Download Skype for the BlackBerry Z10 ahead of official release

By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2013 07:19 pm EDT

As you all know, Skype has been released for the BlackBerry Q10 officially but those of you with a BlackBerry Z10 will have to wait. If you're the adventurous type though and don't mind sideloading an app, you can have Skype on your BlackBerry Z10 right now. It's the same build as what is on the BlackBerry Q10 but it works fine on the BlackBerry Z10 all things considered.

If you're looking to give it a go, hit the link below. Just remember, it's not an official build as of yet for the Z10 and there is some issues with it. Plus, when it does arrive officially, you should be sure to download that version as well so that you're at least relaying the right download numbers back to Skype. 

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Download Skype for the BlackBerry Z10 ahead of official release



Mehh...not taking the chance, gonna wait for the official release....but tell me how it goes guys! Haha

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This is the Android "preview version" that Skype mentions on their blog and that the Q10 has. The Native version is not yet cooked.

All in all though: It works really nicely in harmony with the Desktop version I normally use.

Works perfectly and even notifies you in the hub when you sign in with a Skype icon :)

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People are just so impatient these days. Like wow, you guys refuse to wait for anything. Kind of funny to me.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK) many communication apps do you need? How many actually use Skype on pc or phone? It sucks on pc especially since Microsoft took it over.

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Over 280 million used it in January. I use it daily for most of my calling. On PC and smartphones. Over 2 billion minutes of voice or video calls daily. 35% of all international calling in 2012.

I use the legacy desktop version in desktop mode on my Win8 PC with no difficulty. Don't recommend the Windows 8 version as the UI is not efficient.

It's still an independent business unit of Microsoft; they have kept on updating versions for all devices.

It is stable when working on the latest leaked OS It even let's you switch between front and rear camera. It doesn't crash.

Awesome!!!!! Gonna be a great day at work tomorrow!!!!!!! I have the apps you have!!!!! Now let's compare phones shall we? Let's see how fast you can check your five email accounts!!! How fast is your browser rendering the real ESPN.COM site? Oh you don't have flash huh? Why does your screen have that blueish tint? Can't wait!!!!!!

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Yeaman! Two things i wish Blackberry would have done better marketing wise: 1. Say we are focused on 100,000 PRODUCTIVE apps instead of joining the Rat Race and 2. Pitch Blackberry 10 as the POST APP platform! It's all about the SUPER browser and we have the best in the game! I'll never download an ESPN app or sports app... FOR WHAT!?

Dowloaded on my Z10 running on T-Mobile no issues so far. Have to note though it is a bit slow when navigating through the different sections.

One question in the contacts file you could add LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter accounts to a contact and then when you click on any of the accounts it takes you directly to the profile of that contact. I see there's the ability to add a skype account to a contact as well but nothing happens when you click on it and it doesn't take you to his skype profile. I know it's not that big of a deal but just throwing it out there :)

FINALLY SKYPE ON BLACKBERRY!!!! (That's what I have as a Skype status now)

THIS VERSION WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! I've tried another version, but it didn't connect to the server. AWESOME...EXCELLENT...and THANK YOU!

Why do I have to be out when Skype comes out?

I'll have to download this the second I get home.

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It's working on my z10 but it doesn't have an option for video call?? Only voice call and sms.
Anyone have any idea why?

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What version and what carrier are you with? I can see the video option as a second choice in the actions tab. I am on T-Mobile OS

What do people mainly use Skype for? Is it so critical that not having it can be a dealbreaker for some people?

When most of your friends and family happen to be abroad or scattered in different countries, or you're always traveling on the move, it's a great way to keep in touch and have video calls with them. FOR FREE.....

I wish more friends and family have BB10 devices since BBM Video is way better but unfortunately most are on iOS or that's the reason Skype is critical. Cheers Mate :)

Businesses large and small are using Skype, especially for international communications. It has allowed some businesses to hire the best person for a job regardless of geographical location. Group video calling is used for company meetings where employees are spread out around the world, amongst other applications.

Great to keep communications costs down, especially for startups.

I know a few smaller companies who prefer skype to communicate with workers who work from home. Screen sharing is definitely a plus

How do I download Skype, When I click on the download link, notjing happens. Do i need a PC or I can open the link from my Z10 browser. However i tried usinf BB Z10 browser nothjng happens, Plz help!

You're going to need to do something called a side-load. It's not hard at all - just need a USB cable and a sense of humour. Just below RoyFakhry posted a link on how to use Chrome to do the sideload.

When it's "our" turn (Z10 users on BB10.1) you won't have to sideload - it will be in BlackBerry world like a regular product.

Tried it on my z10. Pretty awesome and running pretty smoothly. Tested video call for a few minutes and it works well.

I like how I can still receive messages / call even after I closed the app.

Is it just me or is it a really good android port. Seriously. Install in on PB and you get the android error force close banner. or is the PB just mixing it up

I can login with my Skype account info but it won't let me login with my Microsoft account.

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Not a major issue for me wrt Skype chat as all my legacy MSN Messenger contacts are also on Skype. Had not used MSN Messenger for several years.

But I primarily use MS login for my Windows 8 setup.

On mine the back camera seams not working anybody else can confirm it? Front is working fine.
It is a bit slow, but better than nothing.

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I tried switching back and forth between the 2 cameras and it works fine. it is a bit slow in switching, but it does work.

On one call I had the back camera working; on another, no. It would switch between the full screen and the small screen for the participants on the call.

Excellent app, one error, when you try to change pictures from gallery app force close but if you use the visor file option can be able to change picture. Video call awesome if it is a little borrow just pinch to zoom in and image is clear.

Fine over wifi and 3g

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Excellent, this is just what I've been waiting for! Voice didn't work at first, but I restarted and it now works! Haven't tested video yet.

works great! I was surprised I could receive Skype calls without the app open...thought that was going to be the issue and why we (z10) owners had to wait til 10.1 but working like a charm on T-Mobile Thanks....going away on business next week and now can video chat with the family....

the PlayBook doesnt even need BB10!!! IF BlackBerry would update the Android runtime on the PlayBook then Skype,Instascram and NNetflix would work on PlayBook just like they are working on the Z10. Theses= are all Android ports so the PlayBook doesnt need BB10 to run these apps, it needs a small runtime update but BlackBerry doesnt give a hoot about PlayBook users now that Z10 and Q10 are out.

BlackBerry if you are reading send us PlayBook users the runtime update because lord knows BlackBerry10 isnt coming any time "soon"!!!

BlackBerry is not in the business of supporting .bar file sideloading. Presence in BB World is their recognition that an app is available for supported use.

And, for now, the company's survival is much more dependent on getting Q10 and Z10 sales. I don't think we are going to see any more updates to the current PB OS.

Sideload at your own risk.

Works on my Z10 Z10STL100-3/ on T-Mobile. Testing voice and video both worked like a charm.

Since it is an Android port, it will run in the background if you close the active frame, which is a nice feature. So it can act like a headless app.

Now I'll be able to communicate with family members who don't have BlackBerry devices, and to my daughter when she is deployed overseas. :)

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+1 all ways works when the mericans complain. Now complain for instagram too please! ;)

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I got video to work. I didn't realize I needed to invite a contact first and then the option came up. Also I redeemed my voucher and it said it expires Oct 2013. That's 6 months! Still think BBM video works much better though.

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:( I don't have a clue how to install it. Is anyone there that can help me out please.

Posted via the best phone ever. BlackBerry Z10

Most certainly NOT. Skype is available already in the BlackBerry world store and it is the Android port we see above. So no its not native.

You mean people's lives can go on???
Works excellent! Didn't need it but it's nice to have. Thanks for the preview!

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Cool! I've never really gotten into Skype but I think I'll download it and see what all the hype is about :D

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I feel like That dude from the Matrix when he finally gets his hands on the software that Neo was able to get for him.
Hallelujah Chris! You're my savior man!

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Worked fine for me for audio with Bluetooth headset have not tested with video yet. Also worked fine for Im+ pro integration (initiating the call from IM+ Pro successfully triggered Skype to place the call). And my IM+ Pro is a side loaded android version.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I cannot make calls or anything... everytime I try to send something, it fails. However, when I use the note tow to send a call, I can receive

Video incoming only

Phone calls incoming only

Im neither will work

Sending files neither will work

Might try rebooting device and or reinstalling Skype. Kinda weird!

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I hope 10.1 makes android ports a bit more smooth. Apps not bad but some things feel a bit sluggish to respond.

Works well on a bit laggy but that's expected of a port..

Mixed feelings after installing.. final release may perform better..

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Loaded on my Z10 in 5 minutes it was up and running. Video, chat, voice and all the contacts seem to be intact. Working with the Hub. Early report warning I have not put it through the paces.....yet but happy to have the Demo Version

I'm running it now. Not too bad, feels like I'm using an android phone... lol. Now, let's wait for the native... muahahahahaha! i can wait even for centuries. Haha

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The wait is over, Skype is working perfectly on my Z10.
I now feel that my Z10 is complete...

..will just wait on the official release, but meanwhile this leaked version fully please me.
Thanks Cranberry!

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Leaked OS's, leaked apps thats what CrackBerry is all about! if you like to wait for the official stuff that cool. But for us that like to tweak and tinker with our phones, just let us be, we are all about having the things before they release. While you wait for and "official" Skype,Netflix and Instagram app, we are too busy enjoying all the apps you wish were there (They are there you just have to work a bit more for them). We love our BlackBerry's and what we can do with them. Thanks CB you guys keep us looking exclusive!!!! people say oh you dont have this app or that app, oh yea!! come check out my phone i'll show you!

I think this is just a preview and the official version won't come out till the 10.1 I'm say is that this is the same version that the q10 has .... Why wouldn't it work on the z10 its the same OS just different screen sizes.....and the q10 probably already has the new OS

Side loaded on my STL100-1
Works like a charm, inbound and outbound video chats!

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Absolutely hate the port. It just isn't consistent with the speed of native apps. This preview version seems to be tripping out my notifications.

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Side loaded on my STL100-1,
Works like a charm with incoming and outgoing video chats!

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The play book and the z10 are different OS but both run on QNX so this probably won't work on the play book

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You know that this isn't the official release, right?
Also, if this was a cheap China phone, it'd be called a Brackberry.

will this work if I'm using Z10STL100-1/

hope it does.. coz if Skype will be available on BlackBerry Z10 I wouldn't be needing extra phone for android apps.

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I have downloaded it too.... but I CAN'T GET THE VIDEO CALL TO WORK!!!!!


Someone please help!!!!!

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I guess windows 8 doesn't support it extension as i cannot even download that! I don't get to be able to bookmark it...weird.

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How fast does it screw the battery? I can't make it through the day w/o Skype (max. 10 h) so will I have to charge it every 3 h then?

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Works fine with Z10 including the notification and hub, but requires some voice corrections during the call less audible in the speakerphone but just great no crashes no bugs

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Skype crashed my z10 couple of time, it's working on Wifi only at the time. Not working with mobile data.
While working video calling is great and I still receive calls even if it's not in active frames. Loving it but also waiting for official release.

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Again if this if the official version of Skype for BB10 that you have put up online for people to download instead of requiring them to wait and download it from from BBW it's not official an on top of that what you are doing is considered to be piracy under the US and Canadian copyright laws. Not to worry I have already forwarded this page to the RCMP and FBI computer piracy/computer fraud departments along with Skype themselves. A public site such as (and Corporation) should never put themselves in his position, and this is not a personal attack I don't hate you guys personally I just don't like your bad business practices.

Its a free app, there is no fraud going on. I do work for the Internet crimes division and I can tell you that sharing a free app is not piracy. Now if they were to charge for it yes. Canada has the most LAX piracy laws of any country. where do you think all those new movies being streamed online come from, they come from Canada. Know your laws before you go spouting BS and trying to look like some kind of dudley do right wannabe. Grow the eff up. Also you asked this two weeks ago, POT.
smoothrunnings 2 weeks ago

Can someone download this from blackberry's update site and upload it to a fileshare site? I want to have a look at to see I can actually install it on my device. Thanks.

That's Piracy, dude. you just got called out.

Running the leaked .1483 also, according to the forums. Keep in mind that BB firmware is BBRY's IP.

Wow are you an asshole in real life too? Or is it only on the internet? Im sorry you got picked on in school and Im sorry you are a 38 year old virgin living in your moms basement, but dont take it out on CrackBerry.

There is no law being broke here so find someone ekle to snitch on. Pathetic GO GET LAID!!!!!

All I want to say is THANK YOU!!!!

Downloaded it this morning and it's working great on 3g. Can't wait to try it on wifi :-D

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Thanks Man, I knew it would get released sooner than later. it works better than my brothers ios version and that of my folks ipda retina's . What a treat to wake up to today. The Z10 is becoming more of a contender as each day passes. actually its like a micro high end pc to me now.

Thanks a lot for posting the bar file. Can't tell you how happy and excited i was to download this!!!!!! Super thankkkkfuuuuillllllll.... it really works well with my Z10... i am amazed! how much more if it's released in the blackberry world.... :)

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Works great. Phone calls a bit laggy but not bad. Especially if you got the Skype credit.

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the download link isn't working for me though the cb10 app :( hopefully when I get home I can snag it from my laptop.

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Crashed my Z10. STL100-1 on the first try. Something about app not responding. Did a force close, black screen, phone unresponsive, phone restarts.

Tried again after the restart and everything seems fine now

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Been using Facetime up until now so I don't mind waiting for it to be released for the z10 officially.

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Its cool to have BBM, Skype, Instagram and Whatsapp in one phone. No more need to carry two phones with me. Remain Viber and Tango for my Z10 to be complete.

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Speaking of waiting, I'm still waiting for BB Traffic... still tethering my old Bold to my Z10 just for this app.

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Few bugs, on switching the camera, the video call freezes and you can't add new contacts, apparently the database is not loading adequately.
The rest features work like a charm, you can even log in with your Microsoft account and merge them both.

On Z10STL100-1/

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couldn't get the file from cb10 app as previously mentioned but I downloaded the bar to my laptop and loaded it.. it's working flawlessly so far.. messages and video calls, sending files etc. love it.. the layout is a bit different than I'm used to from ios version but I like it better just took a minute or two to figure it all out.

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AT LONG LAST!!! Works like a charm! Let's hope that Viber follows soon. As thinking of selling my Z10 and opting for the S4, got tired of waiting

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Hmm, nice to see it here - BUT o am under the impression that Skype in the backgrounds increases energy usage notably.

However it is a bit early to tell as I also messed around with reloading the OS to get the payment and boot time (running back...

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Doesn't work. Fails to connect to Internet. I understand that this is a common problem with the older android port. Hope this isn't what we get with the official release.

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Netflix, Skype and even speed test work only on WIFI for me. Its like these android ports can't find the cellular network.

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