Download Netflix for your BlackBerry Z10

Netflix isn't officially available for the BlackBerry Z10 but that doesn't matter much

Download Netflix for your BlackBerry Z10
By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2013 06:55 pm EDT

Netflix on your BlackBerry Z10. You've been asking for it -- a lot. You'll need to sideload it but luckily we have plenty of guides to help you out there.

I do give you full warning though, It's slow. It's laggy. It's a really old version and it could stop working at any given point. But it most certainly does work for streaming whatever is available on Netflix once it gets going.

Now, you can finally download it for your device. Just hit the link below to grab the file and get started.

Download Netflix for BlackBerry 10

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Download Netflix for your BlackBerry Z10


They should reeeeally try and make one for the PlayBook. I'm not a fan of Netflix on phones. I personality dont understand how bored you'd have to be for that option. But on my tablet? I could definitely make great use to it.

HDMI. I plan on using Netflix when I visit hotels. All I will need to do is bring an HDMI cable and plug my phone into the TV.

Exactly! If people would just stop and think for a moment, before projecting their imaginations ("must be dead bored" -- "who would watch on a 4.2 inch screen?") about why someone would want Netflix on their phone... You personally may never have a use or desire for it, but don't stomp on others expressing the desire.

Actually, I find that a lot here -- "well, I would never use it

No, but it's created to run on the BB10 Android Player. That's why it won't work on the PlayBook. Once the PlayBook has BB10, though, this should work.

Yes, it does. But it seems the BB10 Android runtime must support native code, provided the following line is in the MANIFEST.MF:

Entry-Point-System-Actions: _sys_android_rrr

That was what made Instagram work (which also contained native code), and at the time Instagram was released, I noticed this and posted it in the forums. No one ever tried replicating it with Netflix though, despite my suggestion to do so (I don't have a Z10 myself, so couldn't test it myself).

Can anyone confirm whether this will load onto a Dev Alpha with the latest BB10 OS installed? I can transfer it over via DDPB but the icon doesn't show up on the device. Maybe just not compatible with the Dev Alpha?

Eehmm i think people use netflix mainly for streaming, not fondling around the app itself

It does not need one. I play Amazon videos just fine on my PlayBook with the stock browser. I'm sure the Z10's browser can handle it as well. I dumped Netflix years ago and haven't looked back. Everything I need is on Amazon.

You're right, I just tried it and it works on my PlayBook (as does the Cloud Player)!

It would be nice to have an app though, making it easier to find content. I have it on my iPod touch and it looks great, so I know a Z10's screen would only make it look prettier.

I still dream of a "BlackBerry with Amazon" partnership of some kind.. a BBM-connected Amazon app could update BBM statuses to say what we are currently reading or watching..and maybe the contacts could somehow update what people you're having a meeting with have read or watched, so you could have something to talk about (creepy, but this ultra-connected thing seems to be taking off)..

If you want a app for Amazon that you dont have to log in every time you can us tablet TV by CB user scoobs. There is the Amazon , HBO CIN max ect apps within his app and it works great.

Question bla1ze: why now?

Any reason this file wasn't made available earlier, since it's a side load anyway?

Posted via CB10

I got tired of emails / pm's / tweets / BBM's and yes, even phone calls from people asking for it lol.

Yeah I'd say the reason it's only available now was to stem the revolt from the mind blowing surprise! This is what is known as an afterthought. Anyway, it was great fun (all be it time consuming) to read everybodies guesses. I don't use Netflix but It will be good when WhatsApp comes out this week.

Well this is slightly more "Mind Blowing" than the previous announcement.

If Netflix sees a lot of people using this hacked-up sideloaded Android version maybe it will help influence them to bring out an actual BB10 app.

I find this post more "stupid" than the whole CB moving to NYC debacle.

I don't use Netflix. This is useless to me and I want everyone to see how I feel!

Your comment just inspired the next blog post I'm going to write for CB. I'm dedicating it to you. Going to be awesome. I think you'll like it. Thanks!! 

Considering you aren't forced to go to CB for anything I find this comment "Stupid"

If you support BlackBerry, support the stuff that they need to succeed.

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There is just no pleasing some ppl... Some of us don't even have a z10 yet to deny sideloading netflix

This was supposed to be a response to avpt but I hit the wrong button

For now this is strictly a Chromebook-only solution. The whole reason Netflix uses Silverlight on the desktop is because of DRM -- the studios need assurance that their raw streams won't be rippable (which is the biggest issue with using Flash or HTML5 on a device without DRM hardware). They use HTML5 for most of their set-top solutions (including PS3 and Xbox) and on the mobile apps, but that's because those devices have hardware DRM built-in to prevent automated stream capture (this is why if you root certain Android devices, Netflix will stop working if it recognizes the root bypass). On the desktop, at least on Intel chips, it's harder to do that -- though with an official app or specific OS support, the stream could be encrypted.

This ARM-based Chromebook has the hardware DRM needed for the HTML5 compliance AND Google patched ChromeOS to serve encrypted streams. To wit, try running Netflix on a more "full" version of Linux on the same device -- it won't work.

This was a solution that Netflix and Google and Samsung engineered -- it isn't something joe user can patch together on his own because it would require proper authentication to get access to the HTML5 stream that Netflix is putting out.

In essence, only Netflix can make Netflix work in a BB10 or Playbook browser.

Thanks man works perfectly just a bit slow but only when browsing for a movie streaming is perfect

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Kevin announced that CB is moving its HQ to NYC for the launch, and you guys complained, so he decided to have this be available to the community :P And still, you guys say whats the point if its laggy and slow to navigate around.. or useless for yourself.. lol. Get over it! They can`t please everyone, be happy that they are there to keep us updated with our beloved devices! And yes, I don't use Netflix myself. :P

This news is a decoy, because kevin surprise news has being plague by negative comments, haha, expect more CB news to come to cover Kevin's "Surprise" news. I love CB!

Oh shit, blaze couldn't take the pressure lol. If the forums proved anything its that the blackberry community is starving for new features on there devices.

It's appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't get what's the big deal about netflix not available on bb10 yet... wouldn't you wanna watch it on an at least 46" screen ... I don't use Netflix and I love my Z10 ...

Sorry moneybags. Some of us don't even own a 46" screen.

Also, it's hard to take a 46" screen on the subway, when traveling, etc.

Remember its got an micro HDMI out that you can hook up to a 46" tv. Great for when you are staying in a hotel or other place. Thanks CB, still waiting for MTS to get there BB Z10 in stock as I still haven't heard anything thing from them as of yet. :( I'm still sporting a bb curve 8330...and MTS works the best in the rural areas of Manitoba.

Another one! ("no use for this"..."I don't watch in hotels, who the hell would?")

If you don't use it, don't use it! Quit denigrating those who might find a use for it!

Yay! I'm so installing this so I can say I have it and never actually watch anything on it. Just like on my iPad. :-D

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Theoretically would Netflix be able to see that people are watching through the BB10 Android runtime and see how much we want an actual app from BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10

Theoretically, yes. The version is so old they'll likely be wondering where the traffic is coming from.

they have no reason to care. This cost them 0$ to release and anybody useing it will be paying customers.

but if other android apps are any indication the z10 will show up as "android device" like on kindle

Hurry up Netflix, come out with a BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook NATIVE APP please. You have until June of this year then I am cancelling.

This article speaks volumes about two things. One, I'm very happy to see an alternative to getting Netflix running on BB10 even if it's not native. At least you can get it to work. Two, when CB first broke the news of BB10 and showed the short clip of it working I was immediately suspicious of how well it worked. It just seems CB could have been a little more forth coming with the poor performance of the application at that time. A little indisgenuous if you will.

This works great once you get to playing the video. A few enhancements and this wouldn't be too bad. Thanks for doing the hard work! Now have videos for my 72 hour work shifts.

Posted via CB10

Smokescreen or no, thank you, Bla1ze, for taking the time to upload and share this app. No, I have no use for it as I 1) have no Z10 yet, and 2) canceled my Netflix subscription the minute they sent out that silly tweet about not supporting BBRY way back when, but nonetheless I have downloaded it. Why? So that when I do get my Z10, I will upload it and leave it front and center on my app tray so people can see it! :D

why so much demand for netflix? I have it and the contents blows... No good movies or series.
Good thing my Z10 can stream pirated movies and tv shows off other sites

So is this a file to go right on the z10, or is it the bar file you have to convert with your computer?

Posted via CB10

you will need to sideload this bar file which is really quite simple just go to the forums for sideloading and the whole thing should take no more than 5 mins..enjoy

I like this news. Now I can really seriously consider subscribing to Netflix when I get my BB10. Oh and there's a Netflix ad at the bottom of the screen as I'm typing this. :)

Frankly this post just shows how Netflix is really missing out. They really just need to make some slight tweaks to their android app to make it work on BB10.

I have no sound! :(
Edit: After 2 resets the sound is now working! Works awesome, and it is not that slow. Very usable! Thanks Bla1ze!

Tweet Netflix and tell them how you're enjoy the android port that is working on your blackberry! Tell them thanks for nothing :)

It works all that matters, it's a bit laggy but before this post you were watching netflix updates. Native will always be better but they can now take their time figuring out if it makes sense. I'm no longer waiting.

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Does this also work on OMAP Z10's? (curious, cuz I know first version or so of the earliest Android Netflix app only supported Snapdragon units and workarounds were found so the app would run on many devices that initially they would not run on). Also this might be why it won't run on the Playbook.. it doesn't have a Snapdragon.

Just my thoughts, lol

I don't know how to sideload... I hope these apps will be available in blackberry world... i love you to experiment with my phone but never tried sideloading yet.. *sigh

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So what. Netflix Canada s
tinks. Had it on my laptop and dumped it 4days into the free trial. Crap selection. Laggy and slow too, even on the laptop.

Posted via CB10

Great for those who have been starving for Netflix on their Z10. I cancelled Netflix a while back. Not because it wasn't available on BlackBerry, but because the movie selection in Canada is so poor. I can find better movies on Crackle. Although you do have to watch a few commercials. Side loaded the Crackle App and it works just fine.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, Blaze, Adam. You guys have been given some real flack for all the hard work you've done lately. Not sure people realize it, but I'm pretty confident that without that hard work, a lot of us would have no info on blackberry at all. In fact we'd have to rely on sites such as BGR, Engadget, and C|net which actually gives me the shivers thinking about it. So somewhere in the middle of the bitching, here's a thanks from some anonymous Angry Edmontonian. Thanks.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

100% correct we would have nothing BlackBerry without CrackBerry. Also I feel like I need to slap all those "experts” at cnet. Then have a shower after to wash the filth off after reading almost any article from them. (except the sound and tv guy they are ok)

Side loading is not as easy as it is made out to be. Firstly, the link in the article that is supposed to take you to the. bar file for download is not clear. What do we download here? When the link is opened it takes you to file dropper and no clear indication of what to install. No mention of Netflix here. Next, which java run time do we install? There are 2 for Windows 7 for example. The DDPB download is pretty straight forward but that's it.
Can someone please assist here..

Posted via CB10

Do you have access to a Mac? dead easy on mac, i find it easier than downloading off BB world i'm not kidding!

Actually, sideloading with a PC is trivial with the right tools. Download the BAR file (just click the "Download This File" file button on filedropper and enter the captcha), go get DDPB, put your Z10 in developer mode, tell DDPB where the BAR file is and then tell it to install the app. Took me maybe 5 minutes.

Meh, I couldn't be bothered with a Canadian version of Netflix to which its UI is crawling at best. When Netflix decides to waken up and build a native BB10 app or very smooth Android port, as well as convince the CRTC to unregulate their content in Canada. Then we can talk mind blowing! Until then, I'll stick to XBMC on my big screen or the CRACKLE app I sideloaded. To each their own I guess!

Posted via CB10

Appreciate the effort. I have no use for it on a phone though. I want to get it on my daughter's Playbook, so no happy dance here.

Just wondering what you do blaize to make them work on runtime, or BB10 in general? I've looked into the scripting (coding) of these apps and then added them by sideloading constantly and haven't been successful. Will your way work with games like tempel run for example?

Posted via CB10

I open the link hit dwn load and then it ask the security thingy. The 4 letters then I select submit and nothing. Can any one walk me threw it thanks a lot.

Posted via CB10

I don't even have Netflix but im gonna download this onto my device and use a friends login just to show it off to people be like shut up! is that bad to do? lol

It works great, even on the Dev Alpha A. Just to show how lazy/greedy Netflix is. They can easily drop an android version onto BB10 without much work.

Works great. A bit laggy because it's not native, but perhaps it'll give the idiots at Netflix the brains to make a native app for BlackBerry 10. No problem streaming :)

Is there a newer version of this app that we could side load? Perhaps help with the laggy scrolling?

Posted via CB10

Why are we trying to get in through the back door. I think it would be advantageous for BB to contact BB = BlockBuster. They have way more movies and they could work on an app for the new BB10 Maybe Blackberry will have a surprise up their sleeve but by not making an app for Blackberry netflix helps the competition by giving them an app most people want even if they don't use it. It is about relationships. Why not build one with Blockbuster who will soon close all their physical locations and may be open to a new partnership. BB10 Rocks

There was no like button so I had to reply with a +1!!! This is a very good idea, would get blockbuster back in the game as well

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It works EXCELENTLY on my Z10 and now this will sell the phones for BBRY. Thanks for posting this. I'd like to send someone BEER as a thank you! Some Newfie Beer that you can only get out here.

Thanks guys works good on phone but get stuck on the splash screen on the pb

Posted using my Z10 and CB10

Worked great on my Z10. I didn't find any lag at all while navigating. Since I have a 10" tablet it was kind of pointless on my phone, so I removed it, but wanted to check it out all the same :) Great job!! Keep it up :)

Dnwlded onto Z10, works good. UI is laggy yeah but movies play good and clean!

Didn't get it to work on PlayBook though...

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Don't really care about Netflix... but! i would love to see the video purchase options become available for Indonesia users in blackberry world...

Posted via CB10

I canceled my Netflix out of spite lol, now that this works I will check it out, if it works good I will consider getting my account back, if it lags I will hold out and stay on Netflix strike until they get a native app.

On a side note I wonder if every BlackBerry user canceled their Netflix on account of no BlackBerry App would get their attention? Who is down for a Netflix strike? I've already started lol

Posted via CB10

Thanks again CB + Bla1ze~! Wish you would have hosted the file with a download counter, oh well! I can't wait to try this out~! +1 req. for getting it on Playbook as well.

Wow, flat out wow. This isn't going to do much for sales but for hardcore Blackberry users this is huge, the fact that this has been made possible. I think almost any Android app is now possible

I know it's been mentioned before, but PlayOn works great on PlayBook, for netflix, hulu, local media files, and literally dozens more channels.

Just curious if anyone else finds the volume a bit on the low side? Still a fantastic app to finally have

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I don't get why Net Flicks gets so much attention. If it's so awesome why does almost know one I know use it nor want it? Not saying it's BAD or or to be avoided or anything I just don't get why it gets so much coverage.

Posted via CB10

Odd, i've sideloaded this and after I attempt to run it, it shuts down right after the permissions screen. Anyone else experience this?

Netflix is the original #1 OTT TV app and a babysitter for many parents that have smartphones (for better or worse!) LOL!

I won't be using it. But those wanting it? ENJOY! HAVE A BALL! Now netflix needs to either port a droid over or make a native app. #glares

I have been waiting for over 2yrs now to get Netflix working, 1st on the PB, and recently on the Z10.
I am amazed at how well this ported Netflix is working....flawless and brilliant.

Cheers to the team that has made this work.

P.S. In your face Netflix for not developping a native app in the first place!!!

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Hey Bla1ze
Any chance you want to take a crack at Hulu? It is great travelling and having Netflix on my z10 along with an HDMI cable, but I personally would love Hulu too. From my limited understanding, Hulu uses the same MS Media server architecture with Silverlight front end. My uneducated guess is that Hulu suffers from the exact same issues that Netflix does in order to make it work.
BTW thanks for Netflix

I'd love a native blackberry app for Netflix ...It sure would make being stuck in a hotel much more bearable .