Download At Bat 13 free while promo codes last

Download At Bat 13 free while promo codes last
By DJ Reyes on 24 Aug 2013 08:41 am EDT

Around mid-August, we saw the At Bat 13 app go one sale. Since baseball season is winding down, the app is becoming cheaper. Now, you have a chance to get the app for free if you didn't already purchase it while on sale. So, if you were holding off, or maybe just want to check out a few things before the season is over, now is best time.

MLB sent out a tweet last night and have 10,000 free copies available. The promo runs all week, ending 31st August 2013 or until all promo codes are used up.

To get your free copy of At Bat 13, just open up BlackBerry World, swipe down from the top and tap 'Redeem'. Enter promo code 'mlbdouble'. You'll just need to confirm your BBID password, then that's you.

BlackBerry World MLB Promo Code

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Download At Bat 13 free while promo codes last


Now do you feel cooler now that you got a first comment in there? Youre sooooo cool.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Got on this as soon as I saw this. Code worked perfectly, even with the season winding down its cool to see things like this happen

Posted via CB10

I have been watching the Bucs all season. Got the app and then a refund since I subscribe to

Posted via CB10

sweet was able to get it for free

Also, glad mlb app isn't asking for access to your whole phone unlike the NFL app

Nfl app only asked for 3, one if which was email probably so you can share articles via email, another so they can link your device ID to your account, LOL @ people who bitch about permissions without thinking about why it's needed

Posted via CB10

Really? They want people to pay for a baseball app? Zzzzzzzzzz to the lamest least athletic sport on the planet.

Posted via CB10

I guess if you actually played the game, you wouldn't speak that way. Let's see, how many games of your sport do they actually play a week? Id like to see another sport team play 5 games in 3 days that CANNOT end in a pathetic tie. Any other sport out there that does NOT allow for players to enter and exit at will? I'd like to see how many people can hit a ball coming at you at 95mph with a round bat. Play the game first and then comment.

I love CrackBerry! Thanks for the heads up on a great app for free.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Free? What will they think of next!! Entered code. Guess what?! Free works hahaha. I like free. So I finally caved in and got it. I hope this doesn't turn into a marketing scam for next year cause I won't pay more than free next year either :) cheapo

Posted via CB10

I do support GOOD developers. But I like to test stuff first. If it doesn'teet my requirement then I'd be peeved if i spent cash. That's why trial first is always good. That shows developer has faith in product. And I now own this :D

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Sweet! Please keep those promo codes coming! I can watch many games live or as a replay. And on the TV with my HDMI cable.. ;)

Posted via CB10

Awesome gift! Thanks for the heads up CB.

Does anyone know how to get your fav teams info on the home screen?

USA BlackBerry Patriot

Posted via CB10

got it thx to CB
Ha ha and I thought it was a game I could play on my Z10, oh well
Btw it is so painful to watch the Jays imploding...

I finally got it.
I bought it for my z10 but I wanted to try it on a q10 that my wife has.

The one issue on the q10 is the lack of a full screen option for video. Perhaps next year. I would rather the video be cropped than so tiny on that screen.

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Thanks. It is beginning to look like BlackBerry is on steroids, getting stronger everyday.

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Got this a few weeks ago when another member posted the promo code.
Good to see they are giving it away again for those that didn't get it.

Posted via CB10

Of course I bought it when it was on sale... Dammit, lol.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I got this the first time around and it is a worthwhile app. The nice thing is the free MLB TV game of the day, which happens to work over the HDMI port, so I've been able to watch a few games on my TV by hooking up my Z10 (had to hook up the Z10 via HDMI first, then open the app).

I'd be curious to know how long it takes for all the codes to be used up.

I always wondered how many downloads apps typically get, since BlackBerry doesn't share that information. Obviously more reviews means more downloads but we don't know the proportion of the percentage of people who write a review. I'm curious to see how long it takes for this app to get 10,000 downloads. Looks like the first 100 codes they gave out must have been a big success. Those were all claimed in a few hours.

Posted via CB10

You guys are the best.

I just downloaded it. Love it.

Now I can follow my Yankees as they make a late season surge. hahahahaha

Much appreciated

Awesome, thanks! I've been curious to try it, but not ten or twenty dollars curious ;-)

Posted via CB10

Never would have gotten this app otherwise. Not that it is not useful, it really is, but not worth the premium cost.

BBX- I Said it!

Thanks for letting us know about the promo. I have just downloaded it.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

Wow thanks big time..
First try out on promo code. Huge step for developer to advertise and users to try outs!!

Posted via CB10

Because this is a promo. The price hasn't really changed, more that you're getting it free with the promo code.

Free is good, wouldn't get it otherwise. $10. When tsn or any other sports site gets you scores for free.

Posted via CB10

It's still working? When I saw this article this morning and read "10,000" available, I wondered if it'd go quickly. I'm a little worried it hasn't all been claimed yet as of this post ... anyone care to speculate why?

Not a real baseball fan myself but with a free download it is the ideal opportunity for me to get more familiar with this sport.

CB10 - Q10

Thanks DJ, been wanting to check this out this season but didn't wanna pay for it if I didn't get a chance to try it first

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