Download the Need For Speed Shift demo for your new BlackBerry 7 device

By Michelle Haag on 25 Aug 2011 12:47 pm EDT
Need For Speed Shift

Reading through Twitter this morning I saw an interesting tweet that contained a link to download a demo version of Need For Speed Shift for the BlackBerry Bold 99xx. Of course, I downloaded it! While it's just a two lap demo of the game, it does show off the graphics which are smooth and run without a glitch. If you've played Need For Speed on the BlackBerry PlayBook, then the BlackBerry Bold version is just what you'd expect from EA. No official word on pricing or availability at this time, though a non-functioning link within the demo indicated the cost will be $4.99. Your device may have come pre-loaded with a download link for this game, but if not you can grab it at the link below.

Download the Need For Speed demo for BlackBerry 7

Source: @mahen915

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Sweet, downloading now :)

This is going to rock


Does it use the accelerometer to steer?


awesome.... gonna play a game like that first on blackberry!

brickbreaker ftw!


Yes it does use the accelerometer to steer. It is sick!!! Have fun guys


Did anyone else have an odd issue with the screen flashing when trying to play this? I'm using a 9930


Yeah I did. Also using a 9930. Game runs fine except for the flashing.


Yep - it wasn't as bad at first - but boy did that change the second time I started the game up. The third? Horrible.

Second Time Launching Game:

Third Time Launching Game: (better video)


I am glad it was not just me then! I couldn't even get the application to shut down. I needed to do a battery pull!

Jake Storm

9900 no flashing for me.


Doesn`t work in the 9800 (Of course I haven´t expected it to do ^^) :(


J/k can't download anyway.


Cool, thanks for the link!


Does NOT work on the 9810.


Let's see the video of it.


Had the blinking issue here also. I recorded a quick video to showcase the issues.


How can I download this directly to my 9900?



Learn to read...Derp!

experiment 626

Does this run on the Torch 9850/9860? Seems more suited for the bigger touchscreen.


Just played it on my 9930. Not bad..the steering is awesome! I was impressed..I didn't notice any lag...this processor really make this phone awesome...when I was playing...I was getting BBM's/facebook notifications/ lag. Only thing I didn't like are the sound effects. Would prefer to hear the car engine/road noise/tires screeching/etc. All you hear is a lame boring song LoL

Michelle Haag

Ditto on all accounts. I hope the sounds are better in the full game, whenever it's available.


Can I ask how you got it on your 9930? I've tried using the link but i get a blank webpage.


So it seems the more I try to play the game, the worse the blinking becomes. Here is my latest attempt at it:


For all of you experiencing any "blinking" issues, I did a clean install of OS (The official release from Vodafone) and then installed this game, I am experiencing no issues whatsoever.

The game runs smoothe and fluent, without a hitch. I'm not sure if this will alleviate any "blinking" issues you others may be experiencing, but it's worth a shot :)

Take care.


I am using Sprint'slatest OS - since i'm on Sprint (v.241). I'll try a re-install of the APP and see if that works.


uninstalled. restarted. reinstalled. restarted.

same thing.


I'm talking a different OS (not the app itself) try using the latest release for the Blackberry 9900 from Vodafone, posted today (

I am using that as my handhelds OS, and the game runs perfect.


Does work on 9810, downloaded and played it three days ago. Still working.


Have to agree with August, I downloaded it shortly after I got my 9810 and it runs flawlessly


Great game, but you'll not be able to get the full version. I have on my 9810. The link in the game was not working, so I went to the eamobile site directly on my phone and it said that the full version was avaialble. I paid for it and then when it allowed me to click on the download link, it said "file not found." I spoke to EA who said they can't do anything about it. I then called, who is the processing company. They had record of my payment, but were unable to make EA provide me the game. I contacted EA again and they've been completely useless. When the charge shows up on my credit card I will dispute it. Hopefully they get that figured out.

Jon Seals

Whoa... Blackberries + Running heavy games like NFS = Comeback? Extreme comeback?

Now they just need a new SDK.


possibly the worst song ever created my human kind, and no sound effects ? lol otherwise a decent game


I get a "907 Invalid COD, stream aborted" every time I try to download it on my 9900.


Ditto on the error, wonder if they pulled the download?


Just finished re-downloading now, worked fine on 9900/


I am not able to download it. When I click on the link from my phone or pc, I get a blank page.
I have a Bold 9900.


how do i download the game?