Download SimCity Deluxe and The Sims 3 free compliments of BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2011 09:59 am EST

Thank You From BlackBerry

The Sims 3 and SimCity Deluxe are now free as part of RIM's Thank You Gift program. Both of these games come from EA and are welcome additions to the free offerings from RIM. Unless you'v been living under a rock, you should know what both of these titles are. As with previous apps, these are available for a limited time, so grab them while they are still free. It looks like they are available for most devices, so head to BlackBerry App World or hit the links below to download.

More information/download of The Sims 3
More information/download of SimCity Deluxe

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Download SimCity Deluxe and The Sims 3 free compliments of BlackBerry


I am assuming this does not apply to the PlayBook version of Sims? (I'd go look for myself, but I actually don't have my tablet with me today.)

What apps would you want free?

I'd lovew full version of bebuzz, full version of a decent weather app, a really good full battery app, full documents app e.g word, excell etc.

I've tried a number of "free" Weather Apps... latest app has impressed me, has everything that I want - icon updates, ribbon on home screen, easy to get to maps. And you can set how often it updates so you don't drain you battery.

I just downloaded it, you can tell the game was designed for another phone and just sloppily ported over without any considerations for usability on Blackberry devices. It's absolutely un-playable.

+1 I'm not one to complain about free stuff, but this game looks like it was created by an EA intern. Oh well...

Sims 3 didn't show up in my search, but got it by scanning the QR code from the desktop page linked above. I'll probably rarely play them, but may as well install while they're free just in case - not like I'm short on memory.

NIce. Looks like BB is mixing it up between games and functionality apps. Good mix.
BTW, the price seems pretty good too.


Fed up of all you users slating rim blackberry if you don't like blackberry get another device loving my 9780 will get upgrade soon jus happy with my device atm

RIM needs criticism. Without criticism, you can't have improvement or accountability.

The trick is not crossing the line from "criticism" to "mindless slagging". While the verbiage is iffy, it's fair to lay into RIM for providing a "Free Apps" offer that includes applications that tarnish their image further.

So if I un-install this app and want to re-install it next year, I won't be able to? Just wondering how the December 31st deadline works?

Its free, but its making up for the outage so complaints are still reasonable.

BTW says unavailable for this device on my 9900, WTH?

I downloaded both to my 9800, so far have only played Sims 3 and while it by no means replaces a full PC or console game it is a cute and fun diversion for breaks in the day. With the exception of the deterioration of I have been happy with ALL the gift apps and think they are a great way to more than make up for the outage. Thanks RIM! :D

"deterioration of"? Do you mean how the latest version has problems filling the screen? You might try uninstalling and reinstalling. That worked for me on the 9850.

they are most like staggering the release of the free apps so they don't have the servers crash from people downloading all at once.

The free versions are not compatible with the playbook. who wants to play those types of games on a small screen. I say make the PB versions free, then it would be worth it.


i love how people get so behind RIM as if they are somehow personally affiliated.

"free and they still complain"
"if you dont like blackberry get a different device"

first of all, people are complaining because
1. all the apps released are crap (look at the ratings, i mean really)
2. the apps they do release take forever to come out (why not one a day? 1 a week? how about any sort of schedule at all?)
3. when they finally do release more apps, half the people cant use them because they are incompatible with their devices or dont show up!

second of all,
1. there is a thing called being locked into a contract
2. not everyone can afford to just "get a new device"
3. RIM should not be marketing their devices as consumer friendly as they are clearly not

wait so Iphones from ATT and Verizon don't lock you into a contract.....really??????

people complain because that is what we do, it is human nature. trust me plenty of iphone and droid friends complain too. my GF has a droid and she complains about it just about every week.

friends with Iphones complain too, RIM didn't have to do anything for customers affected by the outage. sorry to say but that is the truth. but they are and i for one am grateful that they care about their users enough to offer us something.

How many of us "crackberries" were actually DIRECTLY affected by the outage?? Hmmmmmm... RIM is offering the apps as a gesture of goodwill and acknowledgement of the issues facing the company. The company, I'm sure, is more than aware that games, etc cannot make up for the fact that a portion of their customer base was immobilized. We live in a complicated tech based world. I agree with holding RIM to the highest of standards. We SHOULD be verbalizing our dissappointment. No other product on the market truly compares to bb. What I log on to this forum to find are loyal cracks.with honest constructive criticisms. We all can live without the nasty comments they just don't help the situation. Have a great day folks.