uninstall it then re-install the new one?

Per the instructions, uninstall your current version, which will reboot your device, then install the new version.

This version is so much better than the previous one. Not that the old version sucked because it didnt. I'm totally psyched about the NFL Live scores on this version!!!

I was getting the same error. Changing my browser identification from "Firefox" back to "Blackberry" seemed to help.

I've been using Viigo since WES 2008 and this product just keeps getting better and better! Downloaded it with no problems.

if i didnt uninstall the old version and merely overwrite it...will it cause any problems?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this one :-)

Downloaded and installed without uninstalling the older version and it went smoothly. Works fine! It is faster and i like it better than the old version now. Cool! Cant wait for the finaly version.

The window became smaller but i like the overall look...i can ignore the space that was chopped off.

Installed perfectly on the first try. Most importantly it saved my personalized RSS feeds which I thought I was going to have to reconnect to. Nice work!

I can't get the download link on the BB browser but I can on opera, however, it doesn't recognize my device. (Sprint 8330 4.5.77) It gives me three options: 4.0, 4.2, and Bold. Are any of those appropriate downloads?

How do I get it to download for my blackberry? I cannot find the exact spot to download the file (either for over the air or via PC).

Can someone please paste the exact link?

I have been trying to download this app for quite some time. All I had to do was go into my options of the blackberry browser, then browser configuration, then emulation mode and change to Blackberry. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

This is a vast improvement from the original. I like the enhancements and the option of customizing services. I am anxiously awaiting the final version.

I like this version very much. You can definitely see improvements in this release.

I'm seeing "Live" scores with a 5+ minute delay in updates, even when refreshing frequently, so I really won't call it "Live". Sprint's NFL Live is about a 20-30 second delay instead of 5-10 minutes. It's nice having NCAA fooball scores available, though.

The other thing I noticed with football scores is the lack of which quarter is being played. Am I seeing the 1st quarter time left, or the 4th quarter? Right now, with just score and time remaining only, it can be confusing.

I'm also still hopeful they will give the option to store data on SD card and reduce the amount of data using up valuable internal memory. Even so, I like it.

it installed on my blackberry just fine but everytime i try to creat an account or do anything with it it gives me this error:

A problem occurred when tryuing to creat or access your account. there may be insufficient wireless coverageor the server maybe offline for maintenance. Please try again later. if the problem persists, please contact viigo support. (error message: commandblock error code :400)

Has anyone had any problems with this too? if so what can i do to fix it!!!!

It gives even more information that I look for.
However, for financial could I add local financial sector?
Doesn't see Malaysia financial info from the add.
Thanks! Nice tool!

Wasn't this version supposed to have audio and podcasts? Or should we wait until apple and RIM get there heads together and integrate it properly.

Does anybody with Storm able to download the Viigo 3 Crackberry Edition thru their device..? The link for getviigo keeps bringing me back to the same page..?

Thank you.