Download the NY Times app and get full access free through June

Download the NY Times app and get full access for free
By DJ Reyes on 17 May 2013 12:18 pm EDT

The New York Times app has been available since the BlackBerry 10 launch. It's free to download and there are free articles that you can browse and then you had to subscribe to get access to other content like videos and slides. It's a pretty decent app built natively and also allows you to easily share articles to your favorite social media sites. It even includes push notifications.

Right now, the New York Times is offering up full free access to all content to all users who download the app. Free access is being given as of now and will continue until June 26, 2013.

Features include:

  • Access to all the articles, blogs, videos and more from the world's finest journalists
  • Flow from section to section, article to article
  • Peek at the next article without leaving the current one
  • Share favorite content with friends and dedicated BlackBerry Groups
  • Create your own library to read whenever you like on any device

If you haven't gotten the app already, check it out now and make use of this neat offer.

Download the NY Times app from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Download the NY Times app and get full access free through June


No thanks. They benefit more from it than we do since they get to brainwash readers into their political agenda...

And the sad thing is, we just want a news source that doesn't lean, and just gives us facts. Unfortunately such a thing does not exist...

+1 Try comparing a few newspapers on the same article. Few years ago i noticed an article where the main character was a father, the son or the nephew at the same time in 3 different newspapers in my country. I always try to "read between the lines and to look for the red thread." Public affairs or public spin?

Personal opinions are always welcomed and appreciated. Trying to hijack a post and failing miserably in content is comical. Thanks for the laugh. Please go back to school now.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

Wow, someone here has no friends or something. This guy has done nothing but go on every article to troll... I feel sorry for him... There should be a find a friend program for sad pathetic people.

It doesn't seem to be offering this once you download the application. The same stuff comes up "you do not have access to this section. " so, yeah.

Delete the app completely from BB World (don't just uninstall) and download it again. Since it's free, this won't cost you anything to do, but it'll "unlock" the free access that's being offered.

Wow Steelers80, I have a suggestion before you do any more posting. Turn on
"Spell Check" or go back to school. You probably don't like BlackBerry because it's designed for people that use it for work, not games. And judging by your grammar, you're still playing games. Keep up the great posting buddy because nobody believes garbage written by an 8yr old. Still L'gMAO.....

From Mark's Z10

I had to REMOVE this app. It continually opened an active frame on it's own! I turned off notifications, and yet several times a week I go to use my phone and the crapapp was in the background running down my battery.

I emailed their tech support asking for assistance twice, but they never responded. So I've written them off.

I want a Fox News application. Of they make it like they did on the iphone that would be fantastic. In the mean time I use USA Today.

Posted via CB10

I had already downloaded the NYT App and am now getting it gratis. I did not need to delete and do a reinstall. NYT is widely regarded as a top tier paper, but it certainly does lean left as other posters have remarked. The subscription price after the trial period is a little rich for my wallet unfortunately.

Posted via CB10

Didn't the New York Times, the bastion of journalistic integrity, indicate the following among many, many errors about Blackberry:
Lackluster start for the Z10 in Canada. Wrong!
That people were ashamed to use their Blackberries?
That software development units, given to developers, were so bad that you couldn't make phone calls with them?

I think that the NY Times is, unfortunately, a poster child for journalistic incompetence.

Progressive, almost communist, NY Times app on my beautiful symbol of business and capitalism? No thanks! :)

I'd rather be audited by the IRS for my political beliefs then subscribe to the NY Times

Posted via CB10

@stealers80 where do you get nokia socks? HMMMM.. they sound warm and Kozy I shood defiantly get my sum der nokia socks fer sure!

Posted via CB10

The interesting thing here is that left and right are very specific to the context. In Canada, the nyt would be in the centre!

Posted via CB10