Download Skype for the BlackBerry Z10 ahead of official release

By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2013 07:19 pm EDT

As you all know, Skype has been released for the BlackBerry Q10 officially but those of you with a BlackBerry Z10 will have to wait. If you're the adventurous type though and don't mind sideloading an app, you can have Skype on your BlackBerry Z10 right now. It's the same build as what is on the BlackBerry Q10 but it works fine on the BlackBerry Z10 all things considered.

If you're looking to give it a go, hit the link below. Just remember, it's not an official build as of yet for the Z10 and there is some issues with it. Plus, when it does arrive officially, you should be sure to download that version as well so that you're at least relaying the right download numbers back to Skype. 

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Download Skype for the BlackBerry Z10 ahead of official release



Works okay so far. There is some lag and sound is in and out. However, this was on a call from Germany. I will switch to the official release when it hits App World.

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Hey I downloaded that ddpb I think it's called to get the bar files on my z10 all the uther app work good but skype it don't work it comes up can't connect to skype server so can someone help me me please thank you :)

Works actually quite good on mine, a few small bugs but nothing to say I can't live it
So I am just imagining the final version to be really smooth, but I have to admit, I'm really happy with this, works really really good, thanks guys

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I cannot send video, voice, im, or files... I can receive calls just fine. stops after one ring and says call failed.

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Works but...
will not sync with other devices whereas other devices do sync with whats being typed etc on the BB. occasionally crashes. its overall laggy like most android ports.
of course its some sort of beta and its not working as intended ( im not sure if it should be working at all ) so pretty pleased i have it even like that.

Awesome awesome this works great. Super easy to side load with the Chrome extension too.

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I have a noon question but I'm trying to find out how I can get the ip number since I don't have a pc??? I only own a ps3 and use that to transfer Music videos and pictures.. any one care to share some light to my dilemma?

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I can see and hear my contacts they can see me but they cant hear me I have checked to make sure my mike is not muted But they cant hear me
Anyone have any idea
Many thanks

Skype for the Z10 is the bomb! I never thought the video would work as well as it does. Just finished a US to Guatemala video chat over AT&T.

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It is a pity how blackberry thought, they should be thinking the released one to have a better supported OS n Application than Q10. Looks like they will abandon Z10 soon...

If they are not changing their strategy ... I believe Blackberry will not last longer ...
- PIN messaging will be replaced with many messaging application as other OS do..
- Email messaging, every OS can do it now
- Support application, blackberry is the 2nd worst
- OS stability .... i found some bugs on it

Hope, blackberry can run faster to developed more stable OS and more features as OS 7, and please remove crappy application from blackberry world specially from Android Porting, they are to buggy for BB10

I can see and hear my contacts they can see me but they cant hear me I have checked to make sure my mike is not muted But they cant hear me
Anyone have any idea Im running
Many thanks

Any chance we'll get Skype on the Playbook it works fine on my Z10 - could do with the ability to choose what speaker is used in a VOIP-only call.

I'm going to wait this one out, nothing pressing to get Skype . Sounds like fun ALREADY! Lol :) Go BlackBerry!

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I am not able to download the bar file. It keeps on loading but nothing happens... anyone with another link! does anyone know when Instagram will launch the app for BlackBerry 10?

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Thank you. It works nicely. You don't need to leave it open in active frames, you can close it and if anyone writes you a message, a beautiful notification icon appears in the Hub and you can from this notification open Skype directly where the chat is happening. If you are logged in a computer with the same account, if you read the message just received, the notification DISAPPEARS automatically in the Hub, FANTASTIC!
This is the first day of use. I'll let it be for days and see battery drainage happens.

It works pretty well on 10.1 and 10.0 with a few intermittent bugs and some small lag. However, it seems to cause a big memory leak on 10.0. If I open it even once and then close it, my Z10 will run out of memory in less than an hour and I have to reboot. So i'll just plan on using it sparingly and plan to reboot often. Hopefully this will be fixed in the official release.

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why is the Q10 being placed ahead of the z10 in so many areas? is my z10 now a second rate device?....

I have lots of problems with the sideloaded version. Often I cannot take calls or dial numbers. Happy for u guys that it works but I'll wait until OS1.1 n the Z10 version.

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I "sideloaded" Skype from a goodereader bar file using Google Chrome attachment (as learned from Crackberry article yesterday) and it worked perfectly.

Can't wait to get the "Native" version of Skype on my Z 10 after it comes on Q 10 with BB 10.1.

Great app and great things happening with BlackBerry

"We're bringing Qwerty back.... Yeah"....