Download the leaked BBM v10.3.24 - Improved performance, Landscape mode and more!

By Bla1ze on 9 May 2014 12:41 pm EDT

If you weren't too happy about the BlackBerry Beta Zone limiting the latest BBM Beta, you can now skip on past that process provided you don't mind loading up a .BAR file. BBM v10.3.24 has escaped the BlackBerry Beta Zone and is now available for download. As it is a beta that you're essentially loading in an unconventional manner, you're gonna want to use some caution here. New features in the release as noted by ZonaBB and other beta users:

  • Ability to share pictures within group chats (Shared photos will still show up in the Pictures section)
  • New Stickers.
  • Ability to have keyboard 'Always On' for touchscreen users
  • Landscape mode (Some say they have it, some don't.)
  • Modified BBM Channels tab header
  • Tweaked in BBM preview - Now shows up under BBM top bar and is grey
  • Fixed performance issues.

I don't think the new stickers are really new though, they're simply the Lil' Frenchie and Lionel The Whale ones that appeared earlier. In any case, if you're wanting to give it a go, you can hit the link below to get it downloaded.



Another leaked :-)

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Got the invite 2 days ago. A bit late CB

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Reading comprehension required.

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What is urgently needed is an update for iPhone users. I'm constantly getting comments that BBM on iPhone doesn't notify new messages... most of my peeps have been going back to whatsapp :(

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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Interac Guy

Totally agree!! iphoners also seem to get "ghost updates" as well. Also, I always get the dreaded grey check mark and not the beautiful blue D when I send a message. I hear a lot of complaining that they don't get notified. I don't know if it's how their notifications are sent or what. Either way, annoying.

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I get the grey check a lot when sending to iPhone users. Eventually it gets sent but sometimes it's a day late.


And this guy gets an invite while I don't...

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Lol this guy


Good stuff. But I have a question, whatever happened to video demonstrations? It seems the crack nation has gotten lazy in that department. They almost never do videos anymore.

BlackBerry 4Life


I'm not gonna call anyone lazy, but I do miss having more video reviews!

It's great to see an app in action. Especially games and Android ports (to see how fast they run).

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RP Singh

A video isn't really a video without Ashley Esqueda, though.

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Agree 100%

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LOL.. gotta agree with this.

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Was thinking that myself!


For a second i was happy thought that was a new os leak...

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Thought the same thing. Was trying to justify why I wouldn't mind a newer OS and feel.

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Got me too.
Was pretty excited.

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So so excited for the official release of BB OS 10.3!

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How long it took to release the official after the BETA trial...?

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Definitely gonna load this one when i get outta here. Question for those who have it installed already:
Do the other BBM group members have to be on this version of BBM for the new features to work? My guess is yes but i stand to be corrected


Yes, unfortunately they do...

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Thought so. Thanks for the response


Please someone tell me that profile picture quality has improved and they no longer degrade the profile picture to a point that a good photo looks like crap.



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Agree. That's one request I can agree on

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We definitely need that on the Z30, my Z10 was OK but the Z30 is just horrible


Remarkably crackberry are posting leaked for OS and BBM....

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yeah and after Mr. Chen said he'd stomp those that would continue. Hmmm, connected?


Anyone know if this version gives the option to turn of Channel Comment Notifications?
It's a long shot, I know...


ZonaBB is becoming a great source for leaked stuff. Glad they has pickup where we where left hanging. Keep them coming!

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There are two different versions of the BBM update: the official beta zone version and the leaked version. The official beta zone version has working landscape, both via hub and via app icon.

Has ANYONE gotten landscape to work through the app icon using the leaked version?? If the answer is yes, please tell us what OS version you're running. If the answer is no, then change the title of the story because the leak doesn't have landscape working.

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This is a higher version than what is in beta zone. That one is

And what does it mean to be able to post screen shots in BBM groups?

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DJ Reyes

What it should say is that you can now share photos within group chats

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Duane Bradley

Does this mean you can two finger swipe up from bottom bezel to open bbm from home screen?

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Duane Bradley

Sorry.. meant to comment on next comment down

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DJ Reyes

No, it means they keyboard will stay open whenever you're in a BBM chat conversation if you have this set to 'On'

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NVM it was already in the news post, lol.


And what does "Ability to hide the keyboard or open it to start a conversation." mean?

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DJ Reyes

This is for touchscreen users. There is an option within BBM settings to have the keyboard 'Always On' whenever you go into a chat

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I don't understand why we can't just download the "regular" file instead of the .bar or why BB10 can't handle .bar files.

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All apps in bb world are in .bar form
, that is the 'normal' version.. but you can't install a bar outside of bb world.. without side loading that is..

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


.bar are files that either must be downloaded through the BlackBerry World, or for a developer to test their own app.

Other uses are behaviours that are technically possible, but not endorsed by BlackBerry, so no reason to make it easy.

If a developer wants people to test a beta version (either BlackBerry themselves, or a third party developer) they can publish the beta version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone app.

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No new sticker packs and no landscape in this leak.


Anyone with Q10 and after installed it, have this issue :
"It has a little bug but quite annoying.
While you are typing in BBM, it could suddenly lost focus on the chat input. You have to press enter once for it to return the focus back to chat input.
And every time you send a chat, the cursor also lost focus, you have to press enter once again to going back in the chat input.
i have reporting this issue on BB Betazone forum. Hope they can come out with the fix soon."

please let us know


YES! If I were you I wouldn't download. Downloaded from beta zone yesterday and it's incredibly frustrating.


Not worth it.

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I think they need this for landscape mode. Otherwise with the keyboard, you can barely see anything (Z10).


Seems to be working OK on my Q10 but I'm on the newest 10.2 leak. I'll report back if I notice anything with the text input.


Still no issues on my Q10 with


Hi sk8er_tor,
Are you installing from this leak or directly from betazone?
Could you confirm your installed version of BBM?
I'm also with latest version of OS installed directly from betazone and having this issue. if you installed the version of BBM from here, i would like to try it once again from here. Thanks.



No, *not* from Beta Zone. I installed the BAR from the download in this thread. I was not invited to participate in the beta.


yes, i also just tried installing from this leak, and it's fine, no typing issue.
It seems that if i install from betazone, it installed the version and this leak is 10.3.24 version.
The Betazone has 3 version mentioned :
We can not choose which one to install, it choosen for us or it automatically detect our device and install the proper version.
Thank you for your respond.


Stephen Cooper

Surely you didn't download a Beta release and expected it to be bug free?

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Thanks! I'm sure it will be fixed before it goes mainstream.


Likely why it's still in beta

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I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?

Always smiling


Has anyone tried it yet?



I installed the leak 4 times. Still no landscape. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


Landscape mode is great
I'm still waiting to get Landscape mode for the Home Screen


maybe this is a precursor!


You mean that feature the original Storm even had?


I wish they add the ability to push over an emoticon more than one time :-) :-) :-) without hiding the emoticon keyboard.... you know what I mean?

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Yep know what you mean

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Lanre Folarin

Not opening

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DJ Reyes

What OS are you running?

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The title had me excited until I read "bbm" I thought it was an OS

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If Chen and Staff were honestly concerned with "Leaked" BBM or OS I'm sure they could stop it or manage to find the culprits. I wish the "leak police" posting would stop. Do you have nothing better to do than complain about crackberry and contributors that are trying to make our BlackBerry experience that much better? But then again I guess that's what the Internet is mainly comprised of, whiners and tough guys behind a keyboard.
Honestly I can see some of the concerns with prototype devices or when certain individuals break down the build of the OS and post up possible uses, or hints of a new direction they are going to take. But a message app that is already available in beta? Let's be real here, this is just the easy way to label BlackBerry's guinea pig pool. You have an option to load or not load. Rant over...

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There is a BETA zone release of this so it is about to be release to the public. I think they are more worried about Alpha releases which are at a much earlier stages.


I'm personally having a few issues with this version. I didn't lose my chat history, but I'm having issues with my keyboard on the Q10 keeping focus on the chat text input box. It keeps losing focus and I have to press to start typing again.

Stickers weren't working for a while, but this morning they appear to be good.


hit return twice. it's a much talked about glitch with this beta test, I'm afraid.


Still waiting for NFL, NBA and NHL .

Imagine sending a BBM with your favourite team.

BlackBerry...Get it done!

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Teams and players



So funny, John Chen basically says no more leaks, yet I keep seeing these leaks. LMAO. So, which is it? Or, is it crackberry being sarcastic, egging BlackBerry on by posting articles regarding more leaks? Either way, hilarious... or not? you decide. Is it for the clicks? LOL

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I rather think that Chen means no more Device Leaks... the OS Leaks should not cause huge strategical issues... the problem is they have some codelines in the leaks referring to new devices...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2


It's not really hilarious, as blackberry sent this out, to be tested, this is not a leak Chen didn't want to get out

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Hope they solve the UI when switching from keyboard to smileys and back (Touchscreen models), because the way it's done now is really poor...

Instead of switching from the bottom bezel it should flow in from the side, because now it also goes up and down with the whole chat and text field above the keyboard... visually when you write you fix your view automatically to the text input field, so each time you switch keyboard/smileys, your view goes up and down... it's a tiny detail but the tiny details are what make a great OS...

And maybe team bbm could consider that people could want to write more than one smiley at once... if you know what I mean =)

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graham bowers

Landscape mode... sounds like it is ready for desktop

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By the way, two things I do not get...:

1) Is it right that you can't send videos on an iPhone BBM version??? Also, the workaround through send file doesn't exist either... (but I think this is rather Apple's problem thinking that their users aren't smart enough to handle a File Manager on their OS... =)

2) when you get a pic on BBM, does it also save it with a filename like xyz.jpeg.rem???

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Downloaded and installed. All seems ok. No "new" stickers they are just labeled as installed and no landscape mode.

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Z10 - STL 100-3 and leaked BBM does not seem to have landscape mode for me.


This leak may not have landscape working, but I'm running the one from the beta zone and landscape is working. There are also two new sticker packs (at least new for me, they weren't there before).


The sticker packs were added to the shop for everyone last night.


About time! Group photo sharing caused my friends to move to whatsapp :(

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Same here, hopefully they work on video sharing after that

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So I guess many of use having the same issues as photo share, voice note and share location on group chat huh! I have 20friends in the group now... hopefully I can get the official version before my 20friends move back to whatsapp...

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Dr. Philf

ok... gonna skip his one.


Beta zone version has landscape as well and works like a champ! If this one is an improvement I will be highly impressed! BlackBerry is on the ball with all these nice updates.

The Z10


Crackberry likes to post OS/App leaks. But when it comes to new devices, they hush-hush. I wonder if Crackberry and BlackBerry have an agreement of some sort.

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What's with BlackBerry being selective about releasing a Beta version? I am signed up on the program and never get BBM betas.

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Glad to see BlackBerry is working on consistency - I always found it strange that I could use landscape mode on BBM via the Hub but not inside the BBM app itself :P

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Looking forward to sharing pics on group chat!!! SMILE!!!

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works on my Z10 but....landscape mode only works while in a bbm chat from te HUB. So opening a bbm chat from the HUB will give me the option for landscape mode but not from within the BBM app itself


Yes, found the same to be true on my phone, landscape only works if BBM opened from the Hub. This is a major oddity in my humble opinion.


WOW, my BBM prayers have finally been answered!


Its very laggy on 10.2.1 :(

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So when can us Android users hope to see some of these upgrades? :)

I would really love to have Landscape mode available most of all.

I have been getting all my friends and family using BBM over traditional texting :) I love the platform and was so excited to be able to get BBM 2.0

Thanks BBM Team!

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I missed like one Beta in December and haven't been getting them now through the Beta App. Installed this but it says it is version in BlackBerry World. I have the picture in groups and all seems fine just wondered why your post says it should be 10.3.24?


i think you might find a problem with the focus remaining in the 'enter message' box after hitting a return.
Hit return twice.


The full Version Number for this one is:

Via CB10 App / Z10-100-2@


Careful Crackberry, Chen going get ya for spending leaks.


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They have not technically released the leak, they just posted a link ;) lol


Perhaps but this leaking is not beneficial to the success of bbm if anything it us detrimental and the only positive effect it gas is for cb hits. Already I've read many comments in this thread about this and that not working which only gives the general impression and ruins the excitement for others thinking that this upcoming release isn't so hot. If you remember it was once again a leaked bbm which ruined the launch of multi platform bbm. The beta zone test crowd gives enough feedback to Bbm, after all I doubt that bbm engineers are reading this thread so nothing good of these leaks can ever come to Bbm.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!


Just give me BlackBerry 10.3 damn it!

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Sounds cool. I'll wait tho


Says unable to open.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

I am having the same problems as others. I get landscape only from the Hub not when open the BBM app directly.

tyrone smith3

Somebody post a image of BBM in landscape please

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Malou Legaspi

Ermm,how do I download it?:D no idea.

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Just click the hyperlink and it'll download. I used my laptop to download, connected my Z10 via USB cable, and used DDPB to sideload the .bar file.

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Where can I found that BB10 version (OS you have?

Malou Legaspi

Do I have to use my computer to sideload? It only shows loading image.. something..but nothing happens.. guess have to do it on my computer?

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This beta leak is missing the ability to broadcast by selecting all your list, now you have to select your contact by typing them one by one, this, at least for me is not a great thing, I don't kn ow what other think!

Ese filtro de la version beta de BBM no me deja difundir mensajes en masa a menos que seleccione uno a uno los contactos escribiendo sus nombre, entiendo que no es un buen cambio, al menos para mi.


Will I loose my chat history?


Only one way to find out!


Help I want android app for my z30 anyone knows how to use it.

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This version is missing features, why you wanted?


Hopefully they do landscape mode for ios and android versions soon. Doesn't matter to me but some people see it as a big limitation..

If people only some people say it has landscape make me wonder if there has been any change at all to this, on bb10 bbm messages accessed from the hub can go landscape, but not directly from the app

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Landscape was already available thru the HUB

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Looking forward to when I can delete a message without deleting the entire chats or even sending a chat to my email. How about those features!!!

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Glad to try it out. The larger emoticons are nice, the keyboard on option is helpful, and the sticker refinements look good. Will look to try the group photos in a bit. What I don't like at all is the new title bar fonts for the person's name and their status. The beta is using a black font for the person's name and a dark grey for the status. This makes it virtually illegible against the blue background instead of the original white font. The Channel tabs at the top with distinct lettering is better, but again the fonts and the 3D shading used make it look outdated instead of the upcoming flat theme.

Hope that the BBM team realizes and fixes these fonts and graphics before release!


Share picture within group chat? What's the meaning? Means it can share picture at the group chat instead of group album?

 BB FANS via Q10 


Yes, just other BBM chats, you can add a picture within the chat.

For the person on the move - BB10- + Pebble


No landscape on mine. Can't change the channel tabs either-or maybe I did understand that improvement.

For the person on the move - BB10- + Pebble


Pix in Group Chats!! We're saved and BlackBerry listened!!! I'm going to turn another 15-20 Whatsapp Users and bring back like 15 more previous BBM testers on iOS and BBM! Now we just need easier setup and invitation method and we're getting GOLDEN!

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It's even better with share location and voice for group chat...

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Landscape doesn't work for me... awww...Verizon STL100-4

Trusted Member Genius

Marley Al-Najjar

Is it safe to download it? The warning was scary guys!?

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Downloaded, I see no changes


how about being able to load a video that's more than 5 secs long? God I find that annoying.I get videos from people in text messages and when I want to share my videos on BBM, says to large.


There a Bug in Sending Broadcast... i hope they'll see it. :(

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I don't see landscape mode running it on Z30STA100-5/


Issues in this leak
1. Cannot select contacts to send Broadcasts

Missing features sense release of Z10
1. Cannot insert emoticons while typing Broadcast
2. Cannot send Broadcast to specific category

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Leaked, leaked, leaked...

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Is there any way to go back to the previous bbm version in this one we can't BC the msg :(

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Don McAskin

Great article, read the whole article. BlackBerry is light years ahead of apple. Future looks bright for BlackBerry. Just have to tell everyone.

Don McAskin, Z10. I don't Type...I swipe.


This bullshit update no select all in broadcast :@

posted by CB10 with Z30


And the vibrate on PING is still not working!!!

How ridiculous is that?!

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This version seemed buggy and reverted back to the official release...

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Can't seem to request High Quality pictures from an android BBM user on this build. It's grayed out.

Is anyone else experiencing this too?

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Landscape mode doesn't work for me. The funny thing is landscape mode has always worked if you read your messages from the hub. smh


I noticed that when I send someone a glympse there was a notification if I close BBM it will stop glympse from updating.

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Dam it. Notbad

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No problems on Beta zone release AND landscape works fine....

Running Z30STA100-3/

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Where's the link.... I wanna install it.
How do you go about installing it by the way???

Z10 and loving it :)

candy candy

We in Barbados are not receiving os updates. Is it safe to update phones from this leaked version?

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We can't select all in the broadcast ☻!

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