Download Rdio for BlackBerry 10

While it's not officially available, you can still download and sideload Rdio for BlackBerry 10 right now

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2013 01:43 pm EDT

Note: Unfortunately this isn't an official version of Rdio for BlackBerry 10, but a working Android version you can sideload to your Z10 or Q10

While we somewhat patiently wait for Rdio to release a BlackBerry 10 app, many have been clamoring for a solution to get some Rdio action on the Z10 or Q10. We've had some luck in the web app which really is the only solution for the time being. Being an Rdio fan myself (I recently ditched Spotfy in favor of Rdio) I too have been searching endlessly for a better solution. 

Using the new debug method I was quick to try our Rdio on my Q10. Sadly it's a bit of a tease as it looks like it might work but never makes it all the way into the app. So needless to say I was delighted today when I came across a thread in the CrackBerry forums where mdarr posted up a link to a much older version of Rdio. I did a quick conversion of the APK using the new method and was very surprised when it fired right up on my Q10.

Like I said, it's a much older version than the current one (0.9.18) but for now, that's fine by me. I've played around with it a bit and overall it seems to be working pretty darn well. Collections, playlists and even offline syncing are there, so if you're an Rdio fan that just can't wait to get some BlackBerry 10 love, this may be the way to go. 

To get it installed you'll have to sideload it using the new method outlined below.

Download the Rdio APK

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Reader comments

Download Rdio for BlackBerry 10


I'll wait for the official version or find alternatives. Not so fond of sideloading.
But great for the notification.

Isn't rhapsody low bit rate though? What bit rate is Rdio? Has anyone gotten mog v.6.2 to work side loaded? I know that Spotify is working.. both of these would be better alternatives to Rdio, although Rdio has some neat aspects

Really don't know why people are afraid of leaks and side loaded apps. If it works it works period. I'm happy that I can install leaks and don't have to wait for AT&T and I'm sure happy that we have an Android runtime. Take advantage of these tools!

Posted via CB10

Title should have been "Sideloaded Rdio". Got me excited, and then it turned to disappointment.

Will wait for native or at the very least, a ported version on BlackBerry world.

Posted via CB10

Great and I have a bunch of major side loaded apps but BB needs to freakin' do something about the lack of major apps!!!!!!!!!!! The average numbskull doesn't know, don't want to know, should have to side load apps!!! What does BB NOT understand about this???????? Whatever needs to be done, whether it's throwing millions at developers/app vendors, or making their OS have the ability to normally install and run android apps...something needs to be done!!!!!! HELLO FREAKIN' BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ANY OF US????????

Too little too late for me. I loved rdio on my 9900 but I've been won over by having my playlist curated by Songza; will be even better once Songza goes native. Goes to show being late on a platform doesn't guarantee your former customers will automatically come back to you

Posted via CB10

Someone in the forums created a Rdio Web app that worked quite well. I grabbed a beta copy of it. Not sure if he ever did a full release.

Posted via CB10

Whoever doesn't like to side load, think again please! We bought phones with few good apps - it'll improve your life :)

Posted via CB10

That app wanted to much access to your information. I mean It wanted access to everything.

You can't check off what you don't want it to access before you download it.

So it says you can change the permissions settings once it's installed. I installed it and there's no way even in permissions to disconnect it from email data gps pictures SD card etc.

Deleted the app

When is BlackBerry News coming I'll even take Social Feeds at this point.

Posted via CB10

I am soo fed up with this, I tried the side load of Rdio (which I have subscribed to for a couple of years and worked great on my Torch) could not get it to work. I am now thinking about canceling my Rdio...really passed.

Posted via CB10

Doesn't seem to sideload, I keep getting a failure message.
I'm attempting using Chrome. Any thoughts?

Thank you very much for this! Worked like a charm using APK and MAC Tutorial.

Only question I have is why did I need the and it expires in September, what happens next? Hope Rdio won't stop working then!

@ Lenakad

To be able to install a unsigned application, you need a valid debug token. A signed application involve the developper to add some cryptographic hash values to is application package (.bar file) during the signing process. The hash files help verify the authorship of is application to users and the BlackBerry 10 OS.

In that case, the Rdio application is unsigned. This s why you need the token to load it to your BlackBerry.
Debug tokens are valid for 30 days. When a debug token expires, the BlackBerry 10 OS normally no longer allows unsigned apps that rely on that token to run.

But, in our case of sideloading android application, not native one, as soon as the application is loaded, the debug token is not required for running the application.

When you're debug token will expire, you will only need to recreate it using the same method that you've done before, with the same information that you received by email from BlackBerry, and sideload it again.

This is of course in the sole purpose to load other unsigned application.

Hope that it clarify everything.


Was sure looking forward to this. Gave it a try, it installs, fires up and then doesn't seem to be able to sign in to RDIO properly. Le Sigh.